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Sometimes all we need is good food in a good restaurant. If you are looking for such a restaurant, look no further than Twin Peaks Restaurant. This is simply a restaurant that is based in America with a unique menu for both breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Twin Peaks always has attentive and welcoming girls to serve you. With any kind of appetite, be sure to be satisfied

Twin Peaks Restaurant is a restaurant whose headquarter is in Addison, Texas United States of America but the Restaurant was founded in Lewisville, Texas in the United States of America back in the year 2008.

The restaurant offers services such as southern food, alcohol, beer, American food and among other foods. So far, the restaurant has diversified itself into 84 more locations across America. This is a restaurant that has won several awards. Meaning you won’t be disappointed with their services.

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  • Cesar Vasquez says:

    I got harassed by Alex manager at twin peaks at kennesaw Georgia. She threw me out one time saying I was loud, so I wrote a review on her. She told me to delete it or I would be banned and next time I went in. The bartender told me to watch out for her(Alex), I told her I wasn’t there to speak to Alex I was just stopping by to see her ( the bartender). Alex kept trying to talk to me and I kindly told her I didn’t want to speak to her and that when she kept harassing me and threw me out and banned me for not deleting a review I left.

    I’ve been a regular there for a long time. Way before Alex got there.

  • Jimmy Deleon says:

    I was singled out by mgr and she made sure I paid to watch the fight, which did not have problem paying. The issue as that she did not charge the other people that was sitting near me. She made the comment they are living early and that is why not going to charge them. One couple left 9:45 pm and others left after the fight did not pay.

  • Ilaina Hentz says:

    My first trip to Twin Peaks in Live Oak Texas and they messed up my order. I ordered a steak salad and a cob salad. I didn’t check the order because how can you mess up only 2 salads. Well they managed. When I got home there was no salad dressing. My steak was well done which is not what i wanted and yes it was dry. I wanted to try a burger there but now I’m not so sure. I don’t think I want a dry burger

  • Mike Leal says:

    Comment is in regards to the lack of empathy I experienced at your location in San Antonio North Park. On November 3 I visited location and left my Beat Fits Pro Device. Amanda server turned in to the manager name unknown. The following day I came in and talked to the same server and was informed by her that she turned my device into the manager on duty. A male manager also confirmed that they indeed had been turned in. I did not get his name. He did tell me he had seen them in the office. He than proceeded to seek out a female manager that to me was his superior. I believe her name was May or May May. After waiting a while she approached me and explained she had to get with a manager from the previous date to see where my device was put.

    This brings me to the “ lack of empathy part”, today November 5 I am back at the North Park location watching the Saturday games. I reached out to same female manager May or May May and she approached table. She questioned me about how do I know I left my device here at the location. Well previous conversation with staff confirm my device was turned in. She than demonstrated that she had no care to find my device. She did say after she handled all the “tv situations she would go tear up the office to find my device”. I don’t think she has done that. This situation is bigger than finding my device currently. It’s the lack of care that your staff has shown a loyal customer.

    I normally don’t go to these lengths to complain any feedback to slice my current situation would be appreciated.

    Mike Leal

  • Juan serrano says:

    I just had the worst experience in twin peaks I’ve ever had and I’ve seen People fight In this place but seeing a grown man the manager at (Knoxville ,tn Matt) screaming at a poor tiny employee that shes needed in the kitchen all across the floor of the restaurant. It really hurt my feelings about this place. If I was that girls dad me and that manager wouldve had some words. I don’t even talk to my kids like that. That’s not a way to treat your employees.

  • Travis Treloar says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I am emailing in regards to the military discount. On my order 2 days again Sunday the 28th of August. I ordered A OG pepperoni Pizza and 6 bone in wings. (The Waitress was very helpful). It as for the Manager LARRY. HE WAS NOT. He could not tell me why only one item on my meal would receive the 20% for my military discount. And as I ask what is the policy he said that’s it and what he was told. I eat and drink regularly at twin peaks 410 San Antonio. Also a great time. This Sunday was in San Marcos which is closer. Thank you in advance I just want to make sure we all are in the same page. As the internet just say 20%. Nothing about one item per military ID as LLARRY stated.

