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Toppers Pizza
  • Address: Toppers Pizza, Whitewater, Wisconsin, United States

  • Phone Number:
    (262) 473-6666

  • Fax Number: (262) 473-6697

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees:  1000

  • Established: 1991

  • Founder: Scott Gittrich

  • Key People: Scott Gittrich (CEO)

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Toppers Pizza Headquarters Executive Team



David Biederman

Executive Vice President

Kendall Richmond


Scott Iversen

VP Marketing

Adam Oldenburg

VP Operations

About Toppers Pizza, History and Headquarters Information

Toppers Pizza was founded in the year 1991. The company has been active for almost 28 years now. The founder of the company was Scott Gittrich, who had entered the pizza business in the year 1984 when he was a college student at the University of Illinois and had taken up a job as a Domino’s Pizza Delivery Driver. The founder of the company was the director of operations for a group of 22 franchises located in North Carolina, United States, and had left the company in order to start Toppers Pizza. The company had removed the apostrophe from its name, mainly for marketing reasons in order to give a more informal image. The first franchise store opened by the company was in the year 1997. In the year 2013, the company was named as one of the 50 breakout chains in the USA. The company is also ranked at 58 places in the top 100 pizza companies. As of the year 2017, the company had reported that it has been closing all its restaurant locations in Illinois, United States, as a part of a restructuring strategy. The headquarters of the company is based in Whitewater. The name of the state is Wisconsin, United States.

Toppers Pizza is an American company that focuses on the production and selling of various kinds of pizza, to its customers all over the USA. The current CEO of the company is Scott Gittrich. The current number of employees working in the company is more than 1,000.

The primary services of the company include allowing customers to purchase various kinds of pizza that are produced by the company’s restaurants. The restaurants also sell other types of fast food dishes and recipes as well.

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  • Josh says:

    Wow! Seeing from the comments on here I am not the first to have bad experiences. Anyway, I live above a Toppers location in Appleton, WI. Now it is a given that they drive in and out to make deliveries. But, last night they were shooting off fireworks at 1am. They will also hang out long after they close hollering and screaming outside their establishment. This has been an ongoing thing. When you choose a place to eat it has to do with the atmosphere as much as the food itself. I have ordered from here before, but not again.

  • Michael Brantner says:

    I WALKED through the doors of your toppers in Eau Claire today. To see a female brushing out her hair and fluffing it out, then rolling it into a bun. Where you prepare pizzas. GROSS!!! Then ask me what I would like… Are you for real? I use to be a very good customer till today……and never more… Best get some ediqite and manners first. Perhaps some training and a hair-net keeping your hands off of the body and hair before I grace your doors ever again. NO I’m not hunting for cupons.

  • Vandal Leonard & MaryAnne says:

    My husband and I were avid fans of Domino’s Pizza, Destin, FL 32541, but since January of 2022, when a change of management resulted in a marked difference in product and service. Our last two orders resulted in burnt pizzas. Yesterday’s order of a 12” -3 topping was $17.39. I ordered it ON LINE and expected $3.00 refund as advertised.
    The time previously I ordered a large pizza and the bread knots and the 5cheese baked sauce.
    It was half of the amount as before and burnt on top of that!

    We are very disappointed in the product and service with the new management!
    MaryAnne & Leonard Vandal

  • Manda says:

    Every time I order a pizza that is supposed to be 14 inches and always comes in 12 there’s been quite a few times where I have ordered food and it took two hours to get to my home and as I was putting my kid in the bath apparently somebody knocked on the door but couldn’t wait two seconds for me to get there and apparently they didn’t knock loud enough either it’s almost like they never even came. When I go inside the store because I do not trust delivery anymore they’re always playing around sitting on top of the flower bags throwing stuff. I know that they are kids and I’m not trying to be hard on them but the store is done absolutely terrible and I have photos and pictures of every picture that I got that was not 14 inches and I know that it shrinks when it gets inside of the oven but anywhere from 11 to 12 inches is considered a medium pizza. I live in Alexandria Virginia off route one which is off of Richmond Highway I really do expect better because it’s such a good pizza place. But then I ordered online thinking maybe it would be different and my Pizza never even showed up. Now considering that subway got sued for not having 12 inch subs I’m suggesting that this could be a problem for your business. Just being helpful for the company I don’t wanna do anything but I’m just letting you know they really need to be checked out over there

  • Todd Schultz says:

    I used to be a manager at your Franklin location when Dave owned it. I am going to be totally honest I WILL never EVER order food from any toppers again after the way I was talked to by the manager and spoken to by him. It’s a Saturday night I ordered my son and myself food at 6pm thinking I could still have time to eat since I work early morning but oh no I was sadly mistaken it took 2 hours to get our food. I called and the manager said “so” and continued say he “didn’t have time to deal with customers.” Oh and just and fyi I work for Amazon on 13th street and I know people order from toppers well I will now tell them not to and tell how your manager at Franklin talks and treats people. I am so upset I threw my food away. Gee if everyone could say to customers what your manager said to me there would be NO place open. The only bright spot was the driver she was cool and overly nice I felt bad for her she has to work under an untrained manager.

  • Sasha says:

    Indianapolis Indiana location is horrible! The gm Paige discriminates against her employees and I witnessed a fight occur at this location. She just fired a employee because he told her another employee was stealing his orders and she said “this is too much you message me too much your fired “

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