Where is Tj Maxx Corporate office Headquarters

Tj Maxx Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 770 Cochituate Rd, Framingham, MA 01701, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 508-390-1000

  • Fax Number: 508-390-2091

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1976

  • Founder: Bernard Cammarata

  • Key People: Ernie Hermann, Robert Garofalo

Tj Maxx Headquarters Location & Directions

Tj Maxx Headquarters Executive Team



Carol M. Meyrowitz

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Garofalo

Senior Vice President of Store Operations

Herbert S. Landsman

Senior Vice President of Merchandising

Peter Lindenmeyer

Senior Vice President of Distribution Services

Louis Luciano

Executive Vice President of Merchandising

Richard Sherr

Senior Executive Vice President

David J. Weiner

Executive Vice President of Finance and Distribution Services

About Tj Maxx, History and Headquarters Information


Tj Maxx was founded in the year 1976. The company has been operational for almost 43 years now. The founder of the company is Bernard Cammarata. The former name of the company was Zayre Departmental Stores. But later one, the company had to sell the Zayre name to its competitors, and therefore the company was renamed to be TJX Companies Incorporated. In the year 1994, the company had opened its first European store, which was opened at Bristol – known to be TJ Maxx. In the year 2007, the development of the company in Europe started to slow down, as it was mainly focusing on revamping most of its old stores. The same year, the company had opened its first store in Germany.

Then in the year 2008, the company opened its first store in central London. A year later, in the year 2009, the company launched its online e-commerce website and started initially selling only women’s handbags. Slowly slowly, the company began to expand their sales department and thus started to sell all the items online that were available at their retail stores as well. Some of those products included jewellery, shoes, clothing, accessories and other home goods as well. As of the year 2007, the company had revealed a security breach that had happened back in the year 2005. The hackers tried to gain access to the store debit card and credit card information and also exposed more than 100 million customer accounts as well. The customers were only affected, who used their debit or credit cards for a transaction, between the year 2003 and 2004 – at any TJ Maxx branch. There were many affected branches as well, namely offices in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, etcetera. The company was also charged for the data theft by the Massachusetts Bankers Association along with other co-plaintiffs as well. Finally, in the year 2010, Albert Gonzalez, who was the chief hacker, was sentenced to 20 years of prison after confessing the stealing of debit and credit card information. The headquarters of the company is based in 770 Cochituate Road. The name of the place is Framingham, while the name of the state is Massachusetts, USA. The pin code of the area is 01701.


TJ Maxx is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of goods and services in the form of its departmental stores, to its customers all around the globe. As of the year 2014, the company currently has its presence in over 1,240 locations worldwide, with over 1,000 stores in the USA only. The current CEO of the company is Ernie Herrman. In the year 2014, the company had generated a total sales revenue of almost $27.4 billion. The company has its presence in multiple countries in the world, namely – Poland, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Canada, etcetera.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail as well as an online presence in order to purchase various kinds of products for daily needs, offered by the company. The products sold by the company include clothing, apparels, footwear, cosmetics, bedding, gifts, toys and a lot more as well.

Tj Maxx Headquarters Photos

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  • migranes got me fired says:

    I really enjoyed shopping at this company, everyone is always so kind & i wanted to join the team. I started at the Sierra store & I was wrongly terminated due to a migrane, which is a disability.

    I was scheduled for truck, so I worked a total of 15 hours on tues, thurs& saturdays.

    I have suffered from migranes my whole life & so has my family. They actually were the root cause of the stroke & anerysm that killed my mother.

    Begining on thurs july 13th i was getting headpains and auras in my vision. I was pushing thru my mini 5 hour shifts in the back of the store, then going home & resting. I had a persistant resting migrane for the next few days, on wednesday the 19th i went to my doctor who reccomended an MRI because of it & the family history.

