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  • Address: 4300 TBC Way, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410
  • Phone Number: tel:1-800-334-7332
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 5001-10,000
  • Established:
  • Founder: Chuck Curico 
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Chuck Curico

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This is a business that managed about 10 employees in all its stations but raises a revenue of about $207,641 when it comes to their annual sales. The business is still growing as it was founded in the year 2018.

The company has its primary headquarters based in 1760 N Jog Rd Ste 100 West Palm Beach, FL, 33411-2516 United States. You can be assured of service or attention should you reach out to their employees or management through the official number (561) 697-5043.

You can also find out more about this company by checking their official website which is http://www.tirekingdom.com/.

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  • Liss Malicki says:

    Very disappointed with the attitude with employees at Tire Kingdom in Saint Pete on Tyrone Boulevard I went there Sunday with a flat tire and they said there was one mechanic working for me to come back Monday at 2:30 which I did at that time I was told they had to order me a tire and I made my appointment to come back Wednesday to have it replaced when I called Tuesday evening about my tire. The guy said there was no record at all of anybody ordering in my tire was very rude and insisted. I was not in that store, but it must’ve been another one and was very rude to me so I got mad and hung up. I called the other tire kingdom on 34th St. she took all of my information on the phone and made my appointment to go back Saturday to get the job done very disappointed with the one on Tyrone Boulevard. I will never go back in there again ever

  • Frank Leone says:

    I have been a customer of yours for many years and have spent a lot of money with you and have always had great customer service but unfortunately last week I made an appointment with the Tire Kingdom on Cortez blvd. in Brooksville, Florida for an oil change and tire rotation, I informed them gentleman on the phone that my van was handicap accessible and that the floors had been lowered to accommodate the automatic ramp and he informed me that it would be no problem. When my wife went for the appointment she waited for an hour after her appointment time and was then abruptly told by the attendant that the work could not be performed without damage to my vehicle and advised her to take the van to another company that had floor pits. Wish I could have been there but I’m disabled and can’t always assist my wife. I’m not done with your services but would like you to be aware of this. And I did make arrangements for the service with another company. You see just last June we took our van to one of your centers in Ocala, Florida and they bent over backwards to make our visit as pleasant as could be and they were very informative. I believe that the managers name was either Chuck or Charlie but if they weren’t so far away I would definitely go back there. They were performing some warranty work for the dealership that I purchased my van from. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

  • Frank Thomas says:

    Port Orange Fl Very poorly run company Salesman must be on commission I was told my Michelin tire was not repairable only had 22,000 miles It was below the wear tread line Salesman told me he was not allowed to repair tire I needed a complete new set of tires I asked if they would but the spare on I was told that the car would have to be leaf and you will need to find a ride. There was no-one in parking lot and bays had chains across the bays Three works hanging out in air conditioned lobby We do not have time to fix your car but if you will buy a new set of tires I can help you immediately I went home got a ride called the store and line was busy for an hour I realized why no-one was at Tire kingdom the phone was off the hook and customers were told no technicians were available to do work I took auto to a competing tire repair chain greeted in a friendly manner tire repaired out in 30 minutes 32.00 charge i was told I had plenty of tread on tire I would not need new tires for white a while I will not be back found a great place to go to They said Tire kingdom is their best salesman plenty of same treatment noted by other customers Manager on duty worker all busy very efficiently run

  • Joe Rolfe says:

    You should probably close the Bonita Springs location. Scheduling a visit made zero progress. Tried twice to get 4 tires with appointments and waited 2 hrs each time before I had to leave. There was never a hint when or how much longer ot would take. Many other customers I spoke to said wait times where long and appointments meant nothing. Corey is totally lost in the garage wandering around like headless chicken. Seems only two of the 8 bays are manned. Not sure how that makes enough money to keep doors open. Now the manager, forget his name seems to know there is a worker problem and at least tries. Sorry wont go back. Went to Sams, dropped car off at 11am, vehicle was ready by 1pm, same day.

  • Alan Maggio says:

    December 7, 2022
    I had purchased 4 Continental Tires in 2018 from TK. I had a flat which prompted me to visit the Coral Springs location. I wanted to plug the tire. They would not do it because the nail was too big and the tire tread was very worn. I went elsewhere and had it plugged. The next day I was still losing air. and went back to TK and the rep I had, Rossi, told me I would get a 44% warranty refund of what I initially paid. That was based on the mileage on the tires versus the 50k warranty. TK no longer offers the Continental tires but I was offered to get a comparable tire which was on a buy 3 get 4 deal. I now have 4 new tires with a new 45K warranty. I appreciated Rossi’s assistance in getting the problem resolved and will remain a loyal TK

  • Cnap says:

    Suck don’t do a good job and they will damage ur vehicle would take it back there tire kingdom crappie as fuck

  • Claire C. says:

    909 NE 15th Pl, Cape Coral – Store Manager is Jared Lee.
    I called yesterday (10/10/22) morning about 9am to see if they were open, the employee said they were, first day since the hurricane. I asked what time they would be closing as I had a screw in my tire & needed it repaired & currently working at the time. He said probably 4pm, although regular hours are until 6pm, I figured it was because of the hurricane etc. He asked me to call back when I was on my way as their appointment app was down. I called about 2:15pm & asked if I could still come, the employee that answered said yes, but it’ll be a wait. (I figured – again it’s their 1st day back) No problem, I understood. I got to the store at 2:30p, when I walked up to the counter I said, I was there for a tire repair, he (Joe) shaking his head “No” said I needed to come back tomorrow. I explained that I called twice & most recently 15mins ago & was told to come. He proceeded to tell me it would be 1.5-2hr wait. I wasn’t sure if that was to deter me or if it was factual, but they were busy. I said it’s ok, I needed it fixed as I had to drive out of town later in the week. Joe took my info & asked me to have a seat, he then went outside got the info he needed off my car, knew it was my right rear tire, I parked so you could clearly see the screw. He came back & had me sign the invoice, I noticed it was $0.00 instead of the $10 or $11 it usually is, which I appreciated but didn’t expect & he said, they’d get to me as soon as they could. I said ok & proceeded to wait. At 4pm I noticed about 4 employees leaving, while the lobby is full of customers waiting, all the bays are full, my car hasn’t been touched & it appears half the staff is leaving. Didn’t understand that, but ok. At 4:30ish they are pulling my car in, I see it get lifted, I see them mark my right rear tire, the tech disappears for a few, then at 4:45 a tech comes in & says loudly, “The lady with the Outlsnder needs 3 new tires!” I said, I’ll have to come back for the tires, I knew my front 2 were close but with everything going on & being out of work, no power for 10 days, trying to get thru this difficult time, it’s not the most opportune time to buy 3 new tires. He said, sorry but they all needed replaced. I then inquired about the right rear, why that couldn’t just be repaired as it was in the tread not the side wall? He didn’t have a definite answer except he couldn’t repair it must be replaced. I explained I was a manager for Big O Tires for over 6yrs in another state & I’m aware of DOT standards & TBC corporation. He put his hands up like “I don’t know what to tell you” & said this guy will help you & pointed to the salesman at the counter & walked out to the shop. Same story from the salesman, “I don’t know what to tell you.” I then asked for Joe, he said, “Who? Joe?” I said, “Yes, Joe, the guy that went out to my car to begin with & checked me in” his response was “he left for the day,” so Joe must have left w/the others at 4p. But If he knew it couldn’t be repaired & had to be replaced then why didn’t he say that up front, instead of me sitting there for over 2.5hrs to be told I NEED 3 new tires & the one that I was there for couldn’t be “fixed” & had to be replaced?! I then asked for the store manager & he too was Off. Completely appalled & frustrated by this, I requested my car to come off the lift, there was no way I was going to purchase a new tire when I knew it could be repaired. I took it to another location today not TBC affiliated in Ft Myers & about 10 mins later the tech comes in & asked if my low tire indicator light has come on? I said, No, I was just worried about the distance I needed to travel & didn’t want a flat. He then opened his hand & showed me the screw, it was only about 1/2 in long & never punctured my tire. They were going to repair it, but as they began to spray it for air bubbles they noticed it didn’t appear to be leaking at all & was able to remove it w/their fingers. So not only did this store not even try to help me, but it only proved what I believed to be true by going somewhere else & knowing if was safe to repair but it actually didn’t need to be repaired at all. The tech at Tire Kingdom would have known this too had he not been so lazy & just wanted to update me. Sadly, I wanted to give Tire Kingdom my business being a former TBC employee myself, but after that being my first experience with Tire Kingdom, I will never be back. However, my recommendation:
    1) ALL of the staff at that location take the TBC University courses on customer service ASAP. Shouldn’t even be allowed on the floor to serve customers until completed.
    2) A manager or assistant manager should be available during ALL operating hours even if the hours have changed temporarily – for situations like this.
    3) Half the staff should NEVER leave when you have 6 bays full & a lobby of customers waiting. (I hope that if Jared/store manager had been there he wouldn’t have allowed that)
    This type of customer service & management continuing will close this location.

  • Loretta Ebanks says:

    I Took my car to get oil change they were in a rush because they didn’t even rotate my tires and come up with excuse whatever I paid and left got to 36 and about 23 and the low pressure oil light stated going off so I pulled over opened the hood and there’s oil everywhere then I call tire kingdom and tell Jorge what happened and he is started saying fuck fuck fuck (like he knew they fucked up) and I ask for manage he said there isn’t one here and I told him call one now I am stuck on the side of the road and he hung up on me then I call back and said Jorge you hung up on me and he screamed at me to give him a break he is trying to call him now and hung up again on me… still no call from Jorge or that manager so I call corporate and I was pretty much told to have tow the car back there so they can investigate the issue. Have pictures and videos with time stamp

  • Yuksel B says:

    So I went to tire kingdom this weeekend for the Labor Day sale. Prior to going I got a quote on but 2 get 2 free on tires. I was quoted for $442. I go Saturday to drop off my car and the employee tells me I’m going to have to tweak the numbers because corporate told us now a whole different story on how this deal works but he reassured me my price will be like my quote he gave me. So I was comfortable because that’s what I could afford. I come back when my car is ready and the man hits me with a bill over $1000. I said what noway I can afford this man or I would of when somewhere else that fits my price range. He explained non sense things I didn’t care about. Instead of solving my solution I had a major problem. This is unfair to the people who don’t have it like that. Ya have no idea the mess ya have create for me after coming out of pocket extra money I couldn’t afford to pay. Your employees should be trained to give actual quotes and not a whole new bill after the vehicle is done l. I’ll leave my reviews on every website I can find to beware of tire kingdom and there “sales” bunch of crooks is what I see. I shall never got back not even for a oil change. Tire kingdom 6265 in Bonita Springs watch out ya’ll

  • Tanya Kimmi says:

    Steven Sutton at your Cortez store lie to me told me he rotated my tires and he did not he tried to sell me a new tire saying my tires were no good when I just bought him a year and a half ago he’s a scam artist a liar I caught him in three lies I’d like to talk to am manager my number is 386-212-9787 about this matter

  • Mia says:

    I went to TK on 192 Melbourne FL. June 29, 2022, for the third time to follow up on my complaint, the Manager who told me he would review the camera & get back to me was not there, I have growing concern that they will deny that the damage was done & felt I needed to obtain the identity of the mechanic & did see the same rude mechanic , when he came out of the bay area towards me with a jack or crow bar or some metal bar, and came after me halfway across the parking lot, he called the police to report I took a picture of him, & I called the police after I drove to safety, to report he came after me with the metal bar.
    I have been advised that this will be a civil matter, thanks for repairing my tire, TK.
    Beware of TK 192 Melbourne, FL.

  • Elizabeth says:

    That didn’t come out right besides the axle the ball joint had to be changed due to the damage

  • Elizabeth says:

    There seems to be Shotty work going on in a lot of these tire kingdoms they put me in a dangerous position I had an axle changed on the driver side and can you believe it fell off because of loose screws it was on a Sunday I had to get towed to another mechanic it seems like the smaller companies are much better I had to pay for another axle plush the axle of that side and I will be taking further action on this I have all the receipts!

  • Mia says:

    June 27, 2022
    I was told on the morning of June 23,2022 that the manager would look at the camera & follow up with me I waited 2 days for a response & called on Saturday June 25, I was advised that the manager is on vacation.
    I did receive a message from Gregg who repeated the incident to me on my voicemail , however incorrectly, Not certain why he felt he could change the story but I will save that voicemail, I did call him back to quickly inform him (as I was at work )that the follow up information he had repeated was incorrect, & advised the correct info.
    Minutes later on my brief lunch break I then received another phone call from Gregg, and he somehow felt it appropriate to try to talk over me, I told him at least twice not to talk over me but he continued, so I disconnected the call.
    Very poor customer service all the way around how unfortunate!
    I then received a text to my personal phone from Gregg who somehow feels he has more authority than the BBB as well as other avenues I will now take.
    Gregg you could have apologized for the rude mechanic and manager who promised to follow up & left on vacation, but you did not , you did change my reported information and also conduct yourself unprofessionally with me.
    Beware of TK 192 Melbourne, FL.

  • Mia says:

    I went to TK on 192 Melbourne FL. June 22, 2022, I was experiencing recurring low tire pressure in my Drivers side left front tire. When I arrived my car was in a full parking area & the mechanic said he would drive it over to the bay area, I stated that I would prefer to drive it over & then he could pull it in & that is where my story begins, not only was the said mechanic rude to me after that he did not take care of the tire I brought it in for, thankfully I questioned which tires he had serviced & the one I reported as having the problem was not fixed I spoke to the manager he checked the tire & sure enough there was a nail in it & the ” mechanic” repaired it. My very unpleasant visit & repair was now over and I went to the store, when I got out of my car is when I noticed the scratches on my car, four different scratches all on the drivers side 3 under the door area & 1 inside door area! I have worked hard keeping my bought new now 2 year old car free of scratches most certainly feel he did it on purpose! I could go on how well I take care of my car and most definitely know that the scratches were not there when I arrived at Tire Kingdom, very unfortunate for me! I tried calling right away but they were closed for the day, so now I needed to go there before work the following morning (today) this morning I met with the manager & showed him the scratches with all of what I have mentioned here. He said he will look at the cameras & if the ” mechanic” did scratch it on purpose he would be fired, that he will call me soon. He also mentioned some kind of purple something that may fix the scratches. I hope he will tell me to come by and that solution will be provided and work to remove? the scratches, I am not happy that I now have to use my time to resolve this matter. I will not look at scratch damage to my car every time I get in by the rude mechanic that either was not careful & scratched my car or did it on purpose.
    I will contact a lawyer if this is not resolved immediately.
    Beware of TK 192 Melbourne, FL.

  • James lawter says:

    So stopped by with a flat tire today… the guy on the phone never looked up… a guy walked in with enterprise shirt on a guy ran from out back to help him…. then asked if he could help us we said yes got a flat on the truck we need a valve stem put in… he typed on the computer for a minute and said it will be Saturday before we can help you and gave me directions to Mavis tire store which honestly was a great place… what yall don’t realize is I own a fleet of trucks… no worries me or my employees will be back congratulations on opening a new store though…

  • Teresa says:

    I went to TK, 2001 SE Port St Lucie Blvd., Port St Lucie, Fl, 34952 (says store # 6102). I had an oil change, new tires, new tire sensors, & new wiper blades put on my vehicle late Jan. 2022. Spent almost a thousand dollars !!! The tire sensor light still came on, my right rear center cap has been missing since I picked the vehicle back up & my “change oil soon” light keeps coming on. I’ve spoken w/store mngr., Daniel Williams about 10 times about the rear center cap & nothing! It’s rusting now ! They had me drive back down there, again, to reset the “tire sensor” light that was staying on & another time to take pictures of my center cap. I took it to another auto repair place to get the “change oil soon” light to go off. Now I called & spoke w/a girl named Alana who said she’d speak w/Daniel about it today. 4-13-22. I said who else can I talk to about this & she said Corporate. So that’s what I’m going to do if not resolved w/this store ! Here it is 2 & a half mths later, & I’m still dealing w/this while watching the wheel rust before my eyes!!!
    No more TK for me, ever! I’ll be calling BBB next if nothing new happens!

  • William Dunlap says:

    Well……..here I am again with no result from my first comment. I had even called the corporate office. So here I am still driving around on bad tires because they keep jacking me around (I believe) because of the price quote. The price was $100.00 under the competitors.

  • William Dunlap says:

    Went to Tire Kingdom Feb 6 to buy tires the young man not only price matched but beat the competitors price. He called Orlando, yes would be here Feb.8. Two weeks later i called , manager said not here but i can get from another supplier. It is now a month later and i have heard nothing. NOW….my question to you is that store still obligated by that quote?…..its been a month now.

  • Wayne Obarski says:

    Service center at 1429 hy 301 Palmetto Fl refused to rotate and balance tires purchased from store on 11/21/2017 with 25000 miles since purchase. Store stated that the tires were to old and refused to do the work. My invoice from time of purchase, states that rotation and balance will be done for the life of the tires.

  • K Reynolds says:

    Tire Kingdom Oakleaf
    9628 Argyle Forest Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32222

    Traveling and noticed tire was going flat…. went into Tire Kingdom since I purchased tires and warranty from the Company. Couldn’t believe the treatment from the manager. He told me he couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to check tires because his workers have been getting off 1 to 2 hours late everyday. Tried to tell me to go somewhere else… didn’t know the area. My husband spoke to him on the phone he still declined and said corporate office told him to relay the message. I really couldn’t believe the lack of their core values. Went to Costco and they helped.

  • Dee Thomas says:

    On Friday, January 14, 2022, I had an on-line scheduled 10:00 AM appointment at the St. Petersburg (3398 34th Street North) location of Tire Kingdom to determine why the driver’s side rear tire on of my vehicle was not holding air.
    As I was patiently waiting to be served, the Service Manager, Drew Bailey, walked into the service area and completely ignored me as if I was invisible. Since it was already past my 10:00am appointment, I was starting to feel both annoyed and unwelcome by Mr. Bailey’s unprofessional demeanor. He never looked up to greet me or ask if he could assist me in any way. After being ignored by Mr. Bailey for several minutes, I decided to stand up and walk in front of the service desk. Even after I did this, Mr. Bailey continued to keep his face focused on his computer screen, even though he could clearly see me standing there. Being both black and female, what was I supposed to make of this entire situation, other than the obvious?
    Perhaps I should have followed my first instinct, and just got up and walked out, then I wouldn’t have experienced the disappointing outcome that I did.
    However, I instead decided to sit back down. Approximately, 10 minutes later, Mr. Bailey finally acknowledged me. I really don’t recall what his greeting was, but it was not welcoming. I gave him my name and let him know that I had a 10:00 am appointment. Again, his customer service skills were substandard, and he also displayed a lack of critical thinking.
    After I signed the agreement for Tire Kingdom to diagnose the problem that I had initially listed, I gave Mr. Bailey my car key so that he could take my car into the service area to be diagnosed.
    About a half hour or forty-five minutes later, Mr. Bailey came into the back waiting room and took a seat next to me. He had an estimate sheet with diagnoses Tire not fixable and all tires really low on tread, recommending 4 tires and that both front wheel bearings have play. An estimate for $1300.00 worth of work parts and labor.
    Drew had a sheet with estimate for Aspen GT AS (50,000 miles) along with wheel bearing costs and wheel alignment. I told him firmly that I have no intentions of spending $1300.00 that morning. Drew then strongly suggested that I at least get the four tires and installation with alignment. I told him that I was not familiar with Aspen brand of tires. Personally, I prefer Pirelli’s which I asked him about and looked amazed and said “well that’s a whole lot more money”.
    As far as the wheel bearing issue, I bought a mechanical maintenance plan thru where the car is financed. So, I told Drew that I would have to check with the company to see if that type of mechanical issue would be covered by them. Finally, I told Drew to put the car back together and I would head home to call the car maintenance company to inquire about the matter.
    He reluctantly said ok and left to get my car out of the service area. It took more than ten minutes before he told me that my car was ready to check out. At the desk, Drew printed another paper with 3 additional tire brands on it and marked what was in stock and what tire took one day to order. Now these additional brands were priced at least $200.00 more than the Aspen tires.
    Well, I had to travel back to Clearwater with this issue on my mind about the tire and not just getting an offer to replace one tire. So, after a few phone calls and suggestion to check out Sam’s Club for tires since it was suggested that I need 4 new tires.
    Bottom line Sam’s Club gave me an exceptional deal on 4 brand new PIRELLI tires. The price included mounting, balance, road hazard, free future balance and rotations, etc. And yes, they were in stock! I bought and paid for them. The only thing is they were SOOOOOOOOOOO busy with installs that I had to make an appointment for the following day (Saturday, 1/15/22) at 11:00 AM
    Well, the following Saturday morning, I arrived at Sam’s Club for my appointment. The service technician takes my car into the service area to install the new tires. He calls me on the phone. The driver’s side rear tire lug and stud are cross-stripped. Sam’s Club tire technician can’t get the tire off because they don’t carry the tool.
    I informed them that I had just left Tire Kingdom having that same tire evaluated and the Service Manager comes out with an estimate sheet for $1300.00 worth of work. Sam’s Club tire manager tells me to go back to Tire Kingdom and tell them they broke the stripped the lug and stud and need to fix it, so they could put the tire on. So, I head back to Tire Kingdom to hopefully solve the situation.
    I walk in and see Drew at the desk eating Pizza and talking on the phone casually. He saw me and didn’t acknowledge me nor try to put his call on hold nor hang up. Again, as I had done the Friday morning before I stood there in front of the desk. I had to wait until he took his time eating the Pizza slice hanging from his mouth. The front waiting room had about 4 or 5 men customers sitting. So, at his leisure he was done with his phone call. He did not greet me or say how can I help him. I showed him the estimate paper from where I had been there yesterday.
    First, I told him there is a problem now with the driver’s side rear wheel. I found new tires that I wanted at Sam’s Club in MY BUDGET and that they couldn’t install the driver’s side rear because the bolt and stud are cross stripped. I then proceeded to tell him that the wheel bearings are covered under my mechanical car plan. I further told Drew that I would come back there to get the tires aligned because Sam’s Club does not offer that service.
    He looked at me in a puzzling manner, hesitant to come up with something to say. Another guy that worked at another service podium on the front desk, answered for him “He stated at me in an unfriendly manner “we didn’t take the tires off”. I was then quite upset, because he just admitted himself to the conversation. I hate to think that he was this stores location manager? I questioned him; well how did you know the wheel bearings were bad on the front? He answered, we didn’t have to take the tires off to diagnose. So, my car was not placed on the car lift? Yet, it took more than ten minutes or so for him to get me my car.
    If that’s the case, he could have just checked it in the front parking when he went to get the tag number at check-in. Furthermore, on the estimate sheet you listed a battery check. I didn’t tell you to check the battery, so you did lift the hood. Also, the sheet listed a full vehicle inspection when I did not ask you to do!
    Now I’m saying to myself Hmm’. Not only did you make me feel unwelcomed into your shop two times. You diagnose things on my car that I did not ask of you to do, so you can possibly sell me your very limited supply of knock-off tires and other un-professional services.
    I see why he was so adamant about at least installing 4 new tires knowing the technician had broken the lug and stud on my rear tire. And the very unprofessional rationale for other work that needed to be done on my car. “Its Friday and you are trying to meet the weekly SALES numbers goal.”
    Mr. President of Tire Kingdom, to say the least about this ordeal I was ready to give your Service Manager a piece of my mind, but you know this guy had bigger problems than what this tire problem is causing me. Clearly, Drew was very unprofessional and a big liar. You mean to tell me that a customer has to literally stand out in the parking lot to see if their vehicle is professionally worked on and diagnosed? Observe if the vehicle is placed on the rack or diagnosed on the ground? Are these your diagnostic standards?
    I would hate to think that the organizational culture that Tire Kingdom is founded upon and the core values that represent them condone using upselling tactics rather than offering true customer service. Are your technicians truly trained and certified or are they shade tree mechanics? Your labor rate is $135.00 per hour. Is that for a professional tire technician/mechanic or a Jack LEG? Well, all customers should be treated in a dignified and transparent way, particularly since pay to have their vehicles diagnosed properly.
    Friday morning, your Service Manager couldn’t even acknowledge me when I walked into your establishment but yet he going to sit in a chair next me in your waiting room and ask me for $1300.00 for work, I did not ask him to diagnose. So, an inexperience technician breaks my tire, probably with that hydraulic gun while screwing the tire bolts/lug back on because I didn’t give approval on the suggested work.
    Although I have used the services of Tire Kingdom in the past, it was at the Clearwater location, which is currently closed. This is very unfortunate because the service level was very professional and made me want to be a repeat customer. The St. Pete location, where I experienced this unpleasant experience, does not compare in any way, shape or form.
    If your technicians are as professional as Drew, your SERVICE MANAGER then I suggest you close the St. Pete location if that’s the best team you find for your store. Jack masters of NONE, Liars, Shady up-sellers, and LOUSY, LOUSY, LOUSY customer service.
    Mr. President of Tire Kingdom…..What happened to Good Morning, Welcome to Tire Kingdom, How may I assist you today?
    Instead, your St. Pete store is taught, “How may I take your money and deceive you today”.
    I know sales are hard during this time of COVID and everyone needs a paycheck, however let me tell you “Good people are hard to find”. Iron sharpens iron…. so my best advice to you is to bite this apple down to core.
    Fire Drew Bailey and rebuild with a better trained team of technicians at that store. Just because of his attitude that Friday morning, I should have followed my first notion and just walked out.
    At the time that I am constructing this letter, which has taken quite a few hours to do. It is a Sunday night and I plan to take my vehicle to my regular mechanic in the morning to see about getting the lug and stud taken off. I had Sam’s Club to place 3 new tires on and put the 4th tire in the trunk.
    So, if I have to pay a PROFESSIONAL MECHANIC SHOP to correct the damage your shop did and balance and mount the tire CORRECTLY. It will be done. Also, I will be getting an opinion on the Wheel Bearing issue from my regular mechanic shop hear in Clearwater. Because I know that was a SHADY diagnoses for work that is not needed.
    I would hate to be part of any organization that practices in scandalous ways to sell a service and then lie about when they don’t diagnose nothing right and cause further damage. Let’s not even talk about the safety issue being put at risk!
    So sad, all the cars on the road needing service and your store has to scheme customers to make a sale instead of just providing good CUSTOMER and PROFESSIONAL SERVICE along with HONEST BUSINESS PRACTICES. Personally, I take safety in my car very serious!
    Yes, I would like a call back from someone in the Tire Kingdom organization that cares about this company professional standards and practice.

  • Shaun downing says:

    Please could someone ring me as I can not get through

  • Braulio Ramirez says:

    27629 Wesley Chapel Blvd, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

    I am military veteran, yet the clerk did not know that until it came time to pay for the service of removing a screw stuck in one of my tires. I was humbled by the actions of the clerk when he told me that it was free of charge and thanked me for my service. This shop could use more love from their headquarters. The waiting area was out of sugar, creamer, etc.

  • Deborah Pierce says:

    I made an online appt for 12:30 at 2965 Columbia Blvd in Titusville Fl. I arrived 15 minutes early at which time I was told I would have to wait for at least 3.5 hours for my oil change or possibly longer. I asked if I could come back in 3.5 hours for my appt.and he said “no” because other customers would be coming. I was asked why have an appt if it would not be honored..he said it’s not his problem blame corporate for online appts. and he has no control over them. He said he has complained to corporate to no avail. There were 2 cars in the bays and he said it was him and one other mechanic. He accused me of harassing him and never once apologized for the situation. So I left and called the other Tire Kingdom in town hoping I could make another appt. I spoke to John who said if I would come he would work me in but it might take 1.5 hours. When I arrived all his bays were full but even the manager was pitching in.They were extremely busy. He had my oil change completed within that 1.5 hours and while there had 3 other customers who had the same problem I had at the store located at 2965 Columbia Blvd.in Titusville Fl. John is located at 3550 S. Washington Blvd in Titusville Fl. The difference in the 2 stores was quite clear…one store had a young man who basically had absolutely no customer service skills and could care less about any customer, and John who was older who actually cared about the customers and had a superior work ethic, trying to accommodate a customer even though their shop was also very busy. Quite frankly, your cooperate office needs to take action at the store on Columbia Blvd. regarding suitable employees and also get your IT people to mesh the online appts. with the actual in store appts. so as not to overload employees OR simply stop making online appts. altogether. I did see, after the fact, that the Columbia Ave store has countless complaints listed online all related to time and appts. Isn’t it time to take action as a matter of reputation? On the other hand, John now has a loyal customer in me at his store. He needs corporate recognition at the very least.

  • Gwyneth Clarke-Bell says:

    Today I visited my Tire Kingdom at 8495 S.W. 132 St, Miami, FL 33256.

    I had a nail and a large piece of metal in one of my tires. Your assistant, Anthony, was new to me at this store but I must tell you he is one of the best. Very professional but courteous. He kept me updated on the progress of my car which I appreciated as I had to go to work. I asked him if I got an oil change would it take very much longer – he assured me it would only be a few more minutes so I went ahead and got the oil change. He even personally double checked the amount of air in all my tires before I left.

    I hope you are able to keep him!


  • Jim says:

    So I go for an oil change the guy behind the counter tells me it’ll be 2 hours I said no I can’t wait that long so I make an appointment for 330. I get here check in at 340 its almost 540 and still waiting totally unacceptable..will never come here again ..I have been bringing my work trucks here for a long time .

  • Rick says:

    Store located at 17203 Pines Blvd. Trash from bays blown into the street and never swept up. PLEASE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR NEIGHBOR HOODS!

  • Smith says:

    My elder mother’s estimate for service was overcharged for a car Battery 154.00, labor 800.00 for a report of a two hour job on an AC compressor replacement that took 10 hours/2 days due to repairer failure to replace all necessary parts initially. I did get a portion of a price reduction on a Compressor estimate of 669.00 by $300.00. I do not know why they price gouged us. First time there and we cannot ever afford to go back. I have the breakdown on the bill by the manager. All was nice and all employees approved as witnesses Saturday and Monday. I saw they charge $132 an hour. Told us easy to change out at the end. Puzzling.

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