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  • Address: 1455 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103, US
  • Phone Number: +18665761039
  • Email: eats@uber.com
  • Number of Employees: 10,001+
  • Established: 2009
  • Founder: Travis Kalanick, Garrett Camp
  • Key People: Dara Khosrowshahi (CEO)

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Uber is a company that is managed by Nelson Chai and has operations in numerous countries around the world today generating a lot of revenue for the company annually.

The main official primary headquarters for Uber is at 1455 Market St. Ste 400 San Francisco, CA 94103. This address can be of help to anyone seeking Uber services and help among other customer care services like reporting a complaint.

For those operating in San Fransisco, the primary phone number to use for communication with the company is 800-593-7069.

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  • Amber Batth says:

    Uber eats is full of crap and I hate dealing with them it’s always something and just because they feel like your not entitled to a refund they don’t give you your money back,how the heck I’m not entitled to a refund and I never received what I paid for FULL OF CRAP!!!!! I THINK IT’S TIME TO TRY DOOR DASH!!!!

  • Edward Carmichael says:

    and I know uber eats will continue to allow this problem to go on

  • Edward Carmichael says:

    uber eats is terrible I just placed and order and never got it and this is the second time this happen and the delivery people are lazy they come up with lies to not do their also uber eats hate giving refunds when you don’t get your order or when your order is messed up I rather say uber eats is very cheap at to give out refunds when the delivery person mess up

  • Tara Sickofgettingscrewed says:

    Uber Eats drivers that have had money taken from you for “trip adjustment” should all get together and find a lawyer to file a class action lawsuit

  • Tara Hughes says:

    Your company keeps taking money out of my account for “trip adjustment” 20$ just today!! I’m homeless I sometimes wait an hour to get my delivery from the store I don’t get my time adjustment or my gas adjustment!!! How do you legitimately treat your drivers like this?!? It’s inexcusable and insulting.. I lost everything I own do to Covid then the floods in KY and trying to make enough to live is hard enough but to have a company constantly screwing me over is beyond my comprehension.. your company needs to do better.. allowing people to retract their tips after paying the driver is beyond disrespectful.. imagine your boss taking your bonus because of something you have no control over.. if the store forgets something or breaks something why do I get punished?? Please again do better by your drivers!!

  • Kenny Austin says:

    I’m very pissed I ordered food and it was not what I ordered and it’s yall that messed up if y’all don’t make it right I’m gona go public and you need to open options to order your food in certain way

  • Ashley says:

    I have a complaint as a Uber eats driver our pictures should not be shown. Only our name. We are not Uber drivers driving people around. You never know what person is plotting to take woman or anybody. How this world is now days. Uber eats driving should be about safety. I have had an order where someone ordered only sauce come to fine out it was a scam order. I have also had an incident where a guy was asking me to bring his food in his home. Not safe I left food at door and ran. Our pictures don’t need to be revealed on these apps when a food delivery driver. Door dash doesn’t even do that. They verify your ID yes but your name is revealed not your picture I feel more safe with door dash. The CEO really needs to think about the safety of the food delivery drivers on how much information you’re putting out about us.

  • Tina Savage says:

    I need to get a receipt from a previous purchase.
    The recent purchase was from Uber eats. Thank you.
    Best regards,

  • Tina Savage says:

    I need to talk to a representative about a receipt from a previous purchase

  • Perdita Williams says:

    Uber eats is full of crap and I hate dealing with them it’s always something and just because they feel like your not entitled to a refund they don’t give you your money back,how the heck I’m not entitled to a refund and I never received what I paid for FULL OF CRAP!!!!! I THINK IT’S TIME TO TRY DOOR DASH!!!!

