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If you are looking for an online convenience store that offers the best and most delicious snacks, you can first check out Trader Joe’s which is originally Trader Joe. This convenience stores started from a humble beginning, but they are now making it big. That is thanks to their healthy products that are only made with equally healthy ingredients.

In their convenience stores, you can purchase great dietary lists like their gluten-free delicacies, their kosher sweets, and their vegan products. You can also find their headquarters Monrovia, California, United States. As of now, they already have 474 stores, thus there is a good chance you are close to at least one of them.

One thing that Trader Joe’s is proud about is their effort to offer only affordable products. They want to make sure their prices are hard to beat by their competitors. And to do that, they directly buy from their competitors.

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  • Carolyn Edelstein says:

    Can we just have a product “Bring Back Vote?” Trader Johann’s Virtuoso, to me, is the best Lip Balm in existence. I discovered it when Trader Joe’s finally came to my town of Edgewater, NJ in 2007 and have never bought another brand since. Well, until March of 2023 when the rug was pulled out from under me. I have tried buying products with similar ingredients since and nothing comes close to the feel and of it. It’s also unobtrusive with food. So many brands have unpleasant tastes but may feel kind of OK, yet, if you put some on and then eat or drink something, the whole experience is ruined. Store clerks say the product doesn’t sell. WHAT?! Even the employees love it. Ebay sells one pack for as much as $75 or more. Currently, it is listed for $35 to $37 for 1 box. I can’t believe this product has been a poor seller. I have reduced my buying at Trader Joe’s because of this. I no longer buy the wine, because it got too expensive, my favorite Granola was repackaged in smaller quantities for higher prices and I cannot believe that the Fried Onions are only offered on Holidays. I was in such a hurry on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (my 96 yo mom is a priority), that I forgot to look out for them. I understand they were gone by the next shopping day! I waited for months to get those again. Finally, you took away my 3 lb, Mesquite Honey. So, please, if you want me to continue shopping there, at least let customers vote on keeping products. I’m starting a plea to other commenters right now. Please vote YES below if you agree that Trader Joe’s should bring back Trader Johann’s Virtuoso Lip Balm.

  • Teresa says:

    What happened to the delicious vanilla bean scones that were in a box ? The new ones are like dried out biscuits with confectioners glaze , and in a plastic bag . Better have something to drink on hand as they are dry and difficult to swallow . Not enjoyable at all !!

  • Jia says:

    Please bring back the Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin bread!!

  • Frab says:

    Raisin bread tastes different hardly any cinnamon. Not the sane

  • Arturo Malave says:

    Do you franchise stores for the British west indies ?
    Do yo think is possible acquiring always 100% of your products.

  • Bruce Klueber says:

    Hello, typically I don’t contact stores regarding product changes and adjustments but recently I noticed a recipe change regarding your Trader Joe’s Whole Grain Bread (the one in the green wrapper). The original recipe was a far superior product compared to your typical gluten free breads and for those of us that are gluten intolerant that’s a pretty big deal. The current recipe is now dense, a bit gummy and dry just like all the rest. If you have any control over the production of this product it would be appreciated by me and I assume a bunch of other folks a return to the better bread. Thank You.

  • Pam Bogdan says:

    Request for a Trader Joe’s in tarpon springs Florida ,

  • Pat Manez says:

    Would love to have a Trader Joe’s in the Murrells Inlet/Myrtle Beach area!!!

    • Jeff Lewis says:

      We need a Trader Joe’s in the Myrtle Beach because we are growing every day and the closest stores are 80 miles away.

  • KathleenMaxwell says:

    We have a perfect location for Trader Joe’s in Hixson, Tn. A vacated building with a great parking area which was originally a Bi-Lo on Hixson Pike. a Poorly managed Earth Fare was there for a short time. We need a Trader Joe’s on this side of the Tennessee River.
    Kathleen Maxwell

  • Anne says:

    What fruits and vegetables sold at Trader Joe’s have been treated with the dangerous Apeel coating for enhanced longer shelf time.

  • Lori MacIsaac says:

    Please come to Newtown PA. There is a perfect location in town. Contact me and I can connect you. It is an abandoned large building with a good sized parking lot and a brand new state owned liquor store next door so you can open a basic store.

  • Janet says:

    Trader joe please discontinue the use of small children size shopping carts. Gotten hit several times while trying to shop. Kids running with them and mothers ignoring their actions. I would like to shop without dodging these carts.

  • Jane Waldman says:

    Please come to the aventura florida?
    We go to your store in Davie and it is nice, but far. Even Hollywood or Hallendale, or Aventura. We love Trader Joe’s and really need your store in this area.

  • Rana says:

    I Want to know how trader joe’s keep a manger he lie to get the job and he had a relationship with a associate and they don’t know about anything

  • sandy says:

    I used to buy Dr Beckermanns Rheinhessen Auslese reisling wine from our local stores. I have been told by management that they no longer carry it but no reason why. Do you know where I can get some?

  • Mr. & Mrs. Giovanni Scerra says:

    Good day, Sir or Madam:


    My husband and I just recently moved to Billings, Montana from Newport Jersey City, New Jersey.
    We are very disappointed that there is no Trader Joe’s in Billings–and none in Montana!
    How we miss going to Trader Joe’s, especially in Hoboken, NJ, where they have practically everything Organic that we need–from coffee & hot cocoa, to chocolate, to fresh brussel sprouts, kale, broccoli, and avocados, tempeh, JOEJOE’s(!), pizza.
    There is a Natural Grocers here in Billings, but it is NOT quite the same. They are limited in their non-GMO and Organic Selections.

    In San Francisco, D. C., Boston–we were in heaven, and have shopped at Trader Joe’s there.
    Why not Billings, Montana?
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE–consider opening a TRADER JOE’s in Billings, Montana! You would make a “killing” in profits here!

    Thank You for your consideration,
    Mr. & Mrs. Giovanni Scerra

  • Randy says:

    Hi TJ Representative,

    I visited the Spokane South Hill store on 11/21/22. Its a really good store. I first shopped a TJs while living just north of Seattle in the late 90s. I was quite pleased when you opened the store here in Spokane 10 or so years ago. Anyhow here is part of a much longer text message (not related to TJ) I sent to relatives back in Ohio, Atlanta and Colorado.

    I walk 10 miles starting at my apartment (in Spokane Valley) to TJs so it’s disappointing when items are not in stock. I understand supply chains are challenging for some companies these days. The employees are very helpful and friendly… no complaints there !

