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Tire Discounters Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1 E 4th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 888-937-8473

  • Fax Number: 513-527-3114

  • Email: support@tirediscounters.com

  • Number of Employees: 1100

  • Established: 1976

  • Founder: Chip Wood

  • Key People: Jamie Ward (President)

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Tire Discounters Headquarters Executive Team



Paul M. Brunner CPA

Chief Executive Officer

Chip Wood

Founder and Chairman

Patrick Mathews

Chief Financial Officer

Jamie Ward

Executive Vice President of Sales and Operations

Sarah Stimson

Executive Vice President of Talent

About Tire Discounters, History and Headquarters Information

If you happen to be in a kind of business that entails you to always need tire services or new or used tires for that matter, Tire Discounters can be of service. This company has been here for decades now and you will find their headquarters at Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.

Why Tire Discounters is different from their competitors is because their pricing is transparent. You get to know how much you are going to spend on them before you will start doing business with them. And this is the reason why since the day they started, which was last 1976, they already have about 1100 employees.

Tire Discounters is the home of the best brands of tires. You will get what you will look for here and they also have the best people that can offer you tire services like alignments, oil change, brakes and more. Their products are A1, so you will have peace of mind with them.

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  • Angie says:

    I am a loyal Tire Discount customer. So much so that I have persuaded several my neighbors, family members & friends to entrust their vehicles to have work done. I have had my vehicles and my daughter vehicles serviced there for several years. Although we all agree that the cost are a bit pricier than other vehicle repair shops, we continue to take our cars there for the peace of mind. A recent interaction has greatly diminished my trust in your company.

    On Wednesday, 12/30, I had my car towed to the Tire Discounter located at 9514 Preston Highway. My car would not start at home. I received a call from Justin informing me that the car started right up with him with no problem. He mentioned that I may have a short in my starter but will check it out. A few hours later he contacted me & indicated that it was indeed the starter, & my battery was low. I asked him to move forward and replace the starter & battery, also it was due for an oil change. He quoted me the price of $824. The price was much more than I anticipated & honestly could not afford. I can’t imagine that the battery was more than $200, so the starter must have been over $400. However, I trusted that the job a good job would be done. I thought that winter is approaching and I would rather take care of the issue now. I informed Justin that I would be by to pick the car up first thing in the morning. Later that day I received a call that the car was ready for pick up. A follow up call was shortly after indicating on my voice mail that the car stalled when starting it up to pull it in the garage & that it may be a fuel line issue. Thursday morning I went to pick up my car & was informed that they had not yet checked the fuel line because they were waiting on the equipment to test it. I received a call saying that it was not the fuel line and there were no issues starting the car. I went to pick up my car. While out running errands, I attempted to start my car. It would not start. After several attempts, I contacted Discount Tires to inform them that the car was still having issues starting. This time I was speaking to Jacob. During our conversation the car started. He mentioned that I should take it to a dealership and have them run a test on the electric system. I’m curious why I paid $825 to fix a problem that was not resolved. I am out of $824 and having the same issues prior to Tire Discount “fixing the problem.” The only thing that I feel was done was my bank account decreased. If it was a job that Tire Discount could not manage then why charge $824? I do not have $824 to spend on a hunch during a time that groceries and other essentials are inflated. If I should have taken it to the dealership, I wish they had told me that in the beginning before spending $824. That is more than my entire week of pay!!!!!!!. As you can tell, I am highly upset. I was an advocate for your company and I feel cheated & betrayed & I needed to share my feelings with you. My experience will be shared to anyone that will listen to me including coworkers, neighbors, family, friends, & strangers that I happen to strike up a conversation with. Moving forward, anytime time anyone speaks of cars, it’s an experience that I plan to share. I will request that they all share the information with others as well. Thank your employee Bill for doing such a great job of doing nothing & charging me

