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  • Robert Cassidy says:

    I don’t have a comment. I have a couple of complaints. I work as a technician for Greensboro Nissan. My first complaint is about my uniform pants. I have had a few pairs of pants that he buttons have fallen off. I have wanted them to be repaired, and have gotten them repaired before. I was told that the last time I sent them out for repair, that you guys wouldn’t repair them because it would ruin the integrity of the material. It was also suggested to me that I should get a bigger size, giving a little indication that I’m fat. So I agreed to get a bigger size, and was told that when I turned all my pants in, they would send me the next size up. Well, I have never received the next size pants. I have getting my usual size, some with buttons, some without for about 5 weeks now. My second complaint, also regarding my pants, occurred this morning. I found out that you guys are refusing to wash my pants, and I counted about 4 pairs, because there are shit stains on them. Apparently, this was the third time I’ve turned in my uniform pants with these stains. It seems that now I am being accused of being disgusting and that you guys will no longer take my uniforms every week. In response to this, I have seen the pairs of pants in question. I will tell you that in the stains are minor, and I apologize for that; however, I do take offense of being called fat, disgusting, or given the indication that I am such. And I will tell you that I refuse to wash my own uniforms, because I feel that all the oil, dirt, grease, etc., will ultimately destroy my washing machine. So unless you people are going pay every week to wash my own stuff, I will continue to send you my uniforms for cleaning. Also, in regards to my pants, I am a 44 waist. If you have a 46 waist for pants, then the next time you send uniforms to Greensboro Nissan, the 46 waist pants should be with my shirts. Don’t tell me that we are going with a bigger size, and then not deliver. This matter needs to be resolved, and it needs to be resolved today. I have been working on cars form almost twenty years. I have never had or dealt with a uniform company such as yourselves, That don’t make good on there promises, or refuse to clean and wash uniforms because of minor stains. Fix this problem NOW!

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