  • Len Van Duyn says:

    I’m an Uber eats delivery driver and I’m curious about a email I received saying there has been complaints about late pickups and deliveries and an other such things. I would appreciate a call from a managerial person because this is completely false and I would like the opportunity to find out where this nonsense is coming from. Either you want a driver or you don’t but I don’t like being threatened by having my job held over my head. I treat every person I come in contact with the utmost respect and dignity. So I would a
    Like to see or hear all these complaints because they are unfounded

  • Mohan says:

    I was lossed 10 lack on this platform who’s the responsibility of my money..my family is going to sucied..

  • Alicia Maria says:

    I never got my delivery I never got my money back I never got food I’ve been calling since Saturday today is Monday and I’ve not got it completed at all the customer service is more than horrible I’m a senior citizen who is handicapped and I can’t imagine this company being legit I really think it’s a scam

  • Linda Gaona says:

    1st order was from Taqueria Mi Pueblo on 12/22/202 around 10:09 pm for $46.53
    My entire order was cold and soggy.

    2nd order was dairy queen on 01/02/2023 around 9:28 pm for $20.01
    I was on given my fries and onion rings (which was cold) my burger had onions and I was missing a burger.

  • Alicia says:

    I am just wondering if ubers policy states that it is okay for them to go into peoples bank accounts and take money without their consent or knowledge. Because that is what they did to me. I was billed for over a year from uber eats regarding an account which was not my uber account. I contacted uber and I was told that that will reimburse my account for 90 days due to policy. I asked there service agent if they could give me contact info for the head office and was told that she could not release that information and she’s the highest level of customer service available. Who do I contact to get my money back that they stole from me ?

  • Loretta Morrison says:

    How in the world do I get my account reactivated when I was wrongfully terminated . I have a 90% approval rating. Customer service line is useless they won’t help or even act like they know how to do to there job. I just wanty job back it’s was my only source of income

    • Heather says:

      I have this same issue they keep telling me that my deliveries are not being delivered I ask for prof and they can’t provide it. I always tell them how have I violated anything when you can’t show me proof and when I make a delivery it’s either a picture or a PIN number right and they say yea well I do what it says to do and if I don’t deliver it and it says hand to customer how would I get paid for the delivery without the PIN number

  • Becky Deringer says:

    Never use this app you will get nothing but the run around. I have filed 2 complaints with no resolution. They won’t even let me speak to a supervisor. If someone doesn’t contact me by Friday I will be filling a lawsuit.

    • Heather says:

      That’s what I am going to do because yea they do give you the run around be a Karen it does work sometimes to get a supervisor

  • Chris Robinson says:

    You guys are trying to get rich off of taking people money. Tonight was my first & will be my last time using this service. I just ordered food and didn’t receive the food.. And I’ve spoken with numerous of customer representatives which appears to be inexperienced, they have stated, I can’t get a refund & I have to wait 24-48 hours to hear back from a higher party. This company is a scam and I will be reaching out to a higher party in regards to my $80+ dollars.. And after reading all of these bad reviews it definitely defines this company.. A SCAM

    • Becky Deringer says:

      I agree they need to be sued.

      • Mary says:

        Totally agree. And the bots are nonsense. I told them I was lactose intolerant because they sent me regular icecream in stead of non dairy. I was really sick. The guy says I’ll make sure you get your lactose. He thought it was an item. Yes and wouldn’t give me head office info. Like I can’t google it Then rudely ends call

  • Richard Bradley says:

    I had placed an order on sun Nov 27th,the order was delivered but missing items.I contacted restaurant and they confirmed they forgot to include eggs and bacon with my combo,but couldn’t deliver it.I contacted support postmates but after several conversations I got no resolutions. They said because I had previous refunds there was nothing they could do. This is not acceptable, I paid for food did not get and wil p no longer be using postmates or Uber eats. Not a good resolution or happy with your company.
    Richard Bradley

  • T. Rice says:

    Hello, I have been trying to get in contact with Uber Corporate office. I desperately need to speak with someone ASAP concerning my Uber Eats Driver account. Is there an email address or phone number for someone I can speak with directly. Going through customer support has been so very difficult.
    Please advise. Thanks,
    T. Rice

  • John Kolodzej says:

    Why am I unable to get a valid email Uber Eats address to resolve my Uber Eats account that was erroneously closed for some unknown reason? My account email address is both caljohn121645@gmail.com and caljohn16@gmail.com and I have year round residences in both Bayonne NJ and Puerto Vallarta Mexico. My account telephone numbers are 201 417 9856 and +52 322 200 2465. Please reactivate my account and my preferred payment can be either my Bank issued debit card or cash.

