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  • Address: 2021 Sunnydale Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33765, USA

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: social@bfrc.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1976

  • Founder: Shell Oil Colleagues

  • Key People: Stu Watterson

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Stu Watterson

President & CEO

About Tires Plus, History and Headquarters Information

Tires Plus Total Car Care is a company founded in 1972, with headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. From there, it operates in more than 500 tire and general car repair facilities across twenty two states nationwide.

The company provides numerous advantages to its users, among them, its wide disposition throughout the territory, and more importantly, the great variety of services of repair and maintenance of cars of all kinds. In addition, the association has been characterized by the low costs proposed for its customers and the speed with which the requested procedures are carried out.

All types of replacement, from a new battery, brake pads, or rather the repair of a part that can still work can be found in the establishments of Tires Plus. Likewise, they provide guarantees to their clientele for the proposed products and continuous discounts coupons for the acquisition of products.

Its denomination varies according to the state, being recognized as Wheel Works in California and Hibdon Tires Plus in Oklahoma, among others.

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  • Mary Petersen says:

    I had a horrible experience at the Germantown Wis tires plus involving the manager of whom I wrote to management in your home office earlier today involving Marilyn.
    Now I want to tell you about Erinh, the tech who made a bad situation good.
    He was made aware of how terrible I was treated by this manager. While she was out, he apologized for her despicable behavior and gave me the service that I have been receiving since 2009when I first received service.
    He gave me my tire rotation free as what I have always received and 10% discount and a heartfelt apology .
    Thank you Erinh , service tech for your kindness and professionalism.

  • Mary Petersen says:

    I have been coming to tires plus since 2009 in 2 different states.
    My service has consisted of oil changes, tire rotations, various repairs, on 2 different vehicles.
    My tire rotation was always included at no charge.
    The service manager , Marylin at the German town store was the rudest, confrontational person .
    She refused to provide the tire rotation free unless the tires were purchased at tires plus. This has never been stated in all the years I have gone there.
    She stated “we can not just give anyone off the street this service”!
    Referring to me a loyal customer since 2009 as a person off the street.
    She was rude, condescending and the worse example of customer service. While I sat waiting for my vehicle she also became rude and condescending to another customer.
    I have always had discounts applied by previous staff. She proceeded to state she looked and had none nor any coupons.
    Will be writing to tired plus corporate regarding this person.
    I was respectful as this conversation was not going anywhere

  • Nancy J Wynn says:

    The Web site sucks!!!! Since Corporate runs the online portion of booking and sales, you need to work on that!!! It says my local store would most likely have my tire in stock. I make an appointment, get here to find out the tire I ordered was not in stock and the only ones in stock are over $1000. But I can’t wait for tires to get into stock and everywhere else in booked up. I am not satisfied with your pricing “schemes” to get me into your store!!! I will definitely not recommend Tires Plus to ANYONE!!! Kinda funny, reading all the negative comments. Actually didn’t read a positive review in any of the ones I did get through!

  • Jason Rew says:

    I had an appointment this morning at 8am (store # 244185) to get an oil changed and a tire rotation. The employees didn’t show up until 8:10 to unlock the doors.

    After paying and going to the car I looked at the tires and noticed they were not rotated. The reason why I know they weren’t changed is because I put chapstick on the 2 front tires before going to check in. I went back to the front desk and let the service advisor (2 Matt) know this was the case. He was very apologetic and processed a refund for the rotation. While processing the refund the technician (64 Brandon) comes in and Matt asked if he rotated the tires and Brandon admitted he did NOT. Matt said the customer paid for this service and you didn’t do it? Brandon just shook his head no.

    I felt bad for Matt as he was doing damage control as he walked in. One technician called in sick, Brandon was wanting to go home and another technician that was supposed to be there at 9am wasn’t there as of 9:20.

    I’ve taken 3 of my vehicles to this location for multiple services and this will be my last time using Tires Plus after services paid for were not complete.

  • Ariel Aguilar says:

    We spend $1500 today got a call the my car was ready went to pick it up and as soon I hit the highway the car start overheating and smelling like burn what’s going on in here my phone number 7632733356

  • Charles Pauley says:

    I have used Tires Plus for about 4 years. Several years ago I purchase LIFE TIME FRONT END ALIGNMENTS on 2 of my vehicles. No one ever said that this was actually a WARRANTY the alignment I was getting and that changing the components would result in VOIDING THE WARRANTY. I do my own work so I watch for this kind of language. In 2019, I took my truck in for a front end alignment and was told that the lower ball joints were bad. They gave me an astronomical quote, at which time I told them I would do the work my self and bring it back. And I did, taking it back the following week and I explicitly told them I put new lower control arms on the truck. They aligned it and never said a word. I took it back for a front end alignment and was told the upper ball joints were bad, again astronomical quote and again I did the work myself. Called this morning to see when I could bring it in and told them I replaced the upper control arms and WAS INFORMED THAT I HAD VOIDED THE WARRANTY. So I will do business with them no more and have closed my credit card with them. If you are planning on doing business with Tires Plus BE SURE TO READ THE FINE PRINT, ASK EVERY QUESTION YOU CAN THINK OF AND WRITE DOWN THOSE ANSWERS, RECORDING THE NAME OF THE ASSOCIATE, DATE AND TIME, so you will have evidence that you asked the questions.

  • briana krachtt says:

    Bad experience with the one on 27th street in oak creek wisconsin, took my car in to get looked at and was disrespected for no reason, will never go back

  • Carlos Veliz says:

    I had an AC compressor replaced . As soon as I drove the car , I noticed the clutch. remain engaged, causing the lines to ice up . I took it back to the shop and asked a simple question” why didn’t the technician see that the clutch was still engaged “ . They never checked the work and told me that now I needed an AC Control Unit.

    The service manager is full of excuses . Not good customer service . Poor troubleshooting. NOT RECOMMENDED .

    They just lost a customer for life . Won’t be back .

  • Todd Thomas says:

    Had my truck in for a alignment and rotation. The employees were friendly and work was done in a timely matter. But the manager at this particular store started yelling at one of the employees in front of customers and employees over what I think was a nine dollar mistake. Won’t go back.

  • Deborah brotherton says:

    Called ur call center this morning 8-14-22 8 am made an appointment for my son and daughter in law car got email but was never told the store needed to confirm the appointment so here they go at noon like it was suspose to be they went in said they were there the called me asked if I got an email which I did with a reservation number but the guy behind the counter said they didn’t have an appointment cus we needed a second email and very rude . The whole point behind this is no one told me about a second email or store needs to confirm . So when I got off of work I called the store and explained and was told well we’ve had problems with the call center that’s not the point I get it I work in retail I just don’t want to happen to some one else but now we could have took the car somewhere else but now it’s late and it is Sunday but the point is they need the car for work .

  • Fernando says:

    Today (07/06/22) I had an appointment online to rotate the tires of my SUV at 2pm in Tulsa, OK. I got to the store and was told by the manager they were not going to help me because my appointment was not in the system. Are you freaking kidding me? This is pathetic!!

  • Dr. Peters says:

    I am extremely disappointed in the service received at Tires Plus. I had services done yesterday that were not completed correctly requiring me to return the same day and now again for a third time. This is inconsiderate of my time and money!!! Today I sat for over an hour before they brought my car in for a third time. This is not stellar customer service!

  • Hayat says:

    I’m very upset right now took my car to tire plus for oil change then my car started oil leak asked me to bring it back I did they said I have a hose oil leak they fixed charge me 490 brought my car the next day took it back the said I needed a oil tray they kept my car for 11 days went to pick up my car it had the loudest noise they try to find out they couldn’t they said we aren’t going to make you pay the cost when I get the invoice it said miscellaneous engine parts which they never work on the engine now I need a new engine they aren’t taking the blame waiting from the claim office if they don’t take care of it I’m getting a lawyer

  • Paul W Dias says:

    I am leaving my comment based on my last contact with my local tireplus store. I received a flat in one of my tires and brought my truck to the local Tireplus store here in Florida. I had to leave it over night due to this center not being able to look at truck due to high volume of customers. They called the next day and indicated the could get a Bridgestone AS Ultra tire 275/60R20 115H tire. I don’t have the knowledge about tires so agreed to this replacement thinking they knew what tire to replace. 2 days later after I had the tire installed, I looked at the tire and it just looked different than what I had on the truck. After inspecting this I noted they had placed the flat tire with a tire that did not match what i had on the truck. I work long hours so my wife called the store. They stated they put the right tire on the truck. I currently have AT tires on my 2021 GMC Sierra. The service manager indicated they could not take the tire back. I was not happy that they firstly put a tire that obviously did not match my other tires, but convinced me to get the credit card so I could get three more replacement tires so they would all match. I did apply for the credit card but after thinking about it, I decided later that the center should just replace that purchased tire with the AT tire that belonged. I went to the center once more and explained that I did not want to spend and additional 900+ dollars when I could just find the AT tire and replace it. The service manager informed me that he could not refund my money due to “me” approving over the phone to place on the wrong tire. I was disappointed that they first did not investigate what tire needed to be on my truck to match the existing tires and two the attitude that this was my fault by approving before install. Please assist me here, this has set me back over 300 dollars. I have since gone to my GMC dealership and they had the right tire. I am now stuck with a tire that was sold to me. What can we do to fix this. Please let me know how we can settle this problem. Thanks

  • Chris says:

    Dropped tire off yesterday (5/23), clerk said to return next day to pick up repaired tire. Told them I’m out of the country on 5/26 so no screw ups, please. Returned 5/24, different clerk – all he could say was “ I know nothing.” Tire not repaired. Boca Raton, Spanish River Blvd. no offer to make it right. How do you guys make money? I have to work hard to make a buck. Congratulations!!

  • Sherry says:

    Your company is going down the drain very quickly, 1 your techs are very rude, 2 can’t even make an appointment online anymore. I’ll be canceling my credit card with you guys and finding another place been coming to you guys 5+ years!! Sad!

  • Excustomer says:

    I arrived at tires plus in st Lucie west, Florida location at 8:30 am and it’s 10:00 am and they haven’t even moved my vehicle into a bay.
    Only 2 people in the front desk.

    Customer service has gotten beyond horrible. I now see you don’t provide an email to complaint to management. This is sad.
    I will provide this horrible experience in every media outlet I can. I do not recommend this place to anyone.

    This location sucks beyond belief.

    Ex customer!!!!

  • Michael Green says:

    Update your inventory and website and stop wasting people’s time what happened to customer satisfaction

  • Gene F says:

    Often times when a person is given a bit of power they expand it to the point of being overbearing and end up being ridiculous. The sad part is the Company who they work for may have no real feedback on the actions how this employee is having a negative effect on their business. In this case we have a 22 year old with some manager status telling a customer they can’t buy a tire. Yes Mr. President of Tires Plus your employee “Manager” would not sell a customer a tire.

    I arrive at Tires Plus on Eau Gallie in Indian Harbor Beach Florida, I have been here before for an alignment and was treated perfectly and while there were some issues with the process it was corrected perfectly. This time I had a screw on my tire and needed a patch. The “Manager” a 22 year old came out to the car and quickly told me the tire was not repairable. I have heard that story before but it was located in the middle of first set of threads from the outside. Truthfully, I didn’t question this because I am happy riding at highway speeds without patched tires.

    So sell me a tire. Quickly the Kid Manager tells me I have to buy two tires as I need to replace both because my other tire is worn and not the same height as the new one and the computer will go nuts and the transmission will destroy itself. I said I understand but I just want to buy one tire for now and I am not concerned about damage which he claims will happen. Then he notices it is a 4matic drive car and announces I need to buy 4 tires. I laughed and said just sell me a tire and I will be on my way. NO the sniveling little creep says, I will not sell you one tire as you may come back and hold me responsible if damage should occur. I said I just want to buy one tire and that is all.

    Having said that repeatedly to this moron he decides that since I am not agreeing with him I am calling him a liar. Liar? Just sell me a tire Man!
    Oh no you called me a liar and I never want you to come back here again and went back in the store. So I left with a screw in my tire he wasn’t concerned about that. Went to Tire Kingdom around the corner and had a new tire installed in 30 minutes.

    The idiot was more worried about my transmission than my safety letting me leave with a screw in my tire. He needs to be fired Mr. President.

  • Sharon says:

    I am so upset right now! Stopped by my local shop on 103rd Street Jacksonville, FL, yesterday, was told that they were short staff. So, I made an appointment for 2 o’clock today. I told the manager I was going out of town on Sunday. Why did the manager call me at 1 saying he needed to reschedule my appointment for another day? Told me if I need it done today go to take 5 or Jiffy Lube? What Company does that? Tire Plus that’s who. Now I have to spend money on a rental car.

  • David Tyre says:

    Tire plus 13th street gainesville is worst i ever seen bearded harley man behind is rude argumentative brought truck in at 9:30 for 10:00 appointment then needed tires Enterprise Fleet maintenance and at 2:00 pm still waiting even with Enterprise being slow this is the worst service I have ever had and service is worst I ever dealt with no concern about customer and argue- rude with other employees also. This place should not get 1 star . I would close this location or something

  • Debbie Eldridge says:

    I made an appointment to have a tire fixed with a nail in it. I have the warranty. Even with an appointment it took an hour and a half to fix a tire!! Ridiculous! I will not be using you again! Thanks

  • Nigel Stokes says:

    Took my car to get front alignment on Monday 1/24/2022 and after 6 hours I was told to bring car back by Greg service manager on Tuesday at 11am on 1/25/2022 I drop my car off Greg the service manager called me at 5pm to pickup my car and was told that they didn’t have time to do alignment my car was facing inward but when I got home I notice my front bumper was torn off I went back Wednesday 1/26/2022 and spoke with Greg the service manager to complain my car was not damage when I dropped it I was told by Greg to file a claim with my insurance company I told him NO that he needs to fix it to no avail I was also told he can’t align my car til I get the bumper fixed . I’m really possessed that tire plus in Coral Springs fl damage my car . I have a lifetime warranty with tire plus I need someone from tire plus to contact me regarding repairing my car

  • Patty Johnson says:

    ORIGINALLY POSTED IN 2020: PLEASE READ!! THE CORPORATE INFO LISTED IN THIS WEBSITE IS WRONG!! I am the owner of the address and phone number listed for Tires Plus Corporate. I have no idea how our contact information got on this website, but I cannot figure out how to get a hold of anybody to get it changed. (Personally I would give this website 1 star because of that!) We were a Tires Plus FRANCHISE (or Licensee) from 2000-2018, but we dropped our affiliation with Tires Plus in 2018 and are an independent tire and auto repair dealer in Fergus Falls, MN (a small town of about 13,000). We receive 3-5 calls a day from this post, not to mention letters of complaint that go unanswered (usually to Stu Watterson, whoever that is). Having to answer these calls every…single…day…interrupts our business. The REAL phone number for Tires Plus customer service is 800-440-4167. I plan on continuing to re-post this comment until the phone calls stop.

  • Jonathan says:

    Took my car into tire plus to get new tires. About a year ago. Took back a few times since the to get my tires. Rotate it in balance. Anyway to the point of my story. I went to decide I need to change my brakes because they’re bad I’m not gonna pay somebody $600-700 to do it when I’m capable of doing it myself. Well come to find out they stripped all my lug nuts! So now I can’t remove them.i tried 4 different size sockets and the one lug wrench and a cross bar lug wrench nothing. So I call customer care and made a complaint. So guess we will see what they are going to do for me. I know they did because they are the place I have ever taken my car. I have never had this problem before. And I have taken like 3 or 4 cars that I have had there.

  • J. Holston says:

    I took my car in for a simple check engine light. I said, while you look at that can you also check on a knocking when I turn the steering left or right. I left the car and was called back shortly after to be advised that the check engine light was an electrical issue with my transmission. I was told that they could not fix that problem and it would have to be taken to a dealer or transmission specialist. They said the knocking was my axle needing some type of repair that would cost me a little over $700. I gave the okay to repair. When I picked my car up I heard a whining and some grinding. I called back to express that concern and they said I may need new front brakes and rotar shaving. I took the car back the next day, I was quoted $300 plus for that and I gave the okay to repair. I picked the car up again and the whining and grinding was worst than before!!! Now they want an additional $150 to repair/replace the back brakes and rotars. Needless to say that I’m fricken livid at this point!!!!

  • Melvin G. Hardy Sr. says:

    I need to chat with Jasmine… about my problem with Tires Plus in Burtonsville MD on 15 Dec21

  • Ta’nia Mcknight says:

    Had a 1pm appointment and my car was diagnosed around 1:15 and I was told a balance, rotation and alignment was needed. Around 2 pm I was told it would be just a few moments. I sat and watched my car sit in the parking lot until I got up at 3:50 and asked why it was going on 3 hours to get my car back for an alignment. They pulled my car in at 4pm and I was called to the front at 4:15. So you made a 1pm waiting customer sit in your lobby for 3 hours for a 15 min service. I also had the 3 year alignment but they charged me 111.00 for a balance and rotation ( a joke). I found a coupon for using my tires plus card for 20 off 100. I was told no because it had to be on one service. So again you could not remove 20.00 for a loyal customer. I went to my car to find Black smudges all over my door handle and my steering wheel when wiped out as black. I’ve never had that happen with any car service EVER! So much for being safe. The best part is when I left my car was shaking even more than when I brought it. So you didn’t even test drive it to make sure it was fixed. I called back and was given a technician who made excuses and said they did their job. Why would I pay you 111.00 to make my car worse. He said well take it to another tires plus and see if they can look at it. Soooo you want me to spend more time on a issue that should have been handled from 1-4:15pm. Got it. I told everyone I know to NEVER service their car there! Mind you I’ve been coming to this location for years and never had a issue, this is definitely new but I should have listened to my mom and brother who have recently had issues at this location.

  • Aaron says:

    Terrible costumer service. Twice now confirmed appt to be turned away by manager telling me no appt. Store located in Reno, NV. Manager made it my problem that I wasn’t called by his employee. I will try another store in town but not very hopeful. Major snow storm arriving tonight guess I’m out of luck.

  • Mori says:

    Don’t trust them when they make any appointments to provide services. I made an appointment 2 days in advance time, took half a day off work when I went to the store (Store #691798
    4650 Us Hwy 98 N
    Lakeland, FL 33809-3603)
    They bluntly said no sorry, you don’t have an appointment. The interesting part is that it was the same employee who made the appointment and who was denied it two days later.

  • Nidia K says:

    I have been treated badly, yell & told Get the Hell out of my store, just because I requested to check my car because it was empty when it shouldn’t, especially if I haven’t go over my milage.
    The employee in the counter today, November 23rd, 2021 have no respect for me & my business…. I will try my best to Never comeback to a Tire Plus. My 10yrs loyalty to Tire Plus is over

  • Gerald Hamilton says:

    Came in this morning to get a tire patched and Steve was the person in charge and he’s very rude and told me that I’m going to be waiting here 3 to 4 hours just to get my right front tire plugged. He is not friendly at all or very helpful. I have bought brand new tires here before but I won’t be coming back here again.

  • Brian Chambers says:

    Greetings. I am in my local Tires Plus office. I just checked in for an 11 AM appointment it is now 10:56 AM. I was told that the service to patch my flat tire could take up to two hours. My concern is that if you are scheduled for an appointment, the website should respond with a message stating that due to lack of employees the time may be lengthened. Long time customer! Tires Plus 2190 Aloma Ave Winter Park FL

  • John says:

    Am sitting at Tires Plus in Cumming, GA. For second time they have ordered wrong set of struts for the rear of my 2007 Lexus SUV. They are telling me that it is not a perfect world. I already know that. They are trying to ensure it remains imperfect.

  • Joe Blow says:

    Very bad experience at site on 3525 Sandy Plains Rd. Marietta, GA 30066. Appt made, auto not worked on for 1 hour after appt time. When I questioned manager, he became belligerent. I cancelled and will not use in future. Rude management and dirty facility.

  • Stephen says:

    Three weeks ago I went to Tires Plus in Crofton, MD to purchase tires. They were the only store in my area that had Honda tires on a Saturday. They put on the tires and I told them to change the oil. This past Saturday, I noticed fresh oil in our garage and oil dripping from the car. I took it back to the store. They said the problem was that the oil screw came loose. They said they would change the oil free. Today, the light indicator said that I only had 15% oil. I took it to Valvoline where they were able to change the oil and put the screw on right! This is THE LAST TIME I WILL GO TO ANY TIRES PLUS! They should just change their name to Tires Only since that is all they can do!!!!!

  • Richard Crotty says:

    I have 800 on my Tires Plus credit card but not sure I would use it again.My first time Port st Lucie I bought 4 tires.Liked the service.This winter during pandemic booked oil change in Vero Beach.Waiting room was jammed way overbooked.It took two hours for my oil change.They told me a regional manager would call me.He couldn’t have been any more dismissive.Told me that’s how long they’ve been running.Two hours for an oil change with an appointment????

  • Sandra Dawson says:

    My problem was misdiagnosed, was charged over 762 $$ for a side mirror that was black. My car is white. Since the problem wasn’t fixed I took it back and asked for my old mirror back. They put it back on broken and kept over 200$ for labor. I have spent hundreds there and I will never return.

  • Sandra Dawson says:

    Can’t even get corporate office to pick up their phone. After being misdiagnosed, they cheated me out of 200$. I Will never return.

  • Donna says:

    I am complaining about the tires plus in Martinez Ga They still owe me over $167 back and I am demanding it back w the manager or calling corporate .i got a good bit of my money back already w the managers corporation .
    . While the manager was out of town the girls running The front counter1 who don’t know what they are doing –
    charged me for erroneous charges and then nothing was done on my Jeep .! It was not even taking for a test drive but I had diagnostic charges and all sort of inspection fees listed ! What a joke ! This is fraudulent !
    I am complaining to corporate about this today if the manager doesn’t Refund the rest .
    They claimed they ordered and installed a front head lamp And that fee was well over 300 by itself but they didn’t order it nor install it !
    , they claimed they did an alignment but no paperwork to show they did it and you can tell it was not done . They claimed they installed other bulbs and did other things and even charged me shop supply fees and taxes but when I brought my jeep back in to show the manager he could clearly see none of it was done ! And I didn’t get all my money back but plan on it !
    What a shame ! Just ripping me off and taking my money for services they did NOT do !
    If I don’t get my money I’ll be taking them to small claims court

  • Rick Shafer says:

    Have purchased all tires and had my cars serviced at Tires Plus in Bonita over the past few years. Got a screw in a tire over Labor Day Weekend. My son threw a plug in it until we could get it to the shop. Tires plus said they will not touch it now. Will never do business again with them! They said it was corporate policy. Then corporate does not support their customers. Last dime I ever spend at Tires Plus!

  • Jimmie Huddleston says:

    My friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tic Tok, Parler, etc, also agree it’s a little steep!

  • Jimmie Huddleston says:

    Do you recommend your dealers mark up parts by 274%. Sounds a little high, almost a rip off. Ask your Saint Petersburg fl. dealer. Their number 7273476400

  • Jeremy says:

    RIP OFF!!!!!!🤬😡. Zephyrhills store, I went there to fix a almost brand new tire for my truck. Apparently they said the tire couldnt be fix. They never show me the damage of the tire. Here comes the rip off. They offer me to buy a new tire from them (brands that I dont like)with ridiculous prices. I ask them if they had the same brand my truck has.They said no, we dont carry that brand in stock. Told them to put my spare tire so I could get my destination and resolved my problem next day. They came back and said that my lug nuts wont fit for the rim spare tire. I said ok so swicth the spare tire to the factory rim. Now this is the funny part. It cant be done because the spare tire have difference number size and wont be able to fit the factory rim.I asked them, are you sure about that? There answer was, yes we are sure its different. So they obligated me to buy a new tire from them😡. Paid them $150😡. I got home and checked my spare tire number. The result, spare tire is the same size from factory🤬.

  • James mathew says:

    On Feb 26.2021 I bought 2 tires& an alignment $90 for an year .I made an appointment at a diff tire plus location on Aug 28th.2021. The young tech telling me he can’t see that I bought alignment . What the ….. Then my dad call the shop where he bought the alignment they told him it’s on the system but this shop guys refuse to do alignment .I won’t recommend any one to take car to tire plus..

  • Lora says:

    Not very happy with the service I received at all I wanted all tires done and two of my tires back they did front two only noticed because they didnt put tires in trunk they did two had to go back next day because the back tire still had screw in it . Superior wi store they have me two tires that were not on car .and did not redo alignment. If something isnt done im goi g to get a lawyer .they screwed me bigtime cause im a woman

  • Thomas Hayes says:

    I have purchased tires for several vehicles from Tires Plus/Firestone stores. And on one of my vehicles I developed a high speed vibration in the front of the car that caused the steering wheel to shake. (55 mph plus) I came in and explained the issue to the service writer. They filled out the paperwork and took my keys.

    After about 30 minutes the service writer came to me and wanted me to take a ride with the tech to see what the issue was as they didn’t see anything. I went on the ride with the tech and he stated that he doesn’t feel an issue. I explained that the vehicle needs to be above 55 mph and he was not going to achieve this on the roads we were traveling. We returned to the shop and after about 10 minutes the service writer came to me and said that I would need to bring my vehicle back as the master tech was busy and would need to look at the vehicle to find the issue. The service writer then stated that it could be in my transmission or the drive axles. I told him I don’t believe this was the case. I took the vehicle unsatisfied with the service.

    I’ve worked for 15 years in an auto repair location with vast experience and training in all automotive issues including suspension, brake, coolant etc.

    I took the vehicle home, raise it and rotated the tires. Now the vibration as high speeds is coming from the rear of the vehicle. So it’s obvious that the issue is in the tire(s) causing the problem.

    Now I’m looking for a repair facility so I can replace these tires as it seems that Tires Plus has people that would rather sales you something that wouldn’t remedy the issue than warranty the tires and I would pay the difference. To those who read this take your vehicle to a location that cares about the experience and service they offer as well your vehicle. Tires Plus/Firestone doesn’t seem to be that place.

  • David Stevens says:

    Your manager in the Bardstown Ky Michel tires plus is lacking a lot in customer service. Mr. Nick Dukes tries to make you feel like he’s the only smart one there . What is so hard to understand that you want to purchase 2 new tires for the rear and rotate the real ones to the front . He acted like we were stupid and didn’t know what we wanted finally I just told him to do what ever as long as the new ones were on the rear . Then they charged me 6.24 for tire disposal and we brought the old tires home with us . It took an hour to rotate 2 tires and mount 2 new ones . Mr Dukes went home and another guy came in and he was super great . I’ve been a customer since 1990 and I really do not know if I will return to the Bardstown Ky store .

  • Keith Kennedy says:

    The tires plus in Neptune beach had my car for two days. They were suppose to put a new tire and fix the turn signal light. No one and called to tell me they could not fix the turn signal. I went to get me car and the manager Chris Stevenson would not give the car to me unless I payed him for fixing the turn signal, I told I would not pay for the turn signal, since they could not fix it. I had to call the law to get them to release my car. I will never use TIres Plus again at any location especially the Neptune Beach. The manger Chris Stevenson needs to be fired.

  • Gwendolyn Mitchell says:

    Im waiting over 3hours just for a Oil change..I had an appointment it didn’t matter..The manager said everybody was on break 😡They didnt have Toilet paper or paper towels in the Restroom either

  • Deanna says:

    This place is a rip off. My rear drum was stuck so I couldn’t replace the brakes and brought it to tires plus. Guy said they have to rebuild my brakes and charged me $450 in labor plus extra high on parts. I asked them not to touch my truck and he hung up on me 3x. HUGH RIP OFF DONT USE

  • Naomi says:

    Tires Plus in Fort Pierce, FL – Manager – Lenny Cruz
    November 23, 2020 – I dropped off my car to get
    a tire fixed. The servicemen told me that i needed to have both
    back tires replaced. For the package, it would cost me: $599.82
    to replace both back tires. I agreed to move forward as they
    guaranteed a “no charge alignment check” as well as tire balance
    and a warranty that would cover any further damage. June 17,
    2021 – Back right tire pressure of 23 psi so back to Tires Plus.
    With less then 2000 miles traveled between incidents, the tires
    are out of alignment and caused both back tires to wear bald on
    the inside. Manager refuses to take responsibility and stated (on
    camera) that he’s not sure they actually DID an alignment, and if
    they did, it was free so technically it wasn’t a legitimate alignment
    to begin with. Checked Tire Care and Maintenance section of
    website all instructions were followed by me. Whole conversation
    is recorded but file is too large to send here so please send
    address to forward.

  • Joseph Potesta says:

    Why do your grind on your parts? Tires Plus uses a grinder to grind on calipers to help them fit a vehicle? Are you guys not concerned with the safety of your customers? October I had breaks (pads and rotors) put on my 2011 Ford F-150, it went well. Then about a month or two later my breaks were squeaking so bad that many friends and family suggested I get new breaks, ofcoarse I told them I have gotten new breaks. I took it back to Tires Plus in Plainfield Indiana and they inspected my truck and said, “Breaks look great and we test drove it and can re-create the squeaking I am hearing” so I proceeded in life. Then I had my tires rotated and when I did the folks at the Tire Store told me that I needed new breaks, I again took to Tires Plus in Plainfield, Indiana and yet again told they looked great. Then last week. Friday 21st of May my drivers side front started smoking bad. My wheel cover went flying off across the high way and the only thing I can think of was that my caliper has seized up. So I took it to Tires Plus, they in fact confirmed my caliper seized up and that I needed new calipers. So Friday evening they called and gave me a quote and assured me that my break warranty was still in tacked and that I only needed calipers and the quote was around $500+. I told Josh, the gentleman who helped me, to go ahead and replace my calipers and that I will leave my truck and pick it up sometime Saturday when they are done. Saturday morning I called around 11 and asked “What the hell is going on with my truck?” Josh said “We are having trouble fitting the new caliper on your passenger side, and that the Carquest caliper DOES NOT FIT and is rubbing on the inside of your wheel.” I said “How can that be?” He replied “Are your wheels stock” I said YESSSS. So he said that he was going to call NAPA Auto Parts to get a different caliper to see if it fit. I called again about 4:00pm and asked “Where is my truck, what is taking so long?” Josh said “We can’t get the caliper to fit the passenger side” So then around 5pm he called me and said my truck is ready, I went there and test drove with Josh and again my wheel started smoking and I started grinding again. We went back to the shop and Josh had taken an air grinder and grinded on my NEW caliper and he said that was the only way it was going to fit my truck. I said this is unacceptable and that it needed to be right and safe, you can’t grind on calipers. So I left my truck yet again. So Sunday around 11am I called and asked “WHERE THE HELL IS MY TRUCK” he said “I think we have a solution, we put the wrong break pads on.” I said “Wait, in October you put break pads on my truck, the same truck, were those wrong to begin with?” Josh said “Yes” Okay so hold on Josh, the breaks you put on originally were wrong and I brought my truck back 2 times from present day to last October and told you all it was squeaking and both times you guys assured me that my breaks looked great. So wait who is lying the guy before Josh or Josh, or ALL of Tires Plus technicians? So Sunday at 3:00pm in the afternoon he said my truck was ready, so I went on a test drive with him and everything seemed fine. It took over 48 hours to change my calipers, at a place called TIRES PLUS. Tires Plus my ass, maybe drop the plus and stick with tires. Finally last night my truck started having that burning smell again, i took my passenger tire off and GUESS WHAT, he never fixed it, the caliper that is on my truck as we speak has been GRINDED ON. Are you guys kidding me, you grind calipers to make them fit? You don’t care about your customer’s safety. What in the hell kind of practice are you guys running? I am going to contact the BBB and my local news station and tell them your business practice and NOT to take your vehicle there if you are concerned about safety and or honesty.

  • Steve says:

    On 04/15/2021 I dropped off a set of tires and wheels to be mounted that I had bought online at a great price. Tires Plus has always been great with their deal of lifetime mounting & balancing as I’ve had this arrangement/contract on all of my vehicles.
    After dropping off my set of tires/wheels the next morning the guy calls me and tells me that they scratched one of the rims all to hell and I guess ripped up the tire trying to mount it.
    Of course he says not to worry that they’ll replace them. So I’m thinking “eh’, it’s aggravating but it’s a tire store, it’s their specialty so it’s no big deal”.
    Well, after 2 weeks of waiting I finally drive up to the store and expressed my aggravation. Then another guy steps in and says that he’ll take care of it. So, them being a tire store I wrote down what kind of tires & wheels they were because it’s really tough to find…….LOL.
    Now, week #3 and I’m on my way up there to get my tires and just be done with this incompetent store.

  • Kevin L Decker says:

    I have been using Tires Plus for 33 years. Purchased all my tires, brakes, rotors, ball joints, rear ends differential etc…I recently visited Tires Plus April 20, 2021 for a replacement back tire. I made an appointment to have my other three tires replaced the next day. Entered the store and was bullied by the blonde store manager named Mickey? (Female). She told me that I had to wear a mask. I told her that I had a covid shot. She didn’t care and told me to wait outside. I am 61 and was told to wait outside for several hours in the heat with no water or place to sit. Tires Plus Take your covid mask (that doesn’t work) and stick it. I will not be bullied and will buy my other three tires elsewhere. Further, I filed a complaint. Someone from Gainesville GA offered me 25% off for my other three tires. I thought about that and you know what, it is the principle. Unless that store manager gives me a full apology for being a bitch, I will not ever buy anything from Tires Plus again. EVER. You lost a 33 year customer. And not just parts and labor for my car but 3 other cars as well. I HOPE YOUR STUPID COVID MASK RULE WAS WORTH. No mask mandate in the state of Georgia.

  • Christopher says:

    The tire plus on Garden Street in Titusville Florida has the worst customer service ever the worst so-called certified technicians ever they sabotage my car claim they were bleeding my brakes and mess my brakes up to where they went out on me on the highway with me and my child in the car charge me $1550 and claim that all they didn’t know how to scan and bleed the brakes the right way because their computer wasn’t scanning right then try to say it was my master cylinder they didn’t know what they were talking about

  • CAROLYN says:

    The location in Fredrick MD is definitely not in compliance with COVID-19
    No social distancing, no control on the number of customers, I was there 3 hours and saw many come and go and not one time was there any sanitizing done. They told me that I had to pay for an alignment when I just had one done 5 weeks ago, the guy tried to argue with me, he finally looked on the record and agreed that I should not be charged. I do not think I will be going back there. The store is filthy, dead bugs and trash on the floor, very much in need of a major clean up and sanitization.

  • Raul Lisboa says:

    sunday I went to the web to quote 4 tires Firestone destination at, the quote was $497.61 out of the door. Monday I went to the store in Inverness Florida to mount them, but they didn’t have those in stock, the clerk order then, went down today,they said that those tires are more expensive than the quote from your company, she said another tires only $14.00 more, ok set up, about 40 minutes after, the lady came with another price like $130.00 more, that’s when I stop the service even that the vehicle was in for service. What kind of customer service is this, wasting two days & computer time to come out with this game. Raul Lisboa

  • Upset Guest says:

    Tire Plus in KY I don’t recommend I went in thetas 2 tires placed one was told to me it was going wrong direction and the other side tire was inside out I made appointment to have this inspected and they switched tires around and noted my treadwear was required so I was told I need 3 of 4 tires replaced I said ok I have Ironman tire pkg so they say they can’t order those I said well here I found them for $103 ea so service manager says oh I found them ( $112.99)$113 ea so I says ok can you price match or I order and have them delivered at your location she says no if you order them we have to charge you full installation I’m like what but they will come straight here not my home anyways she said no and my complaint is they cut my tire this day of the inspection appt saying oh well your having them replaced anyways I said that’s not how that works so I got a 10% Military discount applied for their damage and I never got my prorated discount from tires on tread wear which I was told $36 each tire which would have made them $77×3=$231 Instead of $338.97 I was charged I’m writing this review because I was overcharged $138 and my prorated treadwear amount was never applied and they get me like this every time I purchase tires. I grew to live and trust Tire plus back in Bardstown KY when it had honest service advisories like Michael and I’m 20 min drive away but this Tire plus in my own local town has been nothing but nightmares, the Service has been an issue at this particular store for me for years not to mention way back I had one of my rims cracked because it was over tightened and oil change paid for that was Never touched🤷🏽‍♀️ 🤬🤷🏽‍♀️ So I guess from now on I’ll have to drive another 15 miles to use our next location for better services which is an inconvenience and gas money 😡

  • Russell Caston says:

    Hello my name is Russell Caston I signed the vehicle in for a front end alignment and two front tires because the inside of the tires were worn down where you could see the wires. The vehicle is a 2002 Chevy Trail blazer 4 wheel drive. On Saturday 08/222020 approximatly at 8:45 a.m. I brought the vehicle onto the Tires Plus location at 3710 Quebec Street Denver,Co. 80207 Phone (303) 647-4574. I had a 9:am appointment for a Front end alignment and two front tires, at about 2:30 pm I recieved a call from one of the Tires Plus employees letting me know that the front end alignment could not be done because the vehicle needed a new tie bar and cv joints this is what I was told. Me and my mother went to pick up the car expecting to see the car the way we brought it in. I ddnt know this until we went to pick the car up that they had put two brand new tires on the car without me and my mothers permission my mother is up in age so I was speaking for her . Knowing that the car needed a new tire bar and cv joints they still put the new tires on again without our permission. When they found out about what the car needed they did not call to let us know what the problem was they could have told us that they could have done the repairs with added cost or we could have come and picked the car up and had it towed away. By law since this Tires Plus location were the last people and location to have posetion of this vehicle they could not give us the keys and release the car to us knowing that the tires were in bad shape and not safe to drive on the public streets. Now for us to get the car back we have to come up with I believe is about 300.00 or more to get our car back for the cost of the tires and labor, all of this could have been prevented if the manager on duty was honest, professional and had some integrity in your name that this aTires plus was suppuse to represent. I have no choice but to let everyone know do take your vehicle to this location. I don’t know if this Tires Plus Corporate office will look into this complaint or not. I will foward this to the Denver office of the BBB.

    • Patty Johnson says:

      Please read my post dated 8/10/20 below. Thank You, Patty Johnson

    • Patty Johnson says:

      P.S. (My 2 cents) FYI, at our location we schedule the tire installation before performing an alignment. That is a more efficient way to schedule our mechanics (that get paid more) over our tire techs in case it is a no-show or many other issues that can arise unexpectedly. I don’t know if that is what happened in your case though. Also, you state that your appointment was for the tires and alignment, so you did give them permission. I am glad to hear that they were being honest and NOT doing the alignment (that you gave them permission to do) and charging you even though another alignment would have to be done after the repairs. It is less money that you would have to “come up with” then when you dropped it off a few hours earlier. As long as you fix the issues in the near future, the tires should be able to handle a few miles. Also, from my experience the next guy would have been mad at them if they DIDN’T put the tires on and had to come back to do what HE thought they should have done. I am not trying to stir anything up, I just want to point out a few things from the other side of the counter. You know what they say…your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t. I wish you the best.

    • Marlyn Kauffman says:

      My name is Marlyn Kauffman. I have spent a lot of money at your stores for tires and service over the years, and now completely pissed at the MGR. at your Lancaster, Pa. location. I had a service performed at that location at great expense, and had a problem with it. I went back to discuss the issue with the manager and he blew me off, and didn’t even want to discuss the problem. I would like for someone from your off to call me, and help me out with this issue. My home number is: 717-361-8073. My cell number is 717-224-1312

  • Patty Johnson says:

    PLEASE READ!! THE CORPORATE INFO LISTED IN THIS WEBSITE IS WRONG!! I am the owner of the address and phone number listed for Tires Plus Corporate. I have no idea how our contact information got on this website, but I cannot figure out how to get a hold of anybody to get it changed. (Personally I would give this website 1 star because of that!) We were a Tires Plus FRANCHISE (or Licensee) from 2000-2018, but we dropped our affiliation with Tires Plus in 2018 and are an independent tire and auto repair dealer in Fergus Falls, MN (a small town of about 13,000). We receive 3-5 calls a day from this post, not to mention letters of complaint that go unanswered (usually to Stu Watterson, whoever that is). Having to answer these calls every…single…day…interrupts our business. The REAL phone number for Tires Plus customer service is 800-440-4167. I plan on continuing to re-post this comment until the phone calls stop.

  • Naomi Austin says:

    Called at 10:00 am on a Saturday had a flat and advised I wanted my car towed their for a new tire. In fact i would purchase 2. I was told they would do it but it would not be done until end of day. I said no problem. Called at 5:15 as they close at 6:00 to tell them I was on my way, They seamed confused, i was put on hold, the guy came back asked what car i was getting, I told them the nissan rogue, I was put on hold again, after 12:00 minutes, i was told, “oh we never got to your car and cant not get to it until Monday. I was livid, I went to pick up my key, and called road side assistance again, to change my tire. They were not even willing to put the donut on, nothing, had I not called I would of never recieved a phone call, you do not do that to customers. I could of had my car fixed somewhere else. courtesy, consideration, customer service, all of which are lacking severely at the baltimore pike location in Delaware county, PA. Never will come here again, after 5 years of service

  • Livio DeMarco says:

    I have been dealing with tires plus since 2003 in the flourtown pa store and was treated very fairly. 3 years ago we moved to pompano beach Fl went to the store at 1100 s federal hwy in pompano beach. I spent $4000.00 on complete brake jobs on two vehicles, which I thought was totally outrageous. On July 14 I had a power steering problem, had the car towed there. Didn’t call me until I drove to the store, then tell me they couldn’t fix the car because it was company policy not to get involved. Apparently their motto “complete car care” is total bullshit. Beware, do not patronize tires plus, there are too many experienced and honest repair shops out there. They have lost a loyal customer forever

  • Bill O'Brien says:

    My experience and my opinion are as follows. The Management is horrible and inspections seem to be designed to generate cash only. I was the first customer this morning, 7/14/20, to avoid having to wait all day. I planned to wait for my vehicle. I told the manager I needed a tire rotation, balance and alignment. I was then told by the Manager that I had to leave the car because they had vehicles left over from last night as well as appointments this morning. Well I had no other transportation, so I said I would come back and left.
    After I left, I figured I might as well just make an appointment to avoid any further delay. When I returned I told the manager that I would like to make an appointment. I was then told that they can not take an appointment that I had to leave the car. I then asked why they took appointments from some people and not others. I was then told that they can not do a tire rotation, balance and alignment because they also had to handle other customers that come in and they only had 2 men working.
    I plan on following up with a letter to the CEO. This is ridiculous and this is the 2nd time I have had difficulties with the same manager at this location, 1100 S. Federal Hwy. Pompano Beach, FL.
    I would not patronize this location.

  • Christopher Crain says:

    over 2 and half hours waiting to get 2 tires and to be put on. The seller told me they had them in stock but when he went to check he only had 2, for 4 tire change. I dont know if ill ever come back as a customer.

    • Frank Dziewit says:

      Ordered 4 Firestone Firehawk replacement tires for my cube. Got 4 Bridgestone tires instead. Price difference 26.00 per tire.Tried to be reasonable with Mike number 4 store manager with a condecending attitude I’ve been a service writer for ford dealers for years. Never been thrown out of a tire store ) a real moment in my history. This store is unwilling to admit they created a bait and switch fraud situation. If I was 30 years younger I would give Mike#4 a lesson in humility. My advice to the area manager of tires plus in south Florida.. Don’ hire managers named Mike, They’re all bad. I was told to get out of his store. What a trashed out shithole.
      WEll last year I spent over $6000.00 in fleet service at this store What a shame you can’t find better people. Expensive too!! 15 years down the drain.

  • Steve Zuppo says:


    I have been coming to tires-plus as a loyal customer since i worked there in 2012. I have had issue after issue with Jakwon and service there in the past few month. Jakwon doesn’t speak to you, and is no help when you ask a question. Tells you he is not a technician, but doesn’t offer to let you speak to one.
    First i took my car in and they lied on the inspection saying I required brakes. When I looked at the specs (after buying the brakes) they were not in failure range.
    Second, I took my sons car in for some work, they were sopossed to leave the card outside and I would pick it up at 8:00 (after hours). at 8:00 the car was in an bay. The bay was 1 foot open after hours. The next day I was told I was a lying by the Manager…
    I decide to give your store one more chance.
    Our final visit. I bought my son’s car in for an alternator and battery. It needed belts as well. When i picked up my sons car, it lasted two days and the belt broke. leaving my son without power steering in a dangerous situation. When I bought it to the store, Jakwon asked what I wanted them to do about it. I looked inside the engine and his dipstick and the tube it goes in were not assembled and laying on top of the engine. We couldn’t put it in as the tube wasn’t attached. We took it back and they fixed it after a day and and without telling us it was worked on/ready. Less then 24 hours later the belts are squealing and flapping again.
    I called to let them know. Jakwon said bring it in monday. When i asked how long it should take, he said it depends on how many people are there. I had to ask him to make an appt. He said he make one for monday, and see you then. I had to ask when time the appt was. Thats not normal!
    I made the appointment for 10:00 today. My son has been sitting there for 1.5 hours and they haven’t even pulled the car in. He has work now, so I sent his mother to get him with no expectation of completion.

  • Gary M Whiting says:

    I could not let this go, I have been doing all my car repairs for my company (Mohawk Industries) For many years at the Palm Coast store #453544 and of course all my personal repairs which would certainly be more that $25,000.00 easily. I just had a sensor put in my Ford F-150 that needed replacement, I actually told them what was wrong, my son had the same thing done 2 years ago with a different result. This takes about ten minutes to fix , it has two nuts to take off in order to replace. They charge me $344.99 for the part which if you go on Amazon or any auto parts store would be as much as $85.00!!!. This is robbery, my invoice # is 182113 so you can review it. I need to know who I would be able to contact in order to voice my concerns.
    There has been a lot of turn over there lately, the last time I went there they charge be double on parts and if I didn’t catch it it nothing would have been said, I am done with Tires Plus. Please let me know a contact.
    Gary Whiting

  • Brian says:

    Took my sons 2006 Saturn vue to tires plus in Maplewood mn the technician used and impact gun on the oil plug and cracked the oil pan the told me it’s normal ware and rare but could fix it for 510.00 the place is a joke

  • Dolores Atkins says:

    I had nitrogen put in my tires (their recommendation) now only one store in Reno/Sparks has it. To far to travel rip off.

  • William Pearce says:

    Poor service. I am 82 years old and have visited numerous tire shops and even managed several gas stations. This Business is a customers based service. Customers deserve to be treated openly and honestly.
    Your store does not deal that way and I will never recommend you business to anyone.

  • Miriam wiley says:

    I’m here at the tires plus in Lakeland Florida on Highway 98 n. I brought my vehicle in with the tire just barely hanging on the rim. We asked the front counter representative Jim Palmer if he could change the spare tire and we would get a used tire somewhere else since their new tires are $140/tire. Jim was so rude and disrespectful he told us since we weren’t getting a new tire we could go down to the nearest used tire shop. We explained to Jim that the tire wouldn’t make it far and we wanted to be safe on the road since I had 3 kids in the vehicle. So Jim and my husband got into a verbal argument and some racial slurs were said all in front of other customers in the lobby. This place is a joke and I intend on filing a complaint with headquarters. The verbal altercation should’ve never been instigated if Jim was more professional.

  • Terence Bobo says:


  • Terence Bobo says:


  • Chris Misel says:

    Can’t Recommend the Coralville Ia. Tires Plus store got two new tires and they said they couldn’t do the alignment because the tie rods were to loose and needed to be replaced along with the steering gear for a total of 2,377 dollars. Next day I took it to our five star Toyota dealer they said everything looked just fine and they did the alignment. I’v lost trust in this Coralville store. By the way there total recommendations price was for 4,057 which Toyota said we needed none of.

  • steve Sloan says:

    I took my car into store on army post road Des Moines Iowa for oil change and tire rotation got a call from them saying I had 2 tires with low tread wanted to no if I wanted new ones I said no they said give them 15 to 20 minutes so I did picked up the car got home looked at the tires and the ones with low tread was still on the front so I called and talked to the attendant and she said that she watched him rotate the tires but she is lying and I will never be using tires plus for anything and will be canceling our credit card also

  • Ronald Johnson says:

    The name and phone number for Tires Plus Corporate Office is incorrect.

  • Frank Traino says:

    How can you operate a location on Federal Highway in Pompano Beach, Florida with inept managers. It is beyond me how you are still in business, you are most likely losing more customers every day. The persons I have been telling about my experience state, why would you take your vehicle there. They also think it is the worse place in south Florida to have work done. As a past business owner, I hope you have some kind of quality control in place to save business.
    This is the third day they have my vehicle and I am still waiting for the manager to call me and say it is repaired.

    • William O'Brien says:

      I concur with Frank completely. My experience and my opinion are as follows. The Management is horrible and inspections seem to be designed to generate cash only. I was the first customer this morning to avoid having to wait all day. I planned to wait for my vehicle. I was told by the Manager that I had to leave the car because they had vehicles left over from last night as well as appointment this morning. Well I had no other transportation, so I said I would come back and left. After I left, I figured I might as well just make an appointment to avoid any further delay. When I returned I told the manager that I would like to make an appointment for the tire rotation, balancing and alignment, all of which I purchased policies on. I was then told that they can not take an appointment that I had to leave the car. I then asked why they took appointments from some people and not others. I was then told that they can not do a tire rotation, balance and alignment because they also had to handle other customers that come in and they only had 2 men working.
      I plan on following up with a letter to the CEO. This is ridiculous and this is the 2nd time I have had difficulties at this location, 1100 S. Federal Hwy. Pompano Beach, FL.
      I would not patronize this location.

  • Denise says:

    Bad service! Coral Springs location 630 Riverside Dr. Coral Springs FL. I brought my car in for an oil change and asked for the tires to be rotated also. He came out to check my tires to see if they could rotate them and he said he could. When I picked the car up I asked if they tires were rotated and they said yes they were. How come there are no hand prints on my dirty rims?? I went back and he came out to check and said they were rotated. I said how do you know? He said they don’t have to touch the rims when they rotate the tires only the tire. Every time I have had my tires rotated I ALWAYS have hand prints on them. LOL Well then how do the take the lug nuts off and put them back on with no prints on the rim? Do they have a no touch procedure where they never touch a rim? Then I noticed the tread on the back had more than the front another indicator I noticed. He said they would rotate them for me now. Why would you offer you said they were rotated already. I asked was my oil changed?? He said yes I said how do I know. See this is where females get taken advantage of in situations like this they think we are dumb. It would have been easier if he just owned up to it. So you just lost a customer of 25 years due to no tire rotation

  • Tammi Lindsey says:

    The Council Bluffs store charged me $900 to fix my car. The problem was not fixed. I took it back. And they said another 300 would fix it. Why didnt they just do the 300 fix instead of ddoing all this other work when he said 300 job would fix the problem. Now ive spent 900 there for no reason because my car is still doing what it did when i pulled in there. This is very bad work ethics. And after reading reviews from this store, Im not the only one he has done this to. Terrible reviews on this Tires plus.

  • Brian says:

    I’ve have dealt with Tires Plus at the north Tampa Florida location two times now. Brought my car to them yesterday because a be a rattling grinding squeaking noise from the front end, and I told him that the rear brakes were squeaking. They called me 12 hours later and said they burnished the rotors. Which they claim would help my issue. I said the rattling and grinding noise from the front end happens when the brakes are not applied. So why in the hell would they touch the brake rotors at all? They told me their technician fixed that and I will be good to go and the noise is gone. Got in the car last night and the noises are still there. I will never deal with these crooks ever again.

  • Mark says:

    I bought new tires for my vehicle and after the install while driving home from tires plus on port saint lucie west in Florida the TPSM light came on. I called as soon as i reached home and called to let the store know what happened. To make a long story short they had me running back and forth between them and the car dealership for five weeks to get the problem fixed. The techs at tires plus broke the TPSM sensors the manager said they ordered a new one form the dealership which the didn’t according to the dealership. The car dealership showed me the sensor tires plus installed and it didn’t even look like the others. Tires plus lied to me and I had to pay to have the right senors installed by the dealership and I’m currently waiting to get my money back.

  • Karen says:

    I have been to your Orange City, FL location multiple times to get work done on my vehicle. I was told shocks and struts need to be replaced. Was told bearings and seals need to be replaced. On my last visit on 12/1/19 I was having an AD issue and told them I believe it’s just low on freon, they have me an estimate and told me they put dye in my system to check for leaks and t he estimate said I needed 8oz of freon. I took it to another shop and they told me I just needed .8 oz of freon and there was no dye used from your company. I was also told my shocks and struts are fine, my bearing and seal are also fine. I have more examples of you company telling me of services i needed done that did not need done and also charging me for services your company did not perform. I initial stayed with your company as I felt they were being honest with me. I will never go back to your company for service. I will also let the community know about the practices of your company. They lie and cheat hard working people out of their money by charging them for services not performed and charging them for services not needed. I wonder how many other services I had performed that were not needed!!!

  • Jay O & Christie L says:

    Great save!!! In early 2019 my experience with a particular Tires Plus was horrible. A charge incorrectly placed on my bill was not offered to be removed but promised by the manager to be deducted when/if I ever returned. He no longer worked there when I came back, of course, a few months later (hopefully fired) and no one knew what I was talking about. Glad I had it written on my receipts and a recorded phone call. A regional manager eventually had to be brought in to make things right. The, then, new Des Moines (Merle Hay) store manager, Zach Kuiper, was amazing! He was understanding, good with customers, and went far and above to keep our business. We have 5 vehicles that only have had Tires Plus work on them and we were a foot outside the door never to come back. Zach Kuiper stands out as an impressive representative and leader sorely missing in society. Great Job, Tires Plus!

  • Hector Davila says:

    Mr. Watterson,

    On October 5, I brought my Ford F150 in for a diagnostic at the TiresPlus at 2409 Semoran Blvd, Apopka, FL. Pete wrote up the ticket. This diagnostic indicated that the truck needed a fuel system cleaning, new intake manifold and drive belt replacement. The total cost for the repair was 1331.58. After I paid the bill, Pete informed me that the vehicle still had a misfire due to coil 6 and 7. This was not indicated in the diagnostic. He stated that the vehicle was ok to drive. I drove less than 2 miles and the coolant spewed out od the reservoir, the truck overheated and stalled in the middle of the street. I called Pete and he said he would not be able to get a tow truck but he would come out to assist me. When he arrived he indicated that he was unable to get a tow me. He also stated that the mechanic may have not bled the system. He stated that since the truck had cooled down i could put the coolant i had with me in the reservoir and it would be ok to drive the car the less than mile home. The next morning, October 6, the truck was picked up from my house in the morning.. I did not hear from them and called Randy, the service manager. Randy stated they were not able to determine why the truck was overheating and they needed to keep it longer to determine the cause. That same day I purchased the coils to have them installed. I arrived at the shop on Monday, October 7 at 7:00 AM and brought the coils to be installed. I went to work, they did to call all day, I decided to call Randty again and he said Pete would give me a call. He never called. I showed up at the end of the day. They had installed the coils and Pete said that the truck was good to drive but that there was another problem, a rattling noise that he stated was the catalytic converter. So, after the diagnostic and only driving less than 2 miles the truck needed new coils and a new catalytic converter. I was assured that the vehicle was good to drive. I drove to work on October 8 and October 9th when returning form work the truck once again overheated and coolant spewed out. I was only a couple blocks from the shop so I brought it back once more. I asked for the district manager’s name and number. They told me his name was Pete but did not have any contact information. A mechanic started the truck and there was a loud rattling noise. I asked if this was the catalytic converter and he said no it was something else but they would have to look into it to figure our what it was. So now, since the diagnostic, coils were needed, the catalytic converter needed replacement and there was a loud rattling noise. The truck had never made this noise before. I am writing to you in hopes that I can have my truck repaired correctly and honestly.

  • Marie Nicolay says:

    I sent a valid complaint on March 26 regarding a problem with service on my Chevy Cruze. I do expec some action, and a response to my complaint ASAP.

  • Marie Nicolay says:

    I do hope that this is the correct website as I took my 2013 Chevy Cruze in for a simple oil change today 3-26-2019 at Tires Plus on Baymeadows Road, Jacksonville, Fl 32256. the Tech came and told me that the plug that goes in oil pan which holds oil in was stripped and they could not replace it, that I will have to buy a new oil pan just because of stripped plug, which was previously replaced by the same Tires Plus. the Tech said I have to pay for the new oil pan, which with labor and a small discount, is going to cost me over $500. I do not feel that I should have to pay for a technician stripping this plug, a simple plug which probably cost less than $15. and charging me for their error. I have been doing business with your company for several years, but I seem to have trouble every time I take my car in anymore, at my great expense. I am on a fixed income and do not feel comfortable using Tires Plus any longer, as I do not feel like a valuable customer anymore and my family feels the same.

  • Hannah Chan says:

    I am sick and tired of dealing with Barry from Piedmont location. I bought two tires from the location but less than 6 months the rear tire pressure drops. I called and was told to drive the car to the shop to check for a nail; none was located so they filled the air. A week later the sensor show tire pressure drops again. I went back the 2nd time and they did the same thing no nail and filled the air. The third trip, I was told it is the sensor. I told them to go ahead and change the sensor. Before I left they told me the sensor will show normal again after I drive a few miles. 3 days later the sensor remains 0 tire pressure. I was told to take the car back and they will check the sensor. An appointment was made for Feb. 4, 2019, to change to a jeep sensor from the dealer. I took a day off from work, upon arrival, I drop off the key and sat at the waiting area. Within a few minutes, I was told to come back to change the sensor. I ask Barry why the sensor cannot be changed today since I had made an appointment a week ago and I was told that it will be a jeep sensor from the dealer. Barry said he did not have the vehicle VIN number, therefore, he was not able to place an order. I asked him why he did not ask me for the VIN number when I call for the appointment? He said “I should have”. I asked him when I can come back to change the sensor he said he will call when the parts arrived. I asked what is the ETA so that I can take another day off from work. His answer was “I don’t know and I will call you when the parts arrive”. He never did call. On Feb. 6, 2019, I went to another Tire plus location and explained my dilemma with the Piedmont location. The manager advised me to speak to Barry’s manager. I had paid for the parts and service at that location, they will not be able to provide me the service. I call the Piedmont location and ask for the manager. I was told by Barry that the manager is busy and he will call me back. Barry asked when I can come back to have the sensor changed. I told him the earliest opening time. I arrived at 6:45 am to have the sensor changed to a Jeep sensor.
    On 2/11/2019 pm I call Piedmont location and advised Barry the sensor still remains 0. Barry said he will call me back. Again no callback.
    On 2/15/2019, I call him around 11:18 am. He said he will call me back after he placed an order from the dealer. (so the parts that were supposedly changed the 2nd time was not from the dealer.
    Today is Feb. 20, 2019, no call from Barry. I am tired of playing his games, I would like to go to another location if your organization will allow me to go without paying extra money. All I need is change to the correct parts and not having to play cat and mouse.
    Can you see the stress I am going through with the Piedmont location? My question to your organization can I change to a different location to have the sensor change? I begged you, do not send me back to the Piedmont location.

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