    My shifts the next week were the same, short & if my head was triggered i pushed thru them. When the schedule was posted, it stated that “back room team may work wed, fri& sat , yet they did not know yet” my mri was set up for friday the 28th, so i needed to know. I had reached out to my GM who was no help at letting me know what days we would be working…which only worsened the stress & the headaches.

    On sat the 22 we were told to come regular days. So i showed up on tuesday & they had us do markdowns in the front of the store, where the music is louder & the lights are brighter after 9am. I reguested if we could lower the store music until the guest came in, so my head was not triggered. [that was an issue, yet it was lowered] about 1030 am my head started rocking, yet i was only scheduled until 12 so i pushed thru it. as i am about to leave, i get called into the office. I was asked if i could work wed& fri. I told them i could only work wed if i did not work thursday because i had things i needed to do & i aas not available on friday because of my MRI. I was asked if i could stay an extta 45mins on wednesday. I said, i do not know because i have been having intense random migranes & today i worked thru it for as long as I could & could not imagine having to push thru for another 45mins, so it would depend how i felt, specifically my head , at the time. she said ok. Yet it wasnt ok, because while she was smiling to my face she was planning my terminarion. she believed i was telling her how to run her company and cpntrolling the situation. She had me come in for the rest of the week & made sure I was there for inventory & fired me 1st thing tuesday morning because of it.

    this is definate termination on a disability & i was not the only one fired that day to a disability.

    A coworker was fired because he did not work fast enough due to him being on the spectrum.

    whats going on sierra morristown?!

  • Katrina Ramirez says:

    I was wrongfully terminated for my employment yesterday after completing my 1 year with the TJ Maxx warehouse in San Antonio Texas. Human Resources admitted it was their mistake in not providing me with the correct points I had remaining. But all they could say was sorry. I am a hard worker and really did like my job and providing for my 3-year-old daughter being a single parent. I would like a TJ Maxx to provide me with a truthful reason why of my termination.

  • Karen Brewer says:

    Our local TJMax was damaged in a recent tornado. We have anxiously waited for an reopening but non indicated. The Shawnee, Oklahoma store is very popular in this area.

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  • Tiffany says:

    Trying to get my daughter a job at tj maxx and nobody is answering here in Duluth,GA… Why put postings that you are hiring but don’t want to call back when we’ve called 5 times now…

  • john constantino says:

    just love your christmas tv ad for 2022 and holiday buys


    I am very disappointed. I have had a tjx card for years, but I was paying off my credit cards so I did not use it for a year. They never contacted me that they were closing my account. My credit company asked me. I worked to bring my score up and closures or reapplying lowers scores. They should at least warn you.

  • Susan Liming says:

    Best experience ever! I was at the New Braunfels, Tx TJMaxx on Nov 22, 2022 about 3:30pm. I had one item to purchase and noticed the main checkout line had about 30 people waiting. I started to put the item back but then noticed Kathy at the jewelry counter. I asked if she could check me out and she cheerfully agreed Then I asked if she had any pink quartz and she knew her stock! She directed me to exactly where a necklace was I bought it. Then she showed me another she had just unpacked and I liked it more so we exchanged and she did all of this cheerfully! Now I have 2 gifts, instead of leaving empty handed. Kathy could teach customer service! Great attitude and I hope your organization recognizes her for this! Thank you! Susan Liming

  • Jeanne says:

    Bad experience at my Santa Barbara Marshalls. Spent 1000s over the years at Home Goods, Marshalls and Burlington, all TJMaxx stores. Was treated so rudely by a young girl stocking shelves…I was examining a bath product to see if I wanted to buy it. She frowned at me “Please put that back where you found it.” I snapped back, “Why…I intend to buy it.” The customer comes first, not the employee’s convenience. I love the good buys and good products, but I was embarrassed publicly by her behavior. Attitudes are palpable…hers was that I was just roaming thru the store and making her job harder by trying test-driving items willy-nilly. She complained to her super that I wasn’t nice to her. I aplogized for snapping at her, but requested an apology for being rudely upbraided in front of other shoppers. Training matters…the super apologized but that ‘s not enough. If this is the attitude I’ll be facing there, I may rethink my shopping there ever again.