    TJs was a bit disappointing: they had their vegan CC cookies that are excellent, but no beets, no shelled edamame (!), no veggie and flaxseed tortilla chips, no maple leaf cookies, no roasted potatoes with onions, replaced Tofurky Italian sausage with their brand which isn’t as spicy or as good IMO. They did have tempeh (very good price) and other items I usually buy. I will be giving their vegan turkey roast a try.

    I hope you can stock the missing items more consistently. I am also hoping some day you’ll bring back the Trader Joe’s brand quart soy vanilla ice cream. Its really tasty I think.

    Thank you,

    Spokane Valley, Washington

  • Jim pleasants says:

    Does the delicious APPLE BLOSSOM tart use canned apples or fresh cut and cooked apples? Thank you

  • E. Gallmeister says:

    Dear Trader Joe’s. I am requesting that you stop selling the Mexican or Tropical Milkweed as it disrupts the Monarch butterfly migration and can lead to disease. We take our Monarchs very seriously in California. Instead, it would be best if you sold Common, Showy or Narrowleaf native Milkweed. Thank you very much.

  • Susan M. Luff says:

    I am a long-term lover of Trader Joe’s. It is always hard when a beloved item is discontinued. Your Champagne orange vinegar was d/c’d, brought back briefly and then d’/c’d again. That was a very big disappointment. My Rockville, MD store never seems to know why. Today with a broken foot and not able to drive for a total of 8 weeks, I just learned that the RX protein bar has been d/c’d. Really??
    Is it always about money not being made. One could ask questions about customer service and the importance of people. I will say employees are always so nice to me and seem to enjoy each other and working at TJ’s, so that it makes shopping even more enjoyable.
    There is so much change in the world, it would be nice to count on finding favorites are Trader Joe’s.

    Susan Luff

  • Jim Lamprecht says:

    I tried to use your Email: support@traderjoes.com but that address is no longer valid. I was basically asking you to please consider selling wild rainbow trouts instead of the farm raised trouts from Chile which are of course cheaper but taste accordingly (plus too much antibiotics). Some of us are willing to pay for the taste of good wild trouts. Thank you.

  • Kelli E. Owens says:

    Also, the Buffalo Jerky tastes, HORRIBLE, now! You ruined that product, as well!

  • Kelli E. Owens says:

    Why do you guys keep messing with ingredients? I thought Trader Joe’s doesn’t allow GMO food in their stores! “ORGANIC CANOLA OIL” IS STILL GMO!
    You guys RUINED the ORGANIC CORN CHIPS! They we PERFECT the way they were with only 3 ingredients!

  • Anne Keye says:

    I just learned about the abrupt closure of the Trader Joe’s wine store in New York City right before its employees were ready to call a union election. Some employees learned that the store was permanently closing its doors when they showed up for work in the morning! I customarily get my groceries at TJs, but I’m going to find another place to shop.

  • Judith Ormond says:

    I am so very disappointed to find that you have discontinued “When a Peanut Goes on a Date”. I loved the taste and the fact that they aren’t so processed with only five ingredients. Because of that, I always stick one in my pocket during my half marathons at age 76. I’m trying to do every continent and have two to go. How will I do those two without my wonderful bars? Please bring them back or send me whatever you have left. Everyone at Milwaukee’s Trader Joes is disappointed as well.

  • C Gaugier says:

    Whatever happened to your Trader Joe’s Mangoe Chutney? Of all the mango chutneys on the market, this was the very best. I put it on everything, esp. on roasted fish. I look and look every time I go to the local TJ’s and alas, they say it is discontinued……. how illogical!

  • Pat Watson says:

    I am a loyal Trader Joe’s customer in Prescott, AZ.
    With a recent purchase of Simply the Best Trek Mix, there was about 30% Pineapple in the package, which of course greatly reduced the nuts and other fruit. To say the least, I was surprised and disappointed!

  • Teza Go says:

    I bought the frozen mahi mahi burger patties before reading the following ” 4. Mahi-Mahi (Costa Rica, Guatemala & Peru)

    Imported, longline mahi-mahi, or dolphinfish, is rated as one of the least eco-friendly fish by the Environmental Defense Fund. There is concern about bycatch, including sea turtles, seabirds and sharks, getting tangled in the fishing gear when mahi-mahi is fished. However, mahi-mahi caught in the U.S. and Ecuador with troll lines is ranked under Good Alternative by Seafood Watch and is the better choice if you’re hankering for this particular fish.”

    Now I wish I had not bought this. Please discontinue carrying mahi mahi fish and carry fish that does not have such a heavy environmental impact.

  • Ellen Trachtenberg says:

    I am a loyal customer, who has travelled around the country and shopped in
    Trader Joe, in every state I have visited. Your employees are most consistently friendly and helpful.

    My home store is the Hewlett, New York location. Up until recently, I shopped there at least once a week. However, a recent experience has detracted from my desire to shop there. On a Thursday evening I was
    checking out and a cashier at another station was interjecting rude comments. Subsequently, I walked over to him and asked to see his name tag. He stuck his face very close to mine and whispered, “You fuck black people”

    First of all, this is incident was the only time that I have had a complaint with an employee. Secondly, I was so shaken by this outburst that I walked out of the store. I did go back the next day, with my husband to inform the store manager of what had transpired. I am not a person who could be described as meek. I don’t know what I would do if I ran into this employee again. I have not set foot in the store again.

    I am sure that you could agree, that this is not the type of person that you pride your staff on.

    I tried to send an email but delivery failed.

  • Jill A Randall says:

    Please build a Trader Joe’s store in Chaska, Minnesota. Your nearest store to Chaska is in Bloomington, MN. Your parking lot at your Bloomington store is a nightmare! Your parking spaces are so narrow that it is a MIRACLE if you leave without a dent or scratch on your vehicle! Every time I mention your Bloomington store your horrible parking lot is the first thing that people strongly complain about! Please build a new store in Chaska, Minnesota!!! I KNOW that it would be a hit in this growing community!!!

    Thank you,

    Jill Randall

  • Silence DoGood says:

    Your company needs to allow workers to unionize. The people I know who work for you are not doing well and someone needs to take better care of them.

  • Constance says:

    How can we get you to bring a store to the Daytona Beach Florida area? You built a distribution center but we want the store! It’s often a big discussion here.

  • Nancy Cross says:

    Discovered yesterday that you have discontinued your margarita mix. Very very disappointed. The best around. Plus it is my soon to be 100 yr old relatives favorite and now can’t give her her favorite drink on her birthday in August. 🤔

  • Myrna Loy Sedlacek says:

    what happened to Just Sauce, turkey bolanaise ? It is delicious, can’t get it here in seattle, wa

  • Linda Heath says:

    How would we attract a Trader Joe’s store to our community.

