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Ulta was founded in the year 1990. The company has been active for almost 29 years now. The founder of the company was             Richard E George. The main aim of the company was to provide products that are both low end and also high end as well. The company was started with a capital of $11.5 million. In the year 1996, Terry Hanson had become the president of the company. Then in the year 1999, the CEO, as well as president of the company, were Lyn Kirby. In the year 2007, the company had been transformed into a limited public entity. In the year 2008, the company had added another distribution centre in Arizona, USA. In the year 2010, the CEO and president of the company were Carl Rubin, and he had earned more than $11.1 million in the same year, making him one of the top-earning CEOs in Chicago, USA.

In the year 2013, the company had appointed Mary Dillion as the CEO of the company. Mary Dillion formerly worked at PepsiCo and McDonald's. As of the year 2017, the company had a net income of almost $269 million and had a stock of over 20,000 products, which included products for nail, skin, makeup, fragrances and also for hair care as well. The company offers products from almost 500 different cosmetic brands, across various categories and price ranges as well. The company also employs nearly 35,000 associates as well, out of which 92 per cent are female employees. The company deals with brands such as MAC, Kylie Cosmetics, Colourpop, etcetera. In the year 2016, the Ulta Beauty Charitable Foundation. The foundation has raised more than $22 million since its inception. The headquarters of the company is based in 1000 Remington Boulevard #120. The name of the place is Bolingbrook, while the name of the state is Illinois, USA. The pin code of the area is 60440.


Ulta is an American company that focuses on the selling of various kinds of cosmetics and other beauty products from multiple different brands, for its customers. The current CEO of the company is Mary Dillion. As of the year 2018, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $4.8 billion. Also, as of the year 2017, the total number of employees currently working at the company is more than 24,200. The company now has over 1,190 stores across all of the 50 states located in the USA. It also promotes its Ultamate Rewards Loyalty program for customers who shop the most at the company's stores as well. The company also has a salon located in every store, all over the USA.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of cosmetics, fragrances and other accessories from numerous well-known brands, marketed and sold by the company itself. The products selling by the company include skin care products, women and men’s fragrances, nail products, hair care product, beauty tools, bath products, etcetera, while also providing salon services as well.

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  • Patricia says:

    I have been a customer for a few years and will never use your stores again because of the post on the door at the local Ulta store. I feel it is racist against straight people. Your virtue signaling assuming people don’t tolerate others is disgusting and wrong. Please take it down!

  • Tina says:

    I have have been doing business with Ulta for many years now. I never had a problem until the last year or so. I received a Ulta credit card bill for $35.78 and minimum payment due was $29 which payment was due on November 20, 2022. I paid this bill via online payment 5 days before the due date…on November 15. I paid the full balance of $35.78. Fast forward to December 1, 2022. I get another bill from Ulta credit card saying I owe $66.78. (The $35.78 plus a $30 late fee) I call Customer Service and speak to two different people. These Customer Service Reps could see on their log notes where the balance of $35.78 was paid AND even gave a Confirmation Number. However, this was not enough proof that i paid my bill. They would not credit me for the late fee because I apparently had already used my “ONE TIME COURTESY”.
    ULTA…IF YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS CAN SEE WHERE I PAID MY BILL IN FULL ON THE DATE THAT I TOLD THEM IT WAS PAID AND EVEN SEE THE CONFIRMATION NUMBER…THEN WHY CAN YOU NOT CREDIT MY ACCOUNT FOR A LATE FEE ON MY ACCOUNT THAT WAS PAID 5 DAYS EARLY? “Leo” told me that they “could not credit the late fee” and that his “supervisor would tell me the same thing”. I will never purchase another thing from this business. I REFUSE to pay a late charge when you have proof on your OWN damn computer that I made my payment EARLY!!

  • Margaret B Peyton says:

    Lessoned Learned about Ulta and a warning to others. #ultabeauty #poorcustomerservice #reddit https://www.reddit.com/t/ulta_beauty/

    Do not ever order online from Ulta Beauty in which you have your packaged shipped to yourself or others. I placed an order for holiday gifts and one of the items was an $199 expensive hair dryer.

    Everything I ordered arrived in the box except the expensive hair dryer and I received a less expensive item in my box that I did not order. The packing slip also stated I received all the items (but I didn’t).

