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Patricia A. Stitzel

President and Chief Executive Officer

E. V. (Rick) Goings

Executive Chairman

Lillian D. Garcia

Executive Vice President, Chief Talent and Engagement Officer

Luciano Garcia Rangel

Group President, Latin America

Asha Gupta

Group President, Asia Pacific

Simon C. Hemus

Vice Chairman

Michael Poteshman

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Nick Poucher

Senior Vice President and Controller

Karen M. Sheehan

Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer & Secretary

William J. Wright

Executive Vice President, Product Innovation and Supply Chain

About Tupperware, History and Headquarters Information


Tupperware was founded in the year 1946. The company has been operational for almost 73 years now. The founder of the company was Ear Tupper. The main aim of the company was to manufacture airtight containers. During the 1950s, the sales of the company’s products showed an immense rise due to the introduction of the direct marketing strategy, known as the Tupperware Party. Via the Tupper ware Party, women were allowed to sell these products part-time or full-time, to their relatives and other acquaintances, and therefore earn salary via commission.

But in the year 1958, the company was sold off to Rexall for about $16 million. The name of the company was also changed to Tupperware Brands Corporation as well. The company’s first Tupperware Party outside of the USA was set up in England around 1960. Then in the year 2003, the company stopped selling its products in Ireland and England, due to customer dissatisfaction of the direct sales strategy. As of the year 2018, the company also stopped selling in Israel, leaving about 2,000 agents without a job. The headquarters of the company is based in 14901 South Orange Blossom Trail. The name of the place is Orlando, while the name of the state is Florida, USA. The pin code of the area is 32837.


Tupperware is an American company that designs and manufactures various kinds of houseware products and also airtight containers as well. The current CEO of the company is  Patricia A Stitzel. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $2.2 billion. Also, as of the year 2010, the number of employees working under the company worldwide is more than 13,500. The top marketplace for Tupperware was Indonesia, where the sales were more than $200 million in 2013, and the total number of agents were over 250,000.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to purchase various kinds of airtight plastic containers being offered by the company, via their direct marketing Tupperware Part agents and salespersons. The products sold by the company include storage products, serving products for home and kitchen, beauty products, etcetera.

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  • Vicki L Schaeffer says:

    Where is this TuppSocial website? I am a new consultant and watched a video titled First Steps to TuppSocial in the TuppNow tasks and I can’t seem to find it? I Google TuppSocial and click on it and it takes me to MyOffice. There is one in Australia, but not here? HELP!

  • Rocio says:

    Thank you so much for your fast response. They have just sent the invoice finally.

  • Rocio says:

    I joined Tupperware in Mexico City in April and I was very happy about it. Until I asked for a quote to deduct taxes. They have been making it hard, first they said that I should have asked before making the order. Then I’m like officially by law is when I pay the receipt. Then they say they will. Then my second order they I gave my information. They didn’t. And also they mentioned that it was for people with big orders. (Unlike this poor starter). Then they tell me I’m missing a paper and is already May. Then the lady who was charging me writhe down my whole tlc card number. And I asked her why. And she responded that it was a requirement for taxes. And I was like no it is not. Something so simple they make it so hard. And I don’t want to complain in my country as Mexico is quite corrupt. So I’m writing to you. It is very discouraging. What I would like to suggest is that no matter in which distributor we are subscribed we small buyers can do a Factura online. To avoid making them work too hard as the distributor is opened only from 8:30 til 2 pm most part of the month. This was in Mexico City Confetti. I want to remain anonymous cause who knows if they repercussions. And they have a lot of my info which I don’t see the point if they don’t give credit. I pay as I receive. Although they must remember me. As I’m new and have gone already 4 times for my invoices.

  • tanyaalchisolmm63@gmail.com@gmail.com says:

    I just made a comment to your page and I didn’t give you my order number for the order that I’m complaining about that I did not receive I was supposed to receive it on a Sunday I have not received it yet and I just want to refund my ticket number for my refund is 0 1 2 6 7 0 0 9 my phone number is 614-327-6001 my email on the last comment is not the correct one.. Tanyaalchisolmm63@gmail.com….. this is my correct email

  • tanyalchisolm09@gmail.com says:

    My name is Tanya Chisolm I live in Columbus Ohio I am very very disappointed with Tupperware mainly because I sit in for a refund on March 9th 2022 it is now March 16th of 2022 I’ve explained to them that I needed to refund as soon as possible because my mother has dementia and I need to get her medication what is the problem with this I don’t know it didn’t take you that long to take it off my card but I just told first and the next day that I will get the refund then I’m told it to wait till 3 to 5 days I’ll get the refund and I was told to wait and then today I was told 3 weeks I need someone to get on this ASAP my mother has not come home from the hospital until I have this money for her medication how can somebody please get in contact with me at 614-327-6001 call me back ASAP I would have to make my next move this really makes no sense to me please call me my name is Tanya Chisholm thank you

  • sreelaraach7@gmail.com says:

    With a heavy heart, time has come for me to say goodbye to using your Tupperware products.
    Beautiful colours and easy to maintain Tupperware products were always a part of everyday morning for all members in my family. Every academic year, like a ritual, I used to buy the latest Tupperware products.

    Unfortunately, today I was treated very, very badly by one of your Tupperware dealer’s in Banashankari, MVS Complex, Lower Ground Floor, 100 Feet Road, Kathriguppe, Banashankari, Bangalore – 560085 ( some strange and obnoxious woman named Adi Lakshmi runs the store ).

