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S. No.




United States

2121 Arden Way Sacramento, CA 95825


United States

7707 Laguna Blvd. Suite 140 Elk Grove, CA 95758


United States

5791 Five Star Boulevard Roseville, CA 95678

Total Wine Headquarters Executive Team



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  • Charles says:

    I represent a Napa Valley winery (Northern California). Who do I contact to see if you would like to carry the product?

  • Judy says:

    Why are the employees forbidden from wearing football jerseys for Super Bowl in California???

  • Gary says:

    I was so excited when I heard you were going to open a store near The Villages, FL. But I am very disappointed with you level of inventory of Gordon’s gin. In the past few months when I went to purchase your store is out of stock. When I mentioned this to the store personnel I was told they did not do the ordering locally, really. It isn’t a problem so I just go to you competitor which is less the 1/4 mile away and is the same price. But they also sell wine and if I have to go there I also do all my shopping.

  • Philippe de MEILLAC says:

    I am Philippe de MEILLAC i am the owner of 180 acres of vine in SOUSSAC in GIRONDE in FRANCE and I Will be happy to expert my Wine to you in USA
    Please let me Know how I can contact the correct department

    My Kindless regards

  • Sean says:

    Number sent me in a loop and I finally go ahold of an agent just to be given a different number for HR that somehow put me in an endless loop of the automated voice and never connected me with a different agent

  • Ken Gaines says:

    The Assistant Manager replied to my complaint wanting to “correct” my visit.

    I replied;
    Mr. McGill,
    I appreciate your reply.
    My experience was not the forts I’ve either witnessed or been the victim of in your store.
    The issues have always been at the register or surrounding the service kiosk by the entrance. I’ve witness mocking of people with canes, laughing and insulting of customers, and participation in these things by persons inside the kiosk.
    My race has no bearing on where I stand, when I sit down my products, or how long I tolerate being berated, yet this seems time and time again again to be all that matters to Total Wine employees.
    I do not know if the complicity is personal or corporate, but I will no longer be letting myself be targeted.
    If you have video of my visit, you will see that I changed registers, but that did not stop the berating, and actually, the cashier next to her, joined her at the end of the registers and participated.
    My experience cannot be corrected, but rest assured I will do all I can to prevent anyone else from experiencing it as well.
    You probably have witnessed this before, it is well known that anyone over 50 and white, will not be treated well at this store.
    No reply is needed, I will from now on be an ex customer of Total Wine.

  • Chuck Fitch says:

    I see you have not done your homework! I have worn masks in past for other reasons and they are smothering and ineffective! I have studied masks since virus began and read virologists/immunologists studies! Cloth masks are 98 percent ineffective, paper disposable masks are ineffective because of wrinkles and gaps and N95 as name implies are 95 percent effective on virus above .3 microns with corona.06 microns! Wearing masks forces you to breathe your own germs and carbon dioxide causing hypoxia and hypercapnia!Touch leads to cross contamination!

  • Betty says:

    With all the new construction in the east side of Fort Myers (apartments/condos) there is a great need for one of your stores in this area. My nearest store is a 30 mile round trip (traffic is bad) and I love the store, but there is a Walmart liquor store only a 10 mile round trip away from me, so I have started to go there some. I still order online from Total Wine & More if someone lets me know ahead of time that they are going there, but I would buy much more if there was a store closer. There is so much construction in the area that we need one of your stores in this area.

  • Phil sciascia says:

    Hi How come you carry everything in your store (Shrewsbury)ma store but Budweiser 12 pack bottles 3 weeks in a row there inventory says they had it but none on shelf but none in store no answers why.I loved the store when they opened not anymore.

  • John Gouveia says:

    Best prices are here!

  • John Gouveia says:

    Best prices and selection anywhere with coupons as an added incentive! The

  • John Gouveia says:

    Total Wine has the best prices and selection in any store. They have coupons that even makes it cheaper than you can imagine!

  • Bert Kalinsky says:

    I would like to contact the individual who would purchase snack products for the stores.
    Thank you,

  • Lynden Johnson says:

    I trust this email finds you well.

    My name is Lynden A Johnson, my partner Mr. Roscoe Dames recently won the bid to publish Bahamasair Inflight magazine.

    Bahamasair is the national Flag Carrier of the Bahamas:

    Passengers 2018: Slightly over one million

    Bahamians Flying to Florida: 20%

    Our first publication is schedule for October 1st, 2019.

    Frequency: each quarter

    Copies per quarter: 7,500

    Annual Copies: 30,000

    As a point of information, hundreds of Bahamians fly to Florida on a weekly basis Miami/ Ft. Lauderdale area.

    Can you kindly share your the contact for the Florida region, marketing or Public Relation personnel?

    We would love to share our rate sheet and media kit.

    Attached is a copy of the publication, from the last publisher.


    Lynden A Johnson
    L.Andrew Consultants
    #56 Bay Lily Drive
    Phone: 676 5056/ 376 1677

    Motto “Give your best service today, establish a customer for life

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