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  • Address: 233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606, United States
  • Phone Number: +17736013350
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 96000
  • Established: 1926
  • Founder: Walter Varney
  • Key People: Oscar Munoz (Executive Chairman)

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United Airlines Headquarters Executive Team



Scott Kirby

Chief Executive Officer

Jane Garvey


Brett Hart


Gerry Laderman

Chief Financial Officer,

United Airlines, History and Headquarters Information

United airlines are a company that operates about 359 mainline fleets and also about 295 other regional fleets in its management. It was established first in the year 2010 in October 1st during which two companies merged to form one.

The two companies are continental airlines and united airlines which even though operate separately, are recognized by a single FAA certificate.

The company has its headquarters in 233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606, United States which is also its primary address. Its CEO is Scotty K. and in order to reach out to the company with inquiries use their official telephone line which is (872) 825-4000.

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  • Debby says:

    I have been trying for 5 months to get a refund . I had a airline credit with Orbitz and it was for sept. My husband dies July the 8th So in the 3rd week of July I started the process. with filling out the paper work and sending in a death certificate with the paper work . I got the paper back from United with document and tracking number. I have been givin a run around for 5 months, they have told me so many different things and at the end they say they will call back or email me this never happened. The last time I called they said 1I have to start over at the beginning because they could not find everything. I told them thant they emailed me back with some numbers on it already. I don’t know what else to do. The last thing I can do so call a paper and tell them my story. I can five you the rest of the information. The tickets were bought by my late husband Ken Acker.

  • Hillary says:

    I need someone to contact me regarding our flight from Punta Cana to Newark on Sept. 13. I cannot believe you don’t have working phone numbers.

  • Dawn says:

    I paid $4000 for 2 first class tickets and had no television or wi-fi, round trip 5hours each way and united says they can not guarantee those conveniences, so I cancelled my next set of first class tickets and now getting no where to get a refund, they will only give me a credit to use in 1 year. My family and I have flown united for years but no longer!!!

  • Chris says:

    “Fly the friendly skies”
    Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s been almost 24 hrs numerous attempts calling/texting w/ customer service and still no help whatsoever! I am actually on hold for the past 50 minutes.
    I highly recommend changing your tagline-

  • Arvind says:

    I used to fly business class on Delta , recently I changed to United air line. The meal service on long haul flights are of very poor quality ,testless and no choices.During my last trip to Europe we were 10 couple in my group from various part of USA and every body descided not to fly on United airline.My wife caught fungus infection using un washed blanket provided by air line.

  • Maureen Hanson says:

    I’ve written a personal letter to Mr. Kirby seeking redress for what I believe was false information regarding baggage check fees. I await a prompt reply.

  • Joyce Bulifant says:

    As a United airlines customer for all my adult life, I am sad to report a most unfortunate set of circumstances. On October the 4 flight UA587 from Palm Springs- I was in first class with a broken foot. A wheelchair had been requested in Denver and for Newark. Arriving in Denver there was no wheelchair. My friends, who were traveling with me to help me, waited with me , after everyone had deplaned’ for the wheelchair. The flight attendant keep calling. It was getting close to our next departure, so out of desperation, the attendant saw an aisle chair used to help people down the aisle and put me in it. When we reached the gate one of the official folks said she must not do that. We saw a man a few feet away with a United wheelchair and asked him to please help. He came over, I got into the chair and he proceeded to talk to someone. I said we were in a hurry to get to our flight . He then took off with my friends following.He went down the narrow aisle, where people were seated facing each other, and ran over several peoples feet, who were waiting to board. One elderly gentleman yelled , “That hurt!”.My friends apologised , I was very embarrassed. Added to that, the first class meal, usually served with great care, with a cocktail first with warm nuts, then a salad , followed by the main course and then a sundae and a warm cookie before landing. This flight the cocktail was served with the hot cookie, salad, and main course. Unfortunately , the chicken was so tough and dry and the oso or rice was spoiled. All of this in first class! I was so very disappointed . I understand, it is difficult to get all the help you need, but this wasn’t right when one has to pay so much more for first class and depend on United to help when you are injured.
    Sorry, I had to complain, but very upset at my United,
    A faithful customer,
    Joyce Bulifant

  • Roger D. Holyer Black says:

    I will never fly UAL again. And I will tell all of my friends, business associates and family to never use UAL. I prefer phone calls even thou you apparently have forgotten how to use the phone. My number is (931) 707-5108.

