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  • Address: ​2200 W Don Tyson Pkwy, Springdale, AR 72762, USA
  • Phone Number: ​479-290-4000
  • Fax Number: ​N/A
  • Email: ​N/A
  • Number of Employees: ​114000​​​
  • Established: ​1935
  • Founder: ​John W. Tyson
  • Key People: ​Tom Hayes (CEO)

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​Thomas P. Hayes   

​President, CEO & Director   

​Stewart T. Glendinning   

​Executive VP & CFO   

​Dennis Leatherby   

​Former Executive VP & CFO   

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  • Denise Phillips says:

    Who do I contact about a complaint?

  • saw james says:

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  • Nancy Bailey & Mike Hamrick says:

    From these comments, it seems that TYSON Foods is locked in the “good ole’ boy” concepts of the 40’s. But, from what the consumers experience, the food products are of very good quality and are among top brands chosen by consumers.
    There is no place for employee harassment, bias and total ignorance of employee rights in the workplace, to say nothing of personal abuse of TYSON Employees as individuals. The company is all about profit at any cost to the workers who make Tyson Food Products a recognized, quality brand.
    Arkansas has been known for some decades as being a backward state, full of biased and opinionated residents. Small town residents depend on jobs and are just trying to earn a living. These employees should receive gratitude and honorable treatment in the workplace. But when the workplace is staffed with opinionated, poorly-educated and biased middle managers, nothing will change.
    The only relief for Tyson employees is to LEAVE Arkansas, seek better education and never work for Tyson Foods, ever again. Arkansas mentality will not change as a large percentage or the population remains dependent on drug use, alcohol and obsolete thinking that is prevalent in many southern states

  • I don't think so says:

    Tyson logansport is so corrupt. You tell your upper management that prime are steal company time and doing drugs on the job and off. HR wants to fire the supervisor that has reported this for months and they do nothing about it. I’ve never seen a company this backwards. The whole HR department and way uppermanagent knows about everything but the ones that kill themselves for this company get fired because they report stuff they just want to sweep under the rug. I can’t wait to hire a lawyer and have half of logansport go against this company and upper management

  • R Upton says:

    I am writing because as I read through the complaints listed here, it seems that Tyson has a proven history of employee mistreatment.
    My daughter and son in law are employed by Tyson in Logansport, Indiana.
    I got a call from my daughter who was crying and confused, I assumed she was calling because her husband just lost his father a few days before, we had been in constant contact.
    When she finally calmed down, I learned that when she returned to work she was reprimanded and also written up for leaving work early!!!!!!! Why did she leave work early, she left to take her husband, also a Tyson employee, to take his father off of life support, The response from TYSON, Write her up…….
    Now with sick children, a dying father in law and corona virus fears, My daughter was strong, and although when we would speak about her father in laws stroke and her life being upside down, she remained strong.
    the tipping point was the write up……It is hard for me to wrap my head around the cold heart approach to Tyson employees by management.
    My daughter and son in law was advised that they would only receive one day of bereavement because they could not have a funeral due to C/V.
    I can assure you that I will not allow this to end here.
    My daughter and son in law are good kids who work hard and are Tyson proud, but this is ridicules.
    You can research this if you like.
    Joseph Thorpe is my son in law. Laci Thorpe is my daughter and The deceased father is Raymond Thorpe 48 years of age.
    I intend to take this up with the FDA and OSHA because I don’t think its wise nor in the national interest of the public to stress employees like this.
    I will be placing calls into my friends in US Congress and US Senate.
    It would be wise for Tyson to remove management that lacks heart, from your ranks.
    I have been a loyal customer and during these uncertain times we should be pulling together and not apart.
    I feel that this is something personal from my daughters boss, because just on a human level, to give a write-up for going to spend the last couple hours with a dying loved one, seems very cruel to me.
    I wish all of your employees much safety and I pray for them during this difficult time as a nation.
    I also want to thank them for working so hard to keep supply chains open.
    This is the first time I have ever addressed a corporation about an issue like this, but it seems to be par for the course as I read through these complaints.
    I am sorry I wish I could be offering praise for Tyson and not a complaint.
    Thank you in advance for immediate attention
    Robert Upton

    • Kristy Webb says:

      Did Tyson ever reach out to you with your complaint? Just wondering where I need to go to get results on someone telling my husband that he is stupid and doesn’t know how to do his job in front of other team members!