  • Lori says:

    How do we get a Trader Joe’s in our neighborhood?

  • marise says:

    Please bring back the Lemon Alfredo Sauce. It was delicious. By the time I tried it, it was gone.
    Also, your frozen asparagus and brie mac and cheese was fabulous. I miss it.

  • Briony James says:

    Been a loyal shopper since 1983 when there were only 2 TJ’s. I will stop shopping at TJ’s completely unless you quit Union busting. Aldi is just as good and cheaper. Ditto Sprouts. Get wise, get with the program.

  • virginia says:

    please do not discontinue trader joe soy cherry chocolate chip ice cream…it is great and there is such a following in our community for a great product. our Joe’s have not had it in 3 months! this unacceptable.

  • Jean R. says:

    Many of your items have been discontinued!!!!!!!! Especially your Organic pasta sauce with mushrooms. My favorite! This was a deal breaker for me! This pasta sauce was very low in acid and I was able to eat it with no stomach issues. I would always recommend to others. Such a shame!!

  • Wausau says:

    Please put a Trader Joe’s in Wausau! The perfect location is 226601 Rib Mountain Dr, Wausau, WI 54401 which is now vacant!

  • Elaine Ferrara says:

    You should be building in Brunswick County North Carolina. Our neighbors all shopped at your store.
    The one in Wilmington NC takes one hour to get there. Brunswick County is the fastest growing
    county in NC. I also, am tired when I drive to your store my favorite items are no longer there. I went
    today and only spent $77. normally I spend close to $300. I’ve written to you before about moving here.

  • Nancy says:

    Please bring back your Bay blend coffee. It’s so good

  • Carol South says:

    I buy your cinnamon squares cereal and there is a lot of cinnamon and sugar left in the box when cereal is gone. Save it! It is great for making cinnamon toast!

  • Francine blumenson says:

    Salads with meat Mexican got sick next day . Was not fresh tasting. The date was good didn’t really taste too good

  • Kim says:

    Your Dana Point store said they are no longer carrying Coffee Rio candy. They couldn’t give me a reason as it is a good seller. Please let me know why you have discontinued this item and if they will reconsider. Thanks

  • Tom says:

    We recently had a Publix close on Woolbright and Military. Perfect setup for a Trader Joe’s

  • Sima Gates says:

    Went to 3 stores this week in Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, & San Clemente looking for my absolute FAVORITE: the frozen salmon entree with orzo, spinach, & zucchini, & one little grape tomato. None was to be found. I fervently hope it is not discontinued. It is so healthy, low in calories & sodium, & I crave it!!! I usually by 10 or 12 packages at a time for my freezer.
    I love your stores & your hardworking employees! Looking forward to hearing some good news from you. Thanks!

  • Tom Meldau says:

    Say it ain’t so, Joe! One of my most favorite items seems to have been pulled from your shelves.
    We love your Cold Brew Latte Dessert Bars. I was waiting and waiting for them to be restocked, so finally I asked and I was told that they had been discontinued. Why??? PLEASE bring them back.

  • Jeff says:

    Please bring back your Spicy, Smoky Peach Salsa (item 0030-2159). We’ve enjoyed this salsa for many, many years as loyal TJ customers and miss it very much!

  • Suzy says:

    I just read this on Facebook posted by a friend being treated for cancer. This is the Glen Allan, VA Trader Joes. I wish you could see the beautiful arrangement of flowers:

    Ran into Trader Joe’s to get a few things… Adam at checkout asked me how I was doing and I just sighed..the guy helping bag ( unfortunately did not get his name) said not that great huh? I mentioned about getting radiation everyday and just started welling up . The checkout guy shared his cancer survival story which was so inspirational. The bagger had left for a bit and came back with a beautiful 💐 of flowers. Just so incredibly nice of them ! It so brightened my day just when I needed it!
    Thank you Trader Joe’s!💐

  • Robert Reulbach says:

    why has simply lite dark chocolate with almonds been discontinued? you still stock the kind without almonds which sits on the shelves while the chocolate almond flew off the shelves…… makes no sense

  • Mardi Manary says:

    Dear Mr. Bane,

    I would like to commend your wonderful staff at the Brentwood, Missouri store. On, 14-March-2022, I was going to this store to buy ginger mints for my daughter and granddaughters. They find these mints help with seasickness.

    As I stepped up from the curb, the rock landscaping dislodged and I fell face first onto the rocks and sidewalk. Two young women came to my aid (I am 65). One sat with me while the other went into the store to find help. Two young men. Trader Joe’s employees, helped me to my feet; asked me if I wanted EMS. I assured them that my injuries seemed superficial. They walked me into the store and called over the “safety trainer”. The safety trainer asked me about the fall, asked if I needed help, then asked me to fill out an incident report.

    A manager and a young man she was training helped me with the report. They were very solicitous and again asked if I needed further assistance. I am a nurse and assured her that I had only soft-tissue injuries and would be fine. The manager told me I should hear from Trader Joe’s and if I was not contacted in a week to call the Brentwood Store.

    As I prepared to do my shopping, the safety trainer brought my ginger mints and refused to let me pay . She also gave me flowers.

    Since that day, I have received two calls from Trader Joe’s corporate people, both very nice.

    You should be very proud of your staff.

    Kindest Regards,

    Mardi Manary

  • ShariHoffman says:

    Please bring back the Trader Joe’s Decaffeinated Irish Breakfast tea bags! I have gone to 5 stores trying to find it and I was told it was discontinued

  • Patti Higgins says:

    Please reinstate my two favorite thick handcreams in a tube that Trader Joe’s sold under their label seasonally – strawberry and ginger scented for about $5.00. They have not been carried for months and my skin is drying out, had them all over the house and car, and made a great gift. Now selling on Etsy at inflationary prices;.

  • Caridad Gutierrez says:

    Like to know of two products that we use to buy that they were love by my grandkids and have gone to few TJ and don’t since to find it. Please was any reason that they were taken out of market.
    1. Black bean soup that came in a container and TjJ brand.
    2. Breadstick TJ
    Please this items were bought on every week. Thank you

  • LMP says:

    Note about a product that burns your face and TJ’s response – said there was nothing wrong with the product and if you have nut allergies might be a problem – well I don’t.

    My response:

    Well it’s your problem then – there are SO many complaints on your Trader Joe’s reviews regarding this product (pink peppermint body and face mask) I was just trying to help – there are SOOOO many people that had their face burned.

    You should investigate – I was trying to help and not looking for anything.