  • Jeanne says:

    Had a very uncomfortable interaction with a young employee in my Santa Barbara store. I wanted to check out a discounted bath product at the same time as the young employee was stacking the shelves or pulling product. I lifted the item from the lower shelf to a higher one where i could read the label. She rudely ordered me to “Please put that item back where it belongs” anticipating I would be inconveniencing her by not putting it where SHE wanted it so she’d have to redo her efforts. I felt like she was profiling me as a lookieloo who wasn’t there to buy.I immediately flashed angrily at her, “Why? I intend to buy it so I don’t have to put it back.” She wasn’t expecting me to yell at her and went to her manager upset at the woman who wasn’t nice to her.

    I have spent 1000’s of dollars over the years at all TJMaxx stores founded in Boston where I am from….Marshalls, Home Goods, Burlington, Ross Dress for Less, Home Sense…so I think I deserve more respect than to be publicly embarrassed by a kid who doesn’t get that customers are not there for the convenience of employees…it’s the other way around. Without those “bothersome” customers to pick up items and decide if they want to buy them or not employees don’t get paid. She could’ve said,”Is there something I can help you find?”or, “I know these products and can help you.”

    TJMaxx brought in more than $25 billion last year worldwide. I don’t want to go back in there for fear another young kid is going to upbraid me for getting in her way or making her work too hard. If this is how TJMaxx is trending, I will go elsewhere.

  • Becky McDermott says:

    Why do you allow dogs in your stores. At the TJ Maxx today in Bridgeville PA, there was a dog in a cart and then a customer with z huge dog on a leash. Owner wasn’t paying attention so dog was sniffing—yes snout on the towels. Why do these customers have more rights than someone with an allergy or fear of dogs. Its all about you not wanting to alienate dog owners but whst about customers who DO NOT want to have animals in stores.It’s become totally ridiculous.

  • Chad Hilliard says:

    Ok for starters we love to go to TJ Max to shop because you have quality merchandise at a great low price. I’ve not had a bad experience with the company until tonight. We were shopping and I understand that they close at 9:30pm eastern time, but we were shopping and we were close to being finished. The employees were very very RUDE TO US! They came up to my disabled mother and very rudely told her that they were closed and the time was 9:20pm and she wasn’t even doing any shots he was just waiting on my husband and I to finish up. The employees were surrounding us and pushing us to leave. I’m not very happy with this experience at all. I will not be back at all to this location at Daytona Beach Outlet. Workers are very very very RUDE AND UNFRIENDLY. IM VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS TRIP!!

  • Victoria Moore says:

    I would like to know why there are hardly any African Americans working at the Baldwin Hills store despite the large amount of African Americans who shop and live in that area? I live in the area, have applied countless times, am a well-dressed African American woman with a BA in Fashion Merchandising from CSULA and an MA in Fashion Journalism from Academy Of Art University and I never get hired. Instead, when I shop in the store, I see poorly dressed associates who’re predominantly Hispanic working there. I am highly offended that you aren’t making the effort to be more inclusive in your hiring. I love your company, but hate this practice and encourage you strongly to change it, before I have to discontinue being a long-standing customer and shop elsewhere.
    Thank you.
    Victoria Moore, vm612003@yahoo.com

  • Yvonne D says:

    We need a TJMAX in our community to add to the company’s great stores but give us a reason to stay in our community to shop instead of driving miles to find a TJMax

  • marion says:

    In a Home Goods Store, against my better judgement, I signed up for a TJMax Credit Card to pay for apx $600 worth of goods. The upshot – about 10 hours of time on TJMax’s, Syncronicty Bank and other tel numbers later, I’m still trying to fix the problem. I just held for 20 minutes and was disconnected. THere’s no way to get efficient service.

