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Tracfone was founded in the year 1996. The company has been operational for almost 23 years now. The former name of the company was Topp Telecom Incorporated. It was a prepaid mobile phone company, located in Miami, Florida, USA. In the year 1999, the company had received a significant infusion of capital from Telefonos de Mexico, TelMex – which was Mexico’s largest telephone company. TelMex had paid $57.5 million for a 55 per cent controlling interest in the company as well.

In the year 2000, TelMex had spun off their mobile unit, creating a company named America Movil, of which Topp Telecom had become a subsidiary. In the year 2000, Topp Telecom had changed its name to TracFone Wireless Incorporated. Then in the year 2012, America Movil had acquired a rival network, known as Simple Mobile. As of the year 2013, The company had unveiled a tweaked logo. Later that year, the company had also introduced four Android phones as well, all on the CDMA network. By the year 2013, America Movil had purchased Page Plus Cellular – which had almost 1.4 million subscribers. Then in the year 2014, the regulatory approval was received, and Page Plus Cellular had begun operating as a subsidiary of America Movil. TracFone service was mainly limited to TracFone-branded phones, which were all locked to the TracFone service only, using an internal SIM card. Other GSM phones, even those that were unlocked from another carrier as well, could not accept a TracFone SIM card, because these are bound to a specific handset only. In the year 2013, the company had unveiled Bring Your Own Phone, selling SIM cards that could be even inserted into qualifying non-TracFone phones as well, in order to register them with TracFone. As of the year 2015, this program was renamed as Bring Your Own Device and was also extended to compatible unlocked GSM phones as well. By the year 2015, Tracfone has offered a variety of smartphone plans as well, which had offered various talk time, text and data allotments as well. All the current plans start at $15 for 200 minutes, 500 texts and 500 MB of data. TracFone had occasionally disclosed promo codes that will provide additional service units if the customer enters the code when redeeming a service card as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 9700 NW 112th Avenue. The name of the place is Medley, while the name of the state is Florida, USA. The pin code of the area is 33178.


TracFone is an American company that focuses on delivering various types of wireless cellular or telephony services, to all of its USA and international customers as well. The company has coverage of almost 99.6 per cent. The company, as of the current date, has more than 90,000 retail locations all over the USA. As of the year 2008, the number of employees working at the company is more than 400. As of the year 2015, the company had more than 25,000 subscribers.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to obtain various kinds of cellular and telephonic connectivity all over the world. The company is the subsidiary of the largest telecommunications company in Mexico, known as American Movil. The company also provides the largest wireless telephony network in the USA.

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  • mksprs says:

    Customer service chats were terrible. I inquired about purchasing a Samson Galaxy S23 and was told that Tracfone does not support it. I inquired again and was told, not a problem. I used E sim to connect my wife’s phone without a problem. When I inquired about my Samsung, was told it would not be a problem. My phone did not get through. Purchasing a Sim Card, waited three days, put in the card, followed all the steps, no connection and now both my new phone and my old phone do not have service. I called the “customer Service” number, was on the line for over an hour. Followed all the instructions, insert card B, no insert card A, waited for results, no take out A put B back in, turn phone off then on. Nope, insert card A. Waited. was told something about changing towers and now will have to wait at least 24 hours before I will receive service. And I have to call in 24 hours, not Tracfone calling me. Like I said, customer no service is working great.

  • Yourmom says:

    You people are absolute shitheads. I’m reporting you to the BBB and the FL attorney general for fraud and false advertising.

    • David Kaufman says:

      You took $415 from me where I signed up fora data plan and bought a phones and I have no service and no phone. Where do I go?

  • Donna h says:

    I bought a phone it didnt come with a SIM card. I called several times to your. ( customer service) 1 guy said I need a second phone to switch my current SIM card to the new phone. He could not understand that the current phone was just activate and use I didn add a SIM card. Then hung up on me.
    2 call pretended she cant hear me.
    3 refused to let me speak to a manager.
    This is rediculas service.
    I need my new phone now. I have a sick disabled brother and myself I am a dialysis PT.
    I have bought several tracfones in years passed and never had this level of difficulty. Bought 1 from walmart online and couldnt be activated because Wal-Mart didn’t scan it correctly so it doesnt show sold. The current new phone I ordered from Qvc online. This phone came without a SIM card 3 call to customers service and no help.

