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Town Fair Tire Center Corporate office Headquarters

Town Fair Tire Center Headquarters Address and Contact

Town Fair Tire Center Logo
  • Address: 460 Coe Ave, East Haven, CT 06512
  • Phone Number: +1-800-972-2245
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 1001-5000
  • Established: 1967
  • Founder:
  • Key People: Michael Cangiano, Director of Distribution

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Annette Polsky

Front End Web Developer

Ralph Stadig

Senior .NET Software Developer

Town Fair Tire Center, History and Headquarters Information

Town Fair Tire Center was established in the year 1961 and has been growing its operations ever since then to remain active today.

This is a company based in Easter Haven that deals with automotive parts and accessories. With over 600 total employees, the company is estimated to generate about $2974.92 million worth of revenue every year. The business has also grown to have over 101 companies under its network facilitating its operations.

Their official headquarters are based in 460 Coe Ave East Haven, CT, 06512-3836 United States and for any communication; customers are advised to call their official phone number that is (203) 467-8600.

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  • Very Upset Consumer says:

    Town Fair Tire Milford Massachusetts location.
    A female employee was threatened with physical harm approximately two months ago from a fellow male employee. At that time this male employee was fired and trespassed from this location. Today this male employee started working again at this location and the female employee was simply told to stay away from the male employee. This is absolutely wrong. The female employee had a panic attack and had to leave work. HR or Corporate needs to address this situation NOW!
    This is not how you protect your employees, this is absolutely wrong on so many levels and policies are being broken.
    This will be brought to the attention of OSHA, local authorities and whomever needs to know of this discrimination and safety hazards. Take better care of your employees and don’t discriminate based on age or race as has been done today and many times in the past.

  • Jay harvey says:

    I called town fair tire in aurburn ma for a peace for my car they didn’t order my peace like they told it will be there on Monday then I had to wait for the part to come in the next Monday then they broke the hub bolts on my hub now I’m lost with out a car for a few days while it’s getting fixed and they lost the lock to my bolts to my rims and they didn’t do my balanced or line meant right had to go back to get it re done and they was rude and disrespectful to my wife not acceptable at all and something needs to be done and I don’t feel it’s right I had to pay for this

  • Martin says:

    on 7/21/23 i went to east hartford location because i had a “slow leak” in a tire bought at that location last year..so far just 7000 miles on them…..i don’t drive far …they charged me $14 to fix it???? what happened to “free” flat repair???but it gets worse…a few minutes after they get my car inside , the tech comes out and tells me it is the valve stem…a $40 charge to replace……i agree to this….for ten minutes solid you could hear him banging on my rim with a hammer to remove the old valve…unmistakable sound of hammer vs alloy rim…..a few minutes later he comes out and says..you have a “crack in your rim.” i begin to protest,,,of course there is after all that banging on the rim with hammer…they respond…”oh that can’t happen by us..” ” we didn’t cause it” i am unconvinced..and say so..they get pretty rude…..i tell them to put my spare on and give me my car….so now i have to buy a new rim… an expense of about $160 plus valve $40…so total cost of about $214 plus mounting and balance $40…so i will be out $254 because of improper handling of my tire/rim..

  • Keith Brown says:

    I was sold and paid for an expensive set of tires at Town Fair Tire today (February 22, 2023). The manager of 30 years “Guy” in West Springfield, MA. aggressively sold me a set of Cooper tires. Guy explained in depth the benefits of the Cooper tire features and traits. Note that the list price for this tire is $229. It was dark out when I picked up the vehicle so I could not inspect the tires. When I arrived at home, I got a flashlight to look at the tires to confirm the brand. He actually installed a set of a cheaper brand. The brand is Les Schwab tires that have a list price of $183. I am dismayed how a company that enjoys a quality reputation is capable of this atrocious behavior. This is beyond a Bait and Switch tactic, because I as the consumer, was never told what I was being switched into. No agreement was had. In my opinion, this was a malicious attempt, with malice and forethought to defraud a customer. Even in the description, Guy listed a description of Sport HXT -LS. No consumer could identify the brand and at Town Fair Tire, a consumer would not challenge the manager of 30 years.

    Keith Brown

  • Christopher guyette says:

    I’m looking for a owner or high end manager to talk to have some photos and want to get some more input on the hole road hazard situation

  • Serge K Ay says:

    I like Town fair Tire I did business almost fifteen years at Shrewsbury Massachusetts I use to own Gas Station an repair shop at Worcester Serge’s Sunoco now I did Retired I moved to Watertown Massachusetts
    At Watertown Town Fair Tire the sails man was very root to me I told them my business history and account they charge me double price they wasn’t appreciated it my fifteen years business his name was Angel And I’m not happy with Alignments my car still pulls Im gonna go to my old friends to Shrewsbury to fix the problem sorry for this complaining I love Town Fair Tire but not the Watertown office

  • michael degrenier says:

    I would like to say that in the passed, I have had good service…..but over the last few months, your Seabrook N.H. location has completely gone down the toilet !!!. Long story short…I had a problem with a tire that “supposedly” couldnt be fix, but I sald “ok” and bought a brad new tire…( this is after I just bought over 680$ for 4 new tires. This morning 5/20/2022 ran over a screw, changed my tire and went back to have the tire fixed ! Gee to my surprise I was told it couldnt be fix…because the “bubble” inside the tire wont allow them to fix it…..But Imagine this…They would sell me a “BRAND NEW TIRE” !!!! I refused, told the staff I will never do buisness ever again at Town fair tire…..I took the tire literally up the street to SULLIVAN TIRE…I explained to them what I was told and the mechanic looked at the tire and said…I have no idea what they were trying to do, but the tire can be absolutely fixed….and repaired the tire for 30.00$. Also said if theres any problems with the tire, just bring it back and we will take care of it !!! I have posted on facebook and let every one I know about the “DISHONEST SERVICE at the SEABROOK N.H. location. I might be just 1 customer, but I will let ever one know to seek services elsewhere !!!

  • Michael P Cashman says:

    Town Fair Tire Corporation
    Michael Cangiano, Director Of Distribution
    I would like to report problems with two of your locations, 540 Main Street East Hartford and 3384 Berlin TPKE Newington.
    On 05/04/2022 at the East Hartford TFT under invoice 85149-529, I purchased four tires along with a four-wheel Factory Recommended alignment for a total of $1281.94. The alignment printout showed a problem with one of the rear wheels so I had the alignment check again at the Newington TFT. This second alignment showed my van’s front end was still way out of alignment. The Newington TFT recalibrated the front end again.
    My next stop was to have my oil changed at Pep Boys I had them check my front-end alignment and once again it showed a problem with my front-end alignment. The front passenger tire toe was out of spec by 0.16. This is after two TFT alignments.
    The TFT Manager, no name given, in Newington told me to go back to East Hartford and ask for compensation.
    The initial service to mount the tires and alignment was to take 1 ½ hours, it took over 4 hours and now this morning I spent another 2hours.
    I do feel that the $89.00 should be returned to me by check.
    Michael Cashman
    36 Knollwood Rd.
    Newington, CT 06111

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