    After contacting customer service two times, I did not receive any response that rectified the missing item. I was instructed to wait for 24-48 hours for a upper management decision on whether they will replace, refund or do nothing at all in rectifying this missing expensive hair dryer.

    I have never experience anything like this before with an online store and I wonder this must be an internal issue with Ulta.

    Is it company or employee related?? After researching this issue online, I found that this is a very common issue with many Ulta customers. I saw many do not get any refunds or get the item they ordered. Why bother selling online products to your customers if the company can not provide the purchased products to get to their final destinations.

    I used my points, coupons and opened a Ulta credit card for this purchase. Not to mentioned some of these items were holiday gifts. Ulta just lost me as a long time customer.

    As Of 12/2/22 No updates or emails after three attempts to contact customer service – ridiculous! I shouldnt have to personally chase where an item is after I was charged for it for a big corporation like Ulta!! My next step is BBB complaint or a news media outlet.

  • Rosa D says:

    I just experienced inadequate customer service beginning with my visit to Ulta on 11/26/22. On 11/15/22 I purchased mascara online with a gift card, and had a reaction to the mascara; therefore, I returned it. While at store #319, I was informed that they could not give me my refund back because it was purchased with a non-reloadable gift card, but could give me store credit. I just started wearing mascara, therefore, I didn’t want a store credit, so I asked if I could get the funds placed on another card or cash, and was told no, the only choice was store credit. I spoke to the store’s GM Emmanuel who reiterated the same message. I then asked for ULTA corporate information, which they said they did not have, but they gave me ULTA’s customer service number.

    I called customer service on 11/28/22 and was disconnected, but soon after an associate by the name of Ms. Anna called, when I explained the reason for my call (really just to get corporate’s contact information), she asked me if I took the store credit, I said yes, she then said we can’t do anything for you then…(I never wanted the store credit). I then asked for corporate’s contact information, she took my information, placed me on hold, and returned to say that she has no way to provide me with that information, and if I wanted it I can google it. I proceeded to tell her that I thought the customer service at ULTA was terrible (never raising my voice, but she seem to have taken offense), and asked to speak to a supervisor, she then said that she could escalate the call. She was right, I could have just googled ULTA corporate information.

    There should definitely be some training in customer service and a look at the policy. To take funds without displaying on your website that if a gift card is used that can not be reloaded, you will receive store credit appears to be unethical (most people with gift cards did not purchase them and do not know whether they are reloadable or not). Additionally, to have people in positions that are not equipped to provide the answer to base questions like the contact information for the corporate office appears as if they are being untruthful or that they are ill-equipped for leadership. Lastly, Ms. Anna could definitely use a refresher training in customer service 101. Thankfully my purchase was not a large one, but I still would like a refund that I can spend anywhere…I will gladly return the store credit, that I never wanted. This experience has left a bad impression of ULTA.

    Order # K230138491
    Item # 2596643
    Date Ordered: 11/15/22

  • Mary Jane Russell says:

    I just found out that Ulta is too “woke” for me. I just unsubscribed and plan to shop elsewhere. Too bad because I love shopping at Ulta. Wake up you’re going to lose customers.

  • Janice says:

    Seriously……I have nothing against the color of anyones skin, BUT it would be refreshing to see a pale skinned model in your brochures showing how makeup might look on her. It seems Ulta thinks that only BLACK women shop there.

  • Gloria Stuart says:

    Someone needs to do a customer-service training at your store in Evergreen Park. Unless it’s a policy to hire the most unfriendly, rude associates, you need to address the issue in this store soon. No matter how many times I go there or how much or little I spend the associates are always bitchy and unfriendly. We don’t need to spend our money in a store that doesn’t appreciate our business.

  • Barb Parker says:

    I will not be shopping with Ulta any longer. Your promotion of transgenderism has ended my support of your company. This is a complete travesty that shows a total lack of respect for the real women who have been your faithful customers over the years. No amount of makeup or surgery can change a man into a woman. You are a danger to the young women of this generation; this will aid in a further state of confusion for them. Can you not take a stand for what’s right and moral? I’m sure I know the answer unfortunately.

