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Name Title
M. Troy Woods CEO / President
Keith Pierce Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer Issuer Solutions
Scott Carter CTO
Joe Polino Vice President of Engineering
April Grudier Vice President of Brand Marketing
Natalie ODonnell Vice President, Marketing
Galen Klauman Vice President, Application Systems
Damian Tanenbaum SVP Tsys Merchant Services Customer Experience & Global Contact Centers
Joia Johnson Member Board Of Directors
Carey Blackstone Chief Strategy Officer and Treasurer (2018-Present)
Steve Humber EVP & CTO
Bob Klingler Executive Director, Digital Experience & Creative
Jack Key Global Chief Information Security Officer
Ray Gross Senior Vice President -Direct Sales
David Rumph Senior Vice President Financial Planning & Analysis
Mike McKitrick Senior Vice President Global Compensation, Benefits & HR Technology
Irene Sierra Senior Vice President Human Resources
Dustin Siner Senior Vice President Of Sales
Sarah Owen Senior Vice President, Customer Engagement Products
Juan Gorricho Senior Vice President, Data & Analytics
Monica Ojendyk Senior Vice President, Global Talent Management
Michele Mastrean Sr. Vice President – Human Resources
Jody Pollard SVP Human Resources
Keith Hall Vice President
Denzu Habbi Vice President , Application System Development, Digital Ops
Tim Slusher Vice President Application Development

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  • James Shumard says:


    You had the opportunity to continue to employ an individual with top secret clearance, but failed miserably when the security fob failed to sync up with the server.
    The trainer was not helpful, could not attend class being unable to login, help desk disclaimed any responsibility,
    claimed it was not their problem but the employee’s.
    The ineptitude regarding this situation along with the brazenly indifference predicated that being employed with this company is not worth the aggravation of dealing with the diabolical infrastructure that constitutes your companie’s attitude to others within it.
    This may cause problems for your customers when this extreme adolescent attitude is further used towards them…
    Good luck in the future, you will need that to remain solvent…
    Thank you
    James Shumard

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