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Where is Tumbleweed Restaurants Corporate office Headquarters

Tumbleweed Restaurants Headquarters Address and Contact

Tumbleweed Restaurants
  • Address: 2301 River Road, Louisville, KY 40206, United States
  • Phone Number: 502-893-0323
  • Fax Number: 502-893-6676
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees:  5000
  • Established: 1975
  • Founder: George R. Keller
    Linda Keller
  • Key People: Mathew Higgins (President and CEO)

Tumbleweed Restaurants Headquarters Location & Directions

Tumbleweed Restaurants Headquarters Executive Team



Mr. Glennon F. Mattingly

Chief Financial Officer and Vice President

Ms. Lynda J. Wilbourn

Vice President and Controller

Vice President of Operations

About Tumbleweed Restaurants, History and Headquarters Information

Tumbleweed Restaurants was founded in the year 1975. The company has been operational for almost 44 years now. The founders of the company were Linda Keller and George R Keller. In the year 1995, the company was sold off to sixty local investors for an amount $9.8 million along with an additional $1 million as well. In the year 2002, the CEO of the company was seeking ownership for the company along with other investors as well. Then in the year 2007, the company’s CEO had resigned. In the year 2009, the company had filed for bankruptcy. As of the year 2014, the company had closed down almost eight out of its remaining 32 locations. The headquarters of the company is based in 2301 River Road. The name of the place is Louisville, while the name of the state is Kentucky, USA. The pin code of the area is 40206.

Tumbleweed Restaurants is an American restaurant company that is focused on providing various kinds of grilled food along with casual dining dishes and recipes, combined with a full bar service too. The current CEO and president of the company are Matthew Higgins. As of the year 2006, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $60 million. The current number of employees working in the company is more than 5,000.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to experience American-Mexican cuisine along with full bar service, offered by the company itself. The company also provides food menu items like steak, chicken, seafood, burritos, house salads, chimichangas, etcetera.

Tumbleweed Restaurants Headquarters Photos

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  • Vanessa says:

    Bring back twice baked potatoes!!!!!

  • Ruth and Terry Becker says:

    My husband and I ate at our local Tumbleweed in Wooster, Ohio and were blown away with the service we received from your manager Seth. Seated us took our order and helped fix our order.I could see him in the kitchen. He has such a positive attitude and energy and loves his job. You couldn’t ask for a better employee.

    • Kenneth McCoy says:

      Me and my family of four went tumbleweed on outer loop last Wednesday walk in hostess wasn’t there we wanted five minutes walk to the bar no one was there wanted five minutes so we went to Elnopal

  • Gina Hamm says:

    Very very disappointed. New Albany, In. restaurant was horrible. I’ve been sick not able to eat for 4 days and I finally feel like eating. I ordered 2 orders of potato skins . They had to have been from the day before. They were as hard as nails. There wasn’t a soft part to any of them ! Very pissed and still hungry!!!! Thanks Tumbleweed

  • Patricia Hamilton says:

    New Albany store location employees sitting around while tables are still dirty with dishes from prior customers. We were only guest in restaurant food came out cold, wrong for entire party of three. They didn’t get up and clean until I said I’m a former tumbleweed employee and this place was sad. Then all of a sudden they cared.

  • J Harrison says:

    Server started off ok. Recommended a drink that tasted exactly like a blue jolly rancher. Sadly l, it did not. I ordered Sugar on the rim. I got salt. Drank it anyway without complaining. Ordered Salsa with our chips. Had to ask him 3 times to bring the Salsa.
    I ordered a medium rare ribeye , and specifically said I like it pink but not bloody. Waited for our food for 50 minutes. ( my son ordered chicken tenders)

    Server brought the steak and it was medium well. The server apologized and took the steak back. We sat there another 30 minutes and the server brought the steak back. It was RAW when I cut into it. Not once did a manager come to the table. At this point we just wanted to leave. He took my food off and the drink my son didn’t drink. My bill with $10 was still $43 and I didn’t even get a good meal. I told the server he may want to get a job at Texas Roadhouse where they get the steak right the first time.
    Absolutely Horrible Experience and the lack of concern from management was not acceptable!
    Chillicothe, Ohio

  • Clara skaggs says:

    Food OK, service terrible, communication, nonexistent.
    This has been since August 20,2022.

  • SK says:

    I went to your Zanesville Ohio location today. First time I have eaten there in almost a year. Ordered a beef taco salad. Took them twenty minutes to get it ready. No refried beans or salsa like I asked and you paid the price which included both of these items. It is ridiculous your location can’t get a simple order right!

  • Douglas Howard jr says:

    You guys are becoming a joke of a restaurant, I have to wait for lunch because you can’t allow servers To take more that 4 tables! So the options are wait on my lunch brake and not be able to eat, leave and go somewhere where they attend to the customers!! I’ll choose the second one! I’m here at tumbleweed in Heath Ohio I also go to the zanesville one however I will not be coming here or attending any other tumbleweed again!! The manger isn’t even here to talk to and the hostess is not a happy greeting person. This experience is one of the worst I’ve had with any restaurant.

  • Gauge Smith says:

    I quit not two weeks ago because I was missing a whole paycheck and now I’m missing my three weeks and still a whole pay check. I’m not really sure what to do as the general manager at the Wooster Tumbleweed was unfriendly abt me questioning where my pay is.

  • Martha Buchanan says:

    July 27 we went to the Springhurst location for dinner. There were not a dozen customers in the restaurant. It was a twenty minute wait to be acknowledged by a receptionist. I do mean acknowledge we were even there.
    After we were seated our waitress immediately brought drinks and chips. We placed our order. My order was 6 oz sirloin, medium, chefs salad and baked sweet potato. The salad arrived without the croutons which is my favorite thing. I mentioned it to my server and they arrive 20 minutes they had to be cooked which was to take a couple o minutes. It seems the fryer was turned on low causing delay.
    The steak and potato arrived cold as ice. The butter would not melt on the potato it was so cold. My server ordered a new potato which was very tasty it only took another mmm 20 minutes later. I accepted the Luke warm steak because my husband was almost finished with his meal. I was very dissatisfied and disappointed. Our server was super trying to cope with the situation. If this is a premier location for conferences. I think you have a problem and I don’t usually complain. This was beyond bad. Just thought you would like to know.

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