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  • Address: 1355 Market St flr 6, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 866-501-5809

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 2008

  • Founder: Marco Zappacosta · Jonathan Swanson · Sander Daniels · Jeremy Tunnell

  • Key People: Marco Zappacosta (CEO)

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Marco Zappacosta

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Michael Flaxman

Founding Partner

Luke McGowan

Head of Public Policy

About Thumbtack, History and Headquarters Information

Thumbtack is an online service company with its headquarter in San Francisco, California, in the United States of America. Its work is to match customers with local professionals which it has been doing since it was founded in 2008. It has a list of over 1100 types of services in categories such as wellness, home, lessons,and events. It was founded by Jeremy Tunnell, Jonathan Swanson, Marco Zappacosta, and Sander Daniels.
They delight in helping people accomplish their personal projects by ensuring that they connect them to professionals who are very experienced in the field they are searching for information about. The company makes money by having professionals pay to have the customers contact them through Thumbtack. The credits of Thumbtack are the ones used to contact the clients and send them quotes. After the first 10 credits are sent, the professionals are at liberty to choose the best credit package which will work for them.

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  • Michael Petyo says:

    I am not impressed with your operation and policies. What you need is a PR Man. A problem resolver. I can’t even speak to anyone so what makes you think I want to be part of, or associated with your company? I’ve been in business for 34 years what say you?????
    The Image Makers LLC
    Michael Petyo

    • Chris says:

      Michael, Myself, and a hand full of us are talking and comparing notes of our 2022 experiences with the overcharging for leads that are also being sold to our competitors with Thumbtack misleading us and our clients/ potential customers to get paid 3 or more times each a passable customer sending to us or start to interact with us regarding even a simple question. In most of our cases fake information and less then 10% real lead(s).
      The federal Lanham Act allows civil lawsuits for false advertising that “misrepresents or characteristics, qualities, or geographic origin” of goods or services. FTC also enforces false advertising laws on behalf of consumers like us.
      E-mail me. Information we need to start this Class Action to fight for small businesses like us. Tallcswlv110@gmail.com put Thumbtack lawsuit in subject line.

      • Chad says:

        I agree I think they are definitely involved in fraud maybe in part and not as a whole but still they never responded to my conditional acceptance nor any of my Inquiries

  • Stephanie Hinson says:

    Dear Thumbtack/Marco & founders,

    I’m just the little guy here and today, I was notified by my credit card company of a charge($46), which was fraudulently charged for a scam lead that Thumbtack admitted was in fact a bad lead. Instead of refunding the $46 to my credit card, a credit was placed on the platform. I can’t afford the future chance of potential credit card charges with future scam leads that aren’t a fault of mine. It seems to be a system error or algorithm issue that this could even occur.

    While $46 may not seem like an exorbitant amount of money to you, please know that I am a cancer patient undergoing treatment and every little job that I can take and physically do, has to be stretched far. I did ask the customer service rep to speak with a supervisor and I was transferred to a supervisor, Zack, who subsequently confirmed what the rep stated, that it was bad lead, however, refunds are never returned to a credit card. Zack also stated that he “keeps having to talk into circles with me”. I replied that was an unwarranted response to someone who’s being fraudulently charged and trying to understand how I could prevent this from occurring in the future, to which he didn’t offer a solution.

    The bottom line is if Thumbtack refuses to return consumer’s money that was mistakenly charged, then let’s call it what it is, THEFT.

    How would we as the pro determine that it isn’t a fake lead to begin with and this is a tactic Thumbtack uses to charge folks?

    I hope to spread the message of this situation that Thumbtack has initiated so that others using the platform won’t also be stolen from.

    Thumbtack/Marco, and the rest of the founders need to change the refund policy if you have an ounce of concern of customer service. Situations like this negatively impact people’s lives who in most cases, are working 2 and 3 jobs just to survive. In my case, I’m working little side jobs to pay for my cancer treatment and medication. Human to human, I implore you to do the right thing.

    • Chad says:

      I know exactly what you mean it’s such a scam and you can’t get ahold of a real person to do anything. Such bullshit.

  • Rene Jordan says:

    Do not use this company!

  • William says:

    While they are much better than Angi, tthat’s a low bar. I only got 2 of 7 valid refunds. The help desk seems to be on training/vacation at Colorado resorts every other week. Affording that means they are over-charging us pros

  • Latoya McFarland says:

    I have been trying to reach someone to get my money back for no services had to contact better business Bureu and file a court claim. Extremely unprofessional. The seller texted me at 130am asking for a deposit I hadn’t already paid and couldn’t remember who I was nor the event date. Her pricing kept changing as well.

  • Audrey says:

    Worst Company to try to do business with. They create false leads to charge you and when you call for refunds because the customer canceled the project there’s a new policy in place every month as to why they can’t refund you. It’s disgusting that this company steals from hardworking small businesses. I reported them to BBB and I am taking this as far as I can go with it. They will not be able to continue to steal from hard working families. Do NOT do business with them they literally use you as a cash cow!

  • Cynthia A Salazar says:

    This company did a background check on me without my permission. Went back to 1999. In a Ban the Box state. Completely ignoring me for the fraud they just committed. I am licensed and insured with my business and have been for over 10 years. I’m not a sex offender no dangerous crimes, petty drug paraphernalia charge!!!! REALLY?

  • Rena panush says:

    Ditto to James. Terrible Cust Serv

  • James Doherty says:

    Thieves. Don’t go there. Don’t give them your credit card. No service, bad product, NO REFUNDS.

  • Rufus Mazzell (also a member and pro for Thumbtack says:

    Do any of the big shots at Thumbtack ever wonder why you have a 2-star rating? I can tell you, but then who am I? Does anyone remember Sears?

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