Where is Troy-bilt Corporate office Headquarters

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  • Address: Cleveland, Ohio, 44136, United States
  • Phone Number: (330) 225-2600
  • Email:Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 47
  • Established:
  • Key People: 

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Where is Troy Bilt Corporate office Headquarters

Troy Bilt Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 5965 Grafton Rd, Valley City, OH 44280, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 330-225-2600
  • Fax Number: 330-273-4617
  • Email: Support.ca@troybilt.com
  • Number of Employees: 6800
  • Established: 1937
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Donna

Troy Bilt Headquarters Location & Directions

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If you have been struggling with yard work, struggle no more. Troy Bilt offers you more sophisticated, durable and the best quality mowers to help you enjoy your work more. Troy Bilt is the company that is known and will forever be remembered for changing the America landscaping back in the year 1937. Until today, Troy is still doing what it can to always make the American dream come true.

Although the company’s headquarters are in valley city Ohio, the company has further diversified in other areas such as Tennessee, Mississippi, and also Kentucky. The company is responsible for all the quality yard work machines.

If you are looking forward to easing your yard work someday, try shopping for your equipment or machine with Troy Bilt. With the executive customer care and the quality of their product, be sure never to be disappointed. To get in touch with Troy Bilt, you can just call them

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  • Alan says:

    Bought a storm 2410 snowblower from troybilt .com.It surges bad when it idles,even under a load
    .Talked to service center they said it runs too lean , customer service at troybilt told they are set to run rich.No one does warranty work around here if you buy it online.Has a 2yr. warranty that is useless.So now I have to pay to get it adjusted to run correct.Very disappointed in troybilt.This is the last product I will buy from them.They also sent me an email asking g for a review and then would not post it, didn’t meet their ‘guidelines’.


  • Gene Winkler says:

    Tried to correspond with anyone at Troy Bilt but no one ever contacted me after I left messages and emails. Told my family to stay away from any of their products. ( a Troy Bilt blower “ exploded “ ) and I wanted to report it to them for their benefit.

  • PAUL ROZELL says:

    Do not buy any troybilt products,i bought a trimmer from them,it has a 2 year warranty,it spits oil out the air filter,and won’t run.No repair shop will honor there warranty..Troybilt say’s i have to pay out of pocket for something that is covered under there own warranty…..Buyer Beware JUNK PRODUCTS!!

  • Charles Shirley says:

    What do you have to do to get a discontinue part 731-08625 cutting head Troy bilt model #TB635EC

  • kenneth Reed says:

    I tried to order a set of blades for a Troy-Bilt rider with a 42″ deck, I couldn’t because I didn’t have the model number. That made me angry, however, , not as angry as 6 weeks after I purchased this tractor from lowes, the right food pad rubber came off and there was a ton of rust under it. A rep from Lowes pretty much said ” Oh, well.” The tractor is hard to steer, seems there is no way to grease the front steering. There are no zerks. When I called in to ask how to lube the front end the young lady said, ” Just spray some WD-40 on all components. As a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, it is very hard to ” stand up on the tractor to be able to get enough leverage to steer.”

  • Randy minerd says:

    Troy Bilt will not stand by their products I bought a pressure washer and used it 2-3 times and now it will not stay running my advise is to steer clear of Troy Bilt products as like I said they won’t stand behind there products

  • Charles Owens says:

    I have been trying to find out why my riding lawnmower stops moving as I use it. I had it checked at a licensed repair shop but they could not find why. Any information would be useful.

  • Darlene Childers says:

    Omg, the comments on this page is horrible… I wished like hell I would of read these before I purchased a Troy built.. Everyone on here is having the same problems as myself.. I will some how someway get ahold of someone on top and when I do I will so share it with all you unhappy customers as myself… This is CRAZY… Especially as hard as money is to come by these days and to get ripped OFF just does not settle at all with me. Troy built you should totally be ashamed of your sorry ass company….

  • Darlene Childers says:

    To whom it may concern, I bought a Troy built riding lawnmower from Lowes.. I am very very very disappointed in my purchase. The belt would not stay on hardly ever. I had to load it up and take it back to lowes, well they sent it off to be fixed. I was excited to have it back and get to mowing.. Well after about 5 more mows the belts started coming off again. I probably mowed my yard about 15 times and now it sits in my shed after I took it to lowes again wasn’t happy with them either stating beings I have had it for 3 years that I needed to contact the maker of the mower. I spent $989.00 for this mower to get a total loss out of it.. Can you please tell me what I can do about this situation please? Thank you, Ms. Darlene Childers I do have numbers on mower where it was sent off to be fixed and the information… I love Troy Built products, never ever had problems before until now..🥴

  • Kevin says:

    High price junk.

  • Shannon says:

    Ya your website is not helpful at all! Bought a bagger mower one pull start.. 3 months ago and guess what it won’t run until you pull start it dies and repeat on average 20 times……! Came to website to ask advice as to why and got shit!

