Where is UGG Corporate office Headquarters

UGG Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 495 South Fairview Avenue, Suite A, Goleta, CA 93117, United States
  • Phone Number: 805-967-7611
  • Fax Number: 805-967-9722
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees:  1000
  • Established: 1978
  • Founder: Brian Smith
  • Key People: N/A

UGG Headquarters Location & Directions

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About UGG, History and Headquarters Information

UGG was founded in the year 1978. The company has been active for almost 41 years now. The founders of the company were Doug Jensen and Brian Smith. The company was started with a capital of just $20,000 and was named as UGG Imports. In the year 1979, UGG Holding Incorporated was set up as well. In the year 1985, the company had registered a trademark in its name. By the year 1994, almost 80 per cent of the company’s sales were happening in Orange County, USA. The company’s boots were also worn by the USA Olympic Team in the 19994 Winter Olympics. Then in the year 1995, the company was acquired by Deckers Brands for almost $14.6 million. During the year 2003, the company’s shoes were showcased on Oprah Winfrey’s show. The company had opened its first store in the year 2006. In the year 2009, the company haad collaborated with Jimmy Choo. As of the year 2012, the company had generated sales of over $1 billion for the first time. As of the year 2015, the company haad partnered with Disney Pixar. The headquarters of the company is based in 495 South Fairview Avenue, Suite A. The name of the place is Goleta, while the name of the state is California, USA. The pin code is 93117.

UGG is an American company that focuses on the designing and manufacturing of various kinds of luxury, comfort and the highest quality retail footwear, for its customers. The company has its presence across 130 countries in the world. As of the current date, the total revenue of the company is more than $1.8 billion. The current number of employees working in the company is more than 1,000.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to purchase various kinds of comfortable and luxurious shoes, that are manufactured, designed, marketed and sold by the company itself. The company also sell bags, clothing, home goods and other products as well.

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  • Rosemary Fabec says:

    Please have someone from your donation department contact me re funding of an African American project.

  • Karen says:

    The customer service of this company HORRIBLE! I’ve tried to order the SAME pair of boots for my daughter for 2 years. Finally was able to get a pair this year and had to send them back because they were too small. I attempted to reorder and UGG canceled my order. After FINALLY speaking to a customer rep, that was unbelievable the wait time and prompts you have to fight through, and she guaranteed to re-place my order that they canceled. After speaking to her, I received an email that again my order was canceled. I have not been able to reach anyone since. No one answers the phone and they won’t text back!
    I’ve been going on the website every day to see if the boots are available and adding my name to the waiting list. STILL HAVE NOT GOTTEN A RESPONSE FROM UGG! I’ve received many other emails with sales but none to address a customer’s need. I was finally able to place ANOTHER order that is on back order but I have no confidence that this order won’t be canceled AGAIN like 2 other orders prior. If this “Christmas” gift wasn’t so important to my daughter, I would NEVER deal with a company that has NO DESIRE to satisfy their customers. LAST TIME THOUGH!!!!

  • Angela says:

    I am writing that again my phone is acting up I was at the St Louis Chesterfield Outlet Mall and walked into the store I never even got 10 yards and three very loud associates screamed at me I couldn’t come in without a mask in front of customers !!!! There is no law to say I have to wear a mask!!!! and I have a disability ! And I am also fully injected including a booster which I could have proved to them Sort your extremely rude loud staff out!!! I was a great customer but no more I won’t be back ! I won’t be bullied !

  • Angela says:

    Disgusted at the treatment and the way I was spoken on entering the At Louis outlet Mall at Chesterfield aort your staff out the attitude is appalling!!!

  • Thomas says:

    Nov 25th I ordered a pair of Uggs for a Christmas present. I’ve been sent emails saying they are ready to ship, dates they should arrive, called and was told when they would ship and it keeps getting pushed back. What the hell!!! If it’s shipping like I’ve been told on several occasions use the usps, they take 2-3 days. Think I’m going to start a social media campaign—where’s the Uggs

  • Lisa says:

    Cant get no one to email me back. Interested in some boots just wondering if they will be back in stock anytime soon? The classic ultra mini ? Thank u Chestnut sz 6

  • Suzie C Johnston says:

    This is Suzie Johnston…the order number on that package is NA 4400267..I forgot to add that to my first comment

  • Suzie C Johnston says:

    I am not getting any answer to my question when I text and at the moment I have been on hold for a very long time..I thought I would reach out to you.I ordered girls boots on 11.17/2021…have never received them. When I track the order it says as of November 23rd they are in a warehouse in Houston…I need them for Christmas…can you please either have them send me another pair or find these in time for Christmas?
    Thank you

  • T. Crosby says:

    In November I ordered a pair of slides and some shoes. Needless to say I never received the package. When I tracked the order UPS stated in comments that the receiver refused delivery and package was being sent back to the sender. First off UPS never made an attempt to deliver the package and there is no way I would have refused it. I called UPS several times but only got the automated system. I then called Ugg customer service and woman said she would call UPS and have them reroute the package. A few days later when I tracked package again it was back in CA at the warehouse. I finally went to the UPS location in my area to find out the package was damaged and they had to return it. I again called Ugg’s and was told the package was at the warehouse and they could not resend it back out to me. Also they were out of the items I ordered. Since this ordeal I’ve called Ugg’s a few times to voice my concerns and was told the same thing that there’s nothing they can do. I was offered $20 off my next order but who wants to order again not knowing if the same thing will happen. The damaged package was no fault of mine and feel I’m being treated unfairly. I’m very disappointed in Ugg as well as a very dissatisfied customer.

  • Vince says:

    After reading all of this, I changed my mind about buying a gift e-card from UGG!!

  • Shatrice Chisolm says:

    I am so upset today is my daughter birthday and brought here the boots which when she open them up had a hole in the boot and a scuff this is crazy. Spent $479 on boots and a bag this is not right😡

  • Kathy says:

    My husband bought me a pair of tall Uggs last year for Christmas. I did not put them because I have many other Uggs until today and when I pulled them in the seam in the back ripped and now there is a big hole in them. What do I do?

  • Patrick Carter, Frustrated customer says:

    I bought a pair of UGG’s for my Granddaughter in Chicago on Nov 5, 2021. She wanted a rose crystal put on the shoes, which the store did not have at the time. The store was to order the Crystal, call me when
    it came in to pay for it and have the shoes delivered. I have been trying to reach the store for over a week
    to pay for the crystals and have the shoes delivered. I have called, left messages and emailed, no one
    has gotten back to me. Can someone help me get this taken care.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, my granddaughter wants to know where her shoes are.

  • jenny sim says:

    Received as a gift, the entire front of the foot tore open. Spoke to manager at customer service who said they had zero ability/authority to assist in any way. So disappointing

  • Dianne L Lenig Mushinski says:

    Why are all these contacts numbers closed.
    I was send a duplicate order, I need to return 1 pair
    I have Alway bought my grandchild UGG’s for Christmas presents.
    Looks like this is the last year with customer service line I am receiving.
    Dianne L M

  • Samantha says:

    Very disappointed my first ever pair of uggs with bows bought for Christmas. The seam split down the side .i have bearpaws for years and never had issues .not sure would ever buy another pair of uggs . There not even 3 mths old.

  • Gina Castle says:

    I purchased ugg boots they ripped up the seam in the back . So disappointed. I took them back to where I purchased . They would not exchange them . I lost my receipt

  • >