    Here’s what happened.

    I never got a card, or a bill.

    Then I began getting phone calls from a collection agency for the bill.

    I called, got the bill, paid it.
    I didn’t request it by TJ Max sent me a second card.

    I began getting phone calls from a collection agency for the bill.

    Called # on the bill, synchronicity, credit card number – Hours and about five agents late they confirmed the bill was paid.

    Then I began getting phone calls from a collection agency for the bill.

    Hours later, same thing…you get the drift.

    FINALLY On my last go-round, I was promised “Absolutely, the problem is solved. You are paid up. There will be no more collection agency calls, etc.”

    So, in today’s mail I got a bill for the same amount. Adding insult to injury, there was an interest charge.

    The “Helpful” number on my bill routed me to a robot voice saying my payment was overdue, would I like to make a payment ?No matter what I said, the robot continued, then disconnected.


  • Steph says:

    I’m in New Orleans, LA. Maybe the manager needs to be more in charge. Tjmaxx is one of my favorite places to shop. I watched a man shove merchandise down his pants and was able to walk right out of the door. Security guard was on her phone.

    • Amber says:

      There is a HUGE ongoing theft issue within ALL TJ Maxx locations across the world. As the employees are not allowed to stop shop lifters or they will be terminated. Who would have thought that stopping someone from taking items that they didn’t pay for would cause them to lose their job.
      Evidentially, shoplifters are aware and take an advantage by taking WHAT they WANT, WHEN they want to.

  • Fonda says:

    This evening I was shopping at the TJ Maxx store located at 5100 Park Avenue Memphis, TN. I was checking out at the cash register and there was no one in line and there were about 4-5 sales representatives behind the counter. I overheard them discussing that 2 ladies were stealing purses and suitcases and “how bold they were” and that they were about to walk out with the merchandise. I overheard their conversation and about that time the 2 ladies that were stealing smiled, looked at us and walked out of the store with armloads of merchandise! The sales team did not say, or do anything! I asked them why and they stated “our manager said we cannot say, or do anything and just to let them go”. Then, I asked them if they were going to call the police and they said “no” because it happens all the time and the “manager told them to let them go.” I was appalled. Furthermore, there was NO security guard, or parking lot security either. With that said, I will no longer shop at TJ Maxx.
    My question is:

    “What do you think will ultimately happen to this store when you allow thieves to continuously steal without consequences?

    What do you think the outcome of this store will be a year from now?
    Five years from now..?

    Basically, you are teaching these criminals that it’s “ok” to steal. You are also putting your employees and shoppers at risk and not being proactive in addressing the crime.

  • Suzette says:

    I live in Bakersfield CA and it is always hot in TJ Maxx . There are signs posted that say sorry for the inconvenience but it never gets fixed. It was 106 in Bakersfield yesterday it was so uncomfortable I had to leave. A company this large should be able to take care of this I would think, unless your employees are told not to use the air to save money. None of the businesses around your store seem to have a problem in fact I went next door to Nordstoms rack and it was nice and cool. Can someone please fix this problem!

  • Darlene Egnatios says:

    We need a Marshals, in Northville, Mi 48168 or 48167 zip codes.

    This area is an upscale place to opened a Marshals
    Store .

  • NEY says:

    TJ MAX is taking advantage of the consumer when they issue a Merchandise Credit. They give you this card and they write your name on it or it some cases may ask the consumer to write their name on it.

    They do not inform the consumer what the term/conditions are. Once the card is in your possession is too late as they feel they have advised you because they have printed terms and conditions on the back, so they feel it gives them the upper hand. The only authorized name printed on the card is allow to use the card. This works if you the consumer is ok and can go another day to redeem the card.