  • Trina C says:

    Mothers are the only people who can give advice on motherhood. A makeup company hosting a men giving advice on motherhood is ridiculous. As neither the company nor the man can give such advice. I won’t be purchasing from Ulta until women are truly supported.

  • GG says:

    I was standing in the middle of the Palos Verdes(Ca)location waiting for assistance. I finally spotted someone who may be available to help. I approach a sales women who seems to be stocking the shelves but she was having a conversation with 2 other staff members. The conversation was regarding when each of them would take their break. Trying to be so patient and wait for help, o such luck, they dispersed and walked away. Still standing there staring in awe, I say hi to one of the ladies who was the last to leave. She just says hi back and I pause, waiting to hear how she would direct me. Nothing was said. I asked her if she had time to assist me. She said”yes.” I couldn’t believe the lack of kindness or professionalism. My question was simply to ask if Ulta carried a certain brand and I felt I approached the situation in a kind manner. Jeanette said yes and pointed to it, then walked away.

    As I have been reading through the long list of reviews, I see there are many concerned customers who enjoy shopping at Ulta but leaving upset. I am skeptical this company values customer service. Not sure my daughter or I will be shopping there anymore, as there are so many other retails for the products we use.

  • Cyndi says:

    Big shout out and thank you to Jordan , and team, at the Ulta store in River Oaks, Houston, off of Kirby Drive.

    Was there last Sunday, later afternoon 9/25, 3 pm ish.

    Jordan spent a lot of time helping me to locate the best products that I needed for my age group.

    The last thing a woman in her 70’s wants, is to try and treat or cover the face with ” stuff ” that makes her look older or age inappropriate.

    Thanks to Jordan, I found everything I needed , for me!

    Great customer service and smiley faces from all the employees, also.

    Keep up the good work!

    I’ll be back!


  • Ms. Yolanda says:

    Ulta Beauty is just a scam to make revenue from customers. They hire people off the streets trying tell you about your skin when the staff skin is f-up. Ulta you do not stand by what your staff tell customers and when you go back up their for refund they don’t know what hell you saying but customers walking around got wear makeup because everybody is lying to make a dollar and calling customer service and corporate is bullshit to. Refund me since your employee f-ck my skin up and I’m so damn pissed off right now for deal with Ulta and staff bunch of assholes

    • BUYER BEWARE!!!! These people only care about your business and not about you! says:

      They will never refund THETE customers and even if they are responsible for your hair falling out because of there incompetent salon either, so if they could care less about this, they care less about how you were treated and how much you were treated bad too! This place is a cult ! That is the best way to describe there customers service! They put these products in THETE store because they know we will buy them and they make them buyable for everyone just to get your money! This store is about them, not about us!

    • BUYER BEWARE!!!! These people only care about your business and not about you! says:

      If you think that’s bad, they lied to me and told me they could do my hair, and looking at the exact colors of the highlights and lowlights right in front of the girls Face and all GN with a picture of how I were my hair they ruined my hair so bad that when I got home and looked at at, the front fell OUT!!! I tried everything at even a corporate level and these people just do Not care about Anything that there customers go through as a result of there employees behavior and incompetence. Trust Me! It’s about greed, not customer service. It’s about your money, not Keeping your business. BUYER BEWARE!!! They have no customer service that escalates to anywhere but the trash!!!! ULTA is a narsasistic company that feels they don’t need to get back to there customers because they have no intentions on fixing any problems because they provide what you like and need and if anything goes wrong, they don’t give a shit!!!!

    • BUYER BEWARE!!!! These people only care about your business and not about you! says:

      Yes, They are all Liars, manipulators, and do nothing to help us because they don’t care about us. They have no customer service that does what they say and corporate office, either! I see this place as cruel and greedy!

  • Carolyn says:

    I shopped at the Ulta store in Meridian, Idaho last Sunday. I saw many young people showing up to work who walked right past me without ever asking if I needed help (I Did!). I eventually picked out a hairdryer and selected shampoo & conditioner which I thought might help with volume, but who knows! Noone was around to ask. When I was almost done shopping a young girl asked if I had been helped and I said no. I asked her about shampoo & conditioners and she said she didn’t know that much about hair. She then said she would find someone who could help me. After 10 minutes she came back and said she couldn’t find anyone but she would help me. Since she didn’t know anymore than I did about hair, what was the point. I am leaving on a trip and didn’t have time to shop elsewhere I ended up purchasing over $300 in product at this store, but I am still stumped how retailers survive with such poor service.
    When I got to the cashiers (there were 3). One was busy with a customer, another snapped at me that she wasn’t open & the third that eventually happened showed up and while yawning begrudgingly accepted my money. Unbelievable!

