Where is Title Max Corporate office Headquarters

Title Max Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 15 Bull St #200, Savannah, GA 31401, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 912-525-2675

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: info_help@titlemax.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: September 1998

  • Founder: Tracy Young

  • Key People: Otto Bielss, Carrie E. Carbone

Title Max Headquarters Location & Directions

Title Max Headquarters Executive Team



Tracy Young

Chief Executive Officer

Otto Bielss


Carrie E. Carbone

Chief Legal Officer

Ted Helgesen

Chief Business Officer

Julie Torkelson

Chief Financial Officer

Lindsey Reed Smith

Chief People Officer

About Title Max, History and Headquarters Information

Title max is title lending business company based in United States and was founded by Tracy Young in1998. Later in 1998, the company opened their second location in Savannah, Georgia. The first out of state store was inaugurated in Phenix City, Alabama.

The company has more than 1,110 stores in sixteen states of the United States. The company grew larger and larger since its establishment. TitleMax’s parent company, TMX Finance, changed its name from TitleMax Holdings, LLC to TMX Finance LLC as of June 21, 2010. TMX Finance controls over 1450 stores and employs over 3,300 people nationwide

The headquarter of Title Max is situated in Savannah, Georgia. The company provides and serves individuals who generally have limited access to consumer credit from banks, thrift institutions, credit card lenders, and other traditional sources of consumer credit. Every day, TitleMax helps over 3,000 people in getting the cash they need.

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    Currently being punished by muly store and the title has been held since pay off 11/9/23. The payment posted 11/10/23. Does anyone have a legit contact number for title max? The store won’t talk to me or give me the managers info. Please help me

  • Mc says:

    I’m right there with the rest of you. I live in Tennessee and there’s one lady in that office that doesn’t give me a hard time. I’ve never been 30 days late ever but when I have to be late I hate calling them cause they tell me I have to pay that day that I could try to get a loan smh. If I am barely paying you then why would I get another loan. I wish I had never done this. The interest rates are ridiculous. and it’s really stressing me out . I’m on a fixed income not rich. I panic because I’m so terrified they will come get my car and I always pay.

  • Sandra parker says:

    The guy that works at Atlanta hwy I don’t know how he got his job. He is the rudest, laziest, uneducated male I’ve ever met. He needs a course in etiquette. I’m a wife of a quadriplegic man trying to make ends met myself. I’ve called around a lot of places and found that I coud get. Loan didn’t matter If my tags weren’t current I’ve got current insurance and a license. I just wanted to go through title max because I’ve already done the paperwork. Someone should keep an eye on that male that’s how lose good customers. Thank u.

  • Barbara Mathis says:

    They keep adding on I’ve never had this problem befor but when you go and get along, you have to pay off the ask you to pay so much in order to get another loan then the last loan I got restaurant. Oh my God, it’s $200. Okay, now they wanna say I came and got along for a 177 now wish if I did the other loan was pretty much paid off or I paid it off. Because that’s how you have to now. There’s still taking money out of my bank account and I have paid them well Uber the amount of money that I have gotten from them and there was a personal law not no big one. Thank God for that. But I will never, never, ever deal with them. Because now they have people in there, that is messing over people. They need to clean their staff up.
    Because when you mess up with people, you lose valuable customers.
    And right now. I will spread this, this will go on Facebook. Instagram and everything cause there are taken people put their money. And that’s not fair, that’s why I have to get an attorney. I will smell the fact I’m already working with attorney so it doesn’t make any difference.
    And then yeah, when I’m talking for someone had the audacity to hang up on me. And that’s what wasn’t for people like me coming in there. Getting along they we need to have a job, and this company will surely go out of business.

  • Sally May says:

    Called from a 205-855-6254 asking us to call Titlemax at 855-959-8491. We called back and got the absolute bitch of a bitch representative saying she was collecting on a debt from… ready for this… 2011!!! 13 years later!! BayBay that’s NOT how this works.

