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  • Key People: Paul Stone, President and CEO

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  • Virginia Turner says:

    I went through AAA for Thrifty in Charleston SC @ the airport. No one was working Thrifty booth so they combined with Hertz. Rental was smooth until a day after I returned the vehicle and upon final receipt the evening I returned vehicle reflecting the amount I paid for rental and details of mileage, full gas at checkout and full gas at check in I mysteriously see an attempt on my credit card for $163.24 from Thrifty that was declined. Tried calling the number on paperwork for 3 days and never could get an answer. Now on the 25th of January, 16 days later I get another attempt against my credit card for the amount and 20 minutes after the decline I get an email requesting the amount with a bill stating it was for refueling! I put gas in before I returned the vehicle less than 5 miles from the airport in the amount of $22.06 which I purchased with my credit card. Unfortunately I didn’t continue to hold onto the physical receipt this long because I already received a final bill stating final and stating I returned the vehicle on full which I did and the person who checked it in and duh obviously could see the gas hand was at full! However upon calling today to get clarification on why I’m being charged for fuel when everything I received from the company prior to today stated final bill and no gas charge. The supervisor stated the fuel logs from the 11th (2days after I returned the vehicle) state they refueled the vehicle 12.9 gallons at 9.99. I asked why it took 2 days to refuel the vehicle? She stated it was “probably in the service line waiting to be serviced. Ok all well and great but the vehicle WAS FULL @ return as noted by Anthony whom checked the vehicle in. She states well the service technician logged that the vehicle required 12.9 gallon of fuel. Well Im sorry that’s absolutely absurd that 2 days later a service technician stated that a completely full tank had to be refueled. At this point I should have received a bill on the 11th stating this supposed finding. Nope they just attempted to charge me will no explanation!! Declined so they wait 13 days to attempt again and ONLY upon this decline of my card do I finally receive a bill with the absurd explanation of refueling charge. Again the supervisor says she can’t explain why I never received notice of the charge before now because she’s not the one who handles that. Okay please give me contact information for who does so I can get to the bottom of this. She in final tells me that only upon me waiting for a manager or the owner of the gas station I purchased the gas from the day I filled it back to return showing time, date & pump # will they take into consideration and possibly waive this charge. Ridiculous! I have my credit card statement showing the charge not to mention the original final bill Thrifty sent me stating the original observation of Anthony the employee that checked the vehicle in as stated on the final bill! This company is cheating customers and wrongly charging them for refueling! Not to mention absolutely unhelpful and unskilled management and I handle these issues. No one can explain the mass inability to appropriately and Timely show a bill! I shouldn’t be having to prove I brought the vehicle back in full at this late after especially when the company stated the vehicle was FULL in return! I have emailed receipts proving this!

    I will be posting this review in every forum as well as I will NEVER rent from Thrifty/Hertz again and being sure no one I know does either!

  • Ellen says:

    I have a car rental in KONA INTL AIRPORT (KONA,HAWAII, USA) on May 13 2023 for only one day from 10am to 4:30pm but I got cheated/scammed by thrifty’s front counter employee.

    My car rental order is USD 94.62 while at the end the Thrifty charged me $206.06 USD.

  • Tara Biron says:

    I have called for two weeks and nobody will return my call. I had a horrible experience with Thrifty . Please call me at 860-716-8952

  • Jodi Darlington says:

    Well I had a rented a car through Priceline not only did thrifty not honor it. They charged me for the car saying it wasnt returned on time when it was then they said it was on empty so we again had to show proof. Then it was we didn’t return the keys and again we had proof. I’m done with it and I’ve contacted an attorney.

  • Riasati says:

    I need the corporate phone number

  • Geraldine Mwende says:

    I am very frustrated, I rented thrifty car at mineapolis and I am in Omaha Nebraska.why can’t I drop off there ? Why ?

  • Kim says:

    Terrible experience at the Belvedere location in West Palm Beach the so-called manager and his sidekick was very rude because I asked a question he dishonored my reservation and told me to leave I need to know who the company CEO is and why are you hiring unprofessional people to represent your brand. Something needs to be done about the management and unprofessionalism that’s taken place at this location it’s not OK to treat paying customers that way.

