Where is U-Haul Corporate office Headquarters

U-Haul Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2727 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85004, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 602-277-5812

  • Email: info@ubox.com

  • Number of Employees:  18000

  • Established: 1945

  • Founder: Leonard Shoen

  • Key People: Joe Shoen CEO & Chairman

U-Haul Headquarters Location & Directions

U-Haul Headquarters Executive Team



Mr. John Cary Taylor

President and Director

Mr. Robert T. Peterson

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Thomas Burns

President of Daytona Beach Operations

Mr. Ali Gillentine

President of U-haul Company of Northwestern Ohio

About U-Haul, History and Headquarters Information

            The U Haul is a moving and storage operator. The headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It rents trucks, trailers and towing devices. The storage unit rented is mainly for self use, business, locker. Apart from this, the company also offers student storages and shipping solutions. It was founded in 1945 by Leonard Shoen. He began the company as a garage. Later expanded it through gas stations.

            U Haul is owned by the AMERCO. The company operates in 3 sections namely moving and storage, property and insurance. Moving and storage includes operations of both AMERCO and U Haul. The property and insurance provides loss adjusting and protection to packages.

            The storage units owned by the company are in the range of 172, 000 square feet with individual storage units ranging from 6 square feet to 1000 square feet.

            U Haul equipments are classified as In – Town and One – way. One – way is used for drop purposes and in – town are used for both pick up and drop.

U-Haul Headquarters Photos

  • Nunzio Cuttitta says:

    Purchased a trailer hitch and installation from a Uhaul in Hillside NJ. Spent 2 hours only to have the installer tell me that they are not equipped to drill an existing hole bigger to get a washer and nut to secure the new hitch. I showed him a Uhaul video for my same truck. It shows that the 2 holes need to be drilled out to install the hitch. He wouldn’t do it! ? I wasted 4 hours total. I called the corporate number, but got 4 different idiots transferring me around telling me I need to speak to corporate. Waste of time that I want to get reimbursed for or I will post this message on every social media in the world!

  • J Schray says:

    Is it common for you AFM service trucks to set parked for days at a time ? And when it does actually move , it’s not till mid day and usually gone for only a couple hours …

  • Michael Rockoff says:

    I have a huge problem with one of your locations. The U-Haul at 4055 N. Broadway in Chicago. The two guys you have running at Rodney and his brother Randi have been stealing from customers for a long time. They stole five of my bikes, brand new E bikery, Randy, the brother of the general manager. Also used his drivers license to rent me a truck and let me drive it by myself. I want this problem resolved, and I want it resolved very quickly. I’m going over there now and I’m calling 911 and have them both. Arrested. Do you have another manager there a third one she’s a woman she knows they’ve been stealing but she hasn’t been able to prove it. You can talk to her she wants them gone too. I need this resolved and I need you to take care of the money that’s owed to me expediently my number is 312-837-7411 and my name is Mike Rockoff

  • jeffrey P pail sr says:

    They do not know how to install and get working trailer hitches either or give call backs or keep customers satisfied. What a poor company. They said I should go to the chevy dealer it was chevy’s fault. Chevy got it going in 2 HOURS . Called the managers cell and still waiting for a call back about 1 1/2 month later. Stopped my credit card payment they want to get paid now—–NOT. Called corporate all the big wigs were busy or not there the only ones who listened were the people answering the phones. Horray for Angela and Tempest—-THEY NEED A PROMOTION. Fire the rest.

  • Carla English says:

    Your turnover time for getting a representative to pay your bill is terrible. You hold the phone and they hangup or don’t answer. They DONOT ENTER THE COŔRECT BANKING INFORMATION IN THE SYSTEM NOR THE CORRECT EMAIL INFORMATION. YOUR COMPANY NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE TRAINED CORRECTLY OF PROFESSIONAL.

  • Marta says:

    I call the main number and a tech call Pauline help me. She was wondering she helped me rent a truck and she help me with helping hand too. I have had a very bad experience with the uhaul at east woodmen Road with the assistant manager. That lady doesn’t know what helping hands are and that we can pay uhaul and get helpers for you move. She keep on telling me that you guys don’t do that so I want to give a 5 start to Pauline for helping me and knowing what she was doing and being so professional. Thank you for your help. P. S. The assistant manager in east woodmen rd needs some training

  • Shayla says:

    Made a reservation for a truck and trailer nothing was right with the reservation that the lady made and the gentleman was very rude and I’m still here at the Waco office to get this fixed.. Waco needs help.

  • Leslie A says:

    Uhaul boxes.. A JOKE! Do NOT use them unless you want absolutely no contact, or communication.
    We used for a move from Texas to Ohio. Day late picking up so we had to leave our items behind and hope all went well…
    Was to be delivered yesterday. Sitting in Huber Heights Ohio. Was told they would be here this morning.. crickets.. called at 11:30am, was told there was a delay, would be here at 2pm. 2:45 still nothing. Called and the driver is not bringing because he leaves work at 4pm. Manager refused to talk to us because he is on vacation. No one could give us a corporate number. The one on the website couldn’t help other than to send us to the people who already told us we needed to wait for a manager. Unless we wanted to go pick up with our own flatbed and forklift.. because if we had that we wouldn’t have needed you to begin with..

    So.. no contact, no communication. You got our money and now we are riding out on your time hoping we don’t get charged for instances out of our control. HORRIBLE!!!

  • Sonja F Homer says:

    @Joe Shoen, it is not often that I am afforded a moment to acknowledge excellence in a service industry. Recently I had the privilege to be on receiving end of excellence from your employee Beverly Plarz, serving the Tampa Bay region. Ahead Hurricane Idalia, Ms. Plarz went above and beyond of job requirements exemplifying excellence in customer service. What initially started out as confusion soon evolved into a divine intervention as I was afforded the privilege in connecting with MS. Plarz. Due to unforeseen health challenges cause me to fall behind on payments on my storage unit which I have held for almost seven years. I was at risk of losing all my personal documentation, business equipment, and personal possesions. Ms. Plarz work with me to structure my payments to get my payment current for which I will be forever greatful. Truly she an asset to your organizational tapestry.

  • David SMOTHERS says:

    Yes I have a pressure washing business powerwash1964@gmail.com 580-980-0588 and I would like to meet with you to discuss cleaning and Detailing your truck rentals box trucks in side and out for the next customers I have a heated machine for greasey jobs and softwash for trucks and inside cleaning equipment detailing my address is 188 green oaks cartwright Oklahoma 73471 I am close to Denison texas I would like to be the one to go to rentals and storage facilities and clean and detile call me please at 580-980-0588 or tex .David Smothers thanks

  • Scott M says:

    “It is still drivable” was the comment that stirred my ire, which had already been on high alert after getting two hours of sleep because I was waiting for their on-road repair person to arrive. First issue was they changed my pickup location that I had initially asked for, without mentioning anything other than changing the address in an email, no notice the change, at all. Then they also changed the size of the truck because they didn’t have any available even though I reserved it 3 or 4 days before. It ended up we really needed that extra 6 feet that we lost with that change. We settled on the 20′ truck they gave us because equipment obviously was an issue, they had three 26 footers in the lot, but we were told they were all out of service.

    We were supposed to leave for our destination at 5am. Picked the truck up around 10pm noticed it was rather loud when we started but thought it would get better while driving. NO, it was horrible in the cab while driving. When we arrived at our initial pick up about 1030PM we looked under the truck and it looked like someone had tried to cut out the catalytic converter. So we called to try to get another truck, but the customer service people said not possible until next morning. Dealing with the Roadside Assistant people was a NIGHTMARE. So uncaring! Didn’t want to help, didn’t even try at all, which would have been a little easier to handle, instead all he was worried about was just to trying to get off the phone and get to the next problem. We decided to wait for a repair guy, who finally arrived around 2:30AM.

    Repair guy says, “we need a part that won’t be available until the part stores open in the morning” so he was going to leave to go off on to his next repair. Wasted 3 hours waiting on him. I called customer service back, they said there was another 26′ truck available at the pickup location so we decided to wait until 7am to get that. We would miss our initial meeting, but we would at least get there…eventually.