  • Liz says:

    Well got a loan of 2,500 so the the annual percentage rate is 186.28% so the total payment that I owed them is 4,017.56 in 5 months I been giving them more then the payment they ask ..so the 5 months came and to renew the contract it was 540,00 and my new balance was 1,672.90 on March/23 so on May I went to make a payment of 260.00 so I told her to gave me the new balance and the balance went up to 2464.09 why it went up she said it was the renewal of the contract..that is bu**** they never told me it was going to be 1,000 more is like making a new contract.. I been calling the main office and no response.. This location is in El Paso tx

  • Nonys says:

    The people that work for title max can not be trusted they are liers thief’s..I got a loan for 500 and was under the assumption it would be paid off in 6 months .wow the lady forged the two-year contract no way in hell would I signed a 2-year contract for $500 and $100 a month payment she’s a liar and a thief she’s going to get caught for it now she’s trying to take my only transportation away from me that’s my life my home just recently burnt down I lost everything I own if she thinks she’s going to take my truck away she better think again

  • Henry Morris says:

    Yesterday for the first time since the crisis of all the covid an love ones lost for so many and how this world was turned upside down after watching my father my 41 year old brother and 17 year old nephew within six months apart tragically lose there life’s battle me and my were also in a fight with covid that just left us turned upside down we had faught for months and months to get our lives back on track and yesterday for the first time since our birth of our first grandchild we had finally gotten to take him shopping for what Christmas we could afford from list of work but it didn’t matter our lives taking a step back in the right direction was amazing until we took our two month old grandbaby into a restraunt to grab mainly just time when we return to our van in Statesboro ga yesterday we were hit with our van with everything we had bought for our Christmas just taken an for what seven hundred little dollars that y’all just couldn’t wait a couple more days on before y’all took our Christmas away from me and my wife and our first Christmas with our new grandbaby y’all represest our only way we had to travel anywhere for Christmas this is Henry Morris from swainsboro ga I don’t understand how anyone could ever stop so low in there life at times like this just crushing every last hope people may have father a hell of a year they took presents my wife’s purse my meds basg with my life an death meds still in my car and I tried all day to contact y’all to just get my stuff I had to have out and everyone just lied back forth and gave us the run around all afternoon with two months old grandchild stuck in the cold like we were nothing we were four hours away from home Iwas set to finally start my new job the Monday after Christmas but y’all have turned a restart of a life back down to the bottom as low as a man can get I’ve always killed myself working my whole life my email is dwightmorris117@gmail.com I would love to have my van brought back to me for Christmas and then I will start paying the little seven hundred dollars back the week after Christmas my home address is 207 McKenzie drive swainsboro ga

  • charloot hayes says:

    some one need to call me asap yall will owe me before you get my dam van and i am happy about clanton al office will way they are doing me and if i do not hear from someone i will be get a layer

  • Jerome Kolenovsky says:

    Get rid of the nigger in the TV commercial!

  • Diane Rossell says:

    I have a serious complaint about my account Douglas Havers in Mesa Az 85213,I need to speak to someone about this matter.I think it would be in your best
    Interest to go through your customer accounts,every time I pay on my bill there is a different version of how much is owed about the interest ,principle and on and on.It is nice that a service is offered when people are desperate,but not when amounts change everytime,everything, loan was 1200.00 that I received over 14mos ago ,I am on a fixed income and instead of going down it goes up.the payment every month payment is 194.00 a month ,I was told yesterday there is still 14 payments left and 157.00 goes toward the interest and only 37.00 toward the principle unbelievable,My sister
    Diane Rossell is my representative payee so giver her a call at 480 479 6772.to discuss this matter ,I have spoken to and attorney and he will be looking into this as well Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  • Mary Walker says:

    I have no ideal what this company is but a voice automated voice mail is being left on my grandmother whom is 94 phone not once but twice I called the number 855-959-8491 the first rep hung up once I informed him to stop calling my grandparents number and the second time the lady was rude so I have reported the number to the AG’s office and to other authorities. You all are trying to scam the elderly and my family is up with our grandparents a good thing they are more alert then the idiots working at the number I have written here.

  • Cheryl A Prado says:

    I forgot that now that 600 dollar loan is going to probably end up costing about 8000 or more dollars. That I don’t have. My plan was to borrow 600 and pay back triple payment til I paid it off. But I got sick and couldn’t

  • Cheryl Prado says:

    I have a loan with TitleMax and after I took the 600 dollars loan I fell ill and had to be off work so my income was cut in half and I had more expenses due to my illness of copd/severe emphysema stage 4. And then I had shingles then respiratory failure and the entire time they were relentless. Calling every day sometimes several times a day and if you spoke to them they would only give ultimatum and threats. They ended up taking my car. I had to go about 40 miles away to get it because my portable oxygen machine was inside when they took it and that was the only way to get it back. Now my first payment was due and I tried making it on the day because that’s when I receive my check and the app doesn’t work. I tried calling but the phone system was messed up. I finally got in touch with someone who couldn’t do anything but give me a phone number to call today and it keeps hanging up on me. They added late fees at midnight that I can’t pay. But I could have made the payment on time if the bill pay center of theirs would have been working.

