Where is UDR Corporate office Headquarters

UDR Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1745 Shea Center Drive, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 720-283-6120

  • Fax Number: 720-283-2451

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 1542

  • Established: 1972

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Thomas W. Toomey, Joseph D. Fisher

UDR Headquarters Location & Directions

UDR Headquarters Executive Team



Thomas W. Toomey

Chairman, CEO & President

Joseph D. Fisher CFA

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Jerry A. Davis CPA

Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President

H. Andrew Cantor

Vice President of Acquisitions & Dispositions

Richard A. Giannotti

Executive Vice President of Redevelopment

About UDR, History and Headquarters Information

Among the leading companies in real estate within the United States stands out UDR Inc., formerly known as United Dominion Realty. The company invests in properties throughout the territory with the aim of developing, remodeling and selling attractive, unique and high quality properties to the population.

Its history begins in 1972, when was founded in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. From there it has been its main headquarters, located specifically in the area of ​​Maryland. The complexes and apartments under its domain are located mostly in areas of high interest and category, from New York to San Francisco.

Nowadays it works as a public company thanks to an initial public offer in 1978. By March 2019, the company had approximately 50,000 apartments, including 366 houses under development. Throughout 46 years of service, the company has been characterized by the value it offers its shareholders, and the great experience enjoyed by its associates.

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  • Angel says:

    Worst place we have ever stayed in. The girls drink in the office! We’ve seen them. We had a problem with our apartment they never answered and there was mold in our apartment. Our kids got so sick! We had a doctors letter stating all the facts we submitted it and they completely ignored it. Now we’re force to go back to a trashed apartment they supposedly cleaned and replace everything they didn’t the mold is still there and maintenance saw it. This is the type of people have! Please save your time gettting an apartment with udr. The worse! Now we’re force to take our children who we had paper to prove with asthma to go back and no one has answered our question about taking care of the mold they simply answer everything else but the mold. We have prove now we need to waste time and sue them. Save your time! Mint worth it and over prized!

  • Nick says:

    I was charged a $75 late fee because I could not submit a payment on their website — THEIR WEBSITE DISABLED THE FEATURE TO PAY ONLINE. I was punished for their own mistake/error. Still waiting on a call back.

  • Stacey says:

    Worst place ever. Luxury apartments my ass. No cameras on the property they let anyone rent here. A lot of housing coming in. We pay 3100 a month and the last month I w been assaulted my husband has been assaulted nasty notes with vulgar language left of vehicles. Too much housing here. We pay the highest rent here and live in a shithole. Corporate should answer emails. Very unprofessional. I live at the lodge in foxboro ma

    • Karen says:

      I Agree 100% they never answer the phone in the office in Frisco, tx. Cool springs in trash, there are major problems here, they also do not do pest control yet they charge, they NEVER assist in a timely manner (4 business days is a grace and yet they can’t even do that) they jacked up the rent but make you apply several times to transfer to a cheaper “UPGRADED” AKA painted over the bad stuff units. There is a mold issue, and they ask that you let them know if there is a weather related problem like flooding, yet when you call to notify they won’t answer….sooo what do they expect people to do. They will be reported to the state of Texas. Perhaps then they will do their darn job.

  • Hannah says:

    I applied to stay at legacy village in Plano. Paid my app fee and everything. Since then it has been DIFFICULT to get ahold of anyone. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to two customer service reps. One knew nothing about anything (said he was new) & the other thankfully sent me my next steps but with no information on where and how to do them. I’ve been trying to reach someone since Wednesday last week. It is now Monday (new week) I’m supposed to be moving in this week and I can’t even get ahold of anyone. Honestly at this point I think I’m being scammed. There’s just no way this is a real company. At this point I would just love to terminate the lease. I no longer am interested in living here. No one available at the front office, customer service lines are busy. They listed me to move in on the wrong day, then it gets fixed but on rhino it still says old apartment and old move in date. I just quit, I shouldn’t have to go to hell and back to contact someone about moving into an apartment. This is absolutely ridiculous.

    • Karen says:

      Same experience. Considering the amount of companies in the area, you would think they would be more likely to tend to the needs of residents and how big word of mouth is in North Dallas, you would expect they wouldn’t be so all around horrible. This is crazy I wish there was a way to get all these comments together and report it somehow to someone who will DO SOMETHING TO FIX THE ISSUES. crazy.

  • M NC says:

    I rent at Newport Village in Alexandria VA and the apartment is infested with mice. The mice live inside the walls and management did let it go poorly attended for so long that it is now a major issue.
    Shame on Newport Village management for letting the infestation get to the point of making the place inhabitable.

  • Joyce says:

    Corporate where are you waiting on a response to my emails.

  • Attendant says:

    Terrible is all I can say upped rent 500.00 that’s 35% is that even legal. But won’t negotiate at all and won’t upgrade anything in the apt.management is worst I’ve ever seen!! Advise STAY AWAY! Coolsprings

  • Gaby says:

    O NOT APPLY HERE I REPEAT DO NOT APPLY My application process has been HORRIFIC. I applied when the old management company had been here and they were AMAZING Abby really helped me, understood my situation and was willing to help any way possible. Sadly, the company was bought out to UDR which is literally the worst management I have ever seen in my life. I have worked in this Property Management Industry for 5 years and I have never seen a management conduct business the way this company does. Not only was I calling for weeks after the old company left, I left VARIOUS voicemails and VARIOUS emails, no response, I got a call back from a manager that does not even work at the property she comes every so often and she was not HELPFUL whatsoever. No one was able to answer any of my questions when I needed them to because no one was ever available. The phone always sounded disconnected. After TWO weeks they contacted me back and had fill out the application and told me it was the SAME exact application as the one I filled out the first time that they had just needed a digital copy of it so they sent me the link. Not only did I pay 2 application fees but I also paid an Admin Fee to the company prior. After being DENIED TWO days ago they are telling me that I will not be receiving my full refund although on the application I filled out the first time for the company prior says on Paragraph 7 that once denied after 30 days you will get the full refund. Now they are telling me that I will not be getting the full refund after them telling me that the application was the EXACT same as the first one. This place is a joke basically all they want is to take your money. I am so disappointed with this honestly, especially during hard times in the world a company does something like this to a STUDENT who is trying to get by. You all disgust me and clearly have no heart to be doing this. I have even tried contacting corporate and they sent me to the billing department, which did not assist me at all and just told me I will not be getting the full refund. This place is a JOKE. DO NOT APPLY HERE! People buy from people and this management team has been terrible.