    7 am rolled around the attendant at the location was not helpful. He said they didn’t have a 26ft truck available like we were told by customer service. Additionally, he told us 26 footers are not local trucks anyway, only one-way trucks. I am not sure why Uhaul advertises them as local on their website if that is the case??? He also said the 20 ft truck they had had not been checked in so he also told us that the truck we had was drivable, he called his manager who knew exactly what was wrong, saying someone tried to cut out the catalytic converter, but that it was still drivable. Now, why in the world did they have three 26 footers out of service but not this truck we had? Equipment management must be a real issue!

    Anyway, after calling customer service and them calling the location he relented and let us take the 20′ truck on their lot. We made it, got our stuff back home, but not without A LOT of frustration. I am not sure I would ever rent a Uhaul again after this experience. Things happen, but the lack of service, assistance and poor equipment reflects some serious issues with this company! No follow up other than please send us a review after all the phone calls and promises… UHAUL has some real issues!

    • Scott O. says:

      Hello Scott, I just read your comments and see that I am not alone in my frustration with uhaul! I recently moved from CA to SC which is roughly 2600 miles. The truck I was rented in California shouldn’t of been allowed to leave the city it was rented in but it was rented for high mileage trip. Loud exhaust, brakes that wouldn’t stop, no cruise control, AC wouldn’t stay on panel due to a vacuum leak, covered with filth when I picked it up, alignment was 45° out on the steering wheel, windshield wipers shot and the engine spark knocked under a load just to name a few issues! Been an automotive technician all my life and the truck I was rented for a large amount of money should have in no way even been on the ROAD!! I honestly think someone can get killed or seriously injured driving a vehicle like the ones we were rented. Being a mechanic allowed me to be very aware of all the issues and counter act them before anything bad happened but not everyone using there service is aware of those issues! I’ll never rent from uhaul again and would like a sincere apology to all of us that have had these issues and get there business in a better state for the future!!

  • Lily says:

    Do not rent trucks from the Oakland Beach Ave location in Warwick, RI. My experience with U-Haul was nothing short of a nightmare. Do not drive. The truck with Arizona license plate AD-73289 that truck wasn’t safe. The brake system failed to engage correctly, creating a hazardous situation for me and other drivers on the road. On top of that, the manager’s behavior was appalling. When I attempted to reach out and address the concerns and the extra charges I incurred, the manager Tom, responded by calling me “broke.” This level of unprofessionalism and disrespect is entirely unacceptable, and Despite multiple attempts to contact U-Haul for assistance, they never returned my calls. This lack of responsiveness demonstrates a complete disregard for customer concerns. I strongly advise against using U-Haul for long-distance trips. The unsafe equipment, disrespectful manager, lack of responsiveness, and hidden charges indicate a company prioritizing profits over customer safety and satisfaction.

  • Robert Sharp says:

    I would not use Uhaul again if my life depended on it. The manager of your Farmington, NM location.. Cody is his name has cost you thousands of dollars in future revenue.

  • Sam L says:

    Rainy at the Sunrise location in Florida, refused to give me my reservation because she stated she was holding the vehicle for a regular customer. This after I waited in line for 30 minutes. Then she told me to go to another location about 10 miles away to pick up the vehicle without asking if I am able to go to that location. I told her that location is out of my reach and she said she don’t care and I need to leave. I told her I wasn’t going to leave until she calls a manager. She then resorted to calling the police and telling them that I was arguing and being extremely irate. Three officers came out to the office & found me smiling and calm. I showed them my reservation and they said I had all right to be there. They then went in and spoke to her. The other customers that was there also confirmed that I was never arguing or irate. She is a horrible person and definitely does not need to be in customer service.

  • Robert Delgadillo says:

    I went to the Placentia California location on July 8, 2023 and experienced the worst customer service of my life. Basically, Nate should be fired. He walked away at the beginning of helping me and my wife and never came back. I emailed the General Manager Daniel Williams and he never responded to my email. I am now sending a letter to corporate and hope to speak to the local District Manager. However, after reading some of the other complaints, I doubt it will do any good. How does a company with this level of poor service stay in business?

  • Rodriguez Isabel says:

    2 years and still my ubox #8 after securing that they had it in ga. No where to be found. My charges for delivery to my home was 2270. For 8 ubox from fl to ga and only got to morrow 7, send my videos of all 8 uboxes, on top I had to give them the numbers due the fact that they did not had them cuz of the driver’s dis not do there job right. So me and my husband took videos of it! We have all the proofs. Have been sent and nothing!

  • Rodriguez Isabel says:

    There are people no matter the time that they have the business but there will be always someone to pop their lies and more! MORROW GEORGIA! JEREMIAH They dont deserve to have a business to take hard money earn just cuz of what, ??????? Here a business woman!

  • Chantell says:

    Very unprofessional and they lie to get your money! I’ve had it with uhaul!

  • Chantell says:

    This company is unprofessional! They lie constantly and have employees who are not knowledgeable on what they should know. They want you to pay for services when they give the wrong information.

  • Angela Bribiesca says:

    This place is a JOKE, no one calls you back no one answers your emails. Called customer service that was a joke, tried to get in touch with a supervisor or manager NOTHING!!! Oh I did get one response saying the manager was sick and he would call me back as soon as he was in the office, NOTHING!! Then all of the sudden I get a letter saying he is putting a lien on my UBOX.
    Gabriel Velarde….I hope you are miserable the rest of your life. KARMA baby will handle that.
    YOU have done nothing but make BAD choices.
    That is ok!! SHIT is replaceable.
    Good luck feeling worthless the rest of your life!!!!

  • Mr Roberts says:

    I am still waiting in the lobby of the Santa Rosa Ave U-Haul location for my SUV hitch installation after 7 11/23 after the store is supposed to be closed. I have been waiting in the lobby for 2 hours and I dropped off my SUV at 12:30 pm – 7 hours ago.

  • Chapwick says:

    I really need to speak to a live person about one of your employees that was very rude

  • Dawana Sparks says:

    I’ve had a uhaul storage uniit for over a year now that I pay for though auot-pay & since summer every time I go out to access my unit it has been red tagged & When I call the office to ask why its locked I’m told that oh they just did it by accident or that they just forgot to take tag off from late payment (I’m on auto pay) payments are never late but I also was told by a new worker who “just dropped by” my house that its because thier not recieving the payment at thier office till a week later & was also called by that same worker on her personal cell phone & told she put a lock on my unit now due to an issue on thier part with door latch & that my lock will be cut off yesterday so I cannot access my unit & I am unable to reach management about this issue?

  • Patrick D D'Arcangelo says:

    I have been a customer at the above referenced location for almost 10 years, mostly purchasing propane, other small items, and the truck rental one time. I have spent well over $2000 there in that time. I use a lot of propane. On four separate occasions I have been turned away to make a propane purchase. Its frustrating. On 10/15/22, I was told to comer back 30 minutes later. I did and was completely ignored. I went to complain to the supervisor, who has helped me before, and she made the whole issue about me being upset instead of the real issue that they give crappy service there.

    I know they are short staff but let someone else wait five minutes while you help a regular who will spend much more money there in the log run.

    She told me she did not want my business any longer. I am fine with that. I hope you are too.


