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S. No.





1455 Market St #400, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States



3111 Clairmont Rd suite b, Atlanta, GA 30329, United States



4700 Rue de la Savane Suite 217, Montréal, QC H4P 1T7, Canada


United Kingdom

1, Aldgate Tower, 2 Leman St, London E1 8FA, United Kingdom



No 33/1 Chikkannhelli Village, Sarjapur Main Road, RGA Tech park Bangalore



60 Anson Rd, Icon Loft

UBER Headquarters Executive Team

Dara Khosrowshahi

Chief Executive Officer

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Nelson Chai

Chief Financial Officer

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Tony West

Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, and Corporate Secretary

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Name Title
Jill Hazelbaker Senior Vice President Marketing & Public Affairs
Nikki Krishnamurthy Chief People Officer
Gus Fuldner Senior Vice President Safety & Core Services
Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty Senior Vice President Delivery
Albert Greenberg Vice President Platform Engineering
Sundeep Jain Chief Product Officer and SVP Engineering
Bo Young Lee Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Andrew Macdonald Senior Vice President Mobility & Business Operations

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  • ahmet engin says:

    uber has to change app heres why they give you job they direct you wrong location and take back to same place rider waiting uber late cancel this hapin often at list for me this controlled by the people unseen racis givin message for noncens this person not against me only uber to

  • Michael says:

    I appalled at the lack of effort Uber has put forth to help their employees at this time. The suuport@uber.com email sends back a message saying that the email isn’t monitored, and not read. Hey Uber, what are you doing as business where you have NO CONTACT with your employees. This is ridiculous. I intent on making this public knowledge so people can really know what Uber treats their employees like. I was almost attacked more than once and also had to leave an area mid-delivery for fear of my safety. Yet Uber does not care about their drivers and doesn’t have ANY way to contact them. That’s why I’m commenting here. Out of desperation. This is really bad for a company to be ran like this. No support, no contact for employees. We demand better.

  • Robert Via says:

    I was an Uber Driver for over four years with a 4.8 customer satisfaction rating and over 4000 rides. On June 15th, for some unknown reason, Uber chose to pull a background check and I have not been able to drive or even get an answer from Uber regarding my account. I had a ticket that was adjudicated with no points placed on my license. Uber will not respond to any of my many support requests, and there is no way to talk to anyone. I understand that reports are sometime necessary to insure that drivers are legally able to drive, but I had a clean driving record and since June 15th I have been completely unemployed. Dara Khosrawshahi CEO, Tony West, Chief Legal Officer, Nikki Krishnamurthy and Jason Droege, You four are responsible for ensuring that Uber Drivers are treated fairly and a driver in good standing should not have had to go through this. I implore you to please get me cleared to drive again.

  • steven m hassinger says:

    Hi, im a uber stock holder i want to know why is so much easier to get a lyft ride then uber during this covid19 it really bothers me i have to use lyft instead of the company i bought stock in !!

  • Marilyn Schaefer says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    On 6-9-2020, I received a charge on my bank account for $15.44 from technical support help desk. I called Uber because I was trying to schedule a ride to and from the airport for my outbound flight and my return flight. I could not get in the system. I kept trying to reset my password and it said that it had sent me the information but nothing was coming through. My main account is marilynannschaefer@gmail.com and my back-up account is aseniorgal@gmail.com. I tried both to enter into the system to no avail.

    I reached a tech support person who said they would help me. He couldn’t get it to work either and said he’d get it done for me during the night. I explained I needed the ride for 6:00am Sunday morning from Allen, Texas to DFW and needed to make sure that was going to happen. He finally got me into the system and did not tell me what the trouble was. Sunday morning I waited until 7:00am and finally got a neighbor to take me to the airport as uber did not shop up. He did not set it up as advised.

    Upon arrival at my destination I checked my bank account and found this charge for $15.44 a fee for the repair of my account. I want this removed immediately as I was not advised there was a charge and I did not use your services. Please have someone call me back at 972-900-7707.


    Marilyn Ann Schaefer
    Schaefer Signing & Delivery

    Mobile: 972-900-7707
    Email: marilynannschaefer@gmail.com

    902 Harvard Lane
    Allen ,Tx. 77002

  • Martin says:

    Does anyone has an email address where to send a formal complaint?

  • ozzie says:

    i had an issu with your ubber driver. he was making black rasist comment to my wife and also called the police saying that my wife hit his car in witch it wasent true. the police told him on the phone to leave the area or he was the one going to be areested. he kept on being rasist after he hung up with the police.

  • Ron Clark says:

    I just received a “no reply” email from Uber CEO Dara Ksohrowsahai telling me all about he loves black people. Last line of email read “Lastly, let me speak clearly and unequivocally: Black Lives Matter.”

    What a crock, ALL LIVES MATTER!

    Especially the one of the black retired police officer that was killed by rioters while he was protecting his friends business. Peaceful protest are a right but burning and hurting others is not good.

    I may never use UBER again!!!

    You can contact me with a reply if you desire.

    My name is Ron Clark

  • gene wolf says:

    I would like to speak with customer service on the phone
    1 507- 261- 9991

  • Evangela Dove says:

    Please stop stealing money from my bank account. I’m going to sue you if you don’t return it ASAP!

    • Dwane says:

      Are you getting money taken out of your account and you have not used them? Just happened to me yesterday. From San Fran and Amsterdam. I have not been able to call my bank to have them help me. Did you bank help you get your money back?

  • Emilian Cristian Zidariu says:

    Hello, my name is Emilian Cristian Zidariu, 1 year and a half ago, an UBER manager closed my account and banned me, I live in London and work here, I had one customer lady tipsy she hit on me, the next day she complained about me for asking her sexual favors, please analyse my case because I was not at fault, the manager closed my account and banned me, it was an act of injustice and I want to ask some one from the management to help me, It is been a long time, I cannot work and I was not even at fault, please let me work again, it was not my fault.

  • Alex Krause says:

    I am located in Glen Ellyn, IL and I needed a ride, tried to use your website and could not get by the sign up to ride. It is so complicated that I would take your IT guy out and *#$&,,,, his hands. I am 72 years old I need to use something simple, for this reason I will never try again to use Uber. And by the way get a phone number that you could speak to a human that can help for first time user’s.

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