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Brad D. Smith

Chairman, President & CEO

Michelle M. Clatterbuck

Chief Financial Officer

Vijay Anand

Senior VP & Head of Global Development Center

Sanket Atal

VP & MD of India Development Center

Sasan K. Goodarzi

Executive VP & GM of Small Business & Self Employed Group

Per-Kristian Halvorsen

Senior VP & Senior Fellow

Gregory N. Johnson

Executive VP & GM of Consumer Group

Albert Ko

Chief Transformation Officer

Bernard F. McKay

Chief Public Policy Officer & VP of Corporate Affairs

Mark Notarainni

Chief Customer Success Officer

About Turbotax Of Intuit, History and Headquarters Information

Michael a Chipman in 1980 developed a software for tax guidance and preparation for USA citizens. Chipman belonged to Chipsoft which is now famous as Intuit consumer tax group create.

It is not a single version software in fact there are different versions that are available depending on the complexities of taxes that are involved based on person to person. Turbotax premium and TurboTax Deluxe are the most famous examples.

This software helps a person to easily identify and file his tax return. Tax software all around the world are not easy to handle as they would only process the data that a person would feed in, that is why there has been a lot of complaints lodged against the software but the company has always stick to its point. It is available for all the three famous operating system including windows, MAC and android.

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  • Tom Sarc says:

    I need a fax or email for turbo tax…SECURITY/FRAUD issue!

  • Amaloney says:

    I still have not received my refund and have been on hold for days and days and have sent multiple emails. No response. Would never use again.

  • Nikki Sommers says:

    ABSOLUTELY LIVID!! The website has been faulty, there’s been a massive lack of help & a desire to help from customer service & now we are 3 days late, have penalty fees on top of the $20,000+ that we owe the IRS on taxes this year, have had to be absent from our company for that entire 3 days, losing revenue AND my husbands previous payment plan agreement with the IRS is most likely considered “defaulted” on due to the lack of support from the employees at TurboTax.

    First & foremost for everyone else having an awful experience here, for corporate complaints email:


    My husband & I are having the absolute worst experience we’ve ever had with a company, dealing with TurboTax this year.. & I’ve been using them since I was 17(now I’m 31)…

    I’ll be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau for customer negligence & lack of knowledge, training & resources to the customer care department employees.

    Best wishes,

    -Nichole Mecham & Brandon Sommers

  • Terry Scott says:

    I filed my taxes 2/23/2022 TurboTax advertised it was free before 3/31/2022. On 3/30/2022 IRS deposits $7,618 into my account TPG a third party through TurboTax took the entire refund and credited my account $3,999 and took out a fee of $256.00 for using TurboTax. I’ve called TPG numerous of times to only be lied to about them sending me out a check on March 21,2022. TurboTax won’t respond to my calls or emails. IRS has confirmed issuing out $7,618 into my bank account and that I should have received it but I haven’t. TPG fraudulently stole $3,618 from my federal refund and refuse to give it back.

  • suzanne p francis says:

    I have used Turbo Tax for the last 8 years and have found it very easy to use….until this year. It was hard to follow. It went here and there. It did not seem to have any order to it. It was very frustrating. I was very disappointed and not sure if I even completed all of the questions. I will not use it again.

  • TWhite says:

    I just received my Federal Tax Return money but did not receive a full refund. The money was deposited by TPG products and was short by $800. I have attempted to call several different phone numbers, including the one for the corporate office, but you do not have the option to speak with a live person. I will be contacting the FTC, BBB and anyone else that might be of assistance in getting MY money returned to me

  • John says:

    Spoke with someone gave the runaround when I would try and talk she would speak over me would not let me explain the issue Sent me a wrong email saying issue was resolved will not be using this service again foe my buisness

  • turbotax customer says:

    TurboTax Expert Casey in Houston, TX for Full Service last message to me on Feb 28, 2022 is “I am working on your return” and then I get an email on March 4, 2022 that no one is working on my return. I have been patiently waiting for my return to be prepared since February 12, 2022 after selecting full service and providing my credit card info.

