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It is an American sports accessories company that manufactures footwear, sports materials. Under Armour markets their products worldwide. It is a company developed by some sports captains with the aim to provide quality products to the athletes. They provide an easy way of shopping for customers. It is not too difficult to contact the Under Armour for shopping, to know details about what purpose you need or any other reasons.

How to Contact Under Armour Corporate Office

Address – On the off chance that you wish to straightforwardly stroll into the workplace and need instant help or need to present a letter straightforwardly on the organization, at that point, check beneath:

1020 Hull street,


MD21230, United States.

Phone number : On the off chance that you like to get a speedy reaction, give a ring on the number underneath, as it is the quickest and most effortless way to deal with getting moment assistance


The automated response is there at the beginning of the call, but if you would like to talk to a real person, you must be patient enough.

Email : If you require any information or if you want to complain, you can also write an email to the headquarters of Under Armour through this mail address. Customercare.my@underarmour.com

Social media : Headquarters of under armour also available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @underarmour that have the blue tick verification marks. They also have an app in the playstore for online shopping.

Website : www.underarmour.com

Number of employees – 15,800 employees are working in under armour. You can also apply for the job. If you think you have enough qualification to work in under armour.

Under Armour Headquarters Info & Photos

Headquarters of Under Armour was founded in 1996 in Baltimore, United States. Under Armour has a total space of 280,000 square foot with retail stores. Under Armour will sell all kinds of sports equipment and products that are usually used by the employees.10,000 square foot for employees fitness centre .The station house and visitors parking are there.

The best model manufactures equipment all in one place, an innovative centre. Lighthouse is organised into several areas of innovation . Automatically programmed robots are used to manufacture the product in a matter of minutes. By this method nearly 200 people will accomplish the same quantity of shoes.

3D body scanner , it will scan body shape and also motion of body. It will help in manufacturing sports accessories like jackets, shoes, or etc. As done for actual motion of sports.

Under Armour Headquarters Photos 1
Under Armour Headquarters Photos

Under Armour Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

1020 Hull St Baltimore (HQ), MD


United States

2815 SW Barbur Blvd Portland, OR


United States

135 Townsend St, San Francisco CA



500-169 Enterprise Blvd, Unionville Markham



Blvd. Magnocentro 8-Piso 2, Centro Urbano Naucalpan de Juárez



BLOCK 1 NO. 359, 31 Xietu E Rd, Huangpu Qu Shanghai



Suntec Tower ONE 7 Temasek Blvd, #25-01 Singapore



464 Gangnam-daero, Yeoksam 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu Seoul


United Kingdom

10th Floor, 5 Churchill Pl, Canary Wharf London

Under Armour Headquarters Executive Team

Kevin A. Plank

Executive Chair and Brand Chief

Kevin A.Plank has been the chief executive officer of Headquarters of Under Armour for the past 23 years . He is the founder of Under Armour. His work and dedication took Under Armour to one for leading companies in present days. Kevin holds BA and MA Business administration in college park from Maryland university. He was a part of the football team of the University of Maryland.

For the next two years ,his duties as CEO will be taken up by Patrick Frisk, the company’s president and chief operating officer.

David E. Bergman

Chief Financial Officer

David E. Bergman has been the chief Financial officer of Headquarters of under armour. In 2004 he maintained several management roles within the company’s finance and accounting organisation. In 2017 he became the chief financial officer. 

He has responsibility for finance, accounting, tax, treasury, and investor relations. He holds a bachelor of business administration in accounting from Madison university.

Colin Browne

Colin Browne

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Colin Browne has been the chief operating officer of Headquarters of under armour. He played a significant role in Under Armour’s ongoing strategic and operational transformation. He was chief supply officer from 2017 to 2020. Now he is appointed as chief operating officer. He has a responsibility for th3e company’s supply chain and sourcing operations, demand planning, distribution of products. He holds a B.Sc. and an MBA degree from the Baltimore University.