    • BUYER BEWARE!!!! These people only care about your business and not about you! says:

      They don’t care about what there employees do or don’t do for there customers. They only care about getting your money. There is no customer service that does what they say! They have No customer service! The lie, manipulate, and then what you think and what happen to you and how you were treated, means nothing and goes no we’re! You have no recourse! ULTA means, Greed!

  • M2022 says:

    Second time I went to an Ulta salon and was disappointed with my hair. Would love to be further contacted so I could explain further since there is no actual email on this site to send a formal complaint. Thanks

    • BUYER BEWARE!!!! These people only care about your business and not about you! says:

      Ha You think that is bad! I had to get my hair done, before my vacation( leaving in 2 days ) I told them I needed someone very good because this is the Family Reunion Holiday! I was ref by the manager of the Manchester NH salon! I went in there with hair scrunches, showing the exact colors of highlights and low lights, so there could be no mistakes. I showed Michelle ( the girl who did my hair, stressed my out and put me through hell ) a picture of me on my phone how I always wear my hair, and she assured me “ she has over 15 years of experience, she can easily make it look just like that “ Well to try to make this long story short, she did Not make it look like my picture of Me, if fact She turned my hair dark with 2 white streaks in front. I explained and showed her the picture of me again and asked her “ Do you think this looks like this” she replied “ so what do you want done”? I thought this girl was out of her mind and totally stupid, not to realize that, for herself common sense! She had the nerve to have her store buddies all around and store security walking around figuring I would not notice and they were all talking to each other, as usual and leaving all the customers to fend for them selves. She over processed my hair again and this time it was brown with brown? I just was so stressed out by this time I was getting chest pains and not feeling very good. I have had 12 TIA strokes and I am disabled and feared another but could not leave with my hair so ratty and all bad colors mixed with my grey so I proceeded to show her again the picture of me and she has the highlight color right in front of her face, how F stupid, and incompetent and ignorant can you be? So she over processed my hair , again and this time left the chronicles in to long because she has no idea how long it takes for any color the lift to a desired contrast and this time I was crying and scared and I called my boyfriend told him to come in and bring a check because I plan on a stop pmt. I went to the counter after buying something I needed and after putting all my hair pieces in my hair was talked in to an ULTA credit card. I wanted it because it money off of the terrifying Wack job she did to my hair left there and got home looking to see how bad my hair looked in My mirror. When I pulled all my hair back I was so F mad because the area of foils she did just broke my hair down so bad that I LOST THE FRONT OF MY HAIR!!!! I had a feeling damage was going to be done but my god this just freaked me out!!! I had to board my plane for San Diego Ca in 2 days and tried calling the corporate office to try reaching the CEO was told “I can not transfer you to him and that a call would be returned and I waited, no call. I had to buy wigs for the front of my hair line and go on my vacation wearing wigs in the heat seeing my family. I was sad and depressed, wondering if my hair would ever grow back and panicked stricken, trying to enjoy my self and my arm left feeling numb and heavy and that was another small stroke trying to hit my brain again so I kept taking my stroke meds fearing going to the hospital and missing out on my seeing my brother, who is a disability trial lawyer. We took pictures and I did record the conversations I had begging that illiterate B to please do my hair as you see it , so I had my phone on video record, as my brother told me so he could get the facts right, explaining to him and he had me call the corporate office when I got back as I did and left messages in several different ext of who ever? No one called me back. I now have very little very thin different colors in my hair mixed with brown and not one person gives a shit about anything that happen to me, because if there was, they would have been professional enough to extent the decency, courtecy or consideration to call me back, listen to to me and most of all replace the 300.00 back to my ULTA credit card and FIRE THAT CRAZY BITCH!!! With the name “Beauty” in it you would assume they live up to there name No These people are very money hungry Liars, greedy, and do not know anything about customer service in there complaint division or corporate division! I can’t believe it There like evil cults with no conscience, no guilt, no remorse over what there employees do to there customers. They got the money they want and they manipulated, to do just that! I hope my hair grows back because I can get it done by anyone until it does and being 61 that may not ever!!!! Do not ever trust these people to do what they say. Don’t buy from them! They only want your business and They do Not care about you!!!!