  • Melinda says:

    U-Box nightmare, So I have to begin that I did not read the reviews before I set up my move through U-haul with a rental of 3 U-Boxes to be moved from California to Florida. Also rented the guys to pack. Well first off U-haul kept moving the delivery day so had to cancel the packers and get another company. When they were delivered it was at 8:30 PM. Did not pick up until 2 days after I had moved. I got the text when they arrived in Orlando. Rented for the storage for 2 months June and July in a safe secure warehouse. Called and had the boxes delivered July 29th 2022. The boxes were nailed shut, but the odd thing was my locks were really difficult to unlock they were rusty. They were the locks I bought from u-haul. Well my husband opened up the first box and the SMELL and BUGS and WATER and MOLD, BLACK MOLD I was in shock and it did not get any better. After getting all my stuff out which was all destroyed I made a claim to u-haul since I got the insurance, well I was to give them receipts and when I purchased they ended giving me $4,000 for the loss of all my furnishings pictures, 3 boxes of clothes I am insulted. I did try to put it through my State Farm insurance policy but my policy does not cover for rain water, unless the top had been blown off the U-Boxes HaHa. Well I am now settled in my new home and used all my savings and the $4,000 to refurnish my home. So I am going to mail a letter to U-haul in Arizona along with pictures, Also a letter to the Attorney General of California, Arizona and Florida with graphic pictures of the devastation to my belongings. My U-Boxes were in no way stored in the safe secure climate controlled warehouse in Orlando. I will hire an attorney if need be, and I make sure every person I meet knows about my experience.

  • Tonya Westbrooks says:

    The manager/agent locked me out of my unit because I had a different Uhaul lock. The contract does not state that they can lock me out concerning a new lock. Brittany called me a bitch and threatened to beat me up. She stated that I don’t know her. They refuse to remove the lock off my unit and I cannot get into my unit. Awful experience. I would like m money returned and I will never do business with them again. There is many reviews about rude workers. I will be filing a complaint with the FTC and the Sheriff’s office.

  • Jade Hawthorne says:

    U-Haul is the ultimate SCAM CORP. Gross negligence, abuse, discrimination, greed, truly just a disgusting lump of people taking advantage of one of the worst tasks in life: moving! Do not!!! I repeat do not give these absolute scum bags your money. 20 years of moves on my own with their ugly ass trucks. After this last disastrous nightmare I will never be a patron at any business that is even a dealer. Screw U-Haul. U-Suck. That’s more like it. Please rename your business you dirty, scoundrel dogs.

  • Melinda says:

    Rented a 6×12 trailer to take donations to Eastern KY flood victims and was given a 10% discount. Completed the E-check in, signed contract, and paid for the rental. Get home and noticed an extra charge on my credit card. Opted out of Safe tow but UHaul added it and charged it to my credit card after the fact!! When I called Customer Service she told me “Well you were already given a 10% discount so I can give you the $3 difference!” Never received a phone call from Management so I will be disputing the charge and but I should have never had to go through this!! I will never use UHaul again and will tell everyone I know about the fraudulent charges they added!


    This entire experience has been a nightmare. DO NOT ever use UHaul for any kind of move. They are the worst. I have been in an empty townhouse waiting for my Ubox for 6 days and it is still not here. I have at least 25-30 phone calls logged into my phone; each call can keep you waiting for hours for a Rep to answer. I was told it would be here this morning between 10-12, then when it wasn’t and I finally got through they said between 2-4:45. My third-party mover was scheduled to unload at 12:30. and I am now being told it is on the way. My mover has been amazing and understanding and is waiting this out with me. He told me that every Uhaul move he has been involved in has had major problems. Guess what, they always take my money on time! I am contacting the CEO at Corporate Headquarters, just to let them know how bad their company is! REPEAT: DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY!

    • Kamil says:

      Will never use again. My situation is different. I never had a problem until now. A simple fix but the supervisor is never there and the people who work for U haul is fucking incompetent. Idiots

  • Shane says:

    Your company quoted my me a price for a 20 ft box truck and tow behind car dolly. When I went to go pick up the truck and Dolly I wasn’t able to find my quote and was charged almost double which isn’t right they acted like they didn’t know anything about it when I found the quote that was printed out when I found the quote that was printed out to me they wouldn’t honor the quote in return the extra money that was spent

  • debbie munro says:

    customer service is the worst!!!!!!

  • Phyllis says:

    I-Haul doesn’t care about the people who make them money. The greedy bastards just care about their money.
    When I made the decision to move from Whitehorse to Calgary, cost was a huge priority for me. For this reason I sold all of my furniture except a double mattress and 11 bins full of my belongings. I fly up a friend to drive down the U-Haul with me which was part of my budget. I had the cost of a 10’ truck $1138. Which at the time of reservation I was told only that price and nothing else. And then I expected fuel to cost me $900 to $1200. for the 10’ truck. My fuel cost me in a 26’ truck $1610.
    To be honest this email really hasn’t addressed any of the issues that have happened. I do realize at the time I was told I could be bumped up to a bigger truck. But was told at that time it would only be 15’. Then I received a text for the time of pick up, when I spoke to the person he told me it was a 20’ truck I said that would cost me more in gas and he told me no it wouldn’t. I asked him to send me an email and text so I had the information. When I received the email it was for a 26’ truck, which will cost me now more in gas then the 10’ and 20’. When I called to make sure which truck the 20’ or the 26’ I was told it wouldn’t cost me more in gas. When I went on July 9th at 12 pm the truck wasn’t even there, I had to wait another hour. When I finally was able to pick up the truck, two 15’ trucks pulled in. I asked why we can’t have one of those and was told that 10’ and 15’ trucks don’t leave city limits. So why if that is true then why did they allow me to make a reservation for a 10’ to leave Whitehorse to Calgary? And what is the point of a reservation if it’s a mobile inventory which relies on timeliness. It’s the company’s job to make sure that those reservations are met, by making sure inventory is where it needs to be or then there is no point for reservations. I made a reservation May 20th to have a 10’ U-Haul for July 9th. That’s 7 weeks and your telling me in a 7 week period they couldn’t of had a 10’ truck or one of the 15’ trucks ready for me. And on the day of my pick up when the two 15’ trucks showed up. Are you going to tell me that they were both booked to someone else prior to me, then it seems that U-Haul met the needs of others just not me. And to be told by everyone at U-Haul that it would not cost me more in gas, is basically saying you all think I’m stupid. Dumb enough to believe that a larger truck with a bigger gas tank isn’t going to cost me more in fuel. Isn’t this the reason people go electric or buy higher fuel efficient cars, not larger vehicles. We are talking about a difference of 29g tank and it may only be MPG a difference of 2. But on a long trip it adds up. And I’ve even seen on your website a 17’ truck. It’s just odd to believe that a 7 week reservation couldn’t get me something closer to what I requested. In trucks I went from the smallest one to the largest. Also when I was given a number for one of the district managers up in Anchorage Alaska I had left multiple messages for him and still never received a phone call back. And to tell me that U-Haul tries really hard, I feel like that definitely wasn’t for me.
    You are a horrible company

  • Tyrone Wright says:

    Good morning, as I type this message, we are waiting on my son’s Unix to be delivered. It was supposed to be delivered on 7/18/22 but has not arrived. When I called the Uhaul facility where the box was supposed to be delivered, they did not know where the box was nor was she able to provide answer as to what happened or if the delivery would take place today. I flew in yesterday morning from Chicago because it take two people to assemble the items that are in the Ubox. My son has been in OCK for just a week and does not have nor family within 10 hours of him. If his deliver does not arrive soon, I will be on a plane back to Chicago as my flight leaves at 5:15pm today, the day after the box was supposed to arrive. We have spent more than $500 dollars to be here for this purpose and now I may have to do again in two weeks as I am not able to come back until then. I’ve got a conference in NC, that would cost me an additional $800 in travers and lodging if I cancel. So now will sons will be sleeping on the floor and additional two weeks became the Unix that his contract says would arrive yesterday, has kit arrived at all. I will send this as a letter once I make it back to Chicago and can get the proper contacts to address my concerns.