    BUT, what happens if you are sick, elderly, or in an accident or god forbid you die. No one member in your family can use the credit because TJ MAX has rules in black and white they do not see the GRAY. They get to KEEP THE MONEY that is not theirs. IS THAT FAIR? NO, IT IS NOT!!!!! Companies make profits in many different ways. They need to STOP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE CONSUMER!!!!!!! TJ Management will advise they have no authorization to override this rule. In my opinion it is sad that someone would be working for a company that would not allow them to use commonsense, and also for a company that does not EMPOWER Their employees, but, that is a story for another case.

    It is better for you to do exchange and buy something on the same day!!!!!!

    T H I N K, because that is what the companies are doing thinking in advance how the can better their bottom line (profit) at the cost of the consumer even when you are a faithful customer.

  • Deborah DePace says:

    Can TJMaxx/HomeGoods come to
    Key large Florida or
    Islamorada Florida?

  • Lori C says:

    I am very upset! I set up autopay for my credit account in October 2021, and i received email it was successful. I just received a message that i had a past due balance so i immediately called the Customer service number on my card. They told me several months were rejected and was charged several late fees which I’m pissed off because I NEVER PAY MY BILLS LATE!!!! My account number n routing number are correct!!! I pulled my statements and there are duplicate payments… something is wrong on T.J.MAXX system!!! I called my bank n it never declined payment. Now T.J.Maxx ruined my credit! They lowered my credit score and won’t remove late fees! This is not acceptable!!!!!

  • Patricia Dorsey says:

    I went into the TJMax store on Western and 95th st
    In Evergreen Pk today and purchased )126.00 worth of Merchandise. The Cashier first of all told me that if I applied for a Credit card that I would receive a 10% discount off of my total price! I tried as suggested #81487 3 8146 Date 01-25-2022 11:53: 08 1064 10 items Survey #1487038146. $128.22 . I was totally Misinformed of information. I summitted my Driver’s License to The Cashier and it took 5 attempts to summit my information seeking a Credit Card approval, the Cashier kept asking another female that seemed to be a Manager for Assistance” Finally the Information was forwarded through “Unfortunately I was not Approved for A Credit Line But since I was not Approved, The Cashier did not give me My 10% off of my Purchase as Promised. I am seeking to be accommodated 10% in a Gift Card, or Store Credit or in Some Fashion as Promised.Thank You

  • Tiffiany Boyd says:

    First time every shopping at TJMaxx – I was there from 5pm-8pm excited to use my giftcard and get special gifts for my family, I stood in the line that was wrapped around the back of the store (fighting my social anxiety) for about an hour, get to the register scan all my items only to be told “oh our gift gift card machine is down” – No notes on the door (even confirmed with manager) no signs anywhere about this, just letting people stand in line unknowingly… I Ask if there’s anything at all that can be done like I literally just spent my entire evening after work here not to mention standing in the long line and the manager has the nerve to say the line isn’t that bad!!!!!! You can use a credit card. That would be lovely if I had $175 on me that I could spend but all I had was a gift card!!! Needless to say hours later walking around the crowded store searching for the perfect gifts for my family and then patiently standing in the hour long line I walked out empty-handed… I literally went out to my car and had a nervous breakdown. I totally understand the gift card malfunction is not the employees fault I totally understand the long line is not the employees fault this entire time I was patient and understanding but the fact that there was again no signs on the door no sign anywhere letting people know that they cannot except gift cards is totally unacceptable. (Mind you she said it had been down for more than day!!!) How could you let people just stand in line like that and basically just say too bad and be rude to a customer who just took their entire evening to shop at your store and say there is nothing I can do for you it’s totally unprofessional and poor management if you ask me.

  • roberta says:

    was attacked verbally by store manager while speaking to a cashier who is lovely I have known all the managers there for the last 30 years all been lovely…..need to speak to a corporate manager because this store manager has NO right interjecting into a private conversation and calling me sick over and over in front of many customers. If I do not recieve a return call my attorney will 7819834364

  • Daniel says:


  • Megan Sawyer says:

    The TJMAX in Lincoln, CA is filthy! Look up at the ceiling and there is a thick layer of black dust. The vents are black too, and when the store’s heat or AC turns on, it blows everything and everyone below with YUCK!
    My allergies kick in and I am sneezing and coughing, to the point that my asthma takes over, and I am forced to leave. I even wear a mask as well.

