Where Is Twitch Corporate Office Headquarters

Twitch Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 225 Bush Street, Suite 900 94104 San Francisco (HQ), CA, United States

  • Phone Number: 1 888-280-4331

  • Email: Click here

  • Number of Employees: 1000

  • Established: September 18, 2006

  • Founder: Justin Kan

  • Key People: Daniel Clancy, Sara Clemens 

Twitch Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Twitch Corporate Office

Twitch is a major streaming platform for gamers and gaming tournaments. One would want to visit the headquarters of Twitch for various reasons, like meeting the higher officials for a business proposal or partnership, or a delivery man delivering a post to the headquarters, managers of sub-offices gathering for a meeting, or any other personal business with people working at the headquarters. You can find the Twitch headquarters’ address below if it’s your first time visiting the headquarters.

Twitch headquarters address:

You can send your physical mail to reach out to the headquarters at the following address

225 Bush Street

Suite 900 94104

San Fransisco (HQ)

United States

Twitch board of directors’ address:

You can send your parcels, ideas, and suggestions to Twitch’s board of directors at this address.

Board of directors of Twitch

San Fransisco


United States

Phone Number:

You can reach out to the headquarters on weekdays through mobile phone using the number +1 888-280-4331 and get into a dialogue with the headquarters of Twitch.

Media Query:

You can send your queries and complaints regarding glitches, stream quality, and any other personal complaints using the Twitch support link from their website. You can reach the query page by clicking here.


You can get more information and knowledge about Twitch by visiting their website. The website provides elaborate information on Twitch. You can follow their social media channels to stay updated with the happenings of Twitch. You can visit the website by clicking here.

Twitch Headquarters Info & Photos

Twitch was launched as Justin.tv in 2007 by Emmett shear and Justin kan. The streaming platform quickly became a famous game streaming platform even though other activities were streamed, they were negligible. When the gaming stream got popular Justin.tv launched a separate platform exclusively for games. They named it the twitch gameplay. Twitch became famous and rose to the ranks of the streaming industry.

Twitch became so famous that in 2014, the company changed its name to twitch interactive from Justin.tv. Twitch almost had a monopoly in streaming e-games with the shutdown of competitors. Twitch had 80 employees before it separated the streaming platform for games. After the spin-off, its employees rose to 100.

Today Twitch has about 1000 employees and is a subsidiary of Amazon. Emmett shear continued to be the CEO after the merger.

Twitch Headquarters Photos 1
Twitch Headquarters Photos

Twitch Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

225 Bush Street, Suite 900 94104 San Francisco (HQ) United States


United Kingdom

1 New Oxford St, Holborn London


United States

215 Park Ave S #1300 New York, NY


United States

1007 Stewart St Seattle, WA

Twitch Headquarters Executive Team

Daniel Clancy

Daniel Clancy



Sara Clemens


Sara Clemens was added to Twitch’s board by Amazon after the acquirement of Twitch. She has extensive experience in leading firms and tech giants. She currently serves as the chief operations officer of Twitch. She joined twitch in January 2018.

Lenke Taylor

Lenke Taylor

Chief People Officer


Name Title
Sharmeen Browarek Chapp VP of Community at Twitch
Katherine Fumia Vice President of Sales
Byron Phillipson Global Executive Creative Director
Brant Allen Director Client Strategy
Michael Aragon SVP Content
Fabien Bonte Vice President MCN
Daniel Clancy EVP Product Development (Chief Product Officer)
Brandon Clements Partner and Director
Michael Comperda VP of Platforms & Services
Amber Dalton Sr. Director of Sales & Sponsorships – Global Events
Anthony Danzi RVP Advertising Sales at Twitch
Justin Dellario VP Original Content
David Dick Vice President of Sales
Andrea Garabedian VP Advertiser Marketing
Martin Hess GM Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS) and VP Twitch Video Platform
Nate Hunt Vice President of Sales PacNW
Richard J Content Director RichieJ
John Koller VP Global Marketing
Nathan Lindberg Regional Vice President – East Twitch Properties
Chris Mead VP Global Partnerships
Mike Minton VP Monetization
Matthew Muniz Chief of Observation

About Twitch


Twitch was first Justin.tv founded by Justin and Emmett in 2007. The streaming platform lets its users stream their various activities. Gaming became very famous since the start of the platform. Justin.tv soon became a hub for gamers to share their gaming skills and interact with each other virtually.

Since gamers made the most of the twitch users, Twitch spun off its gaming division into a separate channel with the twitch gameplay. Twitch gameplay had 35 million unique visitors requiring the company to increase its working staff.

Google was in talks with a twitch to acquire it, but the talks failed, and Amazon bought the streaming platform twitch in 2014. Being an Amazon subsidiary, Twitch came across multiple opportunities to grow as the world’s largest live streaming platform.

Twitch became an irreplaceable part of the amazon family when it added twitch prime with special benefits and features for players. In 2018, Twitch announced the live broadcast of the NBA on its stream.


Twitch provides streaming and viewing services to its customers across the globe. It offers quality as high as 1080P 60 fps for high-speed game viewing. Many other activities can also be viewed on Twitch apart from gaming.

Twitch allows the e-sport pro tournament organizers to live broadcast all their tournament matches without delay and lag. It allows pro players and others to interact with each other for the betterment of the gaming community.

It lets people host charity events to raise money for the charity and a cause. Twitch also conducts charity events to raise funds for social causes and reasons.

Twitch bagged rights to broadcast many live games apart from e-sports over the years. Many national and international tournaments gave twitch rights to broadcast the event for the coming years.

Twitch provides a large number of emojis called emotes to its users. On January 6th, 2021, twitch removed their PogChamp emote, the 3rd most used emote on the channel. Emotes let you express yourself better on the channel.


    • Most of the twitch user population is male. It accounts for almost 81.5% of the total twitch users.
    • Most of the twitch users are young people. More than 50% of the users range between the 18-34 age group.
    • Twitch has more than 15 million daily users.
    • Twitch is the fourth largest streaming platform in the USA, with 1.8% of the total internet traffic.
    • Twitch is the world’s largest streaming platform for gamers.
    • It holds the world record for the world’s largest audience attendance for a live stream. A total of 436,000 audiences have gathered for the event.
    • Twitch has an average concurrent user of 2.9 million by February 2021.
    • Twitch has 3 million monthly creators who create content for people to watch.
    • Since the beginning of the lockdown, twitch’s viewers rose by 23%

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