    This company has go in to the toilet. After this phone I can’t see coming back to tracfone . why can’t I speak to a supervisor to get proper help ???

    • BEVERLY S FRENCH says:

      I am currently in the process of trying to get my phone replaced for three months. I have been lied to and told the phone has been shipped three times and when I call the answer is always the same
      “we will update your ticket # and call you back (which never happens) and it seems they trreat everyone the same. I went on a chat line and they told me I would be charged for the time. Can you understand that TRACFONE expects for you to pay for help in solving issues within their company when they can’t do anything to help you over a two-three month period. I do not understand how they have managed to stay in business and why Verizon ever purchase it. Beverly S French

  • shirley harrell says:

    in my situation i have gone back and forth between tracfone and safelink to the point that they were blaming (newly acquired) verizon for my problems so i called verizon and lol they are NOT happy execs right now and have taken my information also the national verifier division they are not happy with safelink/tracfone either and have also decided to take this situation to a higher level….i have also been advised by both verizon and verifier to contact the fcc to report these people the problem i am having has gone on for over a year and a half now…..with no resolution at all ….so i have decided that if its not taken care of by sunset today i will be contacting the fcc per the advice of these companies ty

  • Aka Nitro says:

    My problem is, the customer representative gave me so much aggravation, I felt like I was getting beat up for requesting a phone number, I was just beside myself!
    My sweety was in the hospital for a week and lost his hone. The day after he got out, my phone died ( a different provider). So, i went and got a replacement and got a 2nd for him. Called Straight Talk and asked for his number to be ported over. He has had the same number for over 15 years and didn`t want him to have to remember a new one. She asked all the usual questions and I answered them with the exception of his acct number. Then she asked for the last numbers of his s.s. and address and zip. Then the last numbers of the card used and what numbers called his number and he called out. All of these answers were right! I had a rep from my provider so she could help in getting this number ported over. She heard all this going on. I was getting so aggravated that this other reo cut in and tried to help, didn`t do any good. We asked for her super and she ignored us and kept on. I lost it! I told her I felt like I was being beat up cause I answered all these questions and more than proved this was his number.
    The other rep said just hang up ti this women and she just kept going. I said forget it and so she syarted to say thank you for calling and have a good day! I told her It’s too late for that and don’t even say that ti me!
    I sent an email to the corporate office and said I want to know what happens to this woman. The least is sending her back to training but hope she becomes unemployed.
    I am a disabled senior and have not gone through something like this in over 35 years and that person gave me what I was requesting… (landline related).

  • Christi says:

    The worst customer service ever! They keep restricting my daughters account, telling me she needs a new SIM card. Why does she need a new SIM card if her phone works perfectly in Wi-Fi? This company is a scam! All of the customer service agents have accents and can barely understand what you’re saying. They keep repeating themselves without giving the real issues! Never Asian will be use this service

    • shirley harrell says:

      hi christi they tried to lay that one on me also…always trying to put the blame off on something else they will and do not take any repsonsibility for their errors…..heres part of the problem…….did you know they when you call they take down no notes whatsoever so each time you call its a new call never a return or continuation i found that out a couple of weeks ago no notes and at this point i have talked to over 30 people now lol

  • Kathy Ackley says:

    This company does not care about their customers.

  • Scott says:

    Might be the worst customer service experience”s” I have ever had. Good luck getting them to activate the phone and plan you just bought from them. All I am going to say.

    • Yadi says:

      This!! I just got my daughter iPhone SE plus service plan and they won’t activate saying I didn’t purchase the plan but I did and was charged

  • R A Miller says:

    Purchased a new Tracfone, to replace a now defunct 2G device. Phone would not connect to transfer of number, nor would transfer remaining time on old unit. After 14 hours, across three days of internet transfer, and human interaction, the phone has been returned to corporate headquarters, as seller states that all new phone sales are FINAL. In other words, I am sofar screwed. No phone, and lost time from old unit. I am currentle expecting to be refunded for new unit, and remaining time to be credited back to me. I will go with another carrier.