    In addition to all that, when I do leave the store to fresh air (even for California) my fingertips are black!

  • Jeanette says:

    Very disgusted with management at Oneonta TJ Maxx. Discriminates against young people without checking references from other places of employment. Belittles people on the phone and basically tells the person to not bother them. Are you are looking for help? It doesn’t seem like it.

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  • Billy Madison. says:

    This company is a joke when it comes to their employees. They don’t care about them not their safety. When customers come in and steal two to three times a week. The customers have keyed employees cars, slashed tires, even threatened to come to there house. And they tell you they the employees need to work on their customer service better… come on. It’s going to end up getting worse than it gets better. Also assault on and employee and the customer has yet been banned from the store.

  • Letty says:

    I am a FAN of TJ-Maxx and I love your stores, as I always shop there. Your stores are always clean and have great items and not to mention awesome customer service.

    But!!! there is one small issue your Women’s Plus Size department is lacking inventory. I would love to see more of a selection in that department. I know of several people that have commented on that, and go to other stores to purchase clothes for that reason. So I decided to email and see if maybe my email makes it to corporate and make my wish come true! =)

    Your number one fan and customer!!

    (Local Store: 277 East 40th Street San Bernardino, CA 92404)

  • Kathleen M Johnson says:

    I ordered merchandise online and when I got it was all wrong not what I ordered at all so now I have nightmare of waiting for refund and it was not even my fault

  • ROBERT says:

    Hello, I am writing to make you aware of a problem that I encounter at you Bayonne, NJ store @ South Cove Plaza with your manager (JANET), I have been shopping at this location since it opened back when, My wife and I spend at least $80.00 a week there and this is the first time I have ever had a problem, almost all the employee’s know us personally, I made an exchange for a shirt that didn’t fit , I didn’t have the receipt at that time so JANET the store manager did the transaction for me, The problem started when she put my name on the gift card which this is a first for me, now she never explained that I am the only one who can redeem it, so I give my wife the replacement shirt that I wanted to buy and gave her the card and left the store due to the surgery on my foot and couldn’t stand long so I left, when my wife got to the register and checked out, the store manager(JANET) said she couldn’t use it, just to let you know that the return was an item she purchased, If she would have explained the policy I would have had her but my wife name on it, this policy which I have never heard of to me makes no sense, she embarrassed my wife and I am piss, I will still shop there but hope to never run into her again….very nasty…………THANK YOU.

  • Susan says:

    I recently read a post on Facebook that said someone was almost kidnapped by sex traffickers in Oshkosh, Wi. This is scaring people to come to the store. Can you confirm this to be true or just another fake story.

  • Debe Naumowicz says:

    I did a online return @ your store on Green Bay Ave in Milwaukee. I was charged for the return instead of credited and this is the FOURTH time this has happened (3 rd @ this location). I called the store they said I had to come in, which I do not care to do during Covid. So I called Your number on my charge card and she told me she would dispute the $49 and I informed her you owed me double that… I could tell she did not understand. So I sent an email with the receipt number and the order number to your “contact us” link and they suggested I contact a different phone number. So I contacted the other number and the guy sounded like he could resolve this and told me someone would get back to me in 24 hours. That was two days ago.

    What I’d like to know is how many people are checking their receipts for accuracy? This is ridiculous that I am now contacting a fifth person about this.

  • worker⁰ says:

    I work for Marshall Distribution Center in Bridgewater Va. And i can tell what aweful is work with people like managers, and racist supervosor like Matew fron Highbay C Shift.

    like this person and others take over as supervisor in order to mistreat and exploit workers. However, if they are white or they like you, they are given favoritism.