    • BUYER BEWARE!!!! These people only care about your business and not about you! says:

      have never experienced such incompetent, cult like customer service and CEO , corporate division people in my life! No one of them cared or called me back or offered any kind of solution or reconciliation to the hell there employees put me through. There Salon ruined my hair so bad it fell out, now I have to wear wigs. The girl in the salon WATCH OUT!!! will tell you she can do your hair but has no experience, and if it does not turn our right, You have No recourse because they want your money. They see them selves as such a huge conglomeration that they don’t have to care about You, and trust me, They Won’t!

  • Mrs.Rutherford says:

    This company needs to re-train all their employees in Mcdoaungh Georgia and their online customer service department. I have been in the customer service department for over 15 years and the service I have experienced from them both on several occasions was horrible. They do not practice 100% customer service, they show no Integrity or empathy. The policy in place is not for customers. They do not want to provide any type of management.

    • BUYER BEWARE!!!! These people only care about your business and not about you! says:

      I have never experienced such incompetent, cult like customer service and CEO , corporate division people in my life! No one of them cared or called me back or offered any kind of solution or reconciliation to the hell there employees put me through. There Salon ruined my hair so bad it fell out, now I have to wear wigs. The girl in the salon WATCH OUT!!! will tell you she can do your hair but has no experience, and if it does not turn our right, You have No recourse because they want your money. They see them selves as such a huge conglomeration that they don’t have to care about You, and trust me, They Won’t!

  • David N. Kilgo says:

    I need to speak with the buyer for Oral care, following an inquiry via RangeMe. Please ask the buyer to connect with me via phone at 479-426-8800 or email David@Woodridgeretailgroup.com

  • Ann Mandell says:

    Too many times companies get complaints so I wanted to reach out and let you know about one of your employees who was delightful. I went into the store located in the Springfield Mall, Springfield PA on Sun. June 12th. The cashier was a young women, Gabbrielle(according to the name on my recite). She was so pleasant and friendly. Too many times customers are not treated well but she was awesome and I wanted your company know how wonderful she was. She should be commended. Thank you.

  • Christina says:

    Woodland, CA – 6/11/22
    My daughter and I had TWO unwelcoming experiences in this store today.

    1- my 19 year old daughter asked a salesperson if they carried Unite brand shampoo and this person said “what brand? Unite?” Looks at coworker they laugh and say “no, we don’t carry that brand”. My daughter came back and said they kinda made fun of her for asking. We continued looking around and shopping for awhile and made our purchase. As we were leaving the next instance happened.
    2- I stopped to smell a candle that was on the shelf. As were leaving exiting the store, I was telling my daughter my opinion of the candle… “I haven’t found anything that beats Bath & Body candles”. As the doors were closing, this same salesperson and another gentleman who appeared to be management were mocking us and laughing. The guy said: “Nothing beats bath & body works!!”
    My daughter told me after we were walking to the car and it’s been bothering me all day. I don’t feel comfortable ever going back to that store again!!!

  • DLKirkwood says:

    We all should send their questionable business practices complaints to the FTC.gov. The more they receive, the faster they will investigate a business. Especially with a decent President and Congress.

    I plan to copy this page and then some, if I don’t get satisfaction on their defective beauty products, their pushing for phone numbers (many businesses sell numbers to other businesses . . . and the Federal government announced we should NOT give out phone numbers for that reason, and ULTA’s refusal to refund two products (total $60.99 when I would not give phone number but had the receipt, so the girls tried to only refund me $10.00 because of that. I send complaints to CEO or designee Headquarters, but I see ULTA refuses to put their Fax number on a web search, but all the consumer complaints here will do just as well when it reaches the FTC online complaint form. When Corporations remove their FAX numbers from public view one has to wonder just how corrupt the corporation has become.