    • Tina Julian says:

      I had the same experience.
      Plus they kept saying that I had to give them a 4 digit code they were sending to phone. Well I entered time into my uncle’s phone (79 years old) it shut his service off! How do you get a text message to a phone with no service!!??? I got screwed out of everything also! At&t also has prepaid phones. I will make the switch!!
      The customer service people have no idea what they are doing!!!!!
      Oh and no supervisor to switch too.
      Personally I’m going to file a complaint with the FCC and anyone else that I can.
      Maybe if all of the dissatisfied customers should file a class action lawsuit against them to get our money back!!!!!

  • B.S says:

    I ordered a phone through Tracfone and have spent the last 12 days trying to get a phone number for my newly purchased phone from the Tracfone website. I have spent 2+ hours 2-3 times a day FOR 12 DAYS and I still have no phone number Not to mention I could not understand the representatives as they had very poor English. They all had trouble speaking and understanding the English language. I have been a faithful customer for 6 years nowI guess its time for a new carrier

  • Al says:

    Awful customer service when you can finally reach an agent and then refuse to transfer to a supervisor. Hire Americans who speak English.

  • Sonja says:

    Amazed I am reading the same problems that we are having. Since 5g they sent a new phone which they won’t activate because they can’t send a text to the old phone that they disconnected and tell me my credit card on file(which if you are paying for cards why would they have your credit card…never bought from them only from stores)so after 12 years and they owe me 1700 minutes I guess they are screwing me.

  • Michael Coffey says:


  • Leena says:

    We have been with Tracfone for around 10 years. We had a
    phone with tracfone for over 5 years. We worked with tracfone to
    port the number to redpocket today (taking hours to do so) and
    never once during the phone call were we informed that our
    phone was locked. When we called back within a few minutes
    (once we realized that it was locked) we were told that we
    needed to have 12 months of service to have it unlocked for free
    and since the number was already ported over we would have to
    pay $150 fee plus taxes to have it unlocked. The phone is barely
    worth $10, we have over the 12 months of service with them so it
    should have been unlocked for free. I was informed over and
    over since we ported the number and did not ask to have it
    unlocked an hour before (since it took us this long to work
    through customer service again) prior to porting the number we
    now have to pay $150 fee. I was told if we had asked to have it
    unlocked when we were transferring the number it would have
    been free. We did not know the phone was locked and were not
    informed of this during the entire (and very long) phone
    conversation. We were told that our phone was good to go after we ported the number.

  • dist says:

    I was “dissed” by tracfone before the deadline. When I tried to make phone calls it auto transfred to the sales deprtment and the bangalor speakin staff who kept demanding me buy a new phone and refused to connect my medical calls, because I needed to buy a new phone before my service was “technicallogically) disconneted. After I got and activated my new phone, (which showed up later than was actually listed as delivered it did not program right including text options, and I was transfered around various numeorus departments, but they still could not help me as they were not fully qualified agents, as they were telecommuters who were not trusted and limited account access as they were using unsecure homelines and “callback later and let the main office fully process your phone”. The exsisting time from the old phone never transferd to the new phone. I also paid for texting and other data service, but due to the phone misprogramming, my text service was invalidated. I have subsequently learned that my employer has sent me texts asking me to come in for emergency work coverage, but since my data access wont work I have never received those texts. Agents claim that all my service was functioning properly as the phone could make calls therefore it was functioning and it was my “fault for not properly activating my phone “If you can make calls with your phone then it valid service”and we won’t honor or refund your “expired “service as you were able to use your phone. I could also make coments about how I never recieved transfer So Much

  • John says:

    I’ve seen a lot of negative post here. No wonder I’m getting shitty service too. Some of your customers have been trying to get service for months. I’ve only been trying for a week. I gave up early. Now I’ve sent my Walmart trac fone on to Good Will. I’ll let some junkie try to use it. I have used Verizon service in the past but it seems that they are going down hill. I’ll try T-Mobile next. Lots of luck finding new customers.