    I am a former litigation attorney and you should be alarmed at this complaint – I don’t take my comments lightly.

    It has something that is burning people’s skins – I have NO allergies – look at all the comments saying the exact same thing.

    I know you are trying to deny any responsibility so good luck!

    You should appreciate my concern – if someone with sensitive skin tries it there might be real damage and then a lawsuit. This is a cheap sub-standard
    product and can cause real damage. Thanks for all your help! I have better things to do
    with my time than to hear this lame response. Now I feel like pursuing other avenues to get this off your shelves – I have a lot of time and a lot of knowledge. Shame on you. This product is hurting people.

    Lynne Pallesen, Esq.

    Excerpts from your site:

    PETER R VAN LEUNEN – November 27, 2021

    My wife used this tube of nightmare this morning. The instructions says to keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes. She only lasted 5 minutes. It has burned her face. She doesn’t have sensitive skin either.

    JT – December 14, 2021

    This seriously irritated my wife’s skin after only 5 minutes of use, and she has visibly red and irritated skin an hour later. Seems like the opposite result of what was promised.

    Sarah – December 18, 2021

    Yikes! Left it on for only 10 minutes and it looks like my face got sunburned. Still red 40mins later. Peppermint usually makes my skin tingle so I thought it felt normal, but nope it actually burned my skin. Don’t buy!

    Debbie – December 28, 2021

    Gave this to my daughter for Christmas. It burned her face after only 5 minutes. She was so red & itchy she had to take an antihistamine. I tried it this evening and it was awful. After less than 5 minutes my face was bright red and feels like a bad sunburn. We have different skin types and it did the same to both of us. Will be returning to the store.

    Andi Terblanche – January 8, 2022

    Awful!! Sometimes my skin reacts to face masks but nothing like this—my entire face is red and burning like I’ve been in the sun all day. Do NOT buy.

    Oli – January 10, 2022

    This contains aluminum and it burned my face. I am still waiting to see if I am gonna have a serious reaction

    Amber C – January 15, 2022

    My skin isn’t sensitive but this made my whole face red except of course around my eyelids and my lips lol looks like I’ve taken a nap in the sun with sunglasses on. I really hope the redness goes away soon. I have pale skin so it’s super noticeable.

    Melissa – January 26, 2022

    DO. NOT. BUY. If I could give zero stars, I would. Like other reviewers, this has also left me with skin looking like I have a bad sunburn, deep red and so warm to touch. I’ve used many other masks and have never had something like this happen.

    Suzanne – January 27, 2022

    I only had it on for 5 minutes and after removing it with warm water my face is so horribly red. I have olive skin and have never had a reaction to a mask before and have always liked TJ skin products! Not now… this was scary bad! And after having these results I jumped online to see what if it was just me but I see so many others with the same complaint. I’m returning it! ZERO stars but it made me choose one!!

    Noname – February 9, 2022

    Never had a mask make my face red, don’t even get sunburned and I spend lots of time in sun. Do not buy this it’s no good

    NEED I GO ON?????

    On Feb 17, 2022, at 5:17 PM, Giselle Chamras wrote:

    Dear Lynne Pallesen,

    Attached is the final response letter for Trader Joe’s HOL Pink Face &Body Mask Complaint # 599400.


    Giselle Chamras
    Quality Assurance Supervisor
    PureTek Corporation

  • Rita says:

    Do you have any more of the discontinued Trader Joe’s organic raw raspberry vinegar in any of your locations? This product was just so delicious and versatile to use.
    I’m willing to make a purchase and get it sent to me. Thank you. I love Trader Joe’s!

  • Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill says:

    Please, please, consider coming to Las Cruces, New Mexico. The closest Trader Joe’s is in Albuquerque. We have an empty K Mart store on Del Ray, and the Sears store in the Mesilla Mall is empty. Houses are being built all over Las Cruces. You can make a profit here. People would come from El Paso to shop.

  • B says:

    I worked at the Ashburn Va store and before orientation was over, I was blindsided and spoken to like a child, racist code words were used to describe my “behavior”. Your captain and mate didn’t even have the decency to wear a mask, when they felt the need to verbally assault me. Since Trader Joe hasn’t contacted me address this incident, the EEOC and NAACP will be today.

  • Patti Higgins says:

    Please bring back your thick lemon and strawberry scented hand cream that you used to sell in tubes as a seasonal item. I gave it out as gifts, and had tubes available on my night stand, my purse, on my desk, and in my car. It is the best for the dry weather/drought we’ve had in California and I’m finally out. Patti H- Yorba Linda

  • Sandra says:

    We are really in need of more
    Trader Joe’s stores. We could use one in San Leandro, another one on Castro Valley and one in Dublin. Please send your people out to take a look around. Thank you.


  • Catalina (Ketty) Palau-Green says:

    You can’t beat the quality, price, the variety and politeness and service of each employee. I recommend Trader Joe’s to all my friends. A very unique wonderful store. I’m blessed to have one in my area!

  • JohnL says:

    Love TJs. Disappointed some folks don’t follow the recommended practice in VA of masking. So I just avoid them. Amazed at how just about every shelf in TJ has the designated products at a time when larger food stores have many empty shelves. Smaller size packages of some veggies and other products are perfect for a two person household. Veggies and fruits are always fresh, thanks to staff refilling shelves constantly. And, if you ask a staff person where to find a product, they escort you to the location. Now that’s service. As to the anti-mask whiners, get a life. You can’t shout “fire” in a theatre if there is no fire, and there is no constitutional right to infect other people in a public building.

  • Rachel Mason says:

    From Florida State,the Orlando area. My Trader Joe’s are Winter Park and Sand Lake Road.The “Acidophilus and Probiotic Complex” we wait for is in production?Send an E-mailed response to:tilikiti167@gmail.com. If it’s still not sure how long it will be before we can have them it’s still okay to let me know,or send an estimated date.Thank You so much.Here’s wishing you Health and Happiness for the New Year.

  • Gina Schatzberg says:

    While shopping in your Hewlett, NY store, I noticed a number of customers without masks. When I complained to the manager I was informed that corporate instructions were that management was not to get involved with customers shopping maskless. New York State currently mandates that all indoor activities require proof of vaccinations or masks, and nobody at Trader Joe’s is checking for vaccination proof. It behooves your company management to comply with the law in whichever state you do business. Please correct this violation of New York State law immediately.