Name Title
Stephanie C. Linnartz President and Chief Executive Officer
David Baxter President of the Americas
Lisa Collier Chief Product Officer
Tchernavia Rocker Chief People & Administrative Officer
Mehri Shadman Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary

About Under Armour


Some former special captains of football teams of Maryland University founded the company on September 25, 1996. They noticed the difficulty faced by the players during the match by wearing sports dress and shoes. They started to manufacture the sports products to give more comfort and flexibility to athletes. After five years under armour it became one of the top leading companies to produce sports apparel.

One of the owners, Kevin, developed Under Armour year by year to make different sports products for athletes.


 Under Armour is American sports equipment company that sells its products throughout the world. Headquarters are located in Baltimore, the additional offices are located in Austin, Hong Kong, New York city, Panama city and Paris.  They manufacture products mainly for athletes for comfort sports wear to be comfortable during sports. And they provided an online shopping platform.  So,  people are able to shop on these platforms and get things delivered to the doorsteps. Under Armour provides a good quality of sports wear. And they make products by using technology.


  • Under armour invites a new type of shirt called coldblack which is designed to reflect heat and keeps athletes cool in the summer.
  • Willie Geist introduced 3D scanning technology, which is one of the amazing technologies.
  • It scans an actual human body and it takes thousands of measurements and is used for custom products and fits.
  • Under Armour launches a performance academy aimed to bring the secrets behind the elite athletes and mental strength to the masses.
  • Under Armour makes a sports mask for better breathing from any other environmental impacts.
  • Under Armour’s one of the amazing products in this year 2021 is Flow Velocity wind called running shoes.
  • Under Armour Flow Velocity wind is totally different from normal type running shoes. These shoes are super lightweight, super comfortable and have more flexibility .
  • Flow Velocity wind to work in a muted manner. Innovation, product design, biomechanics , these are the branches involved behind making flow velocity wind. These shoes are things of beauty this year.
  • Whatever the technology has developed, under armour developed them themselves faster than current technology by making an amazing product and innovative sports apparel.
  • Kimberly Murray says:

    I have had the WORSE experience with UA since 5/27/2022 when I sent back a UA Storm Daytona HZ, that I purchased for my husband for Father’s Day order# US-12600242. I request an exchange for size and US-196-4405-EX on 6/3/22 which UA Acknowledge that they received it. I have called SEVERAL TIMES spoke with 6/27/22 Anthony Yaganon after almost a month pass of UA receiving the item back. Called on 7/10/22 spoke with Antoine after no response or item received after the first called and I asked for a manager and Antoine stated that someone would contact me because it looks like the item was reshipped and then cancel. Again, no response/no item. Called again on 7/29/22 spoke with Lester P. whom I explain that, I want a manager because at this point; I’m beyond frustrated. Lester, wanted to help and stating no manager available and I can take care of this. Also, I expressed the concern that, I DO NOT want to have this call again and to overnight my item for compensation purposes; after all this back and forward. Lord and behold, no item/no response. So, I make another call on 8/3/22 which we are now into 3 months of no refund, no item, and no responses after all this calling. Yet, UA have their item back and my $90.00. While on the call 8/3/22 I was speaking with a young lady (did not remember the name). I informed her as clear as I can be with all this unacceptable, unprofessional and non empathetic situation with UA. I asked again for a manager and that, I DO NOT want to hear, non are available. She put me on hold and came back stated that she is waiting for them to pick. Yet, she proceeded to tell me that she see the item was shipped. I asked what’s the tracking number. She’s fumbling and stated I have to check another system manually and then the phone goes dead…she hung up on me. Now, I’m on fire and my pressure is on 100 because all I ask is what’s the tracking number and I’ve been more than patient; more than nice. So, once again for the 5th or 6th time, I call back. Hmmmmm, now I get Nathan. I explain I was just hung up on, my level of frustration and I need a manager as well as some resolution TADAY NOT TODAY!!! Nathan, claims he’s get a manager and what he do instead; is hung up on me! As you can see as of this day 8/4/22 at 12:40pm I have no refund, no item, no respect, and no compassion from UA. I have ZERO TOLERANCE for UA. In my eyes they have stole from me because I purchased and paid for an item which I returned for size only and I have ALL RECEIPTS that I can post but I’m going to save them for my attorney and my he can get they attention because I am beyond done with this company and I hope this reach all social media platforms because this is not right. I’m a consumer who did not wrong or out of respect but at this point UA left me no choice. Also, I tired to call the corporate office at 410-454-6428 and the number is out of service. I guess UA is making money hand over fist off consumers who are still trying to survive doing these two of a pandemic and don’t give one dime / penny about the consumer just long as they can keep moving on as business as usual. I know customers are not always right but someone please tell me we’re I’m wrong.