  • Joey Hoffmeier says:

    I have been dealing with Tracphone for over 2 months. concerning my dads phone. Now they have turned off my stepmom’s phone. It’s a smart phone. They gave the number away. She is bedridden and has RA. AND THEY NEVER TOLD US. I couldn’t get ahold of her so I had to drive 2and a half hours with a bad leg from cancer. I had to see if she was alive.
    Yesterday Tracphone said they can’t find her phone number. Ridiculous !! She’s had the phone for 10 years or more. They were rude and very unprofessional. Interesting they found my dad’s deactivated phone number They Did not help. I want to talk to someone in the United States
    Please call me at 816-728-7509. My name is Joey. I truly hope you take care of this problem. I’ve never dealt with such a rude, none helpful company in my life. They owe us minutes. I’d rather have the money. They just transfer me then hang up in the process.

  • Chris says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    This will be a bit lengthy but please bear with be, since Net10 is owned by Tracfone I have decided to email you directly as well as several others hoping to get a response, I was a customer of Net10 for the past 12 years and recently around January of 2022 Net10/Tracfone announced changes to their network as most carriers have going to the Volte standard.
    We “me and my wife” received a notification from Net10/Tracfone telling us that in February our phones would no longer work with their network and we would have to purchase new phones, we found this odd as our phones were Galaxy S9+ 2019 and were unlocked so we called them to inquire about it, this is when the nightmare started.

    After doing some research online everything we read said that our phones are in fact Volte compatible so we called customer service, after about a 30-minute wait, we were finally connected to an agent, the agent checked the phones and said yes, they (our phones) are compatible but we would need new sims cards and that Net10/Tracfone would send them to us free of charge.
    I said great and we waited about 4 days and finally received them, I contacted customer support to setup the new sims cards and after another 40 minutes hold time an agent came on and asked for my IMIE number he then said our phones are not compatible with the new network and we would have to purchase new phones, I explained to the agent that a previous agent said that the phones were comparable and that is why they sent us new sims cards.

    The agent then put me on hold and said he would check, the agent then came back on and asked me for the IMIE number yet again of my phone and the phone number he then asked for the new sims card number, after providing him with the information he then said that the sims card we have are the wrong once’s and they are Verizon sims cards and not AT&T and we would have to go purchase new sims cards.
    At this point you understand we were getting a bit frustrated, with that said I thanked him and I hung up the phone and went to nine deferent locations till I found Net10 sims kits, I returned home and called customer service yet again after about another 30 minutes on hold an agent came on and walked me though the prosses of installing the new AT&T sims cards and getting the phone updated.
    The phones seemed to be working fine and the agent said we should be good to go, I thank the agent and we ended our call.

    Well, you would think our phones were updated and good to go but you like myself would be wrong, on February 24th 2022 we went to bed got up the next morning neither my phone or my wife’s phone would not work, would not send or receive calls or text, at first, we thought there was an outage in our area and I used the net10 chat support on my computer to contact customer support.
    The agent in chat checked and said yes there was an outage reported in our area to wait two hours and try them again, after about 3 hours our phone still did not work so I went to my moms and got her phone to call them yet again, after about 45 minutes on hold an agent came on and I explained that our phones had stopped working.

    After the agent put me on hold for about 5 minutes the agent came back and asked for the IMIE and the sims number, I provided her with those numbers she put me on hold again while she checked, she then came back on and said that the sims cards that we had would not work because they are for new Net10/TracFone phones, I informed her that the kits were BYOP kits, she said that they are not compatible with the new network and that we would have to purchase new cards, at this point I was getting pissed as our phones would not work, and now I have to order sims card yet again, I proceeded to order the cards though her witch this time I was charged for and she said they would be there is a few days.

    After 5 more days without phones the new sims cards arrived and I contacted customer support again this time it was only about a 15-minute wait, an agent came on and I explained to him what had happen and that I now have the new sims card they just sent me.
    He asked me for my IMIE and to open the sims cards and give him the number on the sims card, but without a blink I notice that the sims cards were T-Mobile cards and I knew right there that they were not going to work because we were told we needed the AT&T cards and I told him they said T-Mobile.
    He said let me check after about 5 minutes he came back and said no those cards will not work, I asked him why they have sent us the wrong cards twice, and we have been almost a month without our phones working properly.
    He continued by saying the only thing he can do is send us replacement cards and would have to charge us for them, well this was the last straw I told him thank you and disconnected from the call, this is not where it stops, we went looking for a new carrier and found one (NON TRACFONE), the new carrier sent us new sims cards and we received them in a couple of days, with the new carrier I did not have to contact anyone I inserted the cards and went online and activated our phone.