    • Faffington Towers says:

      Shush. You would behoove yourself to not be so demanding. Love ya 😉

    • Lena says:

      There is NO legitimate Covid mask law in NYS or NYC!!!
      In fact what installed governor did was unconstitutional , but
      there is one about the masks, where it says that people cannot wear masks in crowd of two or more to prevent robberies!
      So before complaining about company not following any law, learn about actual law and not parroting of entertainment aka media!
      Besides If you are afraid TJ offers “speedy shopping” for you or stay home!

  • Jillian Brewer says:

    I shop Trader Joe’s religiously once a month ( an hour one way from my home) and every trip purchase several bags of the Mandarin Orange Chicke. Lately upon opening the bag to take out the 2 flavor/ sauce packets I’m finding leaks in some of the packets ( with as much as half the sauce gone)! This is happening more often than not now- at least one bag a month!! Can you make the sauce packets thicker? Have there been other complaints regarding this issue? Help- I’m tried of having to purchase more / different sauce to replace what’s been lost!! Thanks for any help on this

  • Danielle says:

    Your store located in Arlington Heights Illinois recently had the shelves stocked with expired ground beef. At least 3 days past expiration.

  • Richard Gelman says:

    I am a regular at Trader Joe’s but a recent incident with the Santa Rosa Cleveland Avenue Store Manager Steve has me questioning the stupidity of the management. A customer was walking around the store without a mask covering her nose and mouth. She was coughing and she was belligerent when told a mask is required by other customers. The City of Santa Rosa Mask Mandate REQUIRES the commercial business to enforce the wearing of masks. As noted by the city, “While most Santa Rosa residents and businesses have complied with Public Health Orders, some businesses and individuals have violated and continue to violate Health Orders. These violations create a serious and immediate threat to public health and safety and jeopardize social and economic welfare.” Fines for violation are:

    Commercial violation:
    $1,000 – first violation
    $5,000 – second violation
    $10,000 – third and each additional violation by same responsible party


    The manager Steve said it is Trader Joe’s policy to just offer a mask and that’s it. Well, no that’s NOT it. I watched as he did not bother to offer her a mask, nor did he escort the woman out of the store immediately. He refused to do either.

    The Santa Rosa Cleveland Avenue Store Manager Steve needs to be terminated immediately.

  • Mary says:

    greetings- LOVE the 2 serving precooked dinners like Chick Parmesan, Marsala, Tikka Masala, etc. – however, I just need a single serving and prefer not to eat them two times in a row – Okay to freeze before heating them up? I’ve gotten conflicting responses- wanna be safe

  • Disappointed says:

    Dear Trader Joe’s-

    You will never ever see our business again. My husband just went to pick up a few things and was concerned about a very high or drunk poor soul outside who could barely stand up right in front of the store. People just kept walking by….Tom went in and asked for the manager and got some uppity young gal who was dismissive and said that they had spoken with him prior and had it handled. Gave him an attitude when he simply asked what was being done for the poor guy who clearly was in desperate need for help.

    An appeal of Trader Joe’s is their inclusivity. Well clearly it’s a façade. Diversity means tolerance and love for all. Not just the hip ones.

    Thankfully, Tom notified the police and is trying to get the man some services he needs.

    • Random says:

      Were you concerned about the man or about your husband’s pride? Seems like a silly post for such a humanitarian.

      • disappointed at disappointed says:

        i agree with you random. OP thinks shes mother theresa and her husband tom is the pope, why didnt you guys offer some help to the guy? why the buck to the next person instead of helping the fellow out themselves, according to the OP the person was in need of dire help……

  • Grace T says:

    Forcing the experimental vaccine on your crew members is unlawful!!!! This company will see many law suits to follow! Shame on you Trader Joes

  • Arietta Balestreri says:

    Please bring back your Rose cosmetic products, particularly the face oil.

  • Bari says:

    My entire family loves it & we would buy at least 12 a week!

  • Laura story says:

    PLEASE PLEASE open a store in Sparks Nevada. PLEASE. WE BEG YOU!

  • Sharon says:

    Why aren’t the mini dark chocolate star cookies available in Prescott Arizona? I just moved here from Massachusetts and see they are available in your foxboro Massachusetts store!

  • Jennifer Gray says:

    For the past year, the dire Covid situation in Nashville has been somewhat mitigated for me by Trader Joe’s Red Chili Scalloped Crackers. This product is scrumptious and makes me forget that my city and country are in distress. I understand that this product has been discontinued, and implore you to bring them back.
    There are no substitutes for Red Chili Scalloped Crackers; I am sad, in a pickle and crackerless.

  • Laura says:

    Who do you complain to about a manager at trader Joe’s who is extremely inappropriate to female employees?

  • Deborah Jett McVay says:

    Good morning ,

    My local store manager in Charlottesville Virginia informed me that the Trader Joe’s Organic Multigrain cereal has been deleted for our region. It’s interesting that a hot cereal item would be removed prior to cold weather, but who am I to question MBA’s?

    I would like to know if this deletion is just for the Mid-Atlantic region. If so, what states constitute that region so I can travel to an area that has the item. It is an affordable mainstay of our winter diet. Thank you for your assistance.

    Kind regards
    Deborah Jett McVay

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Barbara L. Knight says:

      I, too, have been looking for the multigrain cereal. Today I learned that it has been discontinued. Why?

  • Tamie Mak says:

    I do my weekly grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s store in NW Portland and love it. I love that Trader Joe’s carries products and food items in small quantity for single people like me. And I love the crew members working at the store; they are all genuinely cheerful, friendly and extremely helpful when i needed help. I’m deeply grateful for their excellent customer care and hope that it will never change.

  • Tami Griffis says:

    Please open a store on the Oregon coast. Florence or Coos Bay. The drive to Eugene to shop your store is almost a 2 hour drive. I would shop regularly if you ere closer.

  • Terri West says:

    Please I beg of you(lol), we would love a trader Joe’s in North Bend/Coos Bay Oregon. There are many surrounding towns that would shop at your business . Thank you.

  • Tom says:

    Really enjoy Trader Joe’s stores. Wishing you would open one up in Bloomingdale Illinois. There is a Amazon fresh store that recently opened. I believe it Will not last very long. That location would be ideal for Trader Joe’s. I believe Trader Joe’s would do very well in Bloomingdale IL 60108.

  • Mary Mayhew says:

    I absolutely love your sweet potato frites…so good, but can you make them healthier? Instead of using unhealthy oils?? Ex: soybean oil?? How about a quality olive oil or coconut oil?? And all the other stuff In there, that I can’t even pronounce. I love your store and your products…but clean some of those products up!!!

  • Julie Sacks says:

    Please open a location in Frisco, Texas

  • Mary says:

    Please build a store in Ankeny Ia. We love Aldi’s, now we need Trader Joe’s!