  • Wanda L Ramirez says:

    I am so disappointed, the new manager of the office I have to deal with. Lets just say I am to much of a Christian Lady to say it. The payoff is $1179.84.84. The interest Payment for this month $188.00. I guess we have the State of Texas for these high Interest rates. If people weren’t in a bad spot they wouldn’t go to your company (TITLE MAX). My car is in the shop getting fixed. Without my car I can’t get to work. If I can’t work, I can’t pay my bills. I asked for a week. to make the payment. She says I don’t give extensions. Don’t ask. Pay your bill or I’ll have your car picked up.
    I called corporate, the called the store in Pantego Texas, while I was on the line. Like she was going to say anything different. Corporate says they have no say on how each store works. Yes, they are sorry. Then tells me if there is anything I can do for you, feel free to call us back. Why on earth would I call back. They have no intention to do anything.

  • Ana Meilan says:

    Took loans against me with out knowing. I don’t owed it was a manager. They cover up for the theft. Don’t trust these people they are a bunch of crooks and will lie. That’s corporate local office not friendly. Ana

  • Ana Meilan says:

    I went got a loan from title max.
    The manager to find out had taken numerous loans against my name. Title max didn’t do anything to pursue this manager. I wasn’t the only one that he took loans against. Title max said they were going to pay the loan off instead my social security. Falls on the fourth week and that’s when it would come due. They replaced everyone at that location. No information no one knows nothing. Don’t take a title loan. There are a bunch of crooks

  • Jollene M Gunlikson says:

    I have chronic Lung conditions due to having the covid several times plus I have other long conditions. I did try to work with Alexandjo But marquis I could not have an agreement with. It’s sad that you’re in a spot and they basically close to blackmail knowing you need money to survive at interest rate of 400 percent. The car I’d only thing I have.
    Please stop texting. Eventually I will Give you the car due to the fact that was the deal. I just needed 90 days due to the heat. I even put tent on the windows and new brakes on It. Knowing it will not be my car I still put over $500 on it. The car I paid 17800 Was given $10000 within 90 days. So another 90 days. And you will have 7800 almost double of what I got. I think that’s a decent turnaround it interest rate. I know I don’t know how this is even legal But it is these companies shouldn’t exist and you’re right at the time it sounded good and the time I really needed it because I’m dying but but it’s sad to say that I may not have a car I mean I’m not gonna have a car and I am not gonna have my last days in the heat be uncomfortable because of companies like this. I promise I will give up the car By September 30th in the same condition that you saw it But please quit texting thank you

    • Tim says:

      Jollene, I am sorry to hear that you had Covid so many times and that it is still giving you problems give me your email address and I will forward you some information to resources that have been made publicly available to help the millions of Americans suffering long term effects of Covid. Thank you

      • Greg says:

        I have been threaten myself. I csnt pay for and they havr to pick up car. Who do i contact besides the store?

  • Joanna McCoyStation says:

    They do not treat you like family

  • Linda Kay Mathies says:

    Is there a lawsuit going on or was about triple charging

  • Dontay says:

    Why am I being charged so much daily before my payment is even due. Every morning my balance goes up. 8.00. I just got the loan April and made a 2,000 payment but yet I get charged daily before my next due date which is June 5th , So basically no matter what you pay even when paying on time. The Corporation will charge a daily fee of 8.00. That should be explained before obtaining a loan. Hey soon as you get your loan. No matter if your not late on a payment where going to charge you an extra 320.00 a month to make you default lmao. I just paid 2,000 the due date says June 5th and it also says pay more so you don’t get charged daily interest that’s not true. Daily interest applies no matter what.

  • Idiot husband took the loan says:

    I thought it was just us… they took our truck with no phone call or letter, nothing. Guy followed me and took it while I was in the store. When we went to get the truck back everything was stripped and stolen out of it. They only had it a day!!! If you can help it- do not do it. The interest payments are awful. You will pay back 4x what you borrow!

    • Darlene says:

      I had the same problem I finally came across it it’s title Max’s corporate office 912-525-2675 good luck I’m going to call them in the morning I finally got a hold of this number

  • Angela C says:

    I can’t find any phone numbers to Titlemax Headquarters over the Waco Texas Stores.. I got a title loan. Had to pay off interest just to renew loan for additional 30 days. Both Original Contract of Start Up Loan and Renewal Contract were both signed by Titlemax Employees and not by me..I spokevtk an Attorney whom looked up Texas Penal Codes. Which states contracts are not binding due to forgery of my signature. Is there a corporate # so I can get this issue resolved?