  • Marcus Rodden says:

    I need to find out the procedure for a customer that has passed away. His sister would like to recoup the $335.86 that he pre-paid on the account his name Kurt Haverfield , We close the bank account and his phone is turned off he passed away in December 2022 and please tell us how we can do this thank you

  • Yvette Scott says:

    I have been trying to resolve an order issue from October 12th, and your professional team has failed to respond. After sharing a picture of my food order, they closed the matter as resolved. I order from a BBQ restaurant, ordered ribtips and sides. They delivered old, hard, burnt, no sauce ribtips. Horrible. When I order out, I expect to get what I pay for. I will escalate to corporate, BBB, and the Attorney General Office. I demand a refund for the garbage delivered.

  • Lynn D Hall says:

    I writing because not only was I overcharged the price that I placed order wasn’t the charge that was taken from my account and when I contacted chat regarding the overcharges my order was cancelled by them and subsequent ly didn’t get my food and my money taken. The excuse given was because I requested refunds in the past for substand food or missing items which again not my fault Then told to wait 24 hours for an email about my overcharges and cancelled order meanwhile . These are shady business practices as well as stealing The order was never made or picked up so what charges should I include for being overcharged.

  • M Y A Perera says:

    Better to see how you SL operations are going on as it seems to be they are damaging the company reputation

  • M Y A Perera says:

    I have placed an order from bigbite resturant Rajagiriya SL and done the payment through credit card, after waiting for 1 hour they have cancelled the order..what is this..if they don’t have sufficient items they shouldn’t accept it at 1st point, really dissapointed as you are not behaving like a reputed company

  • Hans Joe says:

    Definitely uber doesn’t want to pay the driver

  • Hans Joe says:

    that’s the fouth time I did a food delivery they don’t respect the delivery offer. On Sept 19 2022 at 2:00 PM processed to a food delivery from a restaurant soul on pines blv the offered was $11 at the end the Supervisor just wanted to pay me $8.44.

  • Kyra Howell says:

    I was working threw postmate then uber eats bought them out i had to do another background check and passed then now after a year i have to do another one and i did but im not allowed to work till they have finished processing it and its now been 2 months and still nothing and i keep getting told to wait 5 mote days every time i talk to a Agent I have now gotten a eviction notice and my phone has been shut off soon my power tehn next my car will be repo all due to Uber Eats BS never have i ever heard of anywear or anyone takeing 2 months to do a background check and im still waiting its soon about to be 2 1/2 months waiting

  • Lonnie Hesiquio says:

    Uber eats customer service is awful. The drivers are awful. They deliver food smelling like smoke, or like weed. They are unprofessional. The food is cold, packaged poorly, spilled, consistently missing items, or the items are not consume-able. Yet, after I spend my hard earned money, pay too dollar tip you want to argue with me and not refund MY money for a service or product that I didn’t receive. Unbelievable!!! I want my refund!


    I ordered 4 items from Walgreens because the uber app had a 50% off up to $15 and I am an uber one member. My total was $25.52. When i received my order I was charged $50.89. i had to contact cs 3 times before i was refunded $24 which means I still paid more than my initial receipt. Veronica in Customer service needs to be fired I had photos of the differences but she continued to refuse help. I use Uber eats at least 5 times a month. After this experience, I’m cancelling my membership.