  • D. Romero says:

    Fat Free Cottage Cheese has changed…used to be smooth & creamy, now it has big chunks in it and not creamy at all. They must have changed where/who makes it for them….so sad! Won’t be buying this anymore. Have (2) lg. containers that no one wants to eat… 🙁 9/29/21

  • Jennifer S. says:

    Please bring back sweet potato pixie pie! The best dessert ever!

  • alice s. says:

    “Trader Joe’s mandate that employees inject themselves with experimental vaccines while building an empire on giving customers natural, healthy options is hypocritical,” Brad Dacus, the institute’s president, said in a news release.
    I am a long time customer at Joes and completely agree with Mr. Dacus. I love Joe’s but can put my love and money elsewhere. Elsewhere where persons rights are respected. No one should be required to be injected against their will; ever. I am a senior, I wear a mask, I wash my hands, and I am not vaccinated.

    • Jill Feeney says:

      You’re a senior. Did you get vaccinated for small pox? How about polio? See Jacobson v. Massachusetts, a Supreme Court case in which the Court upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws. The Court’s decision was that individual liberty is not absolute and is subject to the benefit of many vs one.
      This case law was written in 1905 and has been law of the land for over 115 years.
      Some guy refused to get the small pox vaccine and his case was decided by the court. Mandates are a-ok when your literal narcissistic behavior affects the populous.

  • Darryl Galbraith says:

    Good morning,
    I am looking for the buyer in charge of your houseplants.

  • Susan Milam says:

    Just ate half of the Creamy Hummus & Vegetable Wrap- total disappointment. I threw the other half away.
    Please bring back the original hummus wrap- my favorite for a number of years.

  • Teri Ferrieri says:

    Please keep Mediterranean and other vegan options available! You do an excellent job in this area!

  • Teri Ferrieri says:


    I have not been able to find the Mediterranean Feast at any of your stores, I’ve been to 4 different ones so I decided to call the one in Cerritos and to my dismay I was told it was going to be discontinued. Can anything be done to stop this tragedy from happening? There are so many TJ Products that I love but this is the one that has me stopping by for extra trips to TJ..

    Please pass this message on to your purchasing and production sales department. I would like to see this decision be reconsidered and this product continued!

    Thanks so much for listening!


    Loyal TD Customer
    Teri Ferrieri

  • Dianne says:

    Please open a store in Las Cruces, NM! Our city is being discovered by retirees from all over the country. They have lots of money to travel. I know since I’m the Senior Travel Agent in the AAA office here. Everyone here in Las Cruces wants a Trader Joe’s and believe me, your store will be packed with eager customers every day, all day.

  • Shelby Lytle says:

    I am concerned about not seeing the Trader Joe’s canned powdered Chai Tea on any of the websites. I shop at the Wayne, Pa store.
    It is so far away I go about every other month to stock up on my needs. I am disabled and it is just a struggle to do the every other month. Did the company stop making the canned Chai Tea? This tea is the only tea that makes my day go better. Please, please tell me it’s just being on hold.
    Thank you so much for having a wonderful store and wonderful people that works in the Wayne, Pa store.

  • Nancy Mendelson says:

    Wrote an article inspired by a visit to Trader Joe’s:

  • Isbelis Rodríguez says:

    TD is my favorite please we need you in Doral, Florida

  • Ernest E. Dailey says:

    Your product. soy Creamy vanilla is wonderful. I buy it here in Tucson.thanks for such a wonderful treat.

  • Sonia Rimback says:

    I just bought your Golden Roasted Flax Seed (whole) and then saw this from Medimmune:

    6. Flax
    Ground flax seeds and flaxseed oil also contain omega-3 fatty acids. Many vegetarians use flax seed as a source of omega-3 fatty acids because they’re one of the better plant-based sources of this heart-healthy fat.

    Make sure to buy ground flax seed. Whole flax seeds are almost impossible for your body to break down. This means they pass through your body largely intact and never leave behind any of their nutrients.

    Ground flax seed can be sprinkled onto your morning cereal, oatmeal, salads, dips, or yogurt, or added to baked goods. Flaxseed oil is a welcome addition to salad dressings or smoothies.

    Your claims of whole flax seed being naturally rich in Omega-3, Lignans (?), & Dietary Fiber are QUESTIONABLE. Please comment.

  • Mike says:

    The new graham cracker squares are nearly tasteless, with no discernable hint of the honey listed as one of the ingredients. Also, the interior packaging material was a poor choice – try opening one of these packages, removing a few pieces of product. You will find the packaging material split to the point of being useless for preserving the product for another snack time.

  • Pete says:

    Why don’t’t you build a store in Murfreesboro Tennessee

  • concerned shopper says:

    I would so love you to purchase the Food Emporium in Albertson, NY. It’s a very good size for you and I cannot figure out how the current market stays in business. It was a Waldbaums, but that company no longer exists. It then became a Key Food (the company that owns them) and changed the name to Food Emporium, I guess, hoping to drum up more business. Your nearest market is in Westbury, NY. I honestly believe you would do extremely well in this location.

  • Kirt Robinson says:

    I want to praise one of your employees, Doug Haipt, who presented himself as an outstanding Good Samaritan during my family’s time of need.

    While on a camping trip quite a ways off the beaten path, I blew a tire with my wife and 5 year-old daughter in the car. I was surprised to find that my wife’s SUV did not have the necessary tools to replace the flat with a spare, and it was growing dark on a road with little to no traffic even during the day.

    To our great fortune, Doug arrived well-prepared with the tools we needed to get back and track and safely to our campsite a few miles down the road.

    I cannot thank Doug enough for his assistance, and if possible, I hope he can be commended in an official capacity through your company’s leadership.

    Thank you, and all the best.

  • Sue mitchell says:

    Please come to Las Cruces New Mexico. We have to drive 4 hours to shop in either Albuquerque or Tucson. We have a larger population than Santa Fe. Please. Please

  • John Porter says:

    Please open a store in Wareham, Massachusetts. I think it would be an excellent location for you as the interstate bringing people from Connecticut and New York and the interstate bringing people from Boston and other points north meet before coming onto Cape Cod. I and my family would love to have a store there as we live just a few miles of that location. At present our closest Trader Joe’s store is at least half an hour’s drive away.

  • Eric says:

    First, compliments to the staff and management at your Hastings Ranch store in Pasadena for the generally high quality of their response to the Covid-19 situation.
    Second, would you please consider providing two-handled shopping bags made of MATER-BI as an alternative to your traditional brown paper bags and the environmentally harmful plastic bags I recently received. Similar to the well-intended but flimsily made little green bags in the fresh food section of your stores, the larger, sturdier models are made using NON-GMO corn starch, and they are FULLY BIODEGRADABLE AND COMPOSTABLE. Every grocery store in Italy offers them. Providing this service to both your customers and the environment surely would benefit Trader Joe’s reputation in the community.