  • Nunya says:


  • Robin Butts says:

    June 13th,2022, I was helping a friend of mine move some things from place to place in a uhaul van she rented
    She said she was late returning it but put money on her bank card so they could take it off and them put more cash on her bank card so they would be paid for sure. I seen her on the phone with them at least 3 times in 2 days that I was with her. So she was in constant contact with the people at the uhaul company on leemay ferry in St. Louis, Mo, where she rented the van from. A while later we pulled into Walmart in Kirkwood, Mo. where I was completely humiliated and in such shock that I still cannot comprehend that this really happened and why. I’m going to make this short and sweet because that’s all I should have to do otherwise the next person u all hear from on my behalf will b my attorney because after the b.b.b my next call will be to him. The Kirkwood police along with st. Louis county police came and with guns drawn demanded Stephanie gerstacker exit the vehicle with her hands up announcing she was I’m a stolen vehicle
    Then she was force to the hot ground. I on the other hand first unnounced to me or without my permission had my wallet searched and my Missouri state identification card taken out of it bcuz the officer brought it in the store so she could supposedly find me. When she did find me she said my name out loud and demanded that I put my hands behind my backas she handcuffed and announced really loudly that I was being arrested for first degree tampering fordriving a stolen vehichle. She told me that Uhaul had reported the vehichle stolen and requested to have it towed with everything in it. The police officers were very unprofessional and the Uhaul company was also according to what the police officers said and did in response to the uhaul companies demands. I have a purse and 2 wallets with my identification , my debit and credit cards. Gift cards my driver’s license and my social security card. Along with clothes, groceries and things for my dogs that I just purchased. My contact information is 314-489-5542. Address is 2922 Indiana St. Louis, mo. 63118. I would appreciate my things asap. I have lost alot more than just time pain and suffering at all of the hands I have mentioned above. Hopefully it ends here. This is my comment as a guest of Stephanie Gerstacker when she rented a uhaul van to help move us.

  • Scott Diederich says:

    I am trying to rent a truck in dadeville AL and all I am getting is the run around saying they don’t have any trucks for me to rent, not even from surrounding areas. I feel that someone is either not wanting to do their job or they just don’t want to rent a truck to me. This is unbelievable

  • Linda says:

    Great company that goes the extra mile for their customers and employees.

  • debbie says:

    UHAUL lies , said I did damage to a van , they took pics. from the sky , I never did damage to the van , the person before me did and they are blaming me .

  • Cynthia A Salazar says:

    So I am a US Navy veteran from operation desert storm is I moved into one of these UHAUL facilities on 500 North Scottsdale Rd. There is a young lady here that is just a cleaner. I asked for a 24 hour access she said no I said I’d call corporate she didn’t got a hold of another management person I went over to meet her name is Andrea on McClintock 800 N. McClintock the next day she gave me my 24 hour access. I asked her why this woman says she site manager she laughed and said she’s only a cleaner. Now going fast forward very sad I have been discriminated against I was locked out of my storage three days after the rent was due and grace period is five days it took me a week and a half to get everything straight and then I paid the rent they charge me another $57 on top of it my receipt says 24 hour access I do not have 24 hour access I have been over to meet the general manager many times and he has not showed up for the meetings I get hung up on the phone by these children that answer the phones are not qualified this cleaner should not have any access to my information whatsoever or she would’ve already been deemed a site manager and been able to give me a code.

  • Alice M Chaney says:

    Rented a truck when questioned the amount charged I found out they out the ttruck into a persons name whom I have no idea who it is. The person who drove the truck was not listed at all. Then I got a lot of hostility. Will never, ever rent from this rip off company again and some people need to learn customer service skills yelling at people who need to know where there money went is a legitimate question. Also web sites should state mileage is mire on weekends. Better business bureau will be getting this along with Google reviews

  • Victim says:

    I have had a woman stalk me for years now and she is living in on of your vans. She has been spotted sleeping in the van across the street from my house regularly.
    She makes her living by stealing mail during the day from the residents in this neighborhood while they are at work.
    She has also invited other homeless people into the neighborhood to do the same. Which has caused this part of the neighborhood as a source of petty crime, drugs, and violence.
    Law enforcement has arrested her a few times (for vagrancy because stalking requires an address), and has had her car impounded to prevent her from acting on her obsession.
    She now uses the UHaul van and can be seen around Mendocino and Lake in (Altadena,CA) throughout the day and night.
    Our community would be grateful if you would do your part in making sure that crime in the neighborhood is not advertised under the UHaul name.

  • Shane Purcell says:

    Uhaul, please for have your truck salesman work on weekends it seems all of them take the weekends off when most people want to come purchase a truck. It boggles my mind they won’t work Saturday and Sunday to make sales?? When most people work during the week. It’s been a pain in the butt experience so far just trying to buy a truck. One person controls the whole operations and if they are not there then no trucks can be sold.. how can you run a business that way? I just want to buy a truck and have the cash in hand and nobody works so i literally can’t buy one and that’s in two different states. Mind blown 🤯

  • Clifton edwards says:

    Trying to find a job with you all to pick up extra equipment and bring back to destination

  • Jean M Stallworth says:

    This office instructed their G M in jacksonville fl steal my things and sale them. I wasn’t behind I have all my payments on my cell her name is Karen I’m homeless living in my truck in the cemetery I explained that to her. She called me every week you need to understand like your a nigger so your stupid. Every week she called called check my cell records

  • Scott Cheffey says:

    Any dealings I’ve had with U-Haul corporate have always been fair, as far as I can tell. Communication is key with them. They need to know you are working with them, not against them to resolve any issues you may be trying to resolve. No complaints from me.

    • Jean M Stallworth says:

      Well I paid but they sold my whole unit I have every payment on my cell and visa

    • Lex says:

      Sounds like you’re trying to cover up the bad reviews. Every communication with the company has been awful and fruitless.

  • Robert T Stockman Jr says:

    My U-Haul unit was totally destroyed intentionally by an individual UHaul “restricted” access to after he was suspected of starting a fire 12-1-2021; unfortunately UHaul left the drive in security gate wide open and the same person returned and torched his unit which in turn destroyed mine and several others in the process. I have spoken to the local sheriffs office, fire marshal and did an interview for a local newspaper, the only people who won’t to me is U-Haul. When I called customer service I was told it wasn’t a corporate problem and that the local GM should be helping me. How can willing neglect not to secure your storage facility and allow someone to have unrestricted access be solved at the local GM level? Somewhere U-Haul needs to accept responsibility for this and advertising sprinkler systems to reduce damage, my unit didn’t have any fire extinguishing devices installed.

  • y jones says:

    I had the worst experience with Uhaul to date. I had a rep named Susan argue with me and tell me that someone call me in regards to an issue that i made a complaint about which they did not which was supposed to be within 3 days. Uhaul gave me a 200.00 refund and I paid 2441.00 for a faulty truck that was not checked out that had transmission issues and the check engine light came and we found that a cord was unplugged apparently when it was reset and no one in upper management has bothered to contact me in regards to this issue for a truck that was rented out for a trip from Ohio to Florida. I am highly dissatisfied that all I was told by a very argumentative rep was you should have called road side assistance!! What!!! and i was told that 200.00 was sufficient enough for gas compensation.

    • Tanya says:

      OMG That is what happen to me but then I finally get it to 5 minutes to my new home it breaks down again the State Highway Patrol helps me secure it so I can get help and I return it’s gone with all my stuff and a job in it. They never told me they towed it and told me I abandoned it. I told them call State Highway Patrol they know I was broken down. The field manager was screaming at me and 10 days later $1200 and I still don’t have my stuff. Nobody will help me. I even text Joe the CEO of corporation.

  • Joanne K Stoll says:

    My nightmare with UHaul started at the end of July with me getting quotes from Bert at National Office to go to WA if I decided to go. I was waiting for an apartment in Fremont CA that I really wanted for my Drs were there, I knew the bus system there and was praying I would be called for that apt. But was getting the cost and data for future info. I told Uhaul to store my Uboxes in the local office in Fremont CA. This all started end of July. I finally had the Upboxes delivered to the Fremont location in CA around, not to ship in case I got called on the Fremont apt. I was assured that was what they were doing. Then kept receiving notices they were shipping the Uboxes to WA and giving me a bill for them. I would call and let them know that shouldn’t happen. The girl on the phone said the letter was only an automated letter. I said not to send me another one for they were not to be sent to Pasco WA! Then Uhaul tried to take the money out of my bank and it was unsuccessful. I called to find out if they had been authorized to do that and they verified it had been and the Uboxes were already in Pasco WA! I was only visiting my son and family in WA in that time for I was only visiting up there and everything else I owned was still in CA. Many many phone calls later NO MANAGERS would respond to let me know what had happened! I have names and dates but that would be too detailed so when I found myself and my stuff in WA I had to react by changing health insurance, mail, and try to find an apt there. Only one time did a young boy at the front desk say they could ship me back to CA but by then I had changed too much stuff over and didn’t want the flimsy UBox to be shipped more than they had to and couldn’t get the Mgr to talk to me directly. I was called by the apartment in CA 3 weeks after I was going through all of this!!!! Uhaul has continued to try to take the money out of my bank account. I will not let that happen until someone on the upper level management to admit this was wrong to move someone to another STATE before they authorized it and paid for it! This seems like such a bad business practice! I had told everyone at every step that this is not what I wanted and have names and documentation for this. I would love the CEO to step up!!! Listen to Jose Jaimez’s (General Manager) phone message in Pasco WA about caring for customers and making things right! Doesn’t happen!

