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Where is Tom Thumb Food Market Corporate office Headquarters

Tom Thumb Food Market Headquarters Address and Contact

Tom Thumb Food Market
  • Address: 743 Henrietta Creek Rd, Roanoke, TX 76262, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 817-490-8154

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees:  1000

  • Established: 1948

  • Founder: Robert B. Cullum

  • Key People: Robert G. Miller (CEO)

Tom Thumb Food Market Headquarters Location & Directions

Tom Thumb Food Market Headquarters Executive Team



Peter Bocian


Steve Burnham


About Tom Thumb Food Market, History and Headquarters Information

Tom Thumb Food Market was founded in the year 1948. The company has been active for almost 71 years now. The founders of the company were JR Bost and Robert B Cullum. The company had started its operations after acquiring six Toro supermarket stores. By the year 1956, the company had laready grown to almost 20 stores under its name. In the year 1963, the company had acquired Simon David stores. In the year 1972, the company had expanded its market to Texas, United States. As of the year 1989, the company had sold six of its stores to Albertsons. In the year 1992, the company was taken over by Randalls. Randalls in turn was acquired by Safeway in the year 1999. Beginning in the year 2006, the company had been operating under the Safeway Lifestyle Store concept. As of the year 2015, Safeway was taken over by Albertsons. The headquarters of the company is based in 743 Henrietta Creek Road. The name of the place is Roanoke, while the name of the state is Texas, United States. The pin code is 76262.

Tom Thumb Food Market is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of food products and groceries to its customers. The current CEO of the company is Robert G Miller. As of the current date, the number of employees working at the company is more than 1,000.

The primary services of the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of food products and groceries, that are marketed and sold by the company itself. The products sold by the company include dairy, bakery, grocery, frozen foods, meat, seafood, pharmacy, snacks, liquor, etcetera.

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  • Jan freeman says:

    The contact phone number is not a working number.

  • Liz Ann Case says:

    I shop at the location on Mockingbird in Dallas. This afternoon a power surge caused the register to fail and needed time to reboot. I was first in line and understood this could take time. The lines grew longer and longer overtime. The register began coming online, all but the line I was in. The manger opened more lines and customers began fill those line without in thought to the few of us in front who had been waiting the longest. When ask for a little help, he said in a snarky tone, go wait in another lane. I’m not happy, I will not shop at this store, sad because it’s my neighborhood store. Liz Ann Case

  • Ann B. says:

    I don’t know who is the main one over Tom Thumb in Florala but they don’t know to fix plates or cook things right the burn stuff and they put wrong stickers on the plates and you get charged more. Thank God I only go there once in a blue moon

  • Diane says:

    So a woman was robbed at the Southlake TX store and the manager has been very unhelpful to the family. I have reached out to the store at night and the night manager hung up on me after my inquiry.

  • Minerva Blanton says:

    I work mid shifts so i shop late every time i go for the eggs on this week ad your out so i ask for a raincheck they told me i have to come when coustermer service is open
    Which is impossible for me to get since I’m at work it is so frustrating that they cant give out raincheck on product I have tried several times to get

  • Laurie wesling says:

    I was just at a Tom thumb. I need to speak with someone . Can you please give me a call? My number is 1-765-714-1492. It is about something that happened in one of your stores

  • Rosalinda says:

    Today June 16,2022 , in the morning I went to Tom Thumbs on grapevine Highway in Hurst Tx. The woman in the bakery Dept , Indian woman used as a description because others are fabulous, was rude as usual. I asked for sour dough bread she grabbed one on the cooling racks with her bare hands very rudely and handled it without gloves ! I asked the other gal about it and said I did not want that. This rude woman took the bread she fondled without gloves put it in a bag to sell !!! Do I need to remind you this is a health code violation !!!! I will NEVER shop in Tom Thumbs bakery for fresh bread ever again —- UNLESS she is not working that day and the bread is fresh. IT WAS DISGUSTING !!!
    I told the Manager Ashley about this .

  • Mary Hardy says:

    I absolutely HATE the Digital only coupons!!! Is you want people to shop your stores – run specials that everyone can buy, not just the ones that have access to computers!!! I am 87 yrs. old, somewhat computer savvy but I hate to have to go to the computer and jump through all tghe hoops to get a few cents off of a product. I have been a customer for about 50 years but I am finding it less enjoyable to shop your stores!!
    MJ Hardy, Dallas, TX

  • DAN BURNHAM says:

    On May 2, 2022 after work (before 6 pm_ I stopped in my local Tom Thumb in DeSoto (Store 3623 Dennis Dion, Director) ….we have a busy family as most do and was asked by my wife to stop by the deli and pick up dinner to go….THERE WAS ZERO hot food in the deli….(oh sure you could get cold pic nic food…but that is not dinner) I could certainly understand if it was 8 pm that is clean up time. I worked for Safeway for 8 years and understand the process and steps of closing down departments for the evening. Families need deli service and most that I saw were turning around and literally walking out the store….. 2 employees were standing there with me and just simply said we cant keep people working.

    Secondly the self check out lanes were CLOSED to CASH ONLY customers so with that the other lanes were backed up.

    My cashiers was Ms. Mozell….ONE OF THE SUPERHER’s in the store…..she is a champion….trying everything she can do anywhere to keep things running and with the best smile…

    YOU NEED TO WORK ON THE DELI COUNTER AND NOT HAVE CUSTOMERS TURN AROUND AND WALK OUT THE DOOR…..There is Kroger and Brookshires both on my way home…and of course Wal-Mart ….

    6 pm was shocking early to have the hot side totally closed (and I wonder what time they started pullling the food families would like to purchase for dinner.

  • Amanda says:

    Change the fountain drink cups please

  • Fred Pratt says:

    l am a 40+ year customer and since before Christmas l have been unable to find my milk Lucerne Lactose free Fat free milk. l now have to drive 35 minutes to Central Market in Southlake just to buy the milk from the same plant as your milk. 48-0917
    Please tell me why you cannot get the milk.

  • Dwayne says:

    Tom Thumb on Camp Bowie,Fort Worth Texas needs a new security officer!I get harassed everytime I shop here and the other day the security officer charged my wife threatening her with the police and told Us to get out “Her” store?

  • Mike. says:

    I’ve been trying to contact someone in the the charge of customer relation and I wan not able to find a working number to reach anyone at a district/regional level for N. Dallas area. ( the listed phone number is disconnected!!!)
    I would appreciate if someone could reach me @ (972) 510-7290 .
    I’ve been a Tom Thumb customer for over 40 years , but as of now , I would not do my shopping at your stores till I hear from someone. This matter concerns not only the customer service /relation but it also involves some serious customer safety at at least one of your location that I occasionally shop,

  • Randi cianciolo says:

    I bought gas at your store rt98 blue angel highway in Pensacola fl, and I had water found in my gas tank after spending over $700 trying figure out the issue I had my mechanic tell me water in gas caused a valve in my engine to fail and would cost over $2500 to fix, my truck was running fine to the gas station as soon as I got a little over a mile away my truck stalled, my neighbor also had issues with gas at said station, I would like to someone who can help resolve this issue, I am a self employed home improvement contractor and my truck is my livelihood, could you please!!!! Give me a number so we can resolve this issue, I am at my end and have no where to turn, a number to talk to a real person please

  • Sue says:

    Reading reviews. I will defend my friend Valorie she is not racist She was married to a black man.the next man beat her and she lost the hearing in one ear. She no longer works for the company do to disrespect to her.

  • David says:

    I was just at the store at garçon point and Robinson point Road in Milton Florida and the lady behind the counter accused me of being intoxicated on weed I took my money back and told her to stick it up her ass that she was crazy And front of a bunch other customers granite my eyes are red from working with Sheet Rock all day but they’ll never see another day of my business I should contact the attorney

  • Elio says:

    I went to Thompson on highway 87 and 399 And blood cigarettes they gave me the the wrong cigarette I went to bring it back and I said they cannot take it back It was therefore and I have to wind up paying for cigarettes that I did not ask for I guess the incompetence of the employee I should have looked myself even though I asked for the right one that I wanted they gave me the wrong 1 I would not ever shop at your store again I buy a lot of stuff from there I spend probably $200 a week now I will shop elsewhere I will go to Murphy’s where the employees know what they’re doing Unfortunately it was very convenient to go to that store but I’d rather drive out of my way than to give your store my money ever again

  • George Thompson says:

    146 Palm Blvd Niceville Florida at 6:00pm on Thanksgiving day 11/25/21 overcharged me $4 for lottery tickets because she didnt clear out the previous customers charge. Not only did I tell her my total would be $30 before hand she insisted my total was $34
    I counted my tickets back to her also. Then I told her you know what Im right your wrong, but its Thanksgiving so Im gonna let it slide. She got loud, argumentative and said she was gonna call her boyfriend. Her drawer will be over & she is an idiot & thief!

  • Dianne Gamble says:

    Your new apps are nerve-wracking! One Safeway app worked for all stores. Now every opening has “steps” b4 I can get in. If I want to look @ Albertson’s, I need sepatate app. Frustrating!!

  • Mary Moran says:

    Please tell me why there is 8 employees on duty at the Tom Thumb store on hwy 83 corner of Walton road in defuniak springs Florida! But only 1 employee working helping customers during lunch rush when customers only 30 minutes this a daily problem at this store

  • Maddy says:

    Valorie from Tom Thumb in Wheatland Rd is a racist and rude to the teenage employees. You guys need to check her out or i will say something it’s not right of what she does and how she acts like she can’t hear them knowing very she does. She also did not give me my entire money when i checked with her for coinstar. She’s ridiculous.

    • Fluffy says:

      You are absolutely wrong about her. Your ridiculous if you actually believe that. She’s not a thief and she treats everyone with the same respect that’s shown to her.

  • Mary says:

    Tom Thumb in wheatland road Duncanville Texas there’s a manager there name Kyle who is extremely rude to the teenagers there working who are just doing their job. He is a grown man and shouldn’t be doing that because they are just teenagers. Every time I go there he’s rude to them also.

  • David K says:

    I was at the Tom Thumb at 3100 hulen st. My husband and I were buying wine and all of a sudden the cashier behind me on register 2 hit me in the back with the door they use to open. Her name was Tran, she never apologize she kept looking at me very rudely. This behavior is uncalled for by a employee.

  • Ramon Avila says:

    Hi. I am a disabled veteran living in Garland Texas. I shop at the Tom Thumb store in Garland at North West Highway and Centerville Rd. I wanted to make some statements concerning this store. Every time I go there, the employees don’t acknowledge me or greet me. When I start shopping, and I can’t find something, and I’m walking and walking around trying to find something, the employees never ask if I need any help finding something. The employees are always talking and complaining about the store and about the customers. I think these are the reasons that there is always a long line and long wait. I have spoken to the store ma and regional manager, but nothing has been done to correct these things from happening. And the parking lot has a lot of potholes. I don’t recommend this store. I have contacted customer service regarding these things as well, and still nothing has changed.

  • Cynthia M, Dallas, Texas says:

    Tom Thumb home delivery service is very unreliable. I placed an order on line for delivery on January 29th to be delivered between 4 PM to 5 PM. At 6:00 PM the delivery was not here so I did an on-line chat and told the driver expected at the store about 6:14 PM and should be delivered in about 30 minutes – approximately 7:00 PM. 8:00 PM no delivery. Went to on-line chat and got a message to call customer service line. Called customer service and told order picked up and delivery was in route. At 9:00 pm called customer service because delivery had not been delivered. The rep had no new information and said he would have the store call me with status. It is now 10:30 pm. My delivery still has not arrived and the store has not called. This concerns Order 24432204. This is the second time your delivery service has done this to me. About two or three weeks ago the delivery was hours late and after many on-line hats and calls to customer service, the delivery finally arrived at 9:30 pm from the Firewheel location in Garland, Tx. This is not the service I would expect from Tom Thumb.

  • Klorea says:

    Tom thumb is horrible it sells old expired spoiled ice cream and skunky old spoiled garlic bread. Horrible horrible

  • Randy Welling says:

    After three calls, and three empty promises of call backs, I finally asked for a Manager at your Hulen Store.
    My order was a day late , and all it would have taken to make it right was an explanation. Waiting for groceries is not a horrible task, but being tied to my house not knowing a delivery time is not fair or pleasant. I have been having Tom Thumb deliver my groceries every month for two years and I was ready to switch to Amazon Fresh when I spoke to a young man named Vonnie. He was pleasant, professional, and fixed the problem. The delivery driver , Mike, was equally professional. Give those two a raise and teach the folks in the “Delivery Department” on how to call customers back. Companies trying to expand their customer base need to learn how to keep the customers they have and the improved ROI will follow.

  • Barry Blankenship says:

    I was just at 7117 Inwood Rd. Dallas, TX. 75209. It’s Wednesday, July 22 at 7:15pm. If you care to look at your survealliance video, I was on the ice cream ailse with my friend and we were surrounded by your stockers not wearing masks and yukking it up, which as everyone knows projects particulate matter even further. I told my friend we needed to get off of the ailse because it was not safe. I told the employees that they needed to wear there mask at all times. They said that they were wearing them. I said it was not a debate as I have them on video not wearing them. The morbidly obese one in the bright red T shirt said that he was wearing his fucking mask. The other one said that he was wearing his too. They asked if I wanted to speak to the manager. I said no as I knew that it would never go beyond that evening manager. Sure enough , along comes the very rude and incompetent evening manager. It was a joke. The evening manager should not be the face of your store and those stockers should be fired immediately. I told them that they could lie all they wanted about always having there masks on but I had it all on video and would be sending it to corporate and to the local Dallas news stations . I’m thinking that that is the only way anything will be done about it. So, the two guys working without mask were a twenty five year old african american male, five ft. seven. maybe one fifty pounds. The other very rude employee was an hispanic male , five eleven , probably three hundred fifty pounds. He’s the on in the red T shirt. Again, it was 7:15pm on July 22.
    I spend over twelve thousand dollars a year at your store and Im in that particular store four times a week.
    I expect to be contacted by someone regarding this matter. If I do not hear from anyone from Tom Thumb , I will go ahead and forward my video of my horrible encounter at your store to channel 8, channel 5 and channel 4 here in Dallas. I do NOT ever want to have to encounter these incompetent, ignorant employees at your store again, they are not safe to have in your store and they are very bad for business.
    Thank you.

  • Laurie says:

    I was sent a coupon for 2 free items good to redeem thru Monday 7/6. I went to Tom Thumb by my home on Park Row & Bowen 7/5. They were out of the salad dressing. Said they didn’t get it on the truck. I would have taken a substitute or even a rain check. Javier in the customer service department said his manager said no to both.
    Very poor for a store who is not the best value in the neighborhood.
    Lucky for me I have Aldi, Kroger, and Walmart Neighborhood store very close also.
    Shame on your Poor customer service & “no” mentality. The poor handling of that advertised bottle of salad dressing cost you my business. It was your advertisement. Well it will get people in the store.

    Hope you wake up and do better. Too much competition for you to be so arrogant.

  • Charlotte Ray says:

    Need to speak with someone about an issue I have withTom thumb.

  • David Chortek says:

    Tom Thumb store at Meadow and Central in Dallas, employees not wearing masks neither are many customers. Told asst. manager who didn’t care. Left immediately. Take a lesson from Trader Joe’s and don’t allow anyone in without a mask.

  • STEVEN A WOLF says:

    We went to Tom Thumb at Preston Rd and Frankfort last evening (May 9) and were shocked that none of your employees were wearing masks. The customers were but not the employees. If this is your policy we will need to shop elsewhere. If it is not your policy management should enforce wearing masks.

  • Anonymous says:

    Cash Registers are not registering SALE PRICES

    Tom Thumb Store on Coit/Campbell Rd., Richardson, TX … Sale Price of T-Bone steak was $4.47lb. and at register rang up at $5.47. After calling store, Customer Service said bring in yellow sales price sticker only. Went back to store and Manager of Store

  • Jo Ann Collier says:

    Places order on 4/13/20 on 4/16/20 they sent e-mail telling system down that’s when nightmare started after three attempts. ( never received order). Called on4/17/20 to cancel told by Amber to cancel order never happened. Called 4/18, 4/20 was told by Erin manager of store he would take care of its still charged,so now I am writing home office for help. Please someone take care of this. My 91 year old mother should not have to go through this mess (order#14699935) and my order#13974235. Thank You

  • M. Crawford says:

    I am a value customer of tom thump located in Arlington Texas. During this tryng time of this coronavirus pandemic and the limitation of food. I went shopping at one of my favorite grocery stores ” TomThumb” while shopping in the meat department there were several signs stating buy one get one free. So naturally i pick a few item for my family. When I got to the corner for check out, I was told That I could not get theses item for that sale. I was told that they forgot to take down the signs. So I had to walk away with nothing. The market manager also change the price of ground beef five dollars a pound. Never in history of me shopping there I ever experience the jump of price it was ridiculous. No other place I shopped after that point took advance of there customer. Me and my family are so disappointed in TomThhumb.

  • L Chermack says:

    While we appreciate the special hours set aside for seniors there are significantly problems witnessed at the store FM423 and Lebanon rd in Frisco. Tom Thumb should consider several changes or the set aside for seniors is moot.

    1st no purchases unless profit age or better yet entry into store. While many seniors waited in a line a crowd of younger people simply ignored the lines of many waiting and showed a sign of Black Friday mentality. It’s great to set aside time for seniors, but unless enforced it really fails the seniors.

    2nd, key items such as toilet paper in good demand should be set aside or allocated if deliveries are happening during the day. Again none in the store and understand deliveries happen in normal hours.

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