    After activating our phones with the new carrier what know our phones now have VoLTE, WIFI calling etc., so it looks like our phones are compatible, ok so now comes porting our numbers over, we went through the prosses and waited on the porting to complete.
    Our new carrier informed us the next day that Net10/TracFone rejected our port because the account numbers were wrong, and that I needed to contact them and have them release the numbers for porting because they could not submit them again.
    Well, here I am calling Net10/Tracfone yet again, I finally got someone on the phone after on hold for yet another 30 minutes, I told the lady that I wanted our numbers released so we could port them to our new carrier, the agent then said we need to send you a text with a validation code, I said wait how are you going to do that when the phones have not worked in almost a month.

    She then said she could send the codes via our email accounts on file, I said fine I proceeded to give her the codes after receiving them and she released our numbers, I thanked her hung up and within 3 minutes got a text from our new carrier saying our ports were completed and our numbers have been updated.

    Woo-hoo our phones are now working and everything is awesome we can now text send and receive calls and in HD quality at that, but wait it is not over yet, after getting our phones updated and getting our old numbers working with our new carrier I still got screwed by Net10/Tracfone, my wife had her phone set to autopay every month so hers was easy I just logged into her Net10 account and canceled her autopay and removed her payment method.

    My phone on the other hand was paid for six months in advance, I paid it like this so I did not have to worry about the bill every month, I yet again contacted Net10/Tracfone after holding around 20 minute I asked the agent about getting a refund and the agent transferred me to the refund department.
    Right away a refund agent came on the line and I explained that we switch carriers and that I was paid ahead for about 5 more months and would like a refund, she then took my number and said please hold, after a few minutes she came back on and said when you ported your number out to a new carrier you forfeited any refund, I asked her to point out the policy to me and she refused and hung up on me.
    Needless to say, Net10/Tracfone screwed me out of around $200 bucks plus all the time waisted, I did contact a lawyer and he said he would look into it but I am not going to hold my breath.
    After 12 years this is what you get, this is exactly why I by unlock unbranded phones but I will never make the mistake of paying my bill in advance ever.

  • Fuck you says:

    I’m a first time customer of TracFone and it’s the biggest mistake I have made in my entire f****** life like what a goddamn f****** joke since February the 28th I’ve called every mother f****** day several m************ times a goddamn day and have not gotten anywhere y’all are a bunch of m************ thieves and God damn non funny joke I’m f****** fed up with it y’all done nothing but push me to take this and to legal matters which I am I wish I could take it into my own hands because I’d f*** you up that’s what I really want to do is f*** you up your customer service Representatives that absolutely no respect second of all you can’t understand a goddamn thing they say third if they shut the f****** and listen to what the customer has to say they would know what the f*** to do oh but wait a minute as soon as I find out they’ve been wrong and you are right the whole time they still hang up f*** you f*** TracFone f*** all them goddamn m************ there I want my mother f****** money back you stupid son of a b****** and don’t bother with a call back because I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for a God damn call back your mother f***** and not to mention been calling everyday every goddamn mother f****** day since February 28th not only did you still one month service you stole two months worth of service so suck a God damn dick b****

  • Annemarie says:

    I just wasted 4 hours of my life trying to activate a new phone that I was told was needed due to the old phone not supporting VoLTE. Bought the phone, tried activating it online and was unable to. I contacted customer (non)support and was told that every sim number, serial number, pin number and credit card number that I provided was incorrect. Turns out that the last 4 numbers of the phone number we had used for years was transposed in their database. 5603 was listed in the records as 5063. Why this company does not verify name and address FIRST is a mystery to me, because if they had maybe they would have found this mistake in the first hour rather than when I was cancelling my service. Had this service for about 4 years and will never go with them again. And of course they would not reimburse me for the new phone because the order number “incorrect.” I would NEVER recommend getting a tracfone to anyone and will never use them again.

  • Richard Gerbeth says:

    After at least 14 phone calls and at least being cut off of at least 8 it all resulted in my Tracfone account being canceled with no refund for my service time being offered and no new phone being offered to replace the Motorola that I received that does not function. What has happened to Tracfone. Also, can they not hire associates that that can speak and understand basic English. They all seem to be encouraged to frustrate the caller and treat the customer as the enemy!