  • B Golden says:

    Trader Joe at lakeshore in oakland ca has guy “cleaning” carts and greeting people with NO mask. I’ve reported this several times and no correction.
    I hope you will intervene. The facecoverings are mandated and the managers seem to think this is not a problem.
    Sad situation. He touches every cart in the morning and seems to greet each customer with no mask

  • Rhonda cerv says:

    Thank you for not folding on your values and letting that high school student, vying for brownie points, sway who you are. Totally love your products and store. Please remain true and we will continue to support you💕

  • UIRE says:

    I am writing to let you know one of your stores is operating very carelessly during this Covid 19 Pandemic. This store is in Corona, Ca. in the Dos Lagos shopping center. Yesterday I went to the store with my daughter expecting to see that the store was being operated as safely as the ones I’ve visited in San diego County. I was relieved to see a sign at the entrance stating masks are required in this store. I had not gotten very far into the store when I started noticing how many people were not wearing a mask at all or had it covering only half of their face. I became nervous and made every effort to stay away from these people. Then I noticed that in certain aisles of the store there were literally clustered of people who did not know each other in front of certain sections. They were not maintaining 6 feet of distance and were even touching shoulders as they reached for a product. I expected an employee to come along and break up these clusters and even ask people to put on masks but this never happened. I decided to check out and get out of there because I am one of those people with underlying conditions. As I got to the check out lines the first thing I noticed was a family of three checking out with no masks on at all. Even worse, the checker who was checking them out had her masks only partially on. It was not covering her nose. People in lines were not maintaining a 6 foot distancing and no one was reminding them to do so. When I got to the front of my line I expressed my concern to my checker. I asked to speak to the manager. I pointed out to the manager how many people were in the store and how many were not wearing masks. I also pointed to the checker that had her mask half way on. He informed me there was nothing he could do. I reminded him that California State law REQUIRES that all people out of their home, especially in stores etc, must have on a mask and employees must wear a mask at all time while waiting on customers. The manager interpreted “REQUIRED” as “wear a mask if you want to”. He obviously didn’t understand the California laws regarding mask. If the Health Department had visited this store at the time I was in it, they would have shut it down. It was the most unsafe environment I have been in since this virus started. I am very disappointed that a store I mentally connect in my mind as being healthy doesn’t care about their employees or customers. They should remove the sign that says customers must wear a mask because it’s not true and gives people who are especially at risk a false sense of security until they get in the store and it’s too late. I will not be going back.

  • James V Polizzi says:

    I just read a column (powerlineblog.com/archives/2020/07/trader-joes-mans-the-ramparts-after-all.php) explaining your corporate rationale/decision not to rename/rebrand any of your products based on an online petition.Hooray for you!As a retired Marketing/Advertising exec, I admire your earlier strategic decision to brand products with reference to the ethnic foods they represent — a savvy understanding of your customer base. I admire even more the non-controversial success you’ve had with that strategy for many years.But today, I admire most of all your refusal to abandon this successful and harmless strategy because a few people erroneously view the strategy as  (racist????).It seems that there is a very small percentage of people who seek to change what they believe are unacceptable practices. On many levels (Marketing, customer loyalty, sociological trends, USA business culture) you are to be congratulated — stand firm( Not like Land O Lakes/Aunt Jemima/Uncle Ben’s/etc — BTW won’t the supermarket shelves be LESS diverse with these marketing icons removed)?Jim Polizzi

  • Tom VO says:

    I’m 70. I live in Bend Oregon. I too am happy that Trader Joe’s opens early for the elderly to shop more safely. But really, what’s the point? I went in today to find all the staff wearing masks, except the checkers who were wearing face shields. When I asked the manager about it, he said the Governor’s office just started allowing it. Sorry TJ’s, it’s allowed, it’s not a mandate. You didn’t have to do it. It is NOT a safe practice. I have shopped at your stores since you opened. I won’t be shopping there again until we have a vaccine.

  • Elaine Jesmer says:

    Where are the scallion pancakes??? I’ve been told for the past 3 weeks that they’re “on hold”. Please get them off hold. Please!!! I have chickens and eat a lot of eggs. My go-to meal is eggs and shiitake mushrooms on top of a scallion pancake. So what’s going on???

  • Marie Frois says:

    Dear Trader Joe’s Executive Team,
    I hope you will be as impressed with your personnel as I am right now! I live in the New Orleans area but have been in the Houston area since March due my husband’s (Eddy’s) recent cancer diagnosis. Since he is undergoing chemo with a compromised immune system and the pandemic, I have voluntarily quarantined myself in an effort to keep him safe. Unfortunately, the side effects of chemo have affected his appetite a great deal of the time, so I am always asking him what would he most like to eat. His response is Trader Joe’s Shredded hash browns. There are no personal shopping groups that offer their services for Trader Joe’s so I have been unable to provide him with the one food item he really wants. I know this does not seem like a big deal but trust me, dealing with cancer puts everything into perspective. I called your store at 2922 S Shepherd Drive Houston, Texas and spoke to a delightful young lady, Kaleigh. I told her my dilemma and was simply inquiring as to any other choices I had to obtain this item without physically entering the store. She, without hesitation, asked me what I wanted and told me she would come outside to bring the items to me and handle my payment as well without me even leaving my car. I arrived the next day only to be welcomed with my hash browns but also surprised with two other bags of delicious items picked by Kaleigh and Andrew. There was also a bouquet of fresh flowers which happens to be one of my favorite things in the world! I was so touched by their kindness and generosity that I began to cry. I believe they are a perfect example of the caring spirit Trader Joe’s crew members exemplify to the public! You should be very proud of their efforts! With sincere appreciation, Marie Frois

  • Lee says:

    WTF is wrong with Trader Joe’s Corporate??? WHY would you give in to some dumb ass high school spoiled lib kid from California to change names on the foods you sell??? WHY??? Why would you give into that, giving up another one of your American Rights…One at a time!! I f he and his little libtard friends dont like the names tell em to shop somewhere else…WHERE THE HELL DOES THIS STOP??!! TRADER JOE’S…. DONT CHANGE ANYTHING….DONT GIVE IN TO THESE LITTLE SH**TS….PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • Derinda says:

    NO governor has legal authority to create a law. I urge you to look at this. I was refused entrance for not wearing a mask.