  • Jose botello says:

    I’m disappointed it’s a rip off my loan for my truck is a small loan I have been paying a lot and payment hasn’t went down at all never explained that they give you three days to pay it off not thirty days I will take this to all over news to investigate this stupid loan company

  • Debbie garrett says:

    I have been trying to reach someone who can help me. I was diagnosed with cancer and missed a payment due to being in the hospital then with late fees made it impossible to pay, I need my car to get to my treatments.. I am overwhelmed and I have been hung up on 2x by people in your company.. I’m sure people tell you stories all the time but I have medical proof. I just need a little help getting caught up!

  • Isaac says:

    Hello TitleMax my name is Isaac Garrett if you guys/lady’s read this I was wondering if it’s possible how come you guys don’t help the ones that’s paid off there loans before but I have nothing bad to say it’s just the interest fees that hurt I understand folks with a lot of money don’t read stuff like this

  • Bite Me says:

    I can’t get them to come get a car of one of their customers that has skip town and left the car on my property. it’s been here for 45 days.

  • S. F. says:

    You guys blow and im not talking air bozo . I paid all the money i borrowed on the princicipal except $50. @ i had a deal with your guy and he still took my car. Luckily i filed chapt 7 so they had to give it back. Ha ha

  • Guest says:

    I’m a single mother that’s trying to get back on her feet tried talking with them to see what can I do to lower my payments they weren’t budging so I tried to speak to their district manager and he hung up the phone in my face and today I just got a call from one of the employee saying that you did you know that 50% of your interest rate is going to go up since you won’t make a payment after I told them I’m not working but I’m looking for work . I only had Thor $1000 loan how can 1000 I turn into a $3000 loan I’m not understanding that ,this company should be wiped off the map. Even with the pandemic money the stimulus I had to pay other bills and couldn’t pay off my loan. This company is full of crap.

  • Randy Poole says:

    They took out car with no letters, no phone calls…nothing. They are selling off today with a private buyer. This place should be wiped off the face of the earth. The person who started this company must not believe in karma because what goes around truly comes around. Your the worst thing to happen to people…right along with the virus.

    • Scott says:

      Its all a joke paid 6000.00 dollars for 1500 hundred dollar loan and they came to take mine

      • Jollene M Gunlikson says:

        They are evil. They find loopholes to get that car no matter what no matter if you pay for or not they’re gonna find and get that car that’s reason why I knew from day one you’d better if you open up any type alone with them you’d better get the whole 10000 and with that said expect them to take your car even if you pay back that 10000 they’re gonna get that car

  • Willie Bush says:

    Hi my name is Willie Bush and I had the coronavirus and pneumonia with blood clots was hospitalized for 24 days and now im on oxygen and now I lost my job and I cannot make my loan payments and I had it set up for them to draw the money from my checking account which is overdrawn because they keep on running it.and there’s no money to get because I’m not working

  • Lena says:

    Kathy if they treat their employees like they do their customer then we are all in trouble. I have found that usually the employees have been the ones protecting us from them. Now I feel as though the employees no longer can protect us or themselves!!!!

  • Lena says:

    They took my car with no warning on the very day I and again I called them to check to see what I owed and made arrangements to settle with them in full . Again I had no phone call, no letter in the mail, no notice what so ever!!! They have destroyed my world in an instant without warning!!! Beware of this companies incompetence of being professional, accurate, just plain human… Sorry folks 1st time negative review I have ever done in my 46 years of life… So I’m thinking it must be bad!!!

    • Jollene M Gunlikson says:

      They don’t want you to settle what they do is they want you to be delinquent even one day cause they don’t want that that money because well actually they do they want at least a few payments here and there because then they could make some money off of that Web but in the end though when you’re close to not own much they’re gonna get your car

  • Concerned customer says:

    Have no problem taking your title but issue getting it back. Loan paid off 5 months ago and still no title


      I can’t get my title from them either… ccould not renew plates.. I have written and written with no response!

      • Scott says:

        They keep doing it to everyone more people need to come forward and shut this crap down!!! They came to take mine today i called a lawyer

    • Jollene M Gunlikson says:

      They’re gonna do whatever it takes for a loophole where you won’t get that title back they’re gonna try to take that car trust me

  • G says:

    What is TitleMax doing to take the load of your clients that can’t make their payments while they don’t have jobs?

  • Kathy Waltman says:

    What is being done to protect the health of your employees working in the stores. Are they being provided sanitation products? This is not a necessary business. On the corporate level, I would like to think that there are procedural plans to act appropriately to protect the employees that are The front line of your company’s success.

  • Kathy Waltmab says:

    What is Title Max doing to ensure the safety for the employees that are working in the retail store locations.

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