    Ladies, always keep a paper trail with names and details. Corporations will lie through their teeth otherwise.That means send a detailed letter, keep a copy of what inside it, and mail it with proof of delivery, so they can’t claim they never got it. I am no fool that corporations can push around to get their ill-gains. I am a published author who, in 1991- 1992, took on the city of Marysville, WA (under my married name, Boone), made a fool out of some at city meetings, and forced them to close down the Gold Driving Range because it was not zone correctly for it to safely function in a residential neighborhood, as well as, damaged many businesses with bad press, and forced Tiny Computers out of the USA in 2001. The saying is correct…the pen is mightier than the sword.

    • Kathy says:

      Can you give me advice as how to get in touch with someone higher up in the company. One store got me to apply for Rewards without telling me it was a credit card. That is just not right. Especially when you’re applying for a large loan for property

  • No name says:

    I hope to heck you offer 10x’s the bonus points for white owned businesses soon.

  • Pamela says:

    Pamela February 6, 2022

    To Whom it may Concern at Ulta:

    Today when I picked up my order, I asked the salesgirl if there were 2 eyeshadows in the bag since it was sealed shut with tape. She replied yes, they are both in the bag. When I drove home, I opened the taped bag and there was only 1 eyeshadow, so I called the Ultra Store and she said to come back.

    When I arrived, (a 20-minute drive in the rain) the same salesgirl that gave me my order called a person to see me, and I was told that it was my responsibility to look in the bag before I left the store. I explained that I asked the salesgirl who gave me my order and she assured me that there were 2 eyeshadows in the bag. This salesperson berated me publicly, embarrassing me that I was wrong. She asked how often I pick up things up in the store from on-line ordering, insinuating that I do this often. I usually order on-line, and it’s delivered to my home and/or shop in the store. The only reason I did an in-store order today was because I have gone to Ulta a couple of times recently and my eyeshadow color was out of stock so I thought I would call ahead and place my order. The saleswomen kept repeating that it was on the in-store videotape that both my eyeshadows were put in the bag. I asked her if I could see the tape and she refused to show it to me. She was wearing no name badge and refused to give me her name. I took her photo. I have never been treated so poorly by a salesperson.

    The salesperson was being so loud that people stopped to tell me that I was not being given customer service and I wasn’t wrong in being up-set.

    I have been a loyal customer of Ulta for years, until today. I felt like I was being treated completely unfairly by your employee. The thought that this salesperson was seemingly accusing me of theft is beyond my comprehension. I had to drive back to the store because my order wasn’t correct. Driving back and forth to your store in the rain cost me more than an Ulta eyeshadow.
    I certainly hope you train the St. Augustine, Florida staff to be kind to the customers.


  • Donna Kolb says:

    Ordered online and the next day got an email stating my item was no longer in stock. This would mean that when I ordered you are not providing a live inventory online to customers.
    Your customer service team and supervisor are totally clueless and unable to provide a lead time for the out of stock item. (?) They also have no ability to contact the warehouse directly which would be very helpful to provide better service to both customers and agents.
    As a former buyer for a manufacturer this is unacceptable.
    Your Chief Supply Chain CEO and Operations leaders need to change how the business is run.
    You should all be looking at the same live system WITH The Ability to contact each other directly to solve issues.

  • English is my 1st says:

    I have called ULTA and attempted to “chat” with ULTA and BOTH we’re met with communication problems in that neither had ENGLISH as their 1st language.

    I don’t know about you all but I am so exhausted trying to have even the simplest conversations with the “ENGLISH NOT 1ST LANGUAGE” persons, that I say we start DEMANDING from these companies that we privilege with our hard-earned money, that they put ENGLISH AS A 1ST as an option just like “press this for ESPANOL!!!”

    • Christina says:

      I also called three times today to voice a complaint and was met with communication issues and then eventually “disconnected” very frustrating.

  • Dorothy says:

    Tried to switch or cancel an order within 3-5 minutes of catching my error of not being able to pick it up at local store and was not able to cancel or switch order. Was put on hold for 1 hour and told they could not fix this. 5 minutes this was unbelievable.


    Hello, wondering if you could look up a transaction under Candace Lovett phone number 847-356-9088 for a hot tools hair dryer. It broke and I need to know when I bought it to see if it is still under warranty. Thanks.

    • DLKirkwood says:

      Did you read all the other comments. My guess is they told you they have no way to look it up.