  • none of your business says:

    the company steels computers and the use them to watch what you look in they mimic the computer your on they told me two years they take them. STAY AWAY FROM THEM when you join they do something to the windows operating system and they take your computers they destroyed 40,000 in equipment let other people take the computers witch is VERIZON WIRELESS they know you cannot get help so they do it STAY AWAY FROM TRAC PHONE

  • Gloria Nelson says:

    I have been a customer for 20 years. Your current customer service is an utter disgrace. When I need a new phone you have lost a customer.

  • louie james woodworth says:

    Louie and Kathy know that texting is a charge but internet and stuff it depends if you are somewhere where there is wi-fi

  • louie james woodworth says:

    As long as Louie and Kathy Woodworth have had a Tracphone we have not had to pay for anything not even got a tracphone bill either from them

  • DT says:

    I’ve been a customer since 2017 this new rewards program you have isn’t sitting to well with me and your customer service is very lousy i’m done

  • Patricia L. Bryant says:

    To whom it may concern, this is not the only phone I have ever owned but it is undoubtedly the worse. For the last two days I have been trying to activate this phone without success. I have talked to your customer service/tech support agents to know avail. In addition to be totally useless to help me, the have the audacity to be rude, loud, impolite. This is a new phone which I was looking forward to using, but up to now, it has been totally useless. On top of everything else, they have the nerve to be rude and nasty, hollering in my ear like banshees. Everything they have told me to do has failed. I called last night to try to change my pin number because I was very upset and nervous trying to work with this phone. The idiot I talked to kept yelling the same useless instructions at me. Then someone I talked to about an hour ago kept telling me to do things until she ran out of options. I couldn’t do anything. Eventually, she told me I could do a factory reset. I couldn’t get the phone open. She gave me a whole lot of instructions which I didn’t have sufficient time to write them down. I have tried over and over without success to remember the pin #. An agent of yours named John, was no help whatsoever. Another agent named Elaine gave me a bunch of options I couldn’t use. I tried to no avail. Eventually she told me I needed to do a factory reset and then she had to go. She couldn’t even tell me how to open the phone. Before she went back to what she was doing when I called, she offered to transfer my service to another phone. I don’t have a phone to transfer it to. I want you to either to tell me how to get this phone working or cancel my service. I am not going to continue to pay for something I am unable to use. I going to call one more time to try and resolve this problem. if you can’t do it, I’ll find someone who will of I will just cancel the service altogether. Your attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated. Now your system won’t accept my e-mail and it is a valid one. I’m going to do what I have to do to obtain some satisfaction.

  • Jerry Nelson says:

    I have used TracFone for several years purchased airtime and new sim card last week, old phone was going bad had new phone which I had not used needed new sim card to activate. Sim card received when I attempted for several days and several hours to activate phone it could not be done. After six attempts by TracFone techs, I was told there was no service in this area. (Been using TracFone for three years here) Request refund for purchase of sim card and air time. was told I did not have an account even though I provided them with inv. numbers of purchase. No refund (What a Rip-off)

  • Martha Hoffman says:

    My complaint is similar to several others I have read. I was in the nursing home with a broken hip and several aneurysms, all needing repaired. I had several surgeries and painful PT sessions and was not thinking about renewing service days and minutes. When I was discharged, tracfone informed me that I did not have an account, but when I asked about my minutes, he said yes I had over 3000 minutes but no days. He also informed me that if I wanted to use those minutes, I had to buy more service days and they would unlock my minutes. When I asked if the minutes could be transferred to another phone, he said no, that is how you have to do it, buy more minutes to get the service days. Now, whenever I am driving, I am very nervous, what if I break down or have a flat tire and me with no workable phone.