  • Brian says:

    Why can’t I pay a prorated amount to make my due date to be at beginning of the month

  • Brian says:

    Why can’t I make a partial payments

  • Kim says:

    This was a nightmare the pickup location did not give a destination then went to 3 different locations and kept getting told they were not going to take the truck and trailer. Got cussed out and was told to get the f### off their lot, but yet corporate does not want to even tempt to help so now they will be reported to the Better Business Bureau and a claim filed with the Attorney General. This is no way to treat your customers and your workers at the Florida location need to be fired for treating people this way. You caused a single mother to have a nervous breakdown and you still don’t give a rats ass.

  • Mitzi Wenger says:

    We are in the middle of the WORST experience EVER using UBoxes!! I will NEVER use or recommend this service again. NO one at UHaul seems to be accountable. We successfully unloaded 3 of the 5 boxes through the local Moving Help resource, but not the remaining two. The local UHaul where the boxes are located is now CLOSED, after taking all afternoon (1:30 to never) to not call the resource to let them know the 4th box was loaded and ready to go – because it was NOT ready when the 3rd box was returned. The Regional Manager is not answering his phone. The regional phone support is “writing up a report” to let the manager know. BTW – we went to the location yesterday to explain what was going to happen today, and were assured by the Regional Manager that it would be handled correctly. That was AFTER the original Moving Help resource we contracted with ghosted us – just never made contact – after repeated calls to please let us know the schedule.
    I will be calling the corporate office tomorrow – really just to see if anyone there cares about customers, and my expectations are quite low.

  • Kimberly Eubanks says:

    At the this location which is the bladenberg rd in hyattsville MD. There is no staff to assist the more than 20 people standing outside. Uhaul operating hours on Sunday start at 9am. And no one is here to check customers in

  • Blandin says:

    Our uhaul truck broke down. Transmission fluid gushed everywhere. Had to transfer all of the furniture and boxes to another truck. Lost one day of travel. Uhaul charged me for the delay. Uhaul has incredibly bad customer service. Will never use uhaul again!

  • James R Howard says:

    My wife purchased a trailer hitch for our jeep on June 29, 2021 and as of this writing we have yet to receive any information about when or if it will be delivered. Every time she contacts someone from your organization she is given the Washington two-step by saying it is on back order and nothing can be done about it. After six weeks of dancing we are prepared to turn the problem over to the legal department.

  • ronelle erhardt says:

    Does UHAUL even read these complaints and take them seriously? I will be writing a certified letter about our terrible experience this weekend! As I believe that UHAUL the responsibility to refund us time that was lost. If they do not rectify this, they will have lost not only our business forever but the many people that I pass this on too. As we are a military family and many will hear about it.

  • Susan says:

    Hi, Ms. Christie,

    The phone number you have on your email signature is disconnected.

    Brandy Christie
    U-Haul Moving & Storage of Research Triangle
    (919) 323-4349

    I have attempted a chat on the UHaul site. There was no response.
    I called UHaul’s national customer service line, 1-800-468-4285.
    They gave me a “local” number that I’m currently on hold with: 919-246-8931. I’ve been on hold long enough to compose this email.

    I was a customer with 10 Federal before UHaul purchased the facility on 2215 & 2107 Sedwick Rd Durham, NC 27713. I think U-Haul has renamed the facility to be Research Triangle Park.
    I was on autopay.

    I received no notice that my autopay would not continue.

    I am now being told that I have a late fee of $15 that I have to pay.
    Additionally, your email tells me that I can make payment by logging online, and my storage unit is not listed under my existing UHaul profile, which also has the same phone number that is associated with my account.

    I cannot make payment online. My storage unit does not exist under my profile.
    The customer service rep is telling me that the 10 Federal software has not been integrated yet with the U-Haul accounts, and that is why she can’t see anything to help me pay my bill. She tells me that only a manager can help with this.
    You are on vacation, and it is beyond me that U-Haul has no-one to cover you while you are away. U-Haul is too big a company to make an internal control accounting/HR mistake like that.

    I have just been on the phone with customer service at this phone number: 919-249-8931, for 37 minutes.
    I have just been told that I’d be transferred to the national customer service number for U-Haul, but I’ve been dropped.
    I will now call the national customer service line yet again.

    And, I’m on hold with that national number.

    A copy of this email is being sent to:

  • Lester Warren says:

    Why the U-Haul store in Gretna Louisiana on the Expressway never has Propane it’s every time I call there’s no propane at first when I was going there the clerk would say there’s no one here to operate it. So I would like to know what’s really going on. Because of those situations I have to go across the river to the Tulane location to fill my tanks and that’s not right. So can someone please look into this matter. Thanks

  • Tom Cary says:

    Dear UHaul Executives,

    I recently had a terrible experience with U-Haul. I reserved a truck for a weekend move. The evening before the truck pick up, I was called by U-Haul and told that the only place my truck was available was 14 miles away (instead of the scheduled location 2 miles away). 12 miles more each way, 24 miles total, time $1.89/mile is an additional cost of $45 plus additional gas. Or they said I could cancel. Ofcourse, cancelling with such little notice is very difficult, with a number of helpers already scheduled.

    Was this a bait/switch so U-Haul can make a little more money? Or are U-Haul systems so antiquated that it cannot know sooner what is available? I would like a refund of the extra $45. Please feel free to call or email. Thanks.

    Tom Cary

  • Melissa Vaughn says:

    Im writing to you regarding your Manager Shaun Cromar at the Parkway location of U-Haul in Mount Pleasant MI. I didn’t feel the review online for his store’s location in general came close to being enough. Im sure you are use to people going above and beyond with complaints only but not this time. Ive rented uhauls so many times in my life I am sure any corporate raises were a result of my business. This Manager was beyond fantastic!!! Ive had more then my share of unexpected tragedies in my life and this last need for service was or is in the middle
    Of the hardest my mother is in the process of dying of bone cancer and needing my full care at home which is on the other side of the state from where I live. Then in the midst of it all I was having to leave her to move out of my home unexpectedly. More then Stressful on the tail end of a world pandemic that has us all on a tight budget and trying to just scrape bye.Shaun made what should have been traumatic addition to what Ive been away doing seem like nothing at all. His customer service is outstanding he is a valuable employee and being such a large organization I felt his un replaceable addition needed to be pointed out to the top of the organization. Loosing him would be a huge mistake so make sure you don’t. Decent employees are hard to get these days and better then that are unicorns! I think it is important you look into doing whatever you can to keep this man in your organization! His personality and knowledge of business made the whole process flawless and his ability to see what I may need without being told was remarkable that kind of intuition and class in asserting what each situation might need doesnt exist anymore or so I thought.More importantly it is what keeps a business such as yours in such a competitive field stand out and successful, keeping the customers coming back. His skills are something that all of your employees need to know. They are what every employee in any service industry job need to know and master as he has. Not that ive ever had a bad experience with Uhaul I cant recall I have a little equipment problem once but that experience fixing it was good too.’ Acceptable describes it in one word, all these years and times Ive needed to use your service but this last time I expected it to be less than that because of the situation that I was in surrounding it. I couldnt see how it wouldnt be damaging in one way
    Or another to me but shaun obviously did and it was uneventful quick easy and reasonably priced to fit my needs at this time.
    He made acceptable look bad!My life didnt get any worse if that is possable and because of his service and understanding and natural ability of how to read the needs of a customer without even asking is a God given talent Im sure of it. If given the opportunity he will go far in life and career and improve anything you may hope to improve If need be I just know it. He is what customer service and commitmentment use to look like. He is the type of person who had customers staying loyal to one company no matter what the other companies offered to try to change that loyalty. He was a breath of fresh air made things run smooth for me so I can return to what is truely important without additional worries.If only for a
    A moment my anxiety melted away and I exhaled its been longer then I can remember that happening in my life. I will forever be grateful for having been blessed with that man at this time. You arent taking any chances with him. So keep him happy and everyone will benefit Im sure of it! This is one review I hope doesnt get passed over. He was able to change a life for the better in just one day. Does that even happen anymore?I felt it was my duty to not let this one go unnoticed if I was able. Thank you for your attention to this! Thanks to Shaun today is so much better then it could’ve and without doubt would’ve been had I gone anywhere else.
    Melissa Vaughn
    Satisfied and now
    LOYAL returning customer
    Mount Pleasant,MI