    Have a great day

  • Mark Bradley says:

    I have been a friends of twin peaks member since around 2016.every year i received my free birthday email. Up to 2020 when covid made us not able to go out.but now we can why won’t twin peaks send me my birthday email. I lved in webster Tx and then oklahoma city and every year i got my birthday meal email. But now my birthday is june 17 and i live in austin,Tx and no matter how many times i called and left messages you won’t send me my birthday meal email.WHY.

  • Francisco Hernan says:

    How come Twin Peaks never has any post comments or suggestions or feedback available on saying how on how are we doing on any Twin Peaks restaurants?

  • Tisha Cox says:

    This was the Columbus Ga location.

  • Tisha Cox says:

    I came to your restaurant and received the worse service ever. The server, didn’t give her name acted liked she didn’t want to be there. I had to ask twice for silverware. I had to ask several times for refills. Then when my food came out it had hair in it. Then we had to wait on my husband’s food.

  • Tim says:

    Twin peaks in Flatiron, CO has the worst service. I am from the South, so I know something about poor service. I am visiting Colorado and have stopped in to this Twin Peaks 3 times to watch hockey games. All three times it has taken at least 15 min for someone justvto take my drink order.

  • Rico says:

    Just left Twin Peaks in 440 SW 145t Ave, Pembroke Pines FL 33027 location @ 5:03 pm Saturday 5/7/2022. Customer service here is horrible. Just complained to the restaurant manager and he did nothing to resolve the issue. First we were seated at a table inside with broken legs. Sat and waited 20 minutes for a waitress to take our order and no one ever showed up. Lots of People were coming in and seated in our area and drink orders were taken. Straw that broke the camel’s back was 3 guys just walked in and seated, within 5 minutes drink orders taken. Now we have been still waiting past 20 minutes so I went to complain to manager. He said he didn’t know why it happened and thanked me for complaining. We left immediately after his poor response and Twin Peaks terrible customer service.

  • Steve Crisp says:

    Forgive the spelling mistakes on my first comment! Stupid spell check….hopefully you can understand the overall message

  • Steve Crisp says:

    Will I often give notice to good service, I would like it noted that this time goes well beyond what even I usually experience! I visited the Twin Peaks in Augusta Ga around 10pm on 3/24/22 for the first time. I am a travel nurse finishing my last tour here and wish I had visited much sooner in my tour. Let me state first that while yes many of the ladies look great in their outfits, as I’ve gotten older, that is not what really gets my attention. This time it was the personalities, honest, caring and beautiful as much inside as our! The food was good, but the service was the best of any I have. Had in long long time, and believe me when I say, I have some really good service many times, but this definitely made me pick this as my new favorite place, I honestly don’t think I could find any better anywhere else.
    Let me give thanks first to Lizxy who greater me as I first came in, very attentive, sweet, and if that had been my only contact was more than enough to garner a great report, however shortly after starting convo with Lizxy, Ally (long blonde hair) walked up, and for first time ever a watered that went out of her way to strike up a convo with me before I was even seated, and I wasn’t even in her section! Again if her initial interaction was t my only, it would have been the best. I was seated and then Leah my server approached a few minutes later, very nice young lady, she took my drink order, came back and spent several minutes answering questions about items, casual convo and not once did she see to be in a hurry to rush off! After leaving with my order, about 5-6 min later, I was surprised to see Ally approach my table and asked if the drinks he carried was mine, it turned out to be the wrong one but she was quick to return with the right one, and also did not hurry to rush out from, but lingered from r several minutes asking if there was anything else she could get for me, and we conversed for several minutes. I can say while I’ve had great service other places, no one has ever done as great a job as these young ladies did making me feel like I was the most important persons there. As I said, I’m travel nurse, seen many places but I have never felt inclined to go as far as to say, I think it would be a grave oversight on this companies part to not offer, if these young ladies were interested, a managerial position or at the least a nice increase in pay, they are the main reason I will come back again if in the area or somewhere another twin peaks is available! Also I would give Kudos to the manager who I initially talked to concerning these young ladies, I believe Aaron was his name, one of only 2-3 times I’ve. Complimented staff somewhere and he truly seemed thankful and interested in the details, again made me feel like I mattered! Thank you all for an outstanding evening!

  • Joshua Billings says:

    I wish you would accommodate bus drivers when they bring a group in for dinner. I understand that you do the military and EMS services.

