Where is Tractor Supply Corporate office Headquarters

Tractor Supply Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 5401 Virginia Way, Brentwood, TN 37027, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 615-440-4000
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: support@TractorSupply.com
  • Number of Employees: 29300
  • Established: 1938
  • Founder: Charles E. Schmidt Sr.
  • Key People: Gregory A. Sandfort

Tractor Supply Headquarters Location & Directions

Tractor Supply Headquarters Executive Team



Gregory A. Sandfort

CEO & Director

Steve K. Barbarick

President & Chief Merchandising Officer

Kurt D. Barton

Senior VP, CFO & Treasurer

John Ordus

Senior Vice President of Store Operations

Colin Yankee

Senior Vice President of Distribution & Logistics

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  • Aramita walton says:

    Hi there was wondering I like roxanne water you carry in cases but you have it sometimes only why don’t you all keep it all times …please can you have it in stock in stanton texas …Thank you


    Your company advertised an 8 piece Porter Cable set for $199, usually $499. I stopped by your Muncie indiana store and was told they don’t have it nor can I get one online. Not sure why it’s advertised but unavailable.

  • Roland Ybarra says:

    Just left the chipley Florida TSC. Worst customer service, no customer service. 3 guys standing in register area tall red head walking around talking on the phone apparently talking to his girlfriend, the next guy looking down doing something on counter, last guy chasing the trash bag. Stood there for 10 min. No greet, red keeps talking on phone, the other guy finally looks up but walks away. The kid changing trash bag just shrugs. So I left the 90. Dollar bag of food there and left. Will never go back to that store. I will make sure and spread the word on the lack of service. I think the white young men didn’t want to help a latino.

  • Robert dierker says:

    What qualifies a person to work for you

  • Randy & Diane says:

    We do not agree with supporting a Woke agenda that includes sexual identity promotion to grade school children. Schools should only educate and stay out of personal choices and purposeful shaping of young minds in regards to their sexual identity.

  • Elvon S Keeler says:

    After tractor supply funding a drag show for kids I will no longer be buying anything from them. Im going to try and cancel my account and remove my farm supply account. What are you people thinking? Wow the go woke go broke doesn’t seem to phase you, but at least I won’t be contributing to it

  • Jill tesoro says:

    I bought a fire pit realized it didn’t have a grate went back to the store and told the employees and was told it doesn’t come with one so I looked it up and said it does come with one they just shrugged their shoulders like oh well … so I was lied to no of them knew what to do … I shop there all the time but now I will be taking my business elsewhere where employees actually know what to do

  • Dean E Witt says:

    I bought 5 tons of wood pellets from Lavale MD Tractor supply they were soak and wet and the bags are not sealed from the distributor I took two tons home that I will have to deal with I went back the next day for a refund for the 3 tons I wouldn’t take.i spoke with some guy named Brian Titchner he was supposed to get hold of me and hasn’t yet another brand dead person from Tractor Supply.$800.00 dollars is a lot of money to me and I will put your crooked company on every web page I can.

  • Dean E Witt says:

    Your company sells junk and you steal money from people after selling junk and I will put you on every web site I can to expose your crooked company this is just a taste of what is going on every web page I can put it on.Lavale MD store is the cause of this selling soaking wet wood pellets and the bags are not sealed from the distribution company and the manager said he knew they were junk but I would have to deal with it

  • Dean E Witt says:

    Tried to purchase 5 ton of wood pellets from the Lavale MD store.Paid $1315.00Took two ton home started unloading them from the pallet these things are soaking wet and the top of the bags are not sealed.They should be stored in a dry place not setting out.I went back to the store this morning and the manager was a smart ass and said he knew they had a problem but he didn’t care about the two ton I have already hauled and unloaded and taped the bags shut.Got a refund for three tons and I shop at the store monthly and I will not be back.I guess I will not be be back any more I spent a lot of money at the store.

  • Pam Massingill says:

    Ask to hold a dog kennel that had a tag on it for $499.00 would not honor it. I have a picture of the tag. I was told to make sure to come get it before it got gone. However the manager was named Leroy a great employee but however when I showed up they had left and wasn’t supposed to have left til 5 that afternoon. I was told a guy named Jake would be there, however he wasn’t the manager. I had no problems in the past but when I was told they would hold this cage, had the description down so there was no confusion I was told to come get it before it got gone the tag was put on a black $999.00 kennel, but wasn’t accepted the purchase after already bought. So I went and got the refund back after within minutes of purchase, now I was always told the customer is always right, when did that all change? I had been a very good customer though the years, but after this problem your store in Dalton Ga. Will NEVER get my business anymore. Stores should honor their tag prices even if they are mistakes.