  • James Rath says:

    I am writing this on behalf of my son who has rented a storage unit across from our condo in New Haven Ct. His personal property had been in the unit for about 7 months. When we went to load the Uhaul truck to move the items from his storage unit to his new apartment we realized that they were all contaminated by rodent droppings and insect damage. Since we did not want to infest his new apartment with this contamination we left the items in the storage unit. We notified the manager of the U-haul facility about the issue and she gave us an insurance claim form to fill submit. This was on June 1. We also asked if we would have to dispose of the property in the unit or if they would take care of it and she said she would have to ask her manager. The insurance claim was filed and denied because U-Haul insurance was not selected at the time the unit was rented. When the unit was rented they asked if he had homeowner insurance and he did so he replied yes and so no U-haul insurance was issued. The manager said we would have to file a claim with our homeowners policy. After filing the claim with our home owner policy I discovered that I have a named peril policy , vermin and insects are not named and therefore there is no personal property damage coverage. We then returned to the local U-haul manager to try and determine if we would be refunded the rent that was paid and also who would be responsible to dispose of all the damaged items. The local manager said she would contact her Regional Manager , Patrick Keefe for direction on how to proceed but he was in a meeting all day and she could not reach him. We returned the next day and she said she had left a message for him but had not heard back. We returned again on Monday (14 days after our initial reporting). The manager said she had not received any answer from her regional manager. I am still receiving late payment surcharge notices and so I called Patrick Keefe , the Regional manager , yesterday and explained the situation and asked for a reply to let us know if there would be any rent refund, and who would be responsible for the disposition of the damaged personal property from the pests in the storage unit. I called Patrick again today and still have not received any response.
    I completely understand that these types of issues occur. What I do not understand is why any business would not respond to a concerning client issue after numerous attempts to try and resolve the issue by both the local manager who did her best to help us and myself. I have been a partner in a manufacturing and service business for over 30 years and one of our basic practices was to be responsive to the needs of our clients. I have never asked or demanded any specific response, just a response that they were working on a solution, that they heard my concerns , that they would provide some direction in a day or a week, that they had some slight interest in helping me find a solution. I am not sure how this practice in the upper levels of management can be tolerated to serve a company that strives for excellence reach its goals and to help it realize it’s mission of courtesy and respect for the customers in the community.

  • Cj says:

    In all my 69 years I have never worked with a company as incompentent as u haul . Terrible service ,Lies ,no return calls . If you would like to hear more let me know. Never again

  • Ian. Nery says:

    Hello or hell ohh Steve your a one off the big men from this company it’s that right. Well I was a costumers at u-Haul and please answers this question did I just lost my Mercedes Benz SUV 2008 and it was just parked in uhaul parking in Guelph and I have a tree off unit in your complex right and I was there on your company and for real I was there Sean went the all unit are not done yet and I even did not matter how it’s go na look like but that’s went really and you should check your record okay since my first day Der until now I pay you guys every month and I try my best to pay it OK and I’m always never and ever one month late OK and how much I was paying it was almost 500 almost 500 and really I’m still struggle even right now even before but I try to maintain and make you guys look good to pay you guys every month right but there’s a problem now and I tell you I did never did you guys do wrong to you guys I never did that to you guys right but why would you just told the worker that to to tow my car because it was parked there and plus that car was going to be parking inside of one of the unit outside OK and this is what’s going on all the people over there was aware of it that I could not start my car because it was dead and the second one I could not start my car or even though I start my car I had to wait until the gas line was and pros so why would you get those guy to tow my car and impound it when it when I park the car over there and I was just waiting for the time to get into the one of the unit so well. Why would you do if you were in my situation are you in my shoes OK what would you feel now and this is what’s going on now what’s going to happen to my car I’m gonna lose my car because he was an impound because I was waiting for your call OK and to tell me what’s going on with those guys those worker from yours did nothing really good right so and the car was full of my stuff stuff. And plus how can I make my money when I was doing buy and sell and I could do the best thing that I could have forward to paying you to pay my car that you just cost me OK a lot so in this situation what do you want me to do with this I’m being fair with you my car is going to be gone and pull up my stuff that’s actually all fucking brain you most of them actually OK because me so much and I’m paying for the storage unit from you guys how much. And this is what’s going on OK by today or tomorrow my car is going to be going on option so you should answer me this are you should try to get a hold of me I call you guys one time a corporation and I speak to name Steve but I didn’t know if that was Steve that was actually the one of the big guy or I’m not sure but he said to me that he was going to call me back after he email the people will be here and what happened. What happened then I was about to give you my number to get a hold of me and you said. What Steve said Steve said oh I will call you or text me or email I think that’s what you said but it was recorded OK and I hope you’re not the guy name is Stephen OK that I was trying to get a hold of OK and please contact me or response to my say it’s comment or iMessage or Stephen like really this is what you do with a customer right I tell you the truth that’s not good then and if I’m going to lose my car that I just bought and the stuff that I was going to sell OK to survive OK and did you know that since then I have nowhere to live I was actually a homeless guy. And I was just like sleep anywhere because I cannot find a place and plus the COVID-19. Right and this is why I need all my stuff in the car and the SUV because that’s only way that I was surviving and I tell you the truth please contact me OK for this association you only speak for those guys to do me I’m paying you guys how much a month Amanda have nowhere to live OK and this is the truth and I was buying saw in the. I was going to also sell the car to because hey if I could flip that and make money and I’ll be happy to write I’m all by myself and I’m telling you this so please can you guys or anyone there can try to get a hold of me and stop there or any boss that whatever you know because if you guys just like actually do that and don’t have no billing no filter and you guys don’t deserve to have this company or not of you guys if you guys just gonna sit around there and talk about it and. Who cares about that man but I will tell you guys this if you guys having a really really good life and just earn money just sitting down there and not doing anything good for the other people that specially like all the cost of murder and you guys are wrong you know so if you guys wanna help some other people if there’s anyway that you guys can help me as soon as possible to get my car back and I’ll be much time for for you guys but if you guys don’t well I guess we’re just gonna bring it to the law right but. I don’t wanna do or bring this to something else because I know that you guys understand what I’m trying to say but it is doesn’t and you guys not gonna do nothing and we are going to have a problem right and I did not create this problem OK it was you Steve OK you don’t know how hard I’m going to going to my life right now and please I really do need to respond this message for the rest Of all you vice president or both supervisor or whatever anything don’t look bad if you guys can fix the problem but you guys will look bad if you guys don’t fix the problem OK thank you for listening to me all right if you don’t listen and think you’re still OK well have a good life and I hope you guys eat three times a day it’s really bad because maybe I only eat once a day right so thank you so much but I need my ass you And my stuff in the car OK and I know you guys are thinking right because of my name don’t worry about that it’s OK do you know what my mom use to say or said to me. If I don’t change don’t mattter what I’m doing right or wrong if I am doing some bad there’s is a regret went I do bad thing but I haven’t do bad thing yet and just trying to remain of my phone so I’m trying to learn and not knowing if you’re going to be here every day like still trying stay away from getting sick and what like my mom said the regret is always in the end right so have a good time Steve thanks for helping me and other people. bye now.