    In a world of crappy customer service, I always felt that Tire Discount set themselves apart from shady mechanics. I always spoke highly of Tire Discount. As of Thursday, I am disappointed and have placed them in the same category of crappy service providers. Please inform Bill, Justin & Jacob that I cannot afford to take my car to the dealership or any another place to have it fixed right now. So it will have to sit until I can afford another $824 to have it fixed. I’m sure they will minimize the issue and not be accountable for taking advantage of a loyal customer, like they nonchalantly did to me as I looked for understanding.
    Thank you,
    Angie Shelburne

  • Darrell Gifford 615-568-9526 says:

    Your Rating: 1/5
    Your Feedback:
    Made an appointment a week in advance to have four tire sensors replaced and to have my tires rotated and balanced. I waited 1.5 hours for them to tell me that they didn’t have any sensors. The only thing they did was plug a hole. I know they didn’t rotate my tires because the 1 sensor that wasn’t reading is in the same place. Last year, I went in to get four new tires. When I got home I realized I had two different sizes on my car

  • Duanne thorson says:

    Don’t have no clue why no one at Corperate can answer or get anyone to assist. I purchased 6 tire at my local store and got road hazard , rotation etc but they had no lift big enough for my truck I called the day I purchased $2000 dollars worth of tires what is my warranty since you don’t have a lift to do alignment the person on phone said tire discount will honor tires and warranty and rotating . Well I’m out of state they won’t honor the agreement want 280 to rotate tires that was free with my sale of tires otherwise I would have went else where remind you have had 3 more sets put on a 16 town country 1200 and another on 08 Chevy trailblazer 1400 for them.
    Contact me asap

  • Chris says:

    To add to my previous comment, I believe I was OVERCHARGED! And I still didn’t get my alignment! I am a very unsatisfied customer!

  • Chris says:

    I had a bad experience at the Marysville Ohio store. I had an APPOINTMENT for 10 am to get new tires. Was told 1 and 12 hours. At 2pm my car was not finished. I had another commitment for that day and had to take my car without getting my allignment. If that wasn’t bad enough, the cashier got rather rude. WILL NOT be going back!!!!!

  • P. Brown says:

    I purchased set of tires at TireDiscounters on 088 Medical Center Pkwy on July 30th 2021. I also got the road hazard warranty. On January 25th 2022 stop by TireDiscounters for them to check one of my tire, because I kept putting air in the same tire. Turn out I had a nail in the tire and could not be fix. First they was going to charge me for new tire, but I told them I have road hazard warranty. They still charge me for installation, scrap tire, TD TPMS service kit ( what ever that is) and purchase road hazard warranty for the new tires ( did not look new to me) On top of that, they gave me different tire without my knowledge, did not let me know they did not have my tire in stock. Instead they went on put different tire without consulting with me. The tire purchase was Continental -ProContact, but they gave me Nex-N Priz tire without my consent. The company is not trustworthy, and the General Manager was very disappointed. I will never ever do business with that company again. Think twice before you purchase Tires from this company.

  • JR Garlits says:

    Tires discounters took advantage of my mom because she is an older person and didn’t do what I the actually customer wanted I had 2 tires being purchased both flats were on the passenger side but I requested to have them the NEW tires be replaced to the front of the car, and I also requested to have bead sealer around the bead means the tires are low profile it’s very hard to get low profiles to seal due to how hard they are cause the dont flex as easily as the normal tires do. I was also told that the tires would be 84$ a piece and figure $340.97 total divided by 2 does that equal $84 a piece I think not. The store on 714 president place Smyrna tn did this exact thing to my mom and me. Ever since I’ve had a tire they put on as professionals leaking air causing me to late harassed by the police late for jobs money for air this has been nothing but a stressful situation from the start I went there once and the really didn’t do anything to the tire but who knows and then stated something about the rim and nothing is wrong with the tire I’m a mechanic myself and are using my better judgement and this is what we get now from others not taking pride in the work they perform on others vehicles we get a disaster waiting to happen your company can contact me if you would like at. (615)630-2837 my name is JR thank you I’d like to have something done about this situation ASAP as I’m contacting a legal attorney about what else can be done such as legal matters!