  • Barbara A Cole says:

    Do you have any remote idea (or do you care) How very offensive your commercial is where the black man is spewing coffee in the white man’s face? First if all spitting coffee in ANYONE”S face is disgusting and offensive.
    Secondly, if the white man was spitting that in the black man’s face you never would see it aired.
    You are showing very poor taste in your representation of your company, and therefore I will not be using TurboTax for any of my business.

  • Scott says:

    I think it is dispicable and disgustingly racist to have a comercial with a black man spitting in the face of another man. Your company is shameful

  • Phillip P Chmiel says:

    Do you know who the woman is that’s riding the horse in the new Intuit TurboTax commercial? Thank you

  • Vinson Jernigan says:

    I just read some of the comments about Turbo .This is absolutely ridiculous.I fill my Taxes with you guys in March of 2020 for my 2019 taxes. I was so important filling my taxes with no problems.Now it a problem with you giving me my money . Need my money thatI work for .Turbotax get it to gather .

  • Vinson Jernigan says:

    Vinson Jernigan I talk to The IRS finally.IRS has said my 2019 Tax are in Turbo office ,no one has contact me about my Tax.They were fill with you guys in2020. How can I find out what going on with them.

  • Gary goodwin says:

    You guy mest up helping me file and i need you guys to help to fix it

  • TG says:


  • TG says:

    NEVER RECEIVED MY 2019 FED TAX RETURN After contacting the IRS was informed the IRS did process my refund and sent it back to turbo tax so they can deposit it to my account. Turbo tax never deposited nothing and a yr later still cannot get a hold of live agent for assistance. Turbo Tax has my federal tax refund and needs to deposit my money to my account until then TURBO TAX HAS STOLEN MY FEDERAL TAX REFUND they are thieves!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony Trentacosta says:

    I filed 2019 federal & NYS Income taxes early then discovered income was omitted and filed amended returns through TurboTax. Later clicked on the TurbTax icon, that is the only place I stored my tax returns, to get information e

  • John L Spinelli says:

    Your “robot” phone answers to my request for assistance with your product are simply ineffective. I am a 77 year old guy with his tax return halted because no one with your comapny (someone with a pulse) will talk to me. Your “robots)talk at you and there is a hell of a difference. Being on social security means that my limited funds have been completly wasted on you product. But then, when something seems too good to be true, it usually isn’t. My mistake…. I have 60 days left before the IRS can hammer me; perhaps a miracle will happen, because your 800-446-8848 does not relate to someone my age from the 20th Century.

    Turbo Tax may well work for the workers of today, but for a retired worker on social security; it dosen’t.

    John Spinelli 972-801-8835

  • TICKED OFF!!!!!!!!! says:

    i filed my return with turbo tax on march 16.. i chec on the computer and says ‘in progress’ this is june 9th 2019…i am contacting corp… and filing a report with the better business bureau…if i get a penalty for late taxes i will be sending it to turbo tax… i will not pay a penalty that was not my fault… turbo tax is holding my return.. they can talk to IRS …. I will tell everyone to not use turbo tax…. to do SO is at your financial risk with the IRS.

  • rick says:

    they charged me almost $50 for my nonresident state return and totally screwed it up, it took all my income not made in that state and put it on my state return. then when you try to get your money back just try to get someone on the phone

  • Tom in Elburn IL says:

    I am disappointed this year (2018 tax year) in TurboTax (TT). TT made me file a waiver for an underpayment penalty when none existed on Form 2210, and it would not let me print my state tax return, saying the forms are not yet available when they were. TT acknowledged it was there problem. I have 2 case numbers from TT. But, they just closed the case numbers, and there is apparently no fix in the hopper. Very poor product this year. Past years have been great for me, but not the 2018 tax year. Next year, no Turbo Tax!

  • D C in NH says:

    I completed my return but the TT state return would not acknowledge my paid quarterly estimated tax payments. It only showed my tax obligation but not the payments I made and listed in the return. Questions are never answered and always deflected. You are left on your own which is extremely nonsensical. Why pretend to offer basic help or answers.

    • Heather Inman says:

      I need someone to tell me what happened to my $4,000 from my refund!!! Turbo tax make it RIGHT

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