  • Elvira Williamson says:

    I want to let you know that I purchased a pair of shoes from your company Boys’ Grade School UA X Level Scramjet 2 Running Shoes. which arrived with the security tag, I called they ask that I mail them back and would get other sent. It took me over a month due to the trouble of having to wrap them up and drop of at fed-X. I finally got them returned and later received the replacement and when I opened the box the lid to the box was torn off and the box looked like I had purchased something from a used store and…… the shoes had the security tag still attached!!!!! now I have to go thru the trouble of sending back for the 2nd time for the same problem!! What kind of workers do you have working in your warehouse, lazy ones I would say!!!

  • Kimberley Waldrop says:

    Our family loves your shoes your tennis shoes. Our entire family loved them we’ve recommended them to friends family for comfort for durability. We are very disappointed with the last pair of shoes my husband got. We have children arrow Twins play hard in their shoes and have never had an issue. However after three months of my Husbands bottom of his soul started coming undone. I have pictures however I can’t send them it does not give me an option. We were so disappointed

  • Gary Rokuta says:

    UnderArmour has the WORST of all customer services definitely across the entire United States! Gary * Brandy Rokuta of Kaneohe Hawaii

  • Mahlale Moloi says:

    Greetings Under Armour Team

    My name is Mahlale Moloi from RSA Freestate Province.

    I am contacting you regarding securing a business grant for a manufacturing/production i wish to implement.
    We are a footwear design company based in South Africa, the business was established in 2017.The director Mr Mahlale Moloi,a creative and motivated person whose vision is to indroduce a morden African culture of footwear to the world, also improving the living standards both economically and creatively in the society.

    I am South African whose vision is to indroduce a fashionable, iconic shoe design that can be endorsed and partner with a major global clothing brand such as Under Armour.

    The Under Armour Basketball footwear has been what I can imagine myself being part of, contributing to greatness.

    Currently our revenue relies on artistic designs and custom work on existing footwear, we wish to expand our work by manufacturing our locally based products, partner with major sporting brands and engage with national stakeholders.

    Over the past years,I have been researching a lot about the endorsements and partnerships, which the company has been having with well-known athletes and music artists.it has a very long time that I have been following the global brand.

    The impact that the brand has, on my vision to work even more harder, push boundaries towards being a recognized footwear designer and be part of the footwear movement Under Armour has been.

    I wish to be part of this global movement, and with that mentioned above, i would appreciate an response of this letter.Thank you

    Yours Sincerely
    Mr Mahlale Moloi
    FreestateMint Director

  • Debbie Graham says:

    Hello i got an email from someone in your Department for a modeling gig, saying that he is the creative director of under armour and i just want to spwak with aomeone who can verify that.

  • Kathy Parlatore says:

    I have purchased many items from Under Armour and have never had a good experience. I will not be purchasing again anytime soon. Under Armour is by far, the most negligent customer service I have ever dealt with. I have been on the phone for 45 minutes, waiting for a call back on another phone for over an hour, the wait time for a “live chat” was 45 minutes. What the hell kind of customer service is this? I am inquiring about an order for back to school for my granddaughter that was denied for whatever reason, I have no idea. I never heard of a company denying an order. I will be convincing my granddaughter to shop elsewhere for her back to school items, sports items and whatever else she might need. This is absolutely an unacceptable way to treat a customer. Perhaps you have gotten too big that you for forget who put you there. Goodbye.

  • >