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TSA was founded in the year 2001. The organisation has been active for almost 17 years now. The organisation was created mainly after the terrorist attacks of the year 2001. The attacks revealed several weaknesses in the current security measure in the airport. During that time, multiple types of private companies controlled the air travel security, and thus the USA government concluded that only the federal government could do best in terms of protecting passenger aviation. During that time, the Congress was in power, and therefore it authorised the creation of TSA, into the Aviation and Transportation Security Act. In the year 2001, the proposal was signed by George W Bush, and John Magaw was nominated as the senator for following in these operations.  The project was mainly placed under the hands of the United States Department of Transportation and was later moved to the hands of the Department of Homeland Security.

The organisation hired screeners in order to start to begin operating security checkpoints at various airports. The USA government had put most of their efforts in testing the project and the last time the government did something of that stature, was testing the recruits during World War II. In the year 2002, the organisation had assessed almost 1.7 million applicants for about 55,000 job placements. TSA helps in protecting the USA transport systems, which also includes highways, roads, buses, ports, mass transit systems, pipelines, etcetera. The organisation fulfils all of these operations with the help of other state partners and federal agencies as well. The main focus of TSA is on airport terminal security and prevention of any kind of aircraft hijacking as well. The organisation is currently responsible for the screening of passengers and baggage at more than 450 airports in the USA. The headquarters of the company is based in 601 12th Street South. The name of the place is Arlington, while the name of the state is Virginia, USA. The area pin code is 20598.


TSA is an American organisation that focuses on maintaining and protecting the safety and security of the USA passengers when travelling through various modes of transportation. The current administrator of the organisation is David Pekoske. As of the year 2019, the total number of employees working in the organisation is more than 51,000. Also, as of the year 2018, the total sales revenue generated by the organisation is more than $7.5 billion.


The primary services of the organisation include controlling the authorisation it has over the security of the US citizens travelling in public transport modes, in the USA. The organisation uses various screening officers, along with armed federal marshals and also dog handlers and explosive specialists as well.

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  • Desheicka Taylor says:

    I have a complaint.

  • Richard D Bartlett says:

    My friend was flying from LAX to new Orleans and had two bars of gold worth about 150 thousand dallors . And had no extra money . She was told she had to ensure it for 300 Dollars and. Wouldn’t let her on her flight witch she lost her flight money be cause of it … I read your palicy and that’s not what it says . What can she do now that she is stuck at the airport ????

  • Allen says:

    Hello, I am a candidate for a TSO position for the San Diego Airport. I am receiving an email message that indicates that my OF-306 form requires an update. The email indicates that I need to use the candidate portal to make the update. However, upon reaching the form via the portal, the form indicates that it is complete, and does not allow for corrections, additions, or any new inputs. I have emailed the help desk with no response other than the automated response that my message has been received. I have also phoned all the numbers that I can find with no help. Can you please direct me to the proper authority for assistance. Thank you.

    • Anthony says:

      Allen, I had the same problem. The response I received indicated that if the portal will not let you update, your 306 had been accepted. Also you should run a copy of the 306 as a receipt and verification

  • Carter Hardy says:

    TSA HQ in Arlington, VA was decommissioned around the beginning of 2021. The new HQ is located in Springfield, VA.

  • Travis says:

    Good afternoon,

    I am also a new applicant to TSO, and I am having the same issue as Jeb with my background check and unable to sign into e-QIP. I have emailed TSA help desk three times receiving no response. I am really looking forward to working with TSA and don’t want to miss an opportunity due to no fault of mine. Can someone please help me.

    Thank you

  • Jeb says:

    Good morning,

    I am a new applicant to a TSO position and I was sent an email to complete background check on e-qip within the allotted days. I am unable to log onto e-qip using my ss due to having been registered for my prior federal government job and I simply don’t recall my user name and password. I emailed the TSA help desk twice and they haven’t replied back. I contact e-qip and told me the three cannot help and were informed all TSA related callers to teach out to TSA help desk. You see, I might lose a desperately needed job for no fault of mine. I am a veteran and I’ve been unemployed for nearly a year. I am not sure who to turn to for help except you. Thank you.

    • Travis says:

      Hey Jeb, I am having this same problem. Did you receive any help regarding this? If so, can you please direct me on what to do. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Beth Stubblefield says:

    Need to speak w a Supervisor or above Re contracted TSA employees issues.

  • Beth Stubblefield says:

    Who does a contracted aTsa Employee speak to re existing issues at contracted airports?

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