    Abusive some worker get easy work than others all planned. I Just wonder if Ernie Herman can do something about it? There are no good result when you complaint about it. Do the question to your employee, care abou your employee. Don’t let a group of people stain your company. Just because they feel powerful to mistreat us. please.
    Hr don’t take action about this kind of supervisors like Mat or Mathew. They can be so vengative. We work with the method. But you can see clearly how they can have favoritism how the % of work can be manipulate it. Who get the good merchindise and who will not. This included supervisors, clerks and managers and this is happening in Marshall Distribution Center in Bridegwater Va.
    Mr. Ernie Herman stop this. Don’ t let these people to mistreat us!

  • Misty says:

    Let me start by saying, I have shopped at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for many years, as do my friends. I just received an email from you saying you are donating 10 million dollars to “global organizations that combat racial injustice and address systemic racism.” I would like to know which organizations you support.

  • Hitesh says:

    Very good and nice company name in world. I am regular customer also one wholesale business in my hand.
    I have request for you stop returns policy in work because it’s major loss . Many customers use this policy very badly instead. If start no return policy surely business turnover low but business longer very straight. That’s only my suggestion. Your administration decide whatever good in your business work.

  • Arizona says:

    I paid my bill last October 2019, before bill date. Synchrony Bank applied to my account then I got a late charge because I didn’t pay in the “window of payment” I called and it was removed, the Synchrony Bank employee was rude and didn’t care about TJ MAX she said “we only handle the payments”. Today 4/3/20 I wanted to pay my bill early I spoke to “Ben” he said I could pay today and it would be applied to my current bill. I asked him are you a TJMax employee or Synchrony Bank employee he explained what there were. I again asked TJMax or Synchrony Bank finally he said TJMax. I asked him do you care about “YOUR” company … SILENCE … then I said I guess you don’t and said goodbye. This is HORRIBLE customer service, I’m pretty sure BEN was not in the United States because I could feel he was look at his computer screen for a response and couldn’t find the script. Very sad in these times that customers have to put up with HORRIBLE customer service. Can’t wait to get my credit card paid off, won’t be shopping at TJMAX MARSHALLS HOME GOODS SIERRA HOME SENSE anymore. I ‘ll spend my money at US Customer Service Companies like VERIZON, I also dropped AT&T after 25 years, Direct TV, AAA insurance after 30 years and I don’t CARE how much more I have to pay, I fed up with poor customer service and I am TOTALLY switching to US BASED “friendly” customer service companies. The first thing I ask now is were is you customer service physically located, if I can’t get an answer I go to someone else. I have been in the workforce for 45+ years I’m sick of poor customer service and bad attitudes. I’m willing to pay more for SERVICE.

  • Yolanda says:

    When are stores reopening. Miss you.

  • james Calohan says:

    This is the worst company to do business with. Ever since they purchased Sierra Tarding Post, they have taken a once great customer friendly company and turned it into a nightmare. Sizing is always wrong, incorrect labeling of goods and unfriendly staff. They make Walmart look good; and everyone hates walmart

  • adLI, NY says:

    hello….I order many items and spend a lot of money at Tj Maxx and mostly TJ Maxx online.
    However, this is a complaint with TJ Maxx online. Your Customer Care is Not Up to Par in my opinion, either is the Customer Care email site. I order so very much and it takes way too long for the orders to begin to be prepared for shipping….Here is one example….I ordered this (order detail
    order number: 3296222892 date: April 12, 2019) BEFORE I placed another order. Well the Secondary order has shipped already….however, no information about initial order.

    When I email TJMaxx Customer Service, I usually do NOT get a reply, if I do, it is usually 1 – 2 weeks later.

    I LOVE your stores and items you sell, but your Service Team and Shipping Department NEEDS TO BE ALTERED….

    Long Time Customer…

  • >