  • william v haser says:

    This last Saturday evening February 5th,several of us (about 18 to be exact) went to the Twin Peaks in West Palm Beach Florida, which we have been several times before since they opened up a few years ago. We were all celebrating my sons birthday. After eating , drinking several shots and more food and our drinks, everyone was having a great time. WE were taking up to full high top tables , so we had two different waitresses. Both were great at their jobs ,all of us commented on how great they were. We had gotten there around 5pm so moving forward to around 9:30 maybe 10pm , I had stepped outside for some fresh air , while outside ( no more than 15 minutes)I was informed that we all were cut off and asked to leave. The only thing that happened was one of the young men with us got upset about something (personal) And smacked the table , which was wrong. My son went to him and walked him up to the bar so he could calm him down. While standing there , the manager on duty (his name was Alex)did not give my son , who was trying to explain what happened ,anytime to explain. He then said that the two of you and the rest of our two tables would have to leave. As a person who has been in management for over 40 years , Alex handled this whole thing horribly wrong. We had just spent over $1500.00 dollars at least , having a great time and not doing anything except this one young man , that my son was trying to get to a calm level. Alex really needs to know how to address these kind of things. I doubt that any of us will return to this Twin Peaks. by the way we have never caused any problems ever before and oh by the way I’m 75 and trust me Alex would never be my manager.

  • Kenny says:

    I came to the Lafayette,LA location with a friend of mine for some drinks and some appetizers and when approached by server Elise she was very rude and was not talking at all but was very friendly to everyone else she served. Once she seen we were upset then she wanted to try to talk. By that time we were just ready to leave because she def ruined our day. Hope y’all review this because that’s not good for business at all IMO! Thanks

  • Diana Diaz says:

    Hello. Today, Sunday 1/30/2022 3:12pm. My husband and I had Decided to go to Twin Peaks for KS. City game playoffs. Got to location in Burleson, TX. New place there in Burleson. We sat at corner space on bar and ordered a Bloody Mary for him and a draft Dos XX’s for me. First let me say this, “People if u talk to me and tell me kindly that I am not allowed DO something I will say ok and not do anything to offend your rules”. After all I am 56 yrs old. But if u let someone do what is against the rules and not say anything one thinks it’s ok. So I personally told my husband to leave me at least 1/4 of his Bloody Mary because a mixing of a Bloody Mary is hard to come by. I didnt want a whole Bloody Mary, just a lil bit to mix with my beer. So one of the barmaids told me I could not have two drinks in front of me. So I said ok take my beer and set it aside till I finish this beer. Instead of telling me I need the one you mixed. So I finished It and asked for the rest of my beer that was in small mug as well. But was told that the bartender had to give it to me. So I waited about 15 minutes. Asked nicely for it between servers and no one would give me my beer. Finally asked manager if he could give me a the rest of my beer. He said they had been monitoring my drinking but, not once did they take approach to tell me mam we can’t allow u to mix that Bloody Mary with your beer. He said I was being irate and never did i do anything wrong to make him say that. The manager even told me that I told the bartender you won’t give me my fucken beer. I never said that to no one. I dont know if they were using me as an example or prejudice. But I was embarrassed and humiliated. I am not a kid and if you think you can treat people like that you are wrong. Sorry I didnt leave a tip. We don’t expect favors for tips, but humiliation and using people for examples in unacceptable. Hope they didn’t erase the video to prove their ignorance.

  • Paul says:

    I am part of a group of men that eat at Twin Peaks every Thursday for the past many years. Today December 30th 2021 I attended with a small group (due to the Holiday). I was greeted as usual and we asked for a high top table for four. Before the young lady could answer the female who I believe was the manager stated we don’t seat groups of 4 at the high tops ( which is not true they separate using the lumber jacks axe) When I responded what about those right here in the front that are high tops and only seat four, she instructed the young lady to go ahead and seat us there. Our server took our order and I ordered a plain cheeseburger with nothing on it I am allergic to pickles. She said you want no lettuce, onions or tomato, right at which time I stated burger, bun, American cheese and fries without seasoning. When the food arrived the burger had onions, some kind of sauce and what appeared to be Avocados. Before I could mention the mistake to the server the person who I believe was the manager came over and asked if everything came out correctly. I brought the mistake to her attention and she in a very rude manner picked up the plate and went to the kitchen. Several minutes later she returned and said everything is ok know , our burger comes like that with all that on there it was just a mistake and placed the plate in front me I stated that I have been coming here for many years and have never had a problem getting a plain burger as she rudely stomped off. The others all stated, wow! how rude, she has a real bad attitude for a manager. First I noticed the toothpick was not in the sandwich, which indicates that the same sandwich had been returned, so I raised the bun and saw the onions and the stuff that looked like advocate’s were no longer there but the sauce remained, before I could bring this to her attention she hurried off. I attempted to get her attention but was unsuccessful. Finally we all got her to come to the table and I showed her the sauce was still there and stated I can’t eat this and she grabbed the plate with a rude attitude and stated fine the girl made a mistake so I’ll get you another. I stated well forget it now everyone else is done eating so I will just go eat somewhere else. As she stomped off everyone stated wow that’s no way for a manager to act. She continued to blame the server but the real mistake was what she did, pulling the onions and stuff off and returning the same food to with now cold fries while telling me they fixed the mistake. I am not a complainer but this attitude is not acceptable in my favorite restaurant. Not sure how long she has been there, possibly a few months but we have all noticed a change in this location since she has been there so I felt someone should be award of how this person is treating your customers.

    • Diana Diaz says:

      Yea I see they are selling a product that is not on the menu. Rudeness, lies and their main product women. I am Not against beauty and what comes with it, but when they use people to humiliate not cool. At a customers expense.

  • John says:

    The twin peaks in ft Myers fl is on the verge of a major law suit. I am a disabled army vet. Each Sunday I go there as well as many disabled vets. Many customers bring their pets in there especially dogs. All except one is controlled by their owner. There is one man whom brings a dog into the twin peaks patio and sits across from the bar allowing the dog to meander into the main walkway in the patio. It becomes a tripping hazard and requires almost everyone to causally step around this dog or wait for it to move. Many people have voiced a complaint of this to managers and even one written complaint. No action has or is being done. If anyone does trip over this dog and fall I will be glad to inform the victim that written as well as verbal and email complaints have been provided to you of this dog’s owners handling or lack of. Other guest I am aware of are also willing to speak out.

  • Observer and customer says:

    10 27 2021 Thursday disgusting rude manager. What a rude arrogant nasty manager you have . Never changes his scowl face , yells servers names rudely , never a smile to a single customer , the worst we have seen in the business . This person doesn’t even seem like he could change . He had zero co tact with us , just a fact at how he presents himself. Send someone in undercover and just watch . You will agree and fire him .

    • Diana Diaz says:

      Yea them managers seem to be have a spot on their nose. I’m not at all happy when someone uses their authority wrongfully. Hey what comes around goes around. Way to go Twin Peaks. The manager is always rite. Nottttt😉

  • Fox5810 says:

    One of your stores in Fort Worth northside I visit and it was so awful the manager was yelling at the girls and getting on to them it out on the floor and that not a manager he needs to be straighten up or removed from that management position because he is not a manager And he’s always sweating and carrying food out to the customers I saw and how would you like some I bring you the food you eat and he’s sweating all over your food that’s not healthy I think something needs to be resolved on this one I think it’s a Fort Worth northside and it should be taken care of soon as it can be

  • Michael A says:

    WORST Restaurant experience EVER! (ARDEN AVENUE, Sacramento) August 17 2021

    It is with great displeasure that I write this email to you tonight. As an ex-military pilot and businessman, I have travelled the globe and have mostly consumed good to amazing dining experiences. Tonight’s experience at the Howe/Arden location (Sacramento, CA) will go down as the worst dining and service experience I have ever had.      I just returned from an incredible week in Montana, relaxing, recharging to have a beer or two and some dinner with my college roommate visiting from Tokyo, Japan. We were both in great spirits after not having seen each other since pre-COVID at this very restaurant on Howe/Arden in Sacramento.      Our waitress was a distinct red headed woman (maybe Hannah?) She greeted us with a great big smile and proceeded to tell us that she was “working.” Mike and I looked at each other not knowing what to say so I jokingly handed her my wallet and said, “ok let’s do some buying.” She opened my wallet and removed a $50 bill and put back the 3 $1 bills. She said, ‘thank you”, took our beer order and walked away. I didn’t say anything because I thought we were all just having “fun.”     When it came down to closing out, she brought the bill out (not itemized) and proceeded to take my credit card (that I handed to her) and charged me $98.20 (I think). I asked her why she didn’t apply the $50.00 and she looked at me as though she thought I was crazy for asking. I told her nicely, please apply the $50 to our bill and I would tip her out of the credit card. She persisted and stood there asking me why I thought she should give the money back? It got very uncomfortable so I told her to “please just give me the money because this is getting awkward.” She walked away for what seemed like 10-15 minutes. I asked to speak to the manager. He came up to us and I explained to him what happened and trust me, I was stern and direct because at this time I was really getting upset. He walked up to her and it appeared as though he was reprimanding her. He never came back to our table to ask if we received the money and he never apologized for the treatment we were receiving.   15 minutes later, the waitress came back once again, with the $50 bill in her hand giving me a hard time as to why I felt like she should return the money to me.  By this time, I was pissed. I told her to “close me out, we are outta here.” She stood there and told me to sign the credit card statement in spite of the fact that she never gave us an itemized receipt until we asked 3 times.     I asked her if she felt that she deserved a tip and proceeded to say yes, “I did my part so you should do yours.” In spite of the hassle and trauma caused, I tipped her in excess of 20%. Once I signed the receipt, she proceeded to go off on me calling me an “old man” and a whole lot worse. She was verbally abusive like I have never experienced in any setting, especially a restaurant setting. She also tore up the receipts (all of them) and stuffed it into my friend’s beer.      I’m 54 years old. I have NEVER experienced this abuse in any setting, by anyone, ever!  I’m willing to bet that she has done this before but this is just my intuition speaking. I would like to speak with you at your earliest convenience regarding this matter. (760) 405-3770
    1. I would like to resolve this with you.2. I’m prepared to go to several social media outlets to share my story. 3. I will contact corporate after writing this email to you. 4. I’ll consider going to other media outlets as necessary if needed.
    All of this was avoidable. The anguish caused by her lack of professionalism and abuse is disgusting and unbecoming of a woman. (or man for that matter) I don’t expect to be catered to when I dine. In fact, I’m quite “chill” but I don’t expect to be abused either. Please call when you can. Thank you!

  • B.Lee says:

    I went by the hollywood location around 1230. I came back around 3pm the restroom was bad then a disaster later. No one really cared.

  • greg gallion says:

    I didn’t read the post before I submitted it I was trying to say as I took chicken wings home they were nasty The manager didn’t care I’ll never go back to Twin Peaks again

  • greg gallion says:

    I want to 20 peaks and got chicken wings took him home nasty as food I mom Nancy is forever in my life the wings the wings were so small no season and it was no season and it was just playing out nasty I would never eat there again I would never eat there again manager was rude when I called injured was rude when I called didn’t even say sorry didn’t even care

  • Anónimo says:

    Solo para notificar que el km de twin peaks en ft myers ( Tim).. hace bulling alas personas de estatura baja ,, diciéndoles que son enanos .. es aberrante cómo se expresa de las personas que son bajas de estatura

  • Michael Murphy says:

    Hello, I was in your Boise restaurant this afternoon. First I have zero complaints and one request. Inside on the fireplace mantle is a red Coleman lantern. I recently started collecting these and I would love to get my hands on that one. I asked to speak with the GM or a on shift manager but I guess they were too busy to talk to me and that I can understand. I was referred to corporate and so that is what I’m doing.

    What do I need to do to take ownership of that lantern? As I said I just started collecting them so I’m no expert but I figure it is worth about 25 bucks as it sits. Possibly 250 once it is restored and the only to a collector.

    Please contact me as I have left my number with the on duty manager.

    Thank you.

  • Chuck Bruskin says:

    You suck

  • Beverly says:

    The twin peaks in Lubbock tx is the most disrespectful place I ever been to the managers are unprofessional and is extremely rude

  • Shannon Uglow says:

    Worst twins I’ve ever been too!

  • John Rodgers says:

    I went to your restaurant in Lafayette Loiusiana especially to see the wilder fury fight. I ordered an appetizer and a meal a coke n a Guinness. I sat alone an when I got up to use the men’s room I came back and my food was gone n the general managers women was wiping down my table. This was rude to say the least

  • douglas says:

    class action lawsuit coming

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