  • Rafael Rodriguez says:

    u-hual doesn’t care about their customers. All they want is $$$$ and they dont care or have sympothy for the family that they have caused harm to. I will never again go thru uhual. or i will never recommend but i will tell my story to others so they can see how really uhual is. my daughters 15th bday has to be canceled thanks to uhual and their mistakes.

  • Michael Brown says:

    My things has been stolen out of my storage unit and i want my things and as i complain no one is doing anything about it. Someone can go back and look on the camera and see that along the last two years someone has been in and out of my storage because i possess so much and i pay a lot of money for my things. My things has been safe so i thought because my wife and i have been going through a divorce for the last year and i cant believe that some one anyone would violate me in this manner. So i went there last month and changed the locks. when i made a complaint there i was told that there was no way anyone would or could go back and look , because they don’t know how long ago it could have took place. The floors have triggers system that turns the lights on and off, so every things is being recorded when the lights come on i was told but they cant let me find out who took my things?? i’m really upset because i wear a lot of designer clothes and they know this and that is why they took my totes of coats, my shampoo sinks, and whatever else. i rotate my winter coats to summer and i know that this has happen within the last year. But my entire coats are gone and i will contact an attorney today to help assist me with this matter. even if i have to contact fox 45 news. i may be going through this pan but i refuse to let anyone take my things that i put so much money out for and yet because the bills was’not paid so long because my wife did’n’t pay them because she has been in recovery getting back on track and i’v’e caught the bills up , that didn’t give no one the rights to go in my things . So this morning i will be obtaining a lawyer . The u-haul that my complaint is about 2929 Washington Blvd, Baltimore Maryland 21230 The storage units 429-430 Under Robbin Brown-Michael Brown
    Mind you that i have been occupying this storage over 11 years and this will be the last month after i seek another location.

    i can be reached @ 443-699-8458 also 443-467-5603 Mr.Michael Brown

  • Angela says:

    I rented a truck in Jeffercity mo. The man there was ass. I had to bank get money off card. He had address rt when I left
    Got to waynesville mo. To drop off . Was told would get a refund. That was 08/02/20. Now 09/04. Still waiting 4 refund. I have called 5X.always more bs. I will never rent from this company. Customer mean shit to u haul.

  • Teresa Lawson says:

    I’m not sure what good it is to make a reservation with UHaul when you go to pick up your trailer and it is not available. Wow, what great customer service (sarcasm, in case you don’t get it). We had a reservation confirmed 7 days before trailer was needed. Went to pick up trailer–not available!! When I called customer service, they were offering a different date for availability. No trailer available except in Modesto 3.5 hours away. Does UHaul not get when someone needs a trailer on a specific day, that is when it is needed? You know UHAUL, people do have crises that they are dealing with—like a recent evac from a Cal fire or a relative that you are trying to help move that is in the hospital unexpectedly (BTW, who still needs to move), and don’t forget the pandemic which is affecting the way people are moving right now. And why doesn’t UHAUL have to make this reservation good, offering an alterative solution on their nickel? Why is this my problem? To me, I don’t know why you have a reservation system, if you do not stand by your reservations. This is false advertising and I will take this up with the Better Business Bureau, beside notifying your corporate headqtrs. I see you do have other complaints that go unanwered. Way to do business, UHAUL.

  • Cynthia says:

    I rented a 6 x 12 trailer to move to Cincinnati Ohio from ElPaso,TX and paid $378.40. Moved back To ELP a year later and that move from Cincinnati cost 764.17, how’s that! I called to check on the pricing and it’s still the same from a year ago. Shouldn’t the cost be the same since the distance going is the same as coming back? I think it’s a rip off, I thought their pricing was same across the board I guess each facility can charge what they want.

  • Mike Dee says:

    Danbury Ct site is a train wreck, This is the worst company to deal with. The 800 number goes no where. You wait hours on the phone for a person to pick up. You make a reservation after 2 hours on hold and show up to pick the truck up and find out that they have no more trucks They rented the one you reserved. After 4 hours they give you a truck and 30 miles away it breaks down . You call them and no one answered even the road side emergence number. You wait hours for a person to answer the phone .
    You file complaint after complaint with them and no one returns a call or corrects the problem. They over charge my credit card for a 2 day rental when I had it less than 4 hours and than added $ 165.00 because of it breaking down in millage for the towing. This is crazy . Their H.Q Tell phone number is 602 263 6811
    Call them and make a complaint

  • Carol says:

    I went to the UHaul location on South Plaza Trail in Virginia Beach,to inquire about renting or buying blankets. Two women were working at the desk. Naomi was kind and answered my questions professionally. Chauntel had been on the phone, and was upset because someone didn’t bring their truck back on time. When she asked for me to upload my license and I couldn’t get internet, she became irritated. I asked her to be patient with me(old people and technology)and that I had a father in N.C. who was on his death bed. She snapped and said “both my parents are dead”. Whatever she said after that I blocked out because I was shocked at her insensitivity. She said, “let me have your license “. She copied it and I left with my rented blankets.
    I have been in public service for 45 years and have had to act professionally unlike this person. Chauntel has no business working for you all, giving your corporation a bad name. Her insensitivity is what is wrong with people today… No empathy no courtesy no patience. I will use U-Haul, but not at South Plaza Trail in Virginia Beach Virginia

  • David Ramsey says:

    I just want to let everyone know that if you use U-Haul to move yourself all I can say is good luck. My wife and I moved ourselves from Delaware to South Carolina. The place we were sent to pick up the truck was essentially a hole in the wall. We were supposed to get three dozen furniture pads but only got 23. While we were checking g in to get the truck the woman ended locking the store and pushing people out. Come to find out the folks in the store were stealing from her. My wife was in the front of the store locked in and I went to look for furniture pads in the back of the store with the woman. When I get home with everything find out that the furniture pads had been wet and were mildew smell so we had to saturate them with febreeze before placing the over our furniture. The movers we had on the Delaware end were terrific and were able to get truck loaded. While driving through South Carolina we ran into rain and when we get to where we are moving into we discover that 2 dozen boxes had gotten wet from the water in truck. Our furniture would have gotten wet but we shrink wrapped it. We submitted a claim through safe move and even though the truck leaks and held water and the boxes obviously had water damage to them. After inspecting our stuff there was no damage. The insurance company closed the claim. The regional manager that we were dealing with was hoping the insurance would take care of something and the best U-Haul could do with all the issues was to give us $150 for our troubles. Beware if you use U-Haul for future moves.

  • Betty P says:

    I see I am not the only one who had reserved and PAID for a One way truck over 2 weeks in advance only to be changed pick up locations twice and then 2 days before our move out of state, to be told that we were being downgraded from a 26 Foot to a 20 foot (we have a 2100 square foot home)! what kind of inept and antiquated system does U Haul gave that the do not know what their inventory is? This is critical, especially for customers moving one way out of state to have the correct size truck. What a hassle to have to come back, either I. Your own shocker our haul truck and have to pay the gas out of your own pocket!! Not to mention the timeline for when your belonging have to be out, the 7 extra hours of drive time and now no help to load the items! The whole experience was horrible. Other problems at the pick ulloxatukn was the furniture pads I ordered and paid for we’re not in the truck so I had to ask for those at the counter, and then again we could not correct the odometer reading on the app and we had to go back to the counter and the woman said to just take a picture. I’m disappointed as this was supposed to be contactless pick up as we are seniors and at risk. Also while we were cleaning the truck and making sure everything was out of the truck we found a hypodermic needle in foil up in the attic space, how dangerous is that? When we return the truck the gentleman asked us how many miles we drove as the odometer with showing we had driven 20,000 miles and we told them when we picked it up the woman said just take a picture and he commented oh no no that’s not how things work. So the whole situation went from bad to worse and we will never rent from you again. Your whole system needs to be updated on your inventory is trucks, not to let each individual store update theirs. Thank you for listening.

