Where is Torrid Corporate office Headquarters

Torrid Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 18501 E San Jose Ave, City of Industry, CA 91748, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 626-667-1002
  • Fax Number: (626) 839-4681
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: April, 2001
  • Founder: Hot Topic
  • Key People: Elizabeth Muñoz

Torrid Headquarters Location & Directions

Torrid Headquarters Executive Team



Kay Hong

CEO & Director

George Wehlitz Jr.

CFO & Principal Accounting Officer

Elizabeth Munoz

Senior Vice President of Product

Kate Horton

Senior Vice President of Merchandising & Marketing

About Torrid, History and Headquarters Information

Torrid was incorporated back in 2001 and opened its first store in the Brea Mall in Brea, California. It broadened its focus to include accessories, shoes, jewelry, novelty tee shirts, fashion tops, pants, Capri pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, outerwear, intimate apparel, hosiery, gifts, and beauty products. Georgina Burke and Philomena Kwao were hired to represent the brand and promote it. It has its headquarters in Greater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, Western US.

Torrid is an American retail company that manufactures and sells fashion apparel, accessories, swimwear and lingerie. It is owned by Sycamore Partners. Their apparels are designed flawlessly which makes the customer feel confident. It is a popular brand for making plus size apparels for women who wear sizes 10 to 30. Torrid expanded and opened more than 400 stores across 36 states in the United States. It has around 5,001-10,000 employees working to produce exclusive collections.

Similar to Hot Topic, it follows the same strategy and analyses fashion trends, and uses direct communication between customers, employees, and corporate personnel in order to be updated with current fashion.

Torrid Headquarters Photos

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  • Judy says:

    I have just been sitting on hold of over 30 mins waiting for a Manager. After speaking with the person that answered the customer service line and getting stock answers, I asked to speak to a “Supervisor” who in turn said exactly the same “stock” answers…so I asked for a Manager and here I sit. Customer Service is a joke. I don’t blame the people that are answering the phone, they are just trying to do their jobs. I blame the Company executives that have mandated this type of “Service”. I ordered a bathing suit, 2 pieces top and bottom. As they were low in stock, I called to tell them I did not want one piece without the other. If I only get one piece of a bathing suit, what am I supposed to do with that??? They said they could not cancel the order, which is ridiculous in this day and age. Living in Canada we are charged $20.00 for shipping fee. So I am paying this money for one piece of a bathing suit that I can not wear. So my options are to pay again to ship it back or return it to a store, with the closest store being over 1/2 hour away. YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR POLICY. YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS. Fed Up in Canada!

  • Lynn marcy says:

    I was attempting to shop at torrid in charleston sc. i was not permitted to enter the store without a mask, even though i had proof that i am fully vaccinated, AND i have asthma. You lost my business!

  • Bella Sanchez says:

    I worked for torrid in 2020 and to this date have not received my tax statement nor has the store been any helpful
    Please respond and advise
    Thank you

  • Yolanda Smith says:

    On 03/03/2021 I was shopping at this store with my family. While shopping at the Perry Crossing store #125 340 Marketplace Mile. I picked up two pairs of earrings, and I continued to walk around the store for additional items that I wanted to purchase. During this time my sister noticed the employee watching us while we were shopping. We was not the only customer in the store. The employee was standing off in the corner watching me as I shopped in the store. This is concerning as I was we were t he only black family in the store, and she decided to watch us we shop, and why not the other customers. I have been in this more than 20 times and have never been watched like this nor felt that I was being racially targeted. I will not return to this store and I plan to cancel my Torrid Credit card because I will not spend my money at place or organization who hires employees like this.

    I spoke with the cashier Alicia who I expressed my concerns to her and she stated, that she is sure that is not what happened or what the employee was doing. How would she know what happened or if that is what she was doing. Alicia stated, that she could not provided me the employee’s name and I am unsure of the lady’s name however, I as sure how I felt. I am going to return my items today and not shop there again.

  • Damaris Perez says:

    Address: 225 Allwood Rd Spc 6, Clifton, NJ 07012

    Store hours posted state they close at 7 p.m.
    Arrived at 6:55 p.m. on 2/24/2021 to make a return and doors were already locked.

  • Dee says:

    Completely disgusted!! I bought a blouse online from Torrid and when I received it, I just couldn’t believe Torrid let this shirt leave the warehouse. I was stained all over the neck and chest area with some sort of sticky residue. I hope its glue but that was not where my mind went. Gross

  • Pamela Clowers says:

    At a location here in TN, your employee didnt give me a gift card to show credit. I think this was just a mistake since she was training a girl. I have called that location daily with no luck to a answer.
    They keep waiting on email from Corporate. I am not sure what to expect from your company with this taking so long.


    From my comment I left about the dressing room, the store clerk told the lady sure
    you could use either dressing room. This is an addition to my first co.ment


    Today was my first time ever visiting a Torrid store! When I walked in a was welcomed in a kindly manner. However, the store clerk watched me the whole time until I started feeling uncomfortable, I had two items I asked if I was allowed to try them on, I was told that they were not allowing anyone to try anything on at this time, because of the pandemic. I said to her I understand, while we were having this conversation, I lady walked up and said. “I WOULD LIKE TO TRY THIS ON” ok so of course I am feeling some kind of way now!! I told her I was ready to check out. All the time the store clerk is being nice and friendly, I chose not to question her about being watched and about the waiting room because I knew how i was feeling !!!! So my visit their was very disappointing and I am not one to play a race card on every situation. Dont know why my first visit went this way . Just know someone else may have handle this very different from the way I chose to do be careful!!