    I went there to exchange some of my Tupperware products and add few more to my collection. But her rude and arrogant behaviour just shocked me.
    I always came across Tupperware dealers who were well trained in customer service.
    As we come from a sophisticated and educated community I’m forced to voice my opinion to the concerned team and hope that suitable action will be taken.

    It looks like obviously she is a black mark on the Tupperware brand as such.
    The products I wanted to exchange were not in a good condition as my domestic help had packed and kept them for herself and I wanted to give it in good condition to her, as her children would use it for their school.

    This evening I walked into the store and the store in charge whose name is Adilakshmi, started throwing my Tupperware products asife and started abusing me. She behaved very badly and it was very unbecoming of a Tupperware representative. She should be stopped before she causes any more such bad experiences for genuine Tupperware customers. She needs to be tamed and taught how she should deal with loyal, long standing Tupperware customers.

    I request someone at your end to take note of this before any further damage is done to the brand.

    I for one will never vouch for Tupperware, ever again, after such a bitterly painful experience.

    No customer should undergo the humiliation I was put through today.

    My decency and upbringing prevented me from retaliating ( which I was perfectly capable of doing ).

    I am writing to you with a lot of pain and hope that you will take action against this particular sales woman who is ruining Tupperware’s reputation in the Bangalore market.

    A shocked, angry and hurt (ex) customer,

    Sreela Acharya
    +91 9880040526

  • Lora V says:

    I have had the worst experience with Tupperware. I was so excited when I found a flyer for a Tupperware party. The product I’ve received is very hard, difficult to get the lids on, and the first order never arrived. The replacement order was short one product. Of course, they took my money for it! But every time I’ve tried to call, and I’ve called many times, I get zero assistance. I’ve emailed. Zero assistance on this missing item. I used an online form. It apparently is a 3rd party with a very vulgar name! I thought Tupperware was a good product with a wholesome image (moms having Tupperware parties!). I will never order modern Tupperware again, and I’m very sorry I ordered all that I did this first (and last) time. I especially do not like that they ripped me off by taking my money but not supplying the product. Next stop for me: Attorney General of Florida and the Better Business Bureau.

  • Karen L Lord says:

    Have always used Tupperware. Bought the bowls that collapse. I received them and they are too hard to expand. I asked to return them and get something different. So now I have to pay for the return shipping, wait a week or so for my money to be refunded. Shame on Tupperware. DO NOT purchase them!

  • mo says:

    I am a new consultant. I started in August of last year. I have had no problems until now. Things happened in my life . I was forced to relocate to another state. I thought no problem. until I was informed that my address from previous orders could not be changed at Tupperware before items are shipped. That I would have to get i touch with Fedex to redirect my shipment for a few. They fedex will not direct unless it’s in the same city. I have almost 2000.00 worth of product that still has not been shipped to me from months ago. I have been told that it’s not their problem, to have a friend pick it up and mail it to me. Well I agave nobody to do this. I contacted Tupperware and changed my address to my new address as soon as i got one. Shipping should as well be able to change the address as well. Something needs to change for this. This is a very poor way of doing business,. we are working for them making money for the company. so do something to help us.

  • Loretta Miller says:

    These people are very rude lazy and stupid. I have tried for 10 days to get them to come and get a box that was delivered to my house from them that does not belong to me. I have even tried to call fed ex and they will not come and get it either. I guess that is why their prices are so high for this junk. They deliver to wrong address and then NEVER go pick it up. Then ask me how have I tried to get it picked up. I should not have to try for 10 days for you get get over here to get it.

  • Susan Baer says:

    I would like to say that it took over 40 minutes and working with 2 customer service representatives to place an order for one replacement lid. I was put on hold numerous times, disconnected by the first representative and put on a hold (again)by the second representative when I asked to speak to a supervisor about my experience. He never got back to me so after holding for 5 minutes I hung up. I was not rude nor impatient during the calls. I worked in a call center for 20 years and this type of customer service would not have been tolerated. I wanted to suggest to the supervisor that she review the call with the first representative and provide coaching. Suffice to say that the next time I need to replace something of Tupperware, I will go to the store and buy a replacement for the container. I like my Tupperware and have had it for years but don’t need to waste my time after this fiasco.This should have been a 5 minute call.

  • Ben says:

    Refering to the case number PLG044423, this incident was happened in Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Malaysia on 31/10/2019. I was badly treated by both business centre in Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Malaysia and customer service headquarter in Selangor, Malaysia. As earlier conversation, customer service head Ms Jinn Lee was promised this case will handover to new hire business operation manager, but for this moment still in mid of hiring on 25 Nov 2019. By 29 Nov 2019, I got a call from Ms Jinn Lee, the investigation was completed, no feedback to customer, at the same time, customer no right to know and talk to manager in charge. How can this happened?
    Now explain how the business centre owner how they serve customers? They told customers, we are not suppose to come on the last day of the month, because they are busy with stock count activity. The owner told us, if we are not happy with the words, she said we can make a complaint. Further more the owner brother said, don’t be funny here, if we are not happy with the service, customers can go to other business centre, at the same time, for those exchange items, they are not earning money from customers? There are some not nice words from the centre as well.
    Kindly feedback from headquarter in USA, please contact me. Thanks

  • Donna Gilkison says:

    Would you please send me your current catalog? 2727 W. South Parkway Dr., Muncie, IN 47304
    Thank you.

  • Jacquie says:

    I want to comment on the quality control of any item sold to me via the internet. Please call me at 760-652-6240. My order #101000455138.

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