  • Tracy Fenton says:

    On Aug 17th, 2022, My new husband and I were ready to return to Houston after spending Our Honeymoon and his Birthday in beautiful Las Vegas on flight 1413. Apparently, they ran out of overhead bins so they said we had to check our carry on. I asked Roly Navarro, gate desk attendant, how does this happen? He immediately got an attitude and said “I GUESS No one checked their bags and we don’t have enough for everyone”. I was not happy as I had fragile gifts in my carry on bag. I asked if United is going to take responsibility if anything is broken he gruffly said “NO!! We aren’t responsible” I said if you are forcing me to check my carry on then yes you are, that is when he totally lost his temper with me, got up in my face (no mask and about 3 inches from my face” and started raising his voice saying “UNITED WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBLITY AND I CAN BOOK YOU ON THE NEXT FLIGHT (which was the next day) IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT”. I took one step back and told him to get out of my face this instance. That’s when he started yelling “SHE PUT HANDS ON ME, SHE PUT HANDS ON ME” which I never did. We turned to go down the ramp to the plane and he rudely yells “MA’AM ARE YOU OK TO FLY” I said calmly, “Yes sir I am. I don’t have any issues with anyone on the plane, I do however, have an issue with you” and that is when he rudely yells again “YOU BOTH ARE OFF THE PLANE” and refused to get a supervisor, and got very upset when i asked him his name and he tried to turn away quickly but i had my camera ready and got a photo of his badge. That infuriated him even more and he starts yelling again “SHE TOOK A PICTURE OF MY BADGE, SHE TOOK A PICTURE OF MY BADGE” Then threatened to have police remove us from the gate. We left quietly but very upset because now we are totally stranded in Vegas with no way home. This “man” has some real anger issues and WAY too much power when we did nothing but ask a question. He should be fired!!!! Oh and like i said we had gone there for our Honeymoon and Derek’s birthday and were in a great mood, and then the rug is ripped out from under us and we had to scramble to try to find a flight home that night because out pet sitter had left already. Luckily, we found the last 2 seats with Spirit Airlines but instead of being home by 9pm we didn’t get home until after 2am Aug 18th simply wiped out and exhausted because of the United Airline employee that was obviously on a power trip. I want to physically speak to someone at Corporate concerning this issue and also I want a refund of the 400.00 extra dollars we had to pay to get home. What if we didn’t have a credit card and didn’t have the cash….WE WOULD HAVE BEEN STRANDED because of this one unprofessional employee!!!!! UNITED AIRLINES SHOULD BE ASHAMED

  • Jasmine Trangucci says:

    Good afternoon,

    I booked my trip first class tickets to London, England in March, 2022. My experience with your airline and the staff at the airport and crew was beyond unpleasant and poor customer service for such a large airlines. Where do I begin!

    Flight from jfk-London. This flight was originally from LaGuardia. Causing a $32 taxi ride. Original tickets canceled without notice. Return flights were still active I had to leave my car in LaGuardia for my return.
    London to Chicago. Fight once again canceled my first class tickets down graded to coach. My husband who has advanced kidney disease and heart failure along with the stress caused on myself and my daughter who had to be in london for school to be downgraded to coach with no leg room for such a long flight is beyond unacceptable. This incompetence is beyond ridiculous and ruined the trip even before it started.
    Chicago-New York. Customs took over 3 hours in Chicago when the flight from london to Chicago was late to depart I already had a small window of 2 hours to be faced with more inconveniences and missed my connection was sent to another airline only to be told there wasn’t enough time to check my bags. You put me up in a hotel. Thanks. It was $120 to travel to and from airport. I was also charged an extra $100 for overweight bags when I was down graded from first class. I also incurred an extra $83 parking fee at LaGuardia because of the extra day in Chicago. I am a psychotherapist who had client scheduled for Sunday 8/7 had $800 in lost wages. You airlines kept changing flight due to multiple excuses weather, no pilots on and on. Then we board the flight that was supposed to leave at 10:05 am at 12:40 pm to only sit on the tarmac for about two hours with rude flight attendants pilots. The plane was filthy the service was beyond inhumane after almost 2 hours we were finally given hot water from a water bottle shared for all.