  • Tracey Woodley says:

    Tracey Woodley

    1016 N Walker st Hope, Arkansas 71801 870-796-1236

    It is extremely severe and beyond all bounds of decency that an employee should be able to endure or tolerate. Repetitive misconduct of positions of power. As a result, causing a great deal of mental and physical anguish to Tracey Woodley

    1)Reported All Harassment and Injuries by Co-worker Title 5, subtitle 6 chapter 71 s208 In Arkansas it is illegal for anyone, with the intent to harass, annoy, or alarm you in or about a public place. All incidents and injuries were reported to: Supervisor Glinda Twonsend, General Manager Kenderell King, Plant Manager Harvey Sims, HR manager Kristy, HR manager Kathy, HR manager Linda Burks, Complex Manager Randy King, and 24 hour corporate hotline.
    1.Co-Worker Profanity​-​Verbal Harassment-(Breakroom) witnessesJamal and supervisor 2.Unreported dignity and respect​- ​Harassment (unsafe, hostile coworker w/ supervisor present supervisor failed to report co worker behavior) 3.Followed and Harassed in the bathroom-(Reported to supervisor several times) affecting Tracey dignity, work performance and psychological integrity) 4.Tracey was Followed Home by the same co worker (Reported to supervisor) 5.Hallway Pushed in head-Harassment/Assault-(Reported to supervisor asked to be moved) Supervisor Glinda failed to report co worker 6.Locker room -​ ​Harassment- (Reported to supervisor several times) Reported to general manager (reported to 24hr hotline that supervisors are not addressing harassment) 7.Threatened by Co Worker-Harassment- (co worker approached Tracey in her work area threatening harm Tracey reported to GM asked to be moved GM refused to move her) 8.Assaulted and Injuredand hospitalized by same co-worker 9.Reported to supervisor Glinda Townsend, GM Kenderell King, Harvey Sims, Randy King about co worker and 24hr hotline.

    2) Supervisor Harassment and Retaliation in connection with raising an issue in the office connected with harassment connected to a protected class.​ After communicating with the complex manager about the negligence and harassment. Although Mathew was documented as my supervisor Glinda Townsend is who initiated all incidents. Tracey complaints Increased scrutiny. The following incidents occurred:

    1.Verbal Harassment (Glinda threatened Tracey shouldn’t have called the 24 hour hotline ) 2.Verbal Retaliation (Glinda said That she had other co workers watching Tracey) Glinda would ask Tracey co workers what time she went to the bathroom and how long it took peher. Witness. Glinda stated that if anything pertaining to me should happen that she would be behind it all. 3.Assigned Extra Work Duties- Retaliation-(Glinda assigned Tracey extra work duties on several occasions) 4.Dignity and Respect- Retaliation (Glinda said Tracey should be fired not a team player) 5.Threatened Termination- Retaliation (Glinda threatened Tracey with insubordination for not sanitizing a dirty machine that was scheduled for her lead to clean) Glinda never disciplined the lead for a 2 day old dirty machine. 6.Harassment and Humiliation- Retaliation (Glinda and Vanessa confrontational with Tracey alone in office) (Glinda asked Tracey to explain to the lead why she was crying. And if she had to use the restroom to tell the lead first. No other employees followed this rule. No other employees were written up at this time. Proof of time stealing can be provided as evidence. 7.Retaliation- Work area (Glinda falsified documents to write Tracey up) Glinda reported Tracey was out of her work area for an hour. Threatened Lead was her witness. 8.Retaliation- Work area (Glinda falsified another document to write Tracey up same day) 27 minutes. Work area is approximately a mile to to bathroom and back Tracey was harassed and timed for write up. No production on this sunday. 9.Poor Job Performance- Retaliation (Glinda wrote Tracey up) No other employees in Tracey area (Backside Freezer was written up) 10.Poor Job Performance- Retaliation (Glinda wrote Tracey up (No other employees on the backside of freezer was written up) (contradictory to the workers comp denial -Tracey was written up and suspended 3 days for performing work duties too early. While workers comp says Tracey was denial was out of the scope of employment for not being in her work area at the exact same time) Documented. Policy says it is cross contamination for sanitation to be in the area of food production on the floor. 11.Social Media- Retaliation- (Glinda’s lead Vanesssa posted about harassment Tracey had filed just a couple days after write ups on facebook) 12.Meeting with Complex Manager-(Spoke with Randy King about Glinda’s constant harassment and retaliation and constant monitoring Tracey also explained that she is uncomfortable and would like the matter seriously addressed) 13.Unaddressed Safety- Retaliation (unaddressed chemical spill in my work area) Tracey reported a chemical spill to Glinda and do to negligence Tracey had to be cared for by the nurse which affected Tracey job performance.
    14.Assaulted and Injured On the Job- Battery-Harassment- False sense of security-(broken cameras) Tracey was attacked in the locker area where she had previously made several complaints of co worker being in the area. General manager explained that cameras would catch harassing employee and the cameras were broken. 15.Employer Denied calling medical services and law enforcemen​t- ​Retaliation (Tracey had asked several times if the police could be called or if she could get better medical attention due to dizziness from the assault. Tracey had to call 911 and drove herself to the hospital) General manager stated the assault could be handled internally and it would be too expensive to call the ambulance General manager also tried to encourage Tracey to continue working after the injuries. Tracey was hospitalized and treated for injuries. 16.Denied Workers Compensation​- ​Retaliation- (refused Tracey workers comp out of the scope of employment) 17.Loss of Promotions – Retaliation-(write ups denied Tracey promotions to be reassigned to different work areas) 18.Extra Work Duties- Retaliation-(Glinda ordered extra work duties Tracey asked for help) 19.Unfair Treatment- Retaliation- (other team members was reassigned after Tracey begged to be moved) 20.Harassed- Glinda’s line leader reported to the office of Tracey locking out) 21.Dignity and Respect (Glinda’s line lead (conflict of interest) threatens Tracey in front of Glinda pointing her finger in Tracey face yelling) lead was suspended but later paid for time off 22.Emotional Abuse- Retaliation- Harassment-Gender Discrimination- (Tracey reported migraines, back pain and stress Tracey was called emotional when bringing concerns of harassment issues to supervisor and General Manager) General manager stated he enjoyes when Tracey gets mad that it was kind of sexy. 23.Wrongful Termination-( Aware of Tracey’s write ups Glinda and Ramona the line lead partnered lied on Tracey job performance ability to get her fired HR terminated Tracey over the phone they stated that it was due to the excessive write ups. Write ups were never investigated for the harassment and retaliation complaints Tracey filed through the complex manager. Retaliation and negligence was completely disregarded. Tracey had to obtain her own termination forms. Tracey was denied unemployment and also the Union. Tracey has tried to contact the plant to recognized these incidents but they refuse to address the negligence.