  • Cynthia Noe says:

    Customer service was so horrible at your Picayune MS store today. I walked out missing you a $200 sale. I spent a lot of money in Tractor supply monthly I was rather disappointed at the lack of care and help. I recently moved here and shopped the one in Madison Ala frequently. If I could find my pets foods somewhere else I’d be spending my money else were. I needed a dog house and other items today. When I went to the front I told the girl I needed a dog house. She said kennel I said no a dog house. She said I don’t know how to look that up you didn’t bring me a upc. I stood there looking at here and said no they are in a fenced area and I didn’t realize I needed to do your job. She said you can go in there and get it yourself and bring to me. I walked out there was 6 different guys back by the livestock, she didn’t bother to call anyone up to help. I walked out. Spent more money and better customer and happy to even give me 20% off my purchase because of the horrible le customer I received here.

  • kathy says:

    my husband baught a power washer from tractor supply in belfast maine returned it the same day its been 14 days still no refund not happy

  • Gary Ortega says:

    I purchased a utility trailer from the store located in Rosedale Village
    Address: 2749 Calloway Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93312 back in February of 2022, and I have not yet received my registration from the Dept of Motor Vehicles. Not happy:(

  • JWP says:

    Worked at taco in Ontario Mansfield till today , worst store manager , I work my ass off and he tells ppl I’m to stupid to know when to quit , and treated me like carp all day yesterday . I will never shop at a tsc again .

  • Pat says:

    Your Clanton Alabama store treat your African American people like crap even your managers.it really need to be addressed .

  • Terri says:

    I would love to know TS company policy on hiring people with disabilities? In Particular, on the Autism spectrum.

  • Jean says:

    Just so you all know the Tractor Supply store in Palm Coast, Florida, Manager Richard does support or encourage employees who are currently in school or college, they are discriminated against and are constantly having to deal with severally reduced hours, because the manager refuses to work with or accommodate with the employees who are students.

  • Greg says:

    On December 17, I ordered 2 DeWalt 41562 DXSTAH025 Adjustable Creeper Shop Stools with Casters. The website showed these will ship within 2 days. I received an email from Tractor Supply December 20 letting me know my order had been shipped, and included the UPS tracking number. I checked the UPS tracking number on December 23, and it showed the order had not been shipped, and is Awaiting Carrier Pickup. I sent Tractor Supply a message via their website on December 23 to let them know I ordered Christmas Gifts for my sons and the order hasn’t been shipped. It said allow up to 2 days for Tractor Supply to respond to your message. It’s January 3, and I still have not received a response from Tractor Supply! My son’s grandfather has a DeWalt Shop Stool, and they told me that’s the only thing they wanted for Christmas. Tractor Supply never shipped my order, and felt horrible that I didn’t have a Christmas Gift for my sons! I told them I ordered their Christmas gifts, but they haven’t been shipped yet, and should be shipped within a couple days. I placed the order 17 days ago, and the tracking number still shows UPS is awaiting pickup from Tractor Supply. The DeWalt Shop Stools were on sale while supplies last, and sold out 3 days after I placed my order. There was 3 other businesses that also had the DeWalt Shop Stools on sale for Christmas, and ordered them from Tractor Supply. I’ve sent Tractor Supply 4 emails wanting to know when my order would be shipped, and I never received a response! I checked the tracking number on January 3, and it still says Awaiting Carrier Pickup. I’d like to know when Tractor Supply is going to ship my order?

  • Raymond Shoemaker says:

    i bought a cud cadet weed eater whit a two year ext. warrenty custer service said they woud refund my money in the form of a e gift cadd on july 28 2020 i have call 3 times and they give me a difernt exuse all 3 times they tell me i will recive it whit in 24 hours again still i not got it sorry way to do bussnes i spent over 2400.00 in your munfordville ky in 2019 and ouy treat me like this i need to buy another weed eater please send my gift card noe

  • Len says:

    Visited your store in Hagerstown, MD today. I drove my electric wheel chair up and down every aisle. I’ve found you have been taking lessons from Lowes. I did not find, however, any employees. …none. There was a cashier, but what good is that if I can’t find something to purchase. (BTW, I haven’t been to Lowe’s for years because of the same thing)

    On my way back to my truck I saw Kim. He was working on the outside display (at nearly 100 degrees). He said he’d been there 25 years. I felt sorry for him. He volunteered to help me find a simple pulley I was looking for. Reluctantly, I went back into the store. He knew right where to look. He answered all my questions; apologized for the rest of your employees. He could not have been better; made the disguising experience easier to swallow.

    I’d put him in charge of the store, fire all the rest–assuming you had other people supposed to be there. He assured me they were hiding somewhere in the back. When he retires, you probably won’t even give him a Timex.

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