Where is Timberland Corporate office Headquarters

Timberland Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 200 Domain Dr, Stratham, NH 03885, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 603-773-1600
  • Fax Number: 603-926-9239
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 5500
  • Established: 1918
  • Founder: Nathan Swartz
  • Key People: Jeff Swartz

Timberland Headquarters Location & Directions

Timberland Headquarters Executive Team



Jeff Swartz


About Timberland, History and Headquarters Information

In February 2007, the company acquired Howies, the Welsh clothing company. Timberland has its corporate headquarters located in Stratham, New Hampshire. In 2011, Timberland joined hands and had an agreement with VF Corporation at $43 per share or approximately $2 billion. In 2012, Howies was purchased by its management.

Timberland LLC is an American company that manufactures and retails footwear. VF Corporation owns this company. Along with footwear, the company also distributes apparel, such as clothes, watches, glasses, sunglasses and leather goods. Timberland also operates from offices situated in other parts of the world. Horween Leather Company supplies leather shells for footwear to the Timberland Company.

Timberland Headquarters Photos

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    I’ve owned timberland boots since 1970. I just bought my 3rd set of boots, retiring my second set after 35 years. I bought my firstimberlan boots at your factory in Newmarket, NH in 1970. These boots are great.
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  • edward iacomini says:

    I have been wearing your shoes for 40 + years.How do I find a few pairs of the old 3 eye classic boat shoes no longer available in australia

  • Shaunta Taylor-wright says:

    I have been a timberland customer for many years and I think you guys should bring back the burnt orange leather timberlands back I think that they would be a huge Success

  • Rashid Hameed says:

    Don’t use black people in your adds!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick johnson says:

    Can you please help me please
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  • Marco Jamal Watson says:

    We will ship for you within 4-5 working days
    You can wait patiently
    We will update the logistics for you as soon as possible
    Any questions feel free to contact with us.
    Thank you

    I ordered some boots from y’all Monday and emailed you right after because they sent it to my address and I meant to send it to my fathers house because their for my little brother for his hvac job. I asked them to fix the order and if they could send it as soon as possible so he has proper boots for work. The following above was their response. 4-5 days before it’s able to even ship and I can wait. Where anywhere ok if you don’t have it in stock and it will take 4-5 days I understand and that should be explained, but where in the world do they teach you to tell the customer you can wait? Who does this. I have the thread for this email my order number is 071917162862213. Do yourself a favor find out who wrote that email and fire them and then get back to me with how your going to make this whole situation right. No one talks like this to me if I’m buying something from you sorry. If your not going to fix this issue refund me my money I don’t want your boots.

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