    It looks like I will never get my minutes back, so this is what I am doing. I don’t actually “bad mouth” tracfone, but I do get some revenge. I have told all of my grandchildren (and their parents) not to buy tracfone, I have 4 children, 10 grandchildren (3 in college, and they must have their phones), so I think that I am enjoying my revenge (which is best served cold) Last week I was in the doctors office waiting room and the lady sitting beside me noticed your phone in the side pocket of my purse. When she asked me what kind it was, I told her. She then asked me if I liked it I had to reply, I don’t know, it doesn’t work. Tracfone has it locked and won’t unlock it until I buy additional minutes to add to my 3000+ minutes I already paid for and tracfone, in my eyes, has stolen from me. When I said that 3 other waiting patients’ heads popped up and when the first patient asked, then I guess you wouldn’t buy tracfone again? I said emphatically – Absolutely not!

  • Alice Schwartz says:

    Wow! what a surprise, I love my tracfone.For the first time, I now have a complain and no one is helping me.
    Before I give up on your company, can I send the phone to you and get my simple change made?

  • Curnel Morley says:

    During the past two years and current I am having problem with TRAC FONE ”
    Your agents who are located in other countries have been misleading me by emails to some better deal which worked out to be worst than ever. Therefore I need to speak to some one at your office in
    Miami Florida .

  • phyllis says:

    I think your company is screwing me over. If you refuse send me a sim I will contact the
    police also I file formal compliant and possible pressing charging against you.

  • SOFIA CORBIN says:

    your supervisors are very rude and are not helpful at all. all I asked for was that I was sick and realize that I had not put some time and minute into my phone and so I went in and bought 365 days and 100minutes and since I had 1531 already I figured I already had minutes in there what I needed was time so I bought it. I was so sick I could not even remember my name until today when I felt alittle better and realize I had not added any time or minutes. as soon as they added the time and minutes I lost my 1531 minutes and they put in the 100 minutes and the supervisor said that it was the terms of the something I could not understand them all is kept hearing was(I am sorry) but since you did not fill the time since 1=19 when it was due you lost all your minutes. I asked at least give half back cause I bought all my minutes 1531 is a lot of money to say to someone-I AM SORRY AND NOT HELP THEM AT ALL I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND YOUR COMPANY TO HAVE SOMEONE LOOSE THAT AMOUNT OF MINUTES LIKE THAT-THAT QUICKER AND NOT GIVE THEM ANYTHING BACK AT ALL. I PAID FOR ALL THOSE MINUTES IT IS ALOT OF MONEY TO BUY 1531 AND ALL YOU HEAR IS I AM SORRY AND NOT GET HELP FOR ANYTHING WHY HAVE SUPERVISOR LIKE THAT AND BE VERY NASTY ABOUT IT TOO. I TALKED TO TWO OF THEM AND THEY WERE BOTH THE SAME JUST NASTY TALKING YOUR COMPANY IS NOT LIKE IT USED BE. IT USED TO BE ALOT NICER NOW YOU HIRED ALOT OF NASTY PEOPLE AND ARE NOT HELPFUL AND VERY NASTY TALKING. MY NAME IS SOFIA CORBIN I HAVE BEEN A CUSTOMER OF YOURS FOR ALOT OF YEARS AND THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE TALKED TO NASTY PEOPLE IN YOUR COMPANY. IS THAT WHAT YOUR HIRED? I AM GOING SOME WHERE ELSE AND GET A PHONE AND TIME AND MINUTES AFTER THIS ARE DONE CAUSE THIS ARE JUST NASTY PEOPLE AND ARE NOT HELPFUL AT ALL. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME IN ADVANCE.

  • DOTTIE says:

    PMy name is Dottie. My Trac fon # was 570-495-6110-It was s/o today in error. I have been on a land line for over 2 hours to get my line back.I need someone to calk me NOW. IT IS AN EMERGENCY. I AM JUST HOME from the hospital. My husband just came also on Saturday 5/11.If there is a death or a major problem because of this my family will take VERY STRONG ACTION…IT IS URGENT SOMEONE CALL NOW!!!!!!!!!Right away. Someone with Authority please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anon says:

    Corporate Trac phone you have hacker employees turning off my internet. Will file ic3
    gov/ through fbi.gov website.

  • Mae says:

    Customer service is lousy. You either can’t understand their foreign accent, or can’t hear them with a buzzy connection and noise from other cubicles. Reps don’t seem to know what they are doing. They just follow a script – the same script every time you call them. Still no positive results after a myriad of calls to the company.

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