Where is TMC Healthcare Corporate office Headquarters

TMC Healthcare Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 5301 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 520-327-5461

  • Fax Number: 520-324-2443

  • Email: communications@tmcaz.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1927

  • Founder: Dr. Bernard Wyatt

  • Key People: Judy Rich, Dr. Rick Anderson

TMC Healthcare Headquarters Location & Directions

TMC Healthcare Headquarters Executive Team



Judy Rich

President, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Rick Anderson

Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer

Karen Mlawsky

Senior Vice President, Chief Operations Officer

Steve Bush

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Tim Hartin

Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer

Frank R. Marini

Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Mimi Coomler

Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer

Alex Horvath

Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Michael J. Duran

Vice President, Chief Development Officer

Richard Prevallet

Vice President, Facilities and Construction

Julia Strange

Vice President, Community Benefit

About TMC Healthcare, History and Headquarters Information

Tucson Medical Center abbreviated as TMC is a healthcare institute serving our community since past ten decades as it initiated in 1927. Labelled as one of the most oldest and best medical institute, it is a nonprofit body situated in Tucson, Arizona.

TMC aspires to provide best health facilities to the people and to uphold the best standards of medication and surgery. It has earned various certificates and acknowledgement over the past. It has thrived in all situations and witnessed the great World War II .It provides help in almost all the health fields with cardiology being its banner term.

TMC serves as host to many patients annually. It is large with about 641 beds. According to latest stats it has 30,000 inpatients and 120,000 out patients per annum.Its neuroscience department is considered to be best in Arizona and is listed in 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals inthe US for 2011. Take any field , you’ll find best consultants and surgeons at this place.

It is an all in one place where the genius and best of the fields are recruited to serve the humanity!

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  • Anonymous says:

    I am acquiring about Esther that use to work at TMCONE Wyatt clinic. Everyone wants to know how does she get away with the things that she does as in now she left to a different clinic and she is taking her family and best friends or should I say her little click with her knowing Wyatt is a big clinic. I don’t understand how management is letting this happen and letting this be acceptable. She gets away with so much and all everyone does is throw it under the rug no matter who you talk to they don’t do anything about her actions and the things she does. The shocking part is everyone is wondering how is she still a supervisor or still here at TMC. I can go on for days even the clinic can go one for days about what is unfair and how things are. Speaking of it there are 2 front desk leaving and going with her friends/ family/ “click”. 2 MA leaving and going with her again friends family clicks. This again is unacceptable. I’m speaking on behalf of everyone that had damage from Esther. I’m making this anonymous due to the fact no one does anything and I don’t like retaliation from her as always. Please fix the situation and make TMC better it’s not about friends and family it’s about patient care with short staff due to the fact that she feels obligated to take her people that’s an issue patients won’t get the care they need and would need to wait longer and everything else. Thank you for listening I don’t expect anything to get done because it never has gotten done just because she must be close to someone from higher ups and they are letting things get pushed under the rug.

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