  • CK says:

    If you look at your records you will see that I do not use Uber very often. You have a few really good drivers but most of them that I have the unfortunate experience to use have been awful they are rude they do not care if they take your order to a wrong address and as my last order with Uber a month ago they spilled my coffee in the bag from Starbucks all over the food and dripping all over my apartment with not one word of apology. When I went online for help I was told I would receive a refund my big refund is supposed to be $16.62 this all happened on July 26, 2022. Today is August 24, 2022 and I have still not received my refund. your customer service keep telling me that I did receive my refund and sending me an email where it says I am to receive a refund but checking in my bank account no I have never received that refund. what is wrong with you people is $16.62 going to break the bank for you? Is it going to make you go bankrupt? I think you make a lot of money so I am not sure why you are finding it so difficult to give me a refund ? I would like to know when I will be receiving a refund no one can seem to answer that for me.

  • Danni says:

    Customer service is trash. Anytime I’ve had an issue with my order and took pictures of the issues they dont want it. I forget one time due to crazy schedule I’ve had taking my clients on vacation to Tennessee now your requesting a pictures of my vomit.

  • Hans Joseph says:

    recently delivered an order from Mc Donald for a Customer I supposed to get paid $6 finally I received $2 is not the first time, however doordash pledge $6 it’s firm or more. I’m taking notes already inform everyone about that issue repetitively

  • Anthony Lee says:

    Customer service rude and a few racial profiled me as well … I sent in screenshots of soda wasted in my food and it was nun eatable whatsoever… All I wanted was my refund after a supervisor granted me my refund I never received it and now the rude customer service ppl are telling me I can’t get my refund after I screenshot the supervisor saying I would get my refund… They totally robbed me and don’t care about nothing else… Poor business

  • nora says:

    I to say, I was very disappointed in the service at uber eats, the driver never responded to my messages and phone call, I tried to cancel through chat, Trina is her name was so incredibly rude and didn’t help me at all. I finally called and I talked to someone and she was very helpful in canceling my order.

  • Ernest says:

    I ordered five meals in August 2021 from the McDonald’s app, which was processed by Ubereats. One of them was a chicken legend meal, but the chicken legend was missing; we only received a drink and fries. The other orders were ok.

    I spent some time talking to McDonald’s about the issue, but they directed me to your company. However, Ubereats tells me 48 hours has elapsed since I placed the order, so there is nothing they can do for me.

    We were spending our first night in a new home and didn’t have the means to cook.

    Kindly address this.

    My order number: 9431B
12 digit code: CXNC-7C4Z-NNMJ

    Delivery service: Ubereats. 

    Name: UBEREATS-1AD

    Takeout order 350

    Place: McDonald’s Liberty Centre

  • Yafet Aklilu Daniel says:

    Can u send me email address uber eat

  • Tim Downey says:

    Uber Eats stacks orders and then your food arrives cold. This is not the driver’s fault. UBER’s practices hurt the consumer. We are about to launch a social media campaign to let people know about your poor practices.

  • Jawana Williams says:

    Took my uber cash from my account and my funds from my personal debit card on a cancelled order today. They refuse to compensate me anything in return. I want my account closed if I don’t get any assistance with this mess upp on their behalf.

  • Jeff says:

    WTF is up with the new commercials you insult our intelligence I will never use Uber again nor will I watch Trevor Noah…

  • Robert DeVoe says:

    I Live In Salem, OR. I Tried To Use Your Services On 5•2•2022. Your Über Driver Grabbed Our Bag Of Food, Which Was Over $50. Than He Took It To The Wrong Address! Your Other Driver Than Picked Up The Wrong Food & Delivered It To The Wrong Address. Your Driver Was Rude & Argumentative. Plus, She Only Spoke Very Broken English. If A Worker Is Going To Work With The Public, Than Speak The Language.
    Very Disappointing Time Using Your Services.