      This comment is awaiting moderation (will my comment appear? I saved a copy of what I wrote to everyone.)

      We all should send their questionable business practices complaints to the FTC.gov. The more they receive, the faster they will investigate a business. Especially with a decent President and Congress.

  • Delise Stone says:

    Ii receive my order yesterday. Included was a StriVectin kit which was missing one of the products. I called and asked that the missing product be shipped to me. I was told that they can’t ship the missing product – I will have to return what I have and then wait for them to ship me the entire kit again. I waited 2 weeks for the first one so I’m potentially looking at over a month to get what I’ve already paid for. This is totally unacceptable. Please have someone do the right thing and have this shipped to me – FOC – overnight. Order #K197816338 – Delise A Stone. The missing product is the Tighten & Lift Peptight Eye Serum. Please confirm.

  • Leigh Hamilton says:

    I loathe Ulta. I’ve had four experiences with this company, and all four have been terrible. This company’s goal is only one: “Get the customer’s money and personal information now, and forget repeat business.” Buy from them at your peril. Their follow-up customer service is absolutely THE WORST. Even if you have a simple return, they’ll give you grief for it.

    Just buy from someone else. Look at their online reviews and believe what you read. It’ll be easier.

  • sheila johnson says:

    Very disappointed. The store in Everett Ma. I was looking for a moisturizer and face wash. The sale person showed me a product the was extremely pricey when I informed her I did want to spend $95 for a product she pointed to the other end of the store and told me that is where we sell the CVS brand items. Yes she pointed! I walked out and drove to Sephora and was treated very nice and they stuck to my budget.

  • Belle L. says:

    I will never do business with Ulta Beauty again. Your business for the last 5 years – been unable to order on line and can never find my account. I am told ‘ it’s IT glitch’ and someone will call you back. Your software is from the 80’s. I was told today that I can’t order on line for 7 days. Your Company really needs to invest in upgrading your software and trust employee’s to take online order. Ulta is the only store that I know that doesn’t trust employee’s to place order.
    I had been loyal over 20 years as Customer and spent thousands. You treat your customers horrible.

  • Darlene Boyee says:

    I love the Woodstock, Georgia Ulta employee Courtney!!! I have suffered with vitiligo on my legs for a year and a half. I have tried to get hep with coverage and just gave up.
    I was in Ulta looking for nail polish and decided to try again, Courtney asked if she could help me and I said, “I sure wish you could!” I showed the vitiligo to her and she asked if she could try some different samples on my legs. She was determined to help me and I was so happy that she found a body makeup that covers so well! The product also has sun screen to protect the damaged skin! She spent a good 45 minutes trying different types of coverage and she was so positive and encouraging saying “this is actually kinda fun” that she made me feel very comfortable! She finally came across a Dermablend cover cream that worked! You’ve no idea how grateful I am. I couldn’t wear shorts or bathing suits but now because of her, you can hardly tell I have it! She has really changed a life for the better today! Thank you to Courtney in the Woodstock Ulta!!!

  • Mary wise says:

    I’ve been going to Ulta for over two years now and there have not been any discount in the hair salon where I get my hair done it I was wondering do you guys ever do specials for when you get your hair done

  • Car says:

    I love ULTA, however I haven’t been able to shop with you guys for over a year. I have the credit I am about to cancel. Every time I contact customer service I receive the below answer, there is no help. I feel they copy and paste most of their responses. I believe there must be a customer service employee clean up.

    “You recently reached out about not being able to order online. This issue was previously escalated to our high team and ​​according to our records, you are unable to order online due to a variety of contributing factors. As we researched your account, multiple identities and payment methods for the orders placed with your account were found. At Ulta Beauty, we are committed to providing you with an outstanding experience and would be more than happy to assist you at one of our stores to do so. ​We do apologize about this situation”

    What does this mean?
    I asked for explanation on how multiple identities and payment methods were added to my account, I have a brother and sister who live with me. They too have not been able to purchase from ULTA, I believe our accounts have been mixed and has caused us to not be able to purchase from your company. Please HELP with real people and real answers.