  • Kelly says:

    I am trying to understand how my rent increase is $153, not to mention that parking increased $10 and now there is a $10 membership fee. Does UDR realize that we are still in the middle of a pandemic? Apparently not, I have been trying to negotiate my rent to a reasonable amount and all I keep hearing is no because this is the best they can do because of the market rate. Also the same thing with the parking and some amenity fee. These apartments are only good for the space. How can they possibly try to compete with the much nicer and newer-built apartments with better amenities? THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS.

  • Yasmeen says:

    Unfair charges are a concern. I moved here 5 years ago and the complex was under different management than UDR. At the time of move-in I was given the option to have accent walls painted by the staff at no additional charge on move-in or move-out. I did not paint the walls however UDR is not recognizing the promotion and has charged me $150. Bernard is the worst!!! Very rude and unfair. He treats us like we work for him rather than realizing we have a choice. I definitely will not renew and would appreciate someone from a higher office reaching out to resolve this issue.

  • Gary Wadden says:

    It’s different rules for every person
    I thought if you lived at Ames a pond apartments you had to be on the lease
    Well guess again because it’s apparently okay to not be on the lease and the person who signed the lease does not live there
    She has another address
    Check on this ASAP 613 Ames Hill Drive Tewksbury, Mass

  • Concerned Tenant says:

    We would like to speak with someone with a brain, please.

    Problem #1
    We have rats in our attic. The office does not want to work with us and have someone come in when we are home. The attic access door is in the tiny closet, so we would need to be there to move things around. Their (office staff) only solution is to put large bait traps around the building. It’s not working. Not to mention the awful allergy attacks due to the amount of rat feces and urine that have built up on the insulation and blowing around via the air vents.

    Problem #2
    We cannot have the windows open to get fresh air on nice days because the walls and ceiling will crack, peel and fall off the drywall. We just had numerous areas patched (not fixed, horribly patched) and now there are more areas falling.

    Double edge sword – rats feces & urine blowing through the air vents or peeling plaster because the windows are open??? Can’t win there.

    Problem #3
    We were promised that the green moss, mold, dirty and other things growing on the outside of the building were going to be power washed and cleaned up. A company did a few of the buildings, then stopped. My neighbor asked the office staff who stated they are no longer power washing because it was causing the paint to peel on the stairs. ???? That’s probably a good indication that the stairs need attention also. She was also told that we can scrub the stairs, walls, railing ourselves. Seriously?!? It’s that part of the complexes responsibilities? To maintain the buildings? Another allergy irritant.

    Problem #4
    We live on the second floor, and have noticed an area that is very much indented in the floor. If we step too hard in that area, dust will fall into the neighbors apartment below us. Maintenance did come and check it, shrugged their shoulders and made up excuses to not fix the problem.

    When we first moved in, we were told that the water/sewer/trash/pest control were included in the rent. We soon found that this is a lie they are supposed to tell new tenants. It is NOT included, it is an extra bill that is tacked on. Each month we have no idea how much our rent is going to be because of this little lie.

    $1400+ is WAY too much to pay for all these problems that are the landlords responsibilities and are not being properly taken care of. You should be ashamed of the way these properties are being run, the price that is being charged and how run-down they are becoming. Do they even do back ground checks any more? Some very questionable shady characters living here lately.

    We will be leaving when our lease is up. I will take video of every inch of the apartment after cleaning it and we WILL be with whoever is doing the move out inspection. Because of the problems above, I do not trust anyone to do the inspection alone. There have been too many people posting that they cleaned and were still charged. I don’t know both side of the story for those people, but I will not take my chances.

  • Timothy Lee Giles says:

    I reside at 5573 Harrington Falls Lane, Alexandria, Va apartment 1240
    1. 0930 – I asked if I could drop off my fob to be reprogram for my apartment because it didn’t allow access (Ms Filante (young African-American person) said they were not open but she could take the fob and would take care of it)
    2. 11:00 a.m. – I returned and asked if the key was programed…she said “give me 5 minutes” and I will have it sent up. What is your apt number. 1:30 no call , no key
    3. I asked if I had to really come down stair to have her follow up with a tenant. You all work to keep us ok. She replied; “I don’t work for you”, I said, but I am a customer??????? (Issues:5- hours no fob and I am to inconvenience myself to ask again).
    4. Deso it work I asked; her response. give me 5 minutes and I will check????????

    5, I had an earlier encounter with Ms Filanta, we my friend call was taken away because we forgot to get a parking past . I had to pay 175.00, I take that responsibility. My issue she began to lecture me on why I got a ticket and I know the policy. I asked her if she had the number of the towing company…………she said; uuuuhhhh I don’t know. Then finally , I got the number.

    I am taken back by her attitude. I feel like I am burdening her for realistic request? Have I miss the mark?????? I paid for luxury……my expectations are high and I know this company delivers.

    Note: I asked her for her name to write this letter and her response was ; “I don’t have to speak to you”?????

    Thank you

    Tim Giles
    Regional Director Facilites Management

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