  • Take. Advantage of delivery driver says:

    I am a delivery driver and I’m not getting help from your resources online or through the app. I had driven a trip that was displayed at 17.5 miles and ended up being 25 miles and it’s showing incorrectly in the app and at even a different number of miles . It was three deliveries and I need somebody to look into this further. It’s a huge misrepresentation of payment and mileage. With gas prices and being off 7.5 miles under stated it’s a huge hit to what I would normally get paid. I need to escalate this. This is unfair business. There is something wrong in the app and it needs to be addressed. I need help! Also since I use her out for tax purposes this causes a huge issue to trust that the mileage is correct and that I’m getting correct write offs.

  • David Ryan says:

    What on earth are you thinking having a guy eating soap. Please remember that these ads don’t help your credibility. Please take off the air please. Thank you.

  • lol says:

    you all know that Uber doesn’t see these comments or concerns right? Try Yelp, Google

  • No name says:

    Did any of your stupid commercial advisers advise you not to put a ridicules dumb commercial on tv for anybody including kids to see other people eating soap, dish washing liquid, cat litter & so on, you really need to use some common sense when airing commercials!!!!

  • Esterina says:

    On December 20 I ordered KFC for my mom. The order was completely screwed up I called them and I had to fight to get a refund or credit I had to phone six different times six different people overseas to get me my money back.

    I finally got the refund and few days later my mom asked me to order some food for her again and I go online to order and apparently I owe them $84.63 for God knows what considering I did not order anything after the KFC on Dec 20 this was three days later. Paypal gave me my refund back I just went into my bank and I noticed that they charged me again after I got the refund. I’ve asked him over and over and over to delete my account close my account but they keep sending me messages my bank is dealing with this now do not use his company they rip you off check the reviews. For being an American come you cannot get anybody to talk to you from North America it’s all in the Philippines. Want to add that about a week earlier I ordered progress for my mom again she’s a senior and I am not able to drive to the medical reasons that’s why I ordered the staff eight delivered my order to a different complex a block away with the same unit number. Again I had to fight for my refund they told me that my food was delivered as far as they’re concerned I got my food and I don’t get a refund. I got my refund because the person who got my food actually has my phone number because it does happen so many times that they called Uber and told him that the food was delivered to them in error and not to me. I got my refund, It’s very stressful dealing with Uber. The CSR is a joke I’m done I want my account closed and they keep sending me messages If I want my account Collison deleted I have to pay up the balance of $84.63 that is outstanding on my account which I never ordered and paid through PayPal and I have all my transactions they rip people offdo not order from them

  • Britt says:

    Uber eats customer service is by far the absolute best worst and do not at all care about the customer. There has been multiple occasions where I have had an issue and their response would have absolutely nothing to do with what I said and then they said they I’ll keep just sending the same email back without reading anything. I have also had an incident last night where my delivery driver cancelled my 4am order saying he could not reach me out where I had screenshot the whole conversation of him not responding to me. I sent in those screenshots and they still refused to resend my order or give m my money back like it was my fault the driver cancelled. I was outside pregnant in pajamas waving the guy down and he speeds right past me. They could have called him right back to get me my food but instead said that’s not possible which is unbelievable. As far as my refund, they said I have several on my account so they will not give me my money back which is insane because it’s not my fault that customer service is so trash they rather just refund for messed up orders instead of fixing it. I never want a refund, just my food and they always drop the ball. This is insane and messed up. They basically stole my money last night and got away with it. So disappointed. I cancelled my membership and deleted app because DoorDash would never do any of this

  • Aaron says:

    I will share my comments on Yelp to help prevent anyone else from being ripped off. Uber eats is by far the worst I have experienced in delivery service. The restaurant should also be held accountable for very poor service after paying over $55.00 for such lousy preparation of each customer’s order.

  • Aaron says:

    I ordered Chick-fil-A today through your app. My order came to $46.50 but my card was charged 58.55 with tax and tip. I ordered 2 chicken strip meals and 1 , 2 piece kids meal. I received 1 chicken strip meal, 2 chicken nuggets, 1 children’s chicken nuggets and 3small fruit cups. I attempted to call the delivery person twice but to no avail. I left a message on third attempt to ask her to return the order, Still no response. I called Chick Fil A
    to inform them of this disaster. The manager was rude and informed me that I had to take it up with Uber eats. This is most likely be my last order through this company.