  • Bob says:

    I am really interested in purchasing the model TB30R. I see that it is discontinued. Will you ever bring it back?



  • Wendell Barger says:

    I bought a Troy bilt garden tiller because of the name, when I used it the second time it would not start, so they had me take it to the repair shop, they told me the the engine was messed up, so I had to return it to where I bought it, so I got a new one got it home and used it two times and now it is doing the same thing the other one did, if you can’t buy a name brand tiller and have a quality machine then I think it time to buy the cheapest one on the market, maybe it will do the job better than the Troy bilt. I would like to talk to someone about what is going on with this type of tiller, contact me at 812-201-1044

  • Eric cooper says:

    I have a 2016 Troybilt pony. I have repeatedly replaced the 7 inch drive pulley and it repeatedly fails. I also had your certified repair shop replace it and it failed. 4 pulleys @75 bucks, plus time, aggravation, etc. I just was called back by your company to be told that it is out of warranty, so no help there. I have put the tractor in my back yard along the NY State Thruway with a huge sign that says Troybilt sucks for the thousands of vehicles to see each day. And it will stay there forever. Go to Lawnworld.com and read about everyone that has the exact same problem. But you have no idea. Good job. And say goodbye to my money forever.

    • Darlene Childers says:

      Oh Eric that’s hilarious!! I am having the same problem with mine plus the belts keep coming off.. So I take it it’s going to be a waste of my time with Troy built.. If they don’t do something about my situation I will put my mower out by the road with the same sigh as yours… I live off Hwy 41 and we get a tremendous amount of traffic also…😁

  • George Vass says:

    Can I order a riding mower

  • Susie Teeple says:

    I need an operating manual for my mower model 13AL78BS023 serial 1A249b80178. I have called and tried to live chat. No luck. Y’all sent a link but it will not allow me to print. I have tried from several computers. Can I buy a manual. I am desperate

  • Rich says:

    I bought one of your Troy built rear wheel drive lawnmowers A few years ago. I used it a couple of times then ran out the gas to store for the winter. The next season, I filled it with gas and it wouldn’t start. I brought it to a Troy built service Center and they said it wasn’t covered under the warranty because for this fuel system problem , Troy built claims it is customer error (customers failing to read instructions for storing). I paid $150 to have it fixed and used it for part of the season, then it set up for about three weeks and I had the same starting problem. I have a ztr riding mower and between that and my weed eater, I managed to keep my lawn In good shape. I drained the gas According to the instructions again and waited for the next season to try again. Next season, still wouldn’t start. I was faced with paying another $150 (probably each season) Or do without. What a terrible design and terrible customer support for a mower that cost somewhere around $400.

    So I have been getting by with the ztr and weed eater until now. I am moving to a smaller house / yard and the ztr is too much so I really need a self propelled mower. I have used your Troy built mower for a total of about 6 hours at a cost of almost $600 (original price plus service). Now it needs service again and another $150 or more. And another $150 or more each season (even though I have always followed the instructions). Not a good value nor a good design.

    At this point I have a choice between using your mower and having a yearly $150 or more cost for service or to buy something else. I can probably spend my original $400 and get a different mower that would last at least 5 years without the yearly $150 cost (total of $750 over the same 5 years). Based on the design and service of the Troy built I have, I cannot justify buying another Troy built product ever again.

    The design is poor, the customer service requiring me to pay over $150 while mower was still under warranty, the yearly need for additional service, etc just made all of this the worst experience with any product I have ever had in my life. How can you sell something then blame the customer when your poor design fails under warranty (a warranty that is now expired.).

    I am venting because I have a lawn mower with only about 6 hours of use that has cost me a bundle thus far and still won’t start without spending more money.

    Let’s see what Troy built customer service can come up with as a response!

    • Capt. Stanman says:

      This complaint is what stopped me from buying a Troy riding mower today, 4/16/21. Troy why don’t you tell your customer its due to the gas he is using, he needs to use NON ETHANOL GAS. GO TO a marina to buy your gas, problem solved.

  • John says:

    I purchased a Troy Built Riding Mower two weeks ago. I cut grass with it three times. I parked it in my shed after the 3rd usage. When I went to start it this morning, it wouldn’t start. I purchased a 3 year extended warranty which will go into effect after the 2 year manufacturer’s warranty expires. I called the warranty company was told it sounded like the electrical system and told me I should check my battery. I had no ability or equipment to do so. I was given the name of Troy Built Companies that are nearby and was told they don’t service do service on mowers unless the mower was purchased at their store. They referred me back to the store where I purchased the mower (The Home Depot). The Home Depot said I should talk to the manufacturers. I have really been given the run around. Buying the Troy Built Mower seems to have been a mistake. It seems like a minor problem not caused by me but not taken as important by the ones I have talked to so far. I need your help to correct this. Thanks for your attention.