  • Melissa Meeks says:

    Been waiting in bend for two hours

  • Melissa Meeks says:

    I’m waiting for two hours to pick up

  • K says:

    😰 Very bad mistake on UHaul truck size for move to a different region. It means a lot of $$. The company hasn’t put the compensation offer in writing as to make a smooth transition yet, for when I have to go back and move stuff a second time- along with Pandemic issues. Waiting, hoping, waiting.

  • Timothy says:

    We rented a Uhaul from Manchester for 2 days, the same day they wanted the truck back. I called and talked to them they said you said today, I said no, 2 days we even held up 2 fingers they said “you said today, not today and tomorrow, they obviously couldn’t understand us. They charged 280.00 when we got the truck, and after 20 minutes of arguing with them on the phone trying to get them to understand what I was talking about, they said ok $30.00 when you bring the truck back and that is all and hung up on me. When the truck was returned they got the key and the mileage and charged me $50.00. Now I am getting a bill for another $137.00 for mileage. What a rip-off, I didn’t even get my deposit back and they want more. I am filing a complaint with the BBB and the Federal Trade Commission. This was rented in Manchester Tennessee, I do not recommend this company.

  • Don Rickel says:

    I have had hitch’s installed in the past by U Haul and I am now am in the process of purchasing a 2020 Mercedes Benz Model GLB. I am trying to find information if you have or will have a hitch that can be installed on this car as I also has the toe kick for opening the rear hatch?

    Don Rickel

  • Tamia Murray says:


    This is now my Third email in regards to two storage’s 736/738 that was at 3561 Mendenhall Rd Memphis, TN 38115. On 2/8/2020 someone without approval came in and rented a truck and cleaned out both of my storage’s. The individuals were not authorized users on my account and in the 5 years I had the storage’s I never changed who can access the storage’s. Only Tamia L Murray was only able to access the account and that was me. On 2/10/20 I received a survey asking about my experience and i asked who moved my items and where was it. I got no response. Later that night I chatted with a rep who couldn’t find my information and directed me to the storage facility.  

    I sent an email to the gm regarding making a payment and I got no response. On 2/11/20 I called in to make a full payment on both of my storage’s and Carol George the gm of this location asked me if I came in over the weekend of 2/8/20 and rented a truck and if my fathers name was Clarence white. I adv carol that no I did not come in and rent a truck and i didn’t move my storage and the person who went into my unit was some I knew who should of never have been in that location at all and I would never give him and her  approval. I believe his wife Sonia Norris white (my sister) was there as well.

    Carol stated her boss would give me a call but it was a one week and a second email before I got that call back. Carol Georges supervisor Chris called me once on 2/26/20 and I missed his call as I was still at work. I called him back the next day asking for the best time to reach him and I never got a call back or response. I am unable to come to memphis tn at the moment and today I spoke with the police department and they inquired as to why a police report has not been file on my behalf when I informed the location of the wrongful move out of my two storage’s on my behalf. They told me to reach out to uhaul to have this done.

    I have entered a identity theft report 116527029  on 2/25/20 and I spoke to my local department 20m503609 on 2/25/20. Why isn’t anyone trying to help me report this theft? I have been asking for help for over a month. Why am I being punished for choosing this location and having faith that they would do proper verification of my users on the account. Please help me right this wrong. Why am I begging for help when I am not at fault.
    Thank you

    Tamia Murray

  • Scott Graham says:

    We’d like to express our extreme dissatisfaction with the online reservation process.

    We reserved a 26′ moving van to be picked up at a location in Pomona California on November 29th (reservation 29643864). We waited for confirmation that the truck would be available but didn’t receive notification so we contacted U-Haul to confirm/verify and were notified that the 26′ moving van would be available at another location farther away, in Rancho Cucamonga. When we arrived at the revised location (Ben’s Complete Auto Care) we were told that our reserved 26′ moving van was NOT available. When we inquired about the 26′ moving van sitting in the parking lot the clerk told us that the truck was not allowed to be rented to us.

    Since our out of town weekend and the contract with our storage facility couldn’t be changed without incurring significant additional fees we were forced to accept whatever size truck was available to rent that morning. Unfortunately the smaller truck wasn’t large enough to complete the job.

    It is very frustrating to place an order and not have it fulfilled. We relied on U-Haul’s reputation and good faith that what we ordered would be available. We were willing to go to another location and yet our order could not be fulfilled as promised.

    Sadly, U-Haul seems to be the only moving truck/van rental available to us and we are very disappointed in the service.
    Scott & Sue Graham

  • Dana alvarado says:

    I am filing a formal complaint as well as bbb report. Uhaul is a bunch of crooks.

    • Scott Graham says:

      We’d like to express our extreme dissatisfaction with the online reservation process.

      We reserved a 26′ moving van to be picked up at a location in Pomona California on November 29th (reservation 29643864). We waited for confirmation that the truck would be available but didn’t receive notification so we contacted U-Haul to confirm/verify and were notified that the 26′ moving van would be available at another location farther away, in Rancho Cucamonga. When we arrived at the revised location (Ben’s Complete Auto Care) we were told that our reserved 26′ moving van was NOT available. When we inquired about the 26′ moving van sitting in the parking lot the clerk told us that the truck was not allowed to be rented to us.

      Since our out of town weekend and the contract with our storage facility couldn’t be changed without incurring significant additional fees we were forced to accept whatever size truck was available to rent that morning. Unfortunately the smaller truck wasn’t large enough to complete the job.

      It is very frustrating to place an order and not have it fulfilled. We relied on U-Haul’s reputation and good faith that what we ordered would be available. We were willing to go to another location and yet our order could not be fulfilled as promised.

      Sadly, U-Haul seems to be the only moving truck/van rental available to us and we are very disappointed in the service.
      Scott & Sue Graham

  • Dave Warnock says:

    Had an appointment Saturday morning to get a new seven prong plug for my van’s electrical hook up for hauling my trailer. Drove ten miles for appointment. Got a call 20 minutes later at restaurant across street that the part needed to be ordered. Question: Wouldn’t it have been better to check on the required part BEFORE making the appointment?

  • Lloyd Valdez says:

    Hello Uhaul Customer service,

    8/7/2019 I still have not had a response regarding this frustrating and time consuming issue with not storage unit @ the Alameda location.

    On 8/3 I called customer service and changed storage size to 10X8X9 at the Alameda location the same site just larger storage unit. The next day, I called and changed the drop off location from Milpitas to the Alameda location to follow Uhauls recommendation of turning in truck and having a storage at same location.

    8/4 I arrive at the Alameda location and found out there is no storage available at the Uhaul Moving & Storage@the Alameda 1027 the Alameda San Jose CA. We had the Uhaul agent call transportation to locate a storage to relocate our reservation and truck turn in point. Yet, they could not find any storage space available in all of San Jose CA.

    What also concerned me, is when we called customer service there were no notes on account. No one could locate my (3) contracts/reservations.

    I am very disappointed with the customer service, I received at the Uhaul location, they had a line of 7 people, while other people were on hold. They tried to ring up a shoulder strap tool that was not in inventory (why was it on an end cap…if it is not available). Having two reservations to the Alameda storage location. When Alameda has no storage facility (and has not had for over 4years).

    I need someone to call me as soon as possible at 303 332 6446.

    Original contract was for a one way Uhaul 10ft truck with a tow dolly and one month free storage. It was to be from Littleton, CO to San Jose CA with storage in San Jose.

    Original contract 26416291
    Storage 707028-500146639 5x10x10
    Storage 707028-00108284 10x8x9

    Summary- Promise not kept for storage unit which was the promo in renting Uhaul one way. Wasted 3 hours inline at check-in to find out no storage at @the Alameda. What can be done for the wasted time and no storage unit?

    Lloyd Valdez, MBA
    USA Army Retired

  • Cathy Droz says:

    So proud that U-Haul Headquarters is in my town – Phoenix, Arizona

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