  • Not Applicable says:

    Do you still employ “Aunt Jemima”in your stores such as the Beauty Salon such as the Rego Center in Rego Park, New York??!!
    Every fucking Dick and Cunt at this god forsaken entity are nothing short of Mother Fucking RACISTS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angela Worthington says:

    The worst experience ever! I’m very unhappy with Ulta management staff the worst ever. Ervin at the South Carolina location needs to be fired. Poor Customer Service, I have never received such poor and disrespectful service from Ulta. I will never ever shop with this company again. I was called a lier.

  • Silvana Carcich says:

    I am a VP for fundraising at our local hospital. I am trying to set up a fundraising event at Ulta’s local store. Upon calling I was told to contact headquarters. Have done so, left several messages. We are not asking for donations, just information. Please respond. Thank you

  • A. Williamson says:

    I would like to know when you will be bringing back the hourly employees from furlough? The ones that are in the store that I shop at are standing around talking to one another. I was told that they are just the department mangers. The store manager does not come out of the back when need to complain. When I gone in the store before the virus. I was greeting by the young lady at Clinique on the right when you enter the store or the cashiers at the front. Very friendly employees, now you have rude employees. The ones that are there now don’t even acknowledge you when you come in or even ask if you need assistance. This store is located in Sherman, Texas. Please bring back the hourly employees!

    Thank you

  • linda lockwood says:

    I went to Ulta today to buy some hair supplies, and my daughter with with buying her own .. I was paying for my items when my daughter said mom look at this, so i finished paying and walked over to the display. It was Christmas goodies as I am in the process of making a bunch of baskets for teens and young adult and figured i would get 10 of each item and it would be a few hundred dollars but that was ok.. I need to make these baskets up. i saw nothing to put them in and a white tub thing was on the counter right next to me. a foot away in fact so i used it. not knowing I was doing any thing wrong..the salesgirl came up grabbing it from my hands and with a bitter voice said this is for my use ,,, and removed my items from the container and put it on the counter… well i left everything, and my daughter she had her arms full of hairs supplies plus she was getting Christmas gifts. I am 62 years old a grown adult with grandchildren, I buy alot of products for my self and grand kids. I will be happy to share how I was treated on my face book and groups I attend on a daily basis as I don’t think this is any way to treat any one.. thanks for the wonderful service i will be bringing back what I bought today for a refund…

  • Deborah Franklin says:

    I am trying to contact someone who will help me. I got an ULTA magazine in my mailbox and wish to have it stopped. I do not want it going to my mailbox. I go away a lot, and am going to move. I am not interested in this particular magazine, and do not want it coming to my address anymore. Thank you for helping me.

    • Leigh Hamilton says:

      I had Ulta advertising stopped. It took an act of Congress. You have to cut out the label with your customer number and send it to Ulta with a request to have it stopped, and even then you have to do it at least twice for them to finally stop sending you advertising. Good luck. I’ll NEVER shop an Ulta store again because of it. NEVER. They may have gained four and a half cents, but they lost this customer and her sister for LIFE because I told her how difficult it was to get off their mailing list, and she’ll never shop there again either. Just keep telling people about your experience.

  • Marie Black says:

    who do I talk to about an allergic reaction to your product. I went into the store in Indiana, Highland on Sept 3 2019 and asked about tinting my eyebrows brow because I am allergic to black Katy said that the dark brown should be ok. This was a Thursday on Friday my eyebrows started itching on Saturday my eyebrow’s had blisters and my entire face was swollen. I went to my doctor and was told the specimen from my eyebrows results was that I had a mercer infection. The only way I could have contracted this is from the equipment that she used the brushes were strapped around her waist and I am wondering the brush she used on someone else. I am totally upset I was supposed to have surgery and now I have to prolong surgery until infection was cleared. I feel that I should be compensated for my frustration and pain the infection is still active. When I went into the store on Saturday the manager said I should put a moisturizer on the scaly puss skin which she gave me from clinque this did not help I am more concerned about the infection because it could be deadly please respond .

    Thank You
    Marie Black
    September 17 2019

  • mary wak says:

    hi trying to reach corporate
    mary wak
    7235 lester st
    Lexington mi 48450

    keeping sending me mail
    need correction
    your company is also mailing to peggy clement at the same address
    she does not live here #2910259583576
    please remove peggy clements from the mailing list to
    7235 lester st Lexington mi 48450

    keep mary wak..
    I live at this address..thanks you

  • >