  • Janet Buckley says:

    I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the Staff at the TraderJoe’s in Hermosa Beach. As a senior, I have greatly appreciated the senior hour for shopping. I am always greeted with a smile and a helpful guide to the many ready sanitized carts. Even though the store is not crowded, most all check out lanes are open. Staff members are working hard stocking shelves but always ready to stop and be helpful. At checkout, workers are friendly, kind and competent. I just want you and them to know that I do not take this level of excellence for granted and I greatly appreciate it. Trader Joe’s is a great company for its product line, employees, prices, and approach to customer service. Many thanks!
    PS Thanks for putting the pie crusts back in boxes that fit in my freezer!

  • ivy says:

    For me it’s no longer the friendly fabulous food store but TRAITOR JOE’S. I am extremely fed up with your Gestapo tactics and lines and chalk X’s on the ground. For God’s sake will you stop this nonsense. I was flagged by the warden at the door and an arrogant manager came out to tell me I have to wear the mask. I cannot wear a mask and was told my American with Disabilities Act mask exemption was a false document. I will take my dollars elsewhere as obviously there was a ‘memo’ to management to refuse entry to people who cannot breathe properly with a mask. You corporate criminals are being played like a frigging fiddle with this unconstitutional policy. Just stop it and let the grownups in the room conduct their business like free human beings.

  • Michelle Mitchell says:

    First of all I want to say I love Trader Joe’s, the products , the food items, the people that work there are fabulous! But, you need to do something more than this standing in line specially for handicap people! And it’s hard to try to get there between 8 and 9 a.m. in the mornings because it’s very difficult physically just to get up and move around and the time I get to the store there is a long line! I have not shopped at Trader Joe’s for quite some time since you started having to wait in line and when I drive by and see a line I don’t even bother to stop, I just can’t physically do it. On May 14th I went to your Folsom Boulevard Sacramento California store to stock up on items I can only get at your store items that have much better flavor than the products at other stores.
    I parked in the handicap right in front and was told to get in line upon arriving I was told to walk a several feet down to stand in line for who-knows-how-long. By the time I got in the store I was in such searing pain with my knee and my back! I’ve had two knee surgeries and I’m waiting for my third because they botched it. I am not a senior citizen and I refused to sit in those electric carts not only are they very uncomfortable and hard on my low back but getting up and down to get the products that I need is so bad on my knee it makes it worse. So back to Trader Joe’s on Folsom Boulevard Sacramento California, I finished my shopping and by the time I got to the grocery counter I was in tears. I told the checkout people they need to come up with a better plan to accommodate your handicap customers. The people at the checkout counter were so kind and sympathetic they gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and they told me please speak to the manager before I leave. I spoke to the manager I cannot remember his name and he was also very sympathetic and told me that whenever I come there to shop just let them know at the front and they will not make me wait in line and they will give me a cart and I can go in immediately. I can’t tell you how good that made me feel. So with that information the following week on May 21st 2020 at approximately 4:20 p.m. I was in Elk Grove and decided to visit your Elk Grove store to pick up some more coconut milk. Upon arriving there was a very long line and I ask for the manager explained my situation and the incident I had the week prior. I told him other manager told me to ask for the manager and that I would be able to go in to the store. He had a very condescending look this manager on him and said with his head tilted to the side like I’m some idiot oh let me get you an electric cart to sit in! I can’t sit in those carts it’s difficult to shop but instead of arguing I went ahead and let him get me the cart but by the time he got back out with the scooter, a few other people got in line that means a longer for me to sit in line on the electrical cart and it’s not only painful on my back but my knee does not want to bend so it’s difficult to sit in those. And then again trying to shop with those… getting up and down when that is putting so much work on my knee bending and straightening it bending and straightening it anyway I felt humiliated! Absolutely humiliated and as soon as I got into the store 20 minutes later I told him to please get me a cart and he looked at me strange and I told him I cannot sit in this and to get up and down is very painful is easier for me to grab a cart and slowly walk the store and get what I need. I’m not going to be humiliated in a store where I choose to take a grocery cart not sit in an electric cart! It doesn’t help me it hurts me!
    So what I’m saying to you is that you need to tell everyone of your managers and they need to train ALL of their staff that when they see someone pulling up in the handicap parking spot to immediately bring them a cart and escort them into the store. I should not have to keep telling this story to every manager with everyone else listening and I get emotional and upset every time I have to do that, then I start crying this is ridiculous you are not accommodating your handicap customers at all! Especially when you discriminate and tell us we’re only allowed in the store between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.! You need to do better than this Trader Joe’s. Because the next time I have to explain myself to another manager I’m just going to contact a disability attorney who goes after companies who cannot accommodate their disabled patrons.
    Don’t get me wrong because I love Trader Joe’s I have always shopped there for most of my grocery needs if not all of them! But something has to change because it has become a dreadful Excursion for me when I think that I have to go to Trader Joes to get what I need at the expense of feeling humiliated for my disability!
    Thank you for this time and if you would like to contact me my name is Michelle Mitchell

  • T.M says:

    During these times of uncertainty it would be a good thing for Trader Joe’s to open from 8-9 a.m. for the elderly and disabled only. This would limit their exposure to crowds of people fighting over goods.

  • R. S. says:

    When the Trader Joe in Eugene, Oregon stopped carrying the excellent Pastures of Eden feta, I asked the management if it was due to anti-Israel pressure. I was told it was a problem with the distributer. Next I noticed that they stopped carrying Bissli, another Israeli product. Now I see that some stores have been boycotting Israeli products. Siding with those that seek the end of the world’s only Jewish state and safe haven for Jews worldwide. This is anti-Semitism. Please, Trader Joe, do not boycott Israel. Do not side with haters and terrorists.

  • Marlene Smith says:

    I’ve been buying your Cinnamon Croissant Loaf at your stores in Raleigh and Cary, NC. When i couldn’t find it, they said it was no longer available. I am very dissapointed to say the least. Is there any way i can order it and have it shipped to me?

  • Sylvia Horwitz says:

    I have been purchasing Trader Joe’s 5.3 oz. Greek Yogurt Nonfat honey flavor for years — at least 7 cartons each and every week. All of a sudden it’s no longer being stocked. Why? Would you be good enough to please bring it back?

  • Paul Breit says:

    I have a complaint about your company dropping one of the products we have purchased for more years than I can remember. We have loved your “Sparkling Pomegranate flavored Juice Blend and were informed that it would not be available during the winter. However, I went into the San Dimas store today and was informed that the product has been discontinued. We hope that your company will reconsider this decision. It is an excellent product and we have thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • >