Where is Togo's Corporate office Headquarters

Togo's Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 18 North San Pedro Street, San Jose, CA 95110, United States
  • Phone Number: 408-280-6585
  • Fax Number: 408-920-0755
  • Email: togospr@togos.com
  • Number of Employees:  500
  • Established: 1971
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Mr. Glenn D. Lunde (President)

Togo's Headquarters Location & Directions

Togo's Headquarters Executive Team



Ms. Susan Koch

Chief Financial Officer

Nader Garschi

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Todd Peterson

Chief Development Officer

Ms. Anna Nero

Senior Vice President of Marketing

About Togo's, History and Headquarters Information

Togo's was founded in the year 1971. The company has been active for almost 48 years now. The founder of the company was Gordon Reid. The company has its origins back in the year 1967 when a sandwich shop was opened in San Jone, California, USA. The company was named as ‘Sandwiches To Go’. In the year 1971, the company was taken over by Mike Cobler. The same year, a second location was again opened in Oregon, USA. This was followed by a third location in the year 1974, in Downtown San Jose, California, USA. In the year 1978, the first franchise store was opened. Then in the year 1997, the company was again taken over by Dunkin’ Brands. By the year 2001, the company had 350 stores under its name and even more than 25 different types of sandwiches as well. As of the year 2007, the company was sold off to Mainsail Partners. The company was again sold off to Nimes Capital in the year 2015. As of the year 2018, the company had switched its soft drinks from Pepsi to Coca-Cola Freestyle. The headquarters of the company is based in 18 North San Pedro Street. The name of the place is San Jone, while the name of the state is California, USA. The pin code is 95110.

Togo's is an American company that focuses on providing quick-serve sandwiches and other fast food recipes and dishes to its customers, across 251 locations in six states of the USA. The current president of the company is Glenn D Lunde. The current number of employees working in the company is more than 500.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of sandwiches, that are produced by the company itself. The company restaurants also serve salads, fresh-baked Artisan bread, hand-sliced premium pastrami, turkey and roast beef, as well as California avocados and cheeses.

Togo's Headquarters Photos

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  • Peter rydell says:

    It’s my bday today and I was denied my free sandwich at your union city location I’m a loyal customer and this is foul and the lack the f respect by your employees is really needing improvements please contact me at 4086877306 I’m about to not be the loyal customer I’ve been since I was young

  • Ol' DaleDog says:

    I just read that you’all are coming back to Reno, NV. Thank you so, so much. While I’ve been in Reno 7 years now, I believe my biggest disappointment in the city I love is the lack of TOGO’s.
    Make sure and open a location near the Atlantis casino. Ol’ DaleDog will be in Heaven.

    Dale DaleDogReno@gmail.com

  • Sharon Gallagher says:

    I usually go in and order our sandwiches. Today i decided to use doordash. Placed our order thru togos on doordash. I was shocked when i received our order. We ordered 2 6 inch pastrami sandwiches. When I opened the sandwhiches there was literally 2 pieces of pastrami on each sandwhich. With hardly any of the fixings we had requested. I know u are supposed to weigh the pastrami for each servivg. There must have been something else on the scale to get the correct weight. It was basically bread with mustard. We have ordered from togos for over 30 years. Even when we called in orders and picked them up way before delivery was around we never had an issue. Our check was number 404916. We paid 11.25 for each sandwhich plus a surcharge of 3.40. I do not mind paying the delivery surcharge but I do mind when we basically get bread sandwhiches. We have been using doordash during this pandemic and this is the first time we have had an issue. We enjoy togos sandwhiches and would like to keep ordering. But never again thru delivery. I guess we will have to basically oversee our sandwhiches being made in the future.

  • Jd says:

    Terrible customer service at Togo’s San Jose 1st street. Don’t go there unless u want food poisoning.

  • Cliff says:

    This is the second time your company has taken money from us. The first time, I ordered for pickup and was refused and had to “pay again” because they claimed they didn’t get the order. This time it took money out of my girlfriends account and said there was a problem with the order and it didn’t go through, yet the money was deducted from her account. You need to do the right thing and refund the money. This is 70.00 worth of transactions in which your company has taken from her. Not acceptable! Do the right thing and refund the money! I had other choice words, yet I feel I’m talking to deaf ears.
    Wish it wasn’t this way,

  • Cliff says:

    You are thieves!! I can prove it with my electronic transactions. I expect full compensation for your errors. This is the second time (and last time) I will ever go to you establishment and will discourage anybody to do so. I’m in Sunnyvale, CA, your franchise here will NOT answer the phone after repeated calls. So have fun you Assholes with my $70. I do expect to have a phone follow up. Do whats right.

  • Marlon Harris says:

    The Proteins scale should be where the customer can see how many ounces he’s getting on his sandwich because some of the workers are short change and you are your protein

  • Josf Ohana says:

    Only suggestions:1)make radio controll fitter plane(f15) with togo logo, 2)racing bicikole, bicikole with Wells of car,, jeep with logo, 3)tennis raket, basket ball with logo, 4)paket of playing cards with 7-9 different jokers(togo the dog, king kong, spider man, bat man, wonder wmen, black jack, Jack the ripper, tramp, shvansiger, magic Johnson, queen)) thank you

  • Matthew says:

    I have been eating at Togo’s since the mid 80’s. I recently moved up to Jackson Ca. to help out my elderly parents. My Uncle and Aunt came out to visit, so we called the Togo’s on Industry Way in Jackson. My uncle wanted the cheesesteak sandwich but with lettuce and tomato, the young man that answered the phone told him that he needs to order a roast beef sandwich instead of the cheesesteak. My uncle said that he wanted steak with the melted cheese on it so he wanted the cheesesteak sandwich the guy told him look are you gonna order or not because I’m going to hang the phone up on you. My uncle said why would I want roast beef when I’m asking for steak the person that told her responded it’s the same meat we just call roast beef steak on the steak sandwich so if you’re not going to order I have things to do I’m going to hang up. I get to the place after we place the order I noticed lots of people waiting on their order I was told 20 minutes in my order would be ready so I took 25 minutes just to give them an extra five minutes. When I went in the floor behind the counter was disgusting all of the paper from the me and the cheese was thrown on the floor I was watching them as they pull away the paper from the product just tossing it on the floor and using their arm to wipe off all of the food on the counter where they make the food to the floor. I get my meal because it wasn’t ready I waited another 20 minutes in the store and I get it home and my uncles sandwich was made wrong I called to let them know the same person who I spoke to before rudely said I can’t do anything for you and hung upI am requesting that somebody from corporate please get a hold of me for not only making the product wrong but for treating elderly people rudely and not having professionalism on the phone serving people thank you.

  • Daisey Pike says:

    I’ve worked for Togo’s in the late 1980’s. I was a college student back then and working my way through school. I remember being the top sandwich maker at our store in Walnut Cree,CA. I was the “Top Gun” sandwich maker. That’s what they called it back then. I remember always taking care of our customers. At the early age of 18 I became a shift manager, sandwich maker and slicer. I was so proud of my job. I took my job seriously. For some reason, now as I have gotten older and mature, I go into a Togo’s no matter which one from the Bay Area to the greater Sacramento Area, the customer service has really gone down. I order sandwiches, paying these inflated prices of $10-15 per sandwich, based on added ingredients and the quality is terrible. Just yesterday I ordered online and paid over $52.00 for four sandwiches and they missed a whole sandwich. We drove all the way home and found it missing and had to go back. I know it’s just food, but when your order is wrong it’s upsetting, especially when you pay good hard earned money on goods and services. This was at the 4981 Watt Ave, North Highlands store.
    In fact I usually order from the Antelope store in North Highlands, on Elverta and they always get my order wrong. That’s why I ordered from a different store. I can’t believe it happened there too.
    I hope someone from corporate reads this. I’m actually going to email this to them and see how they can go about fixing this. Someone needs to be a secret shopper for these places so they can get some honest feedback and constructive criticism on the quality of their customer service and their food. I would like to see Undercover Boss go in there and really turn things up!! Thanks for reading.

  • Cindy B. says:

    I pre-ordered at 1:53pm (order number 295011) a salad on April 30th and when I went to pick it at the Togo’s on 1000 Lafayette Street, Ste E in Santa Clara near SCU I was shocked to see none of the the employees (4 staffed) wearing facing masks when preparing the food. They were less than 1 foot from the food when making the order. I did not feel safe with my purchase and since I had pre-paid my order, I threw out the entire order when I got home. I have been a customer of Togos for over 20 years at this location and was totally shocked and disappointed. Please have someone contact me as I would like to be reimbursed for my order. As this was truly unsafe and unacceptable practices for a food establishment like Togo’s.

  • Bernard M Saludares says:

    I went in to West Sacramento Togos location and to my surprise, ALL employees including the manager wasn’t wearing any face mask while food handling and serving guests. When asked, they said they weren’t provided by company. With the pandemic, I’m truly disappointed in Togos not caring for their customers and employees and making health a number one priority. I need resolution to this issue, please contact me to update me on your actions.

  • Catherine Wesley says:

    I need customer service to contact me concerning issues with the Ceres, Ca Togo’s location.

  • Tina Wilson says:

    Someone from corporate needs to contact me. The Roseville, CA location on Douglas Blvd. has incredibly rude employees and they know contacting a senior manager is impossible, so they have no respect. This is unacceptable.

  • >