  • Christina Schulze says:

    I’ve ordered food on this app multiple times. Every time my foot was either delivered an hour late, wasn’t correct, had missing items, etc. I was supposed to have two refunds coming to my account that I never received and it has been over two months since the incidents happened. I’m not sure what’s going on with this company but the customers are not receiving their refunds after spending over $50 on an order and something needs to be done about it. I was lied to and scammed oh, I was told I would receive my refund and I never did still haven’t to this day. I will be suing the whole company.

  • S. M. Logan says:

    As a Platinum Member I am Appalled. For a few months now some of the restaurants that myself and my company have been using have total jacked up the orders. They have left stuff off, missed the allergy notes, did not deliver, etc. Due to the number of mess ups on the restaurants side and refunds given to us or adjustments made for us we don’t qualify for refunds or adjustments. The restaurants need to take those hits not us the consumer. There needs to be some kind of checklist put in place so that they make sure everything that was ordered and prepaid for is received. It is not fair that as consumers our company is taking a $20.00 – $70.00 hit every time food is missing. We order food for our unhoused clients who may not have eaten all day or week, we order for a staff and other business clients when we meet and when there are items missing or wrong it cost us a lot of money. We are a nonprofit trying to serve the community and we can not afford to take $100 – $200 hit every week. That money could be us feeding more people but we are losing it and not getting it back due to some of the restaurants not fulfilling the orders correctly or the drivers not delivering it but stating that they did. The customer service team has been as kind as they can but I stated to them that this issue is way over their pay grade and someone in cooperate needs to handle this. We are considering having all of our partners to pull our accounts from Uber Eats if something can not been done. It is a good service to have and convenient to use but that is worth nothing if the consumers are taking the hit. We hope something gets corrected sooner than later.

  • Fuck uber says:

    The worst app ever how tf you charge people so much money for cancellation fee and they didn’t even receive the food the food didn’t even leave the restaurant but I’m charged 49$ dumb yall should shut down exactly why people prefer DoorDash I’m done with uber and I’ll tell every one around even people I come across not to use yall

  • Nikita says:

    I have been more than patient with uber.com Trying to remain professional and positive. This email is to inform ubereats as a company that I will be going on my social media to make public complaints about the incident that happened to me on 11/9/2021!!!! It’s sad that I feel ROBBED AND NEITHER A SUPERVISOR OR UBER HQ STEPPED IN TO HELP ME WITH THIS MATTER, CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AT ITS ALL TIME DISRESPECTFUL AND SO UNPROFESSIONAL TO A POINT THEY KNOW ITS HARD TO CONTACT ANYONE ELSE SO THEY DO WHAT THEY WANT!

  • Abdelrahman aly says:

    Hi, I had a problem with my Uber account being hacked/ used by someone else and there for I’m unable to continue my work (blocked account). I don’t find this fair at all to just terminate my account. I live in the United Kingdom


    I am very offended by the commercial with Lil Nas x. His video where he is “having anal sex” with the devil is awful. Plenty of better people you could have on your commercials. I will never use your service. Thank you for listening.

  • Gwendolyn Lewis says:

    i just had food delivered to my job and I,m not pleased with the service, the instruction wasn’t followed, i work on the 4th floor the driver waited downstairs in the lobby. i called him back and told him i was on my way down and he was pulling off in his car. Why didn’t he come upstairs to my floor and why was he leaving when i told him i was on my way downstairs, Chis is my first time using uber eats and probable my last .Ipaid quite a bit of money to use this service and what i received today was anything but good customer service

  • MARY B. says:

    Uber eats is just as bad as postmates when it comes to getting help for a problem and when there is a problem that doesn’t allow access to the account there is just no help available. They seem to be there for you only if you are placing an order

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