    I paid over $13000 to fly coach most of my flights and treated poorly ruining my first class and vacation experience. I want and deserve compensation for the very reasonable things listed above.

    I am do traumatized from this awful experience I have canceled all my other scheduled trips for this year due to your awful customer service and treatment.

    Jasmine Trangucci,

  • Mary Lou Echternach says:

    Thank you United Airlines and your employees! With travel restrictions lifting and the difficulties of staffing up for the air lines AND the staff at airports as travel demand surges, it’s no wonder cancellations and delays are occurring. Our return to the USA on July 26, 2022, was from Florence, Italy to Belgium (on Brussels Air) then onto UA from Brussels to Washington DC (Dulles) then UA to Sacramento. The connection in Brussels was only 75 minutes with changing terminals AND customs check at the Brussels airport. The Brussels flight departed 40 min late (mechanical issue) and a bunch of us on that flight were sure we would experience the same frustrations as the thousands of passengers were experiencing throughout Europe with delays, cancellations and missed connections. As we deplaned and started racing to our UA gate, Brussels Airlines had contacted their gate and personnel was there to direct us to the UA gate, about a mile away. We raced to make our connection only to join the hundreds waiting in line to clear the Belgium customs (staffing shortages). As we checked our UA App, we could see our flight was being delayed. It was held by UA at the gate so more than 40 of us could make our flight to the USA. UA did everything they could to make sure we made our connection and didn’t strand us in the mess plaguing European airports. Words can not begin to describe the relief we felt as we boarded our flight home. Everyone on the plane applauded with the pilot announced that we were all aboard. There are no words to adequately thank UA and their fine staff for getting us back on USA soil AND with our luggage. Thank you so much for a job very well done!

    Mary Lou and Cathleen

  • Lucia Matlock says:

    I will never use United again!! I have been up all night waiting for my son to arrive in Chicago from Denver. His flight was delayed three times and they put them up at a hotel and he has no transportation to get to the hotel. He has been stuck at an airport for 12 hours. I try to call the customer service number and I keep getting a recording to add a one or a zero before the number even though I’ve already added a one or a 0. No help whatsoever! I used to think that United Airlines was a reputable airline.


    Please if any consumers read this do not I repeat book any flights with United they are inept unsafe and have no regards for you they ruined my suit case had multiple delays changed a gate with out notice I watched a attendant tell 2 families that they better run to the new gate because they will not hold it the wrong gate was not there fault I give the attendant a lot of credit because she said this is not the first time and that’s why she hates it at United Also 3 problems with the air craft and you can’t even speak to a human unless you want to book run run like hell to another airline that values it customers

  • Mark Widdis says:

    ahh awaiting moderator means it will go no where…. you company is not an upstanding entity, just bent on reaping profits , passengers be damned.

  • Mark Widdis says:

    Your chat bot AI Blows and I have spent over 2 hrs this evening waiting on hold. I had book this flight on a corporate function. I can tell you I will avoid doing business with your airline and let others in our organization not to use yours services. You Customer service is sorely lacking. I had gotten through earlier today and I was ASSURED my TSA Pre check WOULD BE ON MY BOARDING PASS. and SURPRISE ITS NOT.

    From this I can only conclude that your people don’t do what they say and only give “lip service” when it comes to addressing the customer’s issues.

    As a veteran, taxpayer and hard working person I can see NO REASON this should happen.

    And Yes my known traveler number is listed on your lacking application.

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