  • Justin Dennis says:

    Went to location 2022 Lascassas Pike, Murfreesboro, TN 37130 for simple TPS sensor change in 1 tire! Went to leave and my Key Fob is broken! The lock and the unlock button both caved in. I go and ask to speak to the manager and the manager comes to me and says rudely “We’re not taking responsibility of that because I don’t know what the condition of the key fob was in at the beginning.” The condition was my buttons still was working and it wasn’t caved in like it is!! Now I’ve Been in constant communication with someone at head office, every time I’ve called he said a refund is being issued. Well 4 weeks of talking to him, still no refund and won’t answer phone anymore. Not sure if this is how Paul Brunner or any of his Chairman Associated below him expect to treat a valued customer but this is ridiculous. If you as a business don’t fix what you agreed to fix or if you take a item from the customer and don’t return it in the condition when it was given to you then it needs to be replaced by whom damaged it! Terrible service and terrible experience.

  • Nicholas Ballinger says:

    I went to the Dry Ridge location to have have tires taken off and new ones put on. That was 6 days ago. They broke the axel on my car and didn’t even call to tell me. They have not contacted me one time. I’ve had to call them every single time to get updates on anything. They ordered the wrong part twice and made so my wife has had to miss work. I’ve called the corporate office three times and have yet to have someone contact me. This is absolutely ridiculous and completely unprofessional from a company the size of this one.

  • Shawn says:

    I came in on 9/5/2020 Saturday got rip off by Mike Shifflet store General manager. Came in for fuel injectors clean or replaced. 900 dollars later injectors never touched. I want a refund for work not requested .

  • W. Miller says:

    My name is W. Miller. I originally arrived at TD on Friday, Feb. 14th late afternoon in distress due to an accident cross the street where my car hit an inside parking lot curb near the Dayton mall area (Dayton, Ohio). It immediately blew both my tires on the drivers side. Having been a past customer of TD, I crossed the street and pulled into TD, 8081 Springboro Pike, Miamisburg, Ohio for help. The employee told me my tires couldn’t be repaired and would need to be replaced. They also stated they didn’t have the match in stock but advised two tires they did have in stock instead. I agreed to purchase and replace the two tires blown. They installed the two tires and then proceeded to tell me (after installed) that my rear axel looked bent but they found no broken parts under my car. They also stated that they would not be test driving the car (tech was already gone for the day). I paid for the tires and proceeded to drive off the lot. It wasn’t long before I realized the car was unsafe and not drivable. I had to take the car to the dealership I bought it at as new (car is 2019 and under a year old). It became an insurance claim due to the extensive damage the vehicle underwent. Today I received the vehicle back with the two tires replaced with original matched tires,(and the TD tires in my trunk for return), for the car per the dealership of repairs per the insurance claim. I then went immediately to the Dayton TD to return the tires and spoke to David Weeks General Manager who informed me hr couldn’t refund them that it would have to be refunded at a corporate level. I wasn’t happy to say the least. They had barely been driven on due to the lack of safety and was not drivable. If I had known how bad the car was and that it wasn’t functional, I would never had driven the car or purchased the tires. I spent over $250.00 for the tires and install at TD. Over the past twenty years I have purchased many tires and services for my prior vehicles. I was confident that TD would be able to help me. This experience has been less than positive with much negligence and liability not to mention a total lack of professionalism. I just need this to be resolved. Please advise as to the process of returning the tires and getting the refund. (I spoke earlier to Emanuel at 513-618-7335 who informed me that he was going to talk to the store manager Dave and would call me back with the process. I never received a return call. I have e-mailed support three times in six days to no avail)

    I spent $250.43 on 3/14/2020 invoice # ITW-1017015925 work order # TW-1017023186 @ 4:45pm

  • Steve says:

    I tried your store and made an appointment for an alignment, 2 hours later I was still sitting in your waiting area. 2 & 1/2 hrs total to get an alignment 🙁 not good. Next I needed two tires so I tried another location since my last experience was not good. 11:15 AM until 3:30 no tires, I am told maybe 30 more minuets for the alignment check 🙁 not good. I think in the future I will try Bob Summeral. Your idea of do you want to wait for it ? means do you have four hours to waste.

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