    Things Tracey is not sure she can prove now but later. On information and belief suspicion, based upon conducting the discovery it will be proven. Such as: Defamation of Character, Unfair Treatment, Negligence, and Harassment. Tracey has more evidence that proves the humiliating and cruel misconduct of the employer. Tracey has more evidence that is not disclosed here. Tracey also has proper documents that back up her allegations

    • Nancy Bailey & Mike Hamrick says:

      The only way you can have any success with your complaint of mistreatment against Tyson is to organize a group of similar-mistreated employees, to hire legal council and bring suit against TYSON, for personal pain and suffering. You will have to resign from Tyson employment and make your job one of bringing their illegal management practices to public attention.
      If the media will report your effort, on a nationwide scale, you may win your lawsuit and receive a settlement from Tyson. Otherwise, just forget it and get another non-Tyson job. The corporation doesn’t care about anything but profit.

  • William MI Ziehr says:

    I contacted Tyson Foods about a problem I had with Chicken products purchased at Wal Mart in Lebanon, Missouri 65536 about 3 weeks ago. Tyson sent me a coupon so I could replace the chicken, but the coupon was for refrigerated and the only thing they carried was for frozen. Therefore I still didn’t get the chicken replaced because Wal Mart wouldn’t honor it.

  • Linda Sue Stanley says:

    My name is Linda Stanley and i am the grandmother of Brandyn Stanley who worked at the Monett plant. He has worked there for over 2 years, has gotten his raises, and has worked at about every position there, including fork lift driver. Last Thursday, his 6 year old son fell on a rock at school and hit his head. He later came on home as usual, but after being home for app. 2 hours, he started vomiting profusely and c/o severe headache. Brandyn’s wife took him to the ER and called Brandyn at work to see if he could meet her at the hospital, also in Monett. Brandyn got the ok from his boss and met them there. A cat scan was done and showed a concussion. He was released to go home, but not to do any activity for a week. Brandyn called his work and asked them if they needed him to come back in and they said no, just bring a note from the hospital, and stay home with your son tonight. So he got the note, and re-called his boss to make sure they didn’t need him, and they said, again, to stay home and bring the note the next night when he came in. He again re-called them to make sure they didn’t need him and they again told him to stay home. So, he went into work the next night and handed them the note from the hospital. His boss told him to go to HR and when he did, they fired him on the spot. He looked at them and said, “I did everything you told me to do, why am i getting fired?” His boss said, “sometimes you just have to do what you have to do” and walked on down the hall. Brandyn literally got on his knees and was begging for his job, and HR said they knew he was upset, but to hand over his badge and clean out his locker. I don’t know what is going on with a company that would do this. He is the bread winner for his family and now they are going to lose everything because his boss didn’t keep his word. With the world like it is, for a man to beg for his job, on his knees, is pretty rare these days, even when he had done exactly what was asked of him. I sure wish you would look into this. Something is terribly wrong with a company that would do this to an employee who was following their directions. He was more than willing to go back into work, but they said, no, just bring a note, which he did. The right thing would be to give him his job back. I am asking you to please look into this. Thank you so much for your time. I sure hope to hear from you soon.

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