  • Patricia says:

    First time i have been dissatisfied with torrid all had to do with shipping i understand being behind during this time even though i havent had any issues from any othe online retailers but this is absolutely ridiculous communication on this has been poor you cant even tell me when my order will be shipped oh sorry i was told early may they are HOPING

  • Over Wack ASS Torrid says:

    Torrid! Seriously?! I placed an order. I get a UPS tracking number. I tracked this order up until it claims it was delivered to my door. Turns out UPS delivered the item to my local USPS for them to deliver to me.
    Long story short this package never ever turned up. Even after I got delivery at my door confirmation with a time stamp form UPS and Torrid.
    After contacting the most useless costumer service, Torrid tells me their policy is to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR FIVE DAYS in hopes the package magically turns up. I was offered ZERO assistance.
    Needless to say after five days, the items I originally ordered were sold out in my preferred size.
    I cannot tell you how utterly pissed off I am with this company.
    I have shopped with Torrid since it opened in 2001.
    With the PISS POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE I just received. DONE!
    You just lost a day one customer!

    NEW YORK AND COMPANY and FASHION TO FIGURE will be my new go to stores for cute work attire. PERIOD.

  • Ms K says:

    I am sending a complaint to Torrid in regards to my cancelled order and no refund . My order was submitted March 12,2020 and I never got an email stating my order was delivered to the store and the stores closed due to Pandemic. I called and cancelled my order DT0059729050 and I have been getting the run around on my credit? No one can give me an answer when my $75.13 will return to my Torrid card. So I will write a bad review every day until I get my refund. I will also post on Twitter #can’t getarefundfromTorrid#
    Pandemicorincompetence# Fix my account!!!!

  • Janice Havlicsek says:

    Poor customer service when u return an item for different size u have to call for a return shipping label then they get a tracking number that u have to take to UPS and pick up label your self just to exchange something. I use to order alot stuff. but This last experience has turned me to Lane Bryant. Torrid dont send return shipping labels so u cant return your items. DONT ORDER!

  • J says:

    Why are phone reps giving different information than store associates? It’s making me wish stores could carry all the things online. I’ve been having fun and enjoyable experiences in-store unlike over the phone. If I want online items and want my military discount it needs to be over the phone because they ask for military id numbers so I don’t mind, what I do mind is having someone be rude about asking for it when I asked about policy change since earlier in the year I never had to give my id number. I also recently had another issue and was told they couldn’t fix it even though the same issue ha been fixed a month ago by a supervisor. It’s a simple fix and they make things go out of proportion. NOT COOL!! I’ve been a fan of Torrid for 10 years plus and in recent years when I’ve spent more money I’ve been having shitty experiences. It sucks knowing what the job entails when in retail, I’ve had retail experience and this is not acceptable. Get your stuff together and make sure things are being done the same everywhere, both in-store and over the phone.

  • christine says:

    Went into store to make a $ 214. purchase of clothing . The sales girl told me my TD Bank debit card was not valid. She processed it twice and said no sucess. I couldnt understand that but with a line behind me and feeling embarrassed I handed over my Bank Of America card. Again she seems to struggle with ringing up the sale. She rang it up alright…..three times I was charged $214. for a total of $ 642 . I called the store and somehow one charge was reversed but two remained one being a double. When I contact the store the manager tells me, “oh yes we are aware we are having issues. Last week we couldnt ring up any sales.” I ask for a Corporate number but no one knows anything about CORPORATE. After numerous phone calls, texts and emails, Lisa the District manager contacts me. She also doesnt know Corporate numbers. Amazing!! Finally Lisa and a ” corporate manager” say we will let your contesting of the charge go through and we won’t challenge so you will get a credit on your bank account. For all the trouble we will give you a Torrid gift card. I said no thank you to card so the corporate manager said ok ” we will send you a Visa gift card for $200. Now they have reversed the charge and again charged me twice. Even if I apply the GIFT card I am paying an extra $14. for the clothing . DON”T TRUST THEM. Advise against shopping there. I have again reached out to Lisa and if I do not hear from her I will be going into store and discuss problems in front of other customers to warn them and hopefully resolve the problem once and for all.

  • Michelle Landes says:

    I am writing in regards to 3 different orders that I had received incorrect!! THIS IS NOT OKAY AND I AM TIRED OF SPENDING MY MONEY TO A COMPANY THAT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS! Three different times in the last several months has been someone else order in my shipping bag. I have wasted my time and my hard earned money to purchase your product and yet when I voice my frustration to your supervisors…THEY DON’T CARE!! I am over it. I am a Platinum card holder and this is my last purchase! I told them that I should be compensated and asked for a refund and was told “NOT POSSIBLE” by your supervisor today named Jackie F. Once again I had to spend almost one hour of my time from work….for the THIRD time to call and jump thru your hoops just to get my order replaced and then argue to get it quicker than the first 2 weeks of shipping that it originally took! I will be writing a letter to the newspaper also on this topic of LACKING CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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