  • a.r. says:

    Ordered replacement blades 2 in 1 blade for 42 inch cutting decks item 942-04308A and waited 10 days, mail was delayed, then delivered with empty box by usps by snail mail (parcel post). on hold for 2 hours on phone and chat, no response. HELP!!! can someone please email me if there’s anyone there to read this.

  • Steve Iverson says:

    I’ve had three Troybilt products; a garden tiller and a snowblower (I liked both of them) and I currently have a Troybilt lawnmower. This lawnmower has developed what sounds like a terrible clacking sound in the engine and I suspect a thrown rod. I am actually about three weeks under the 2-year manufacturer warrantly so am trying to contact Troybilt’s Customer Service Warranty people but it’s very hard. As I am typing this, I have been put on hold for 41 minutes. This is just terrible and I see from the reviews below that I am not alone in my disgust with Troybilt customer service. I’m giving up on this number and will have to try some other approach.

  • Mike Musgrove says:

    Troybuilt will not stand behind their products.do not buy one

  • Mike Musgrove says:

    Troybuilt is a company that needs to be bought out by someone that gives a damn

  • Chris says:

    Chat started at 12:02 PM
    Welcome to TroyBilt CHRIS!
    Good morning, Chris. This is Erik. What can I do to assist you?
    12:02 PM
    my front wheel assembly does not stay in locked position, falls to ground, want to replace with newer model front assembly
    12:06 PM
    Would you need the axle as well as the wheels?
    only if required to be compatible with the newer parts
    12:08 PM
    We don’t have a full “front assembly”, but we have all of the parts that you can see in this parts manual on page 4:
    12:09 PM
    i do NOT want parts for the current model, i’ve replaced the entire front end assembly twice using those parts – it is a DEFECTIVE DESIGN, which is why it was changed on newer models – i want parts from the newer model
    12:13 PM
    The parts for the new models will unfortunately not work with this.
    12:14 PM
    then i should be compensated for my time and expense trying to fix your engineering failure; i have a nice Honda engine attached to a worthless pile of metal and plastic parts
    12:15 PM
    You can discuss that with our technical department at 800-828-5500. I apologize for the trouble.
    12:17 PM
    give me your CEO’s email address and phone number, i’ll discuss it with him or her
    12:18 PM
    I do not have that information to give out. Is there anything else I can assist you with today
    12:19 PM
    for your future reference ERIK
    12:20 PM
    You can reach our corporate desk at that number.
    12:22 PM

  • Linda Padgett says:

    Troy-Bilt has the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with. I have been trying for over a week to get a refund. I canceled an order, they UPS a mower to me 4 days AFTER cancellation and then charged my account. I had to contact UPS to turn the truck around. Still waiting on my money.

  • Gerald Mellen says:

    I just had a new $1399 rider mower delivered, started it up and drove to my shed, approx., 30 yards where it died, contacted Troy built technical support, they were terrible. No help, I’m upset, I asked to speak to a manager, they would not honor my request. Bottom line; first and last TroyBuilt product I’ll ever buy. Maybe I’ll mount my mailbox on it.

  • John Ryan says:

    It is disheartening that when you have a part failure, specifically a battery, and you ask for help from Troy Built because your unable to find it you get “Ignored”. I’m not asking for anything free just tell me where I can find a 20 volt 5500 mAh Lithium Battery Pack, model TB20V. Instead Zero Support – Period. Not what I expected.

  • John Ryan says:

    It is disheartening that when you have a part failure, specifically a battery, and you ask for help from Troy Built because your unable to find it you get “Ignored”. I’m not asking for anything free just tell me where I can find a 20 volt 5500 mAh Lithium Battery Pack, model TB20V. Instead Zero Support – Period. Not what I expected. Oh the battery was damaged during a recent move.

  • Barbara A Rosenberg says:

    I purchased a riding lawnmower on 04/19/2016. I picked troy built because of its reputation. So far I have spent close to $500 in repairs. I am a widow and that is a lot of money but I need a rider. I will NEVER buy another troy built. I thought I was investing in a superbly made mower. My mistake. Now I am forced to cut my 3/4 of an acre with a push. By the way I am 72 years of age. THANK YOU.

  • Pedro Moreno says:

    I will like to know if you can help with a new concept.
    This will change the world.

  • fuck off says:

    troy-bilt sucks. i am a landscaper and their equipment sucks. never ever buy it. you cant get the warranty or the phone number.

    • dan dinno says:

      I agree with you no good at all junk

      • Barbara A Rosenberg says:

        Right on. I am 72 years old. My mower is 3 years and 3 months old and I have spent almost $500 on repairs. I am on a fixed Income and I sure wished I read your post earlier. I will never buy another and will steer others away from buying a troy built completely.

        • Mike Kilgore says:

          Some companies just don’t care. I was ready to buy one this weekend but now I have changed my mind.

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