  • Katherine Williams says:

    Good afternoon Corporate Team, I wanted to reach out to express my dismay and disappointment with the utter lack of customer care in the renting of a vehicle. This is my first experience with thrifty and per my reservation (K2214167185), I expected to pick up my vehicle today at 1 PM. I was advised that there is a two hour wait (for all 17 people and the number is growing as not one person has been called to get a vehicle). This is “unsat”, unprofessional, and unbelievable. I attempted to contact customer at various numbers and although I finally reached someone I was advised that there was nothing a phone rep could do. Is there anything you can do? My plans for today have been derailed due to this issue. And the two hours has come and gone with no word on my (nor anyone else’s) rental vehicle. Again, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.

  • A Blue Chip Rewards Member says:

    In all of the years dealing with Thrifty, I have never had experiences like the past two(2) days. Yesterday I had a reservation that was not honored due to “no same day pick up”. The 877 representative had no information in the system about the location having issues, but changed the pick date to 24 hours later. Get there today and was told there was a 2 1/2 hours wait with a reservation. I called 877-283-0898 and the representative told me to “deal with it”. After requesting to speak with a manager, he told me the call was ending and hung up! I don’t know what’s happening, but it’s unfortunate the customer service has gotten ridiculous. I know I’m just one (1) customer, but I have recommended a lot of people Dollar/Thrifty who will be getting a call and social media post.

    • Chelell Gibson says:

      In atlanta there is a 4 hr wait and the people the day before is first in line it is a complete disaster dont rent from them.

  • Kathie Eriksen says:

    I have been trying for days to reach customer service, cannot access number. Always try later. Your company was to have refunded $75.00 back April, spoke to numerous people and they say we will refund the money in 5-7 days. My rental record #528546432.
    My name is Kathie Ery

  • Joy says:

    Terrible experience today at the Sarasota airport. I arrive here to pay my respect to a family member that has passed, & having the confirmation # & paid the insurance …I was told there were no cars left! Being told that they told 10 other customers the same thing! They also told me to make another reservation and to pick up the car tomorrow after the services. No help at all!!!! Thrifty, you have failed me when I needed you most!

  • Debra Sue Waters says:

    I just received a charge from Thrifty for $311.22 on my Master Card bill. This car was prepaid. I have an email receipt stating it was prepaid with a $0 balance. Since I received my bill 2 months after renting the car I thought it was a fraudulent charge and canceled my card, and filed a dispute. I will let Master Card deal with it.

    Hertz/Thrifty is basically trying to get me to pay for the same car twice. The billing came from Oklahoma City and Thrifty’s corporate offices appear to be in Florida. I wonder what those State Attorney Generals would think of a company that operates like this ?

  • Christine K18244964F2 says:

    Worst experience ever!!! Went to PBI rental and we see about 50 people waiting around. We get off shuttle and was told there is a wait of 1-2 hours for a car. It was hot humid and we were disgusted by the wait. People were annoyed and just wanted to get to there destination. Only 1 person working the rental. He was trying to do his best but people were pissed! Not to get this person in trouble but “ he whispered to us “if you take care of me I will take care of you” after waiting an hour we said we don’t care will give him money to get out of here. We gave him $100 dollars and they had a car for us. Tried calling thrifty but they said nothing we can do! This was Unacceptable!

  • Nicholas Harrell says:

    Found Item Number: 15800113

    My item was found 2 weeks ago and shipping label was created. It still has not shipped. Lost and Found department keeps hanging up on me.

  • Joanne Christiano says:

    I will never rent from Thrifty again .Upon return of my car rental I was supposed to be credited the $200 I was required to pay as security upon pickup. I never received the credit and was advised by Thrifty that it was credited and to contact my card company. Upon dispute they never received the credit. At that point Thrifty washed their hands of the whole situation. I never received the credit which by the way the required deposit was a complete surprise. I guess Thrifty quotes a low price and makes up for it by not returning the deposit.

  • dennis hajek says:

    You’ve become a scam company with your agents and customer service. Ripping folks off vs. providing fair pricing for fair contracts. We just rented car in SFO and paid HUNDREDS more than we should have. The taxes were $45 more than quoted. As others have noted you snuck the CDW pass us on the contract even though requested to be declined. And you gave us a car that got 15mpg based on the number of gallons used and the miles driven vs. the 33MPG (ok, we know that’s an estimate) on the reservation. The full tank we purchased (left full and returned completely empty) should have provided 375 miles yet we only drove 302 and had to add another $80 we purchased.
    30+ people waiting at the counter so you rushed us thru and we missed the sneak on the CDW. Nobody..NOBODY to help on the return. And your Customer Service rep “Ben” couldn’t give a damn after the fact via the emails we’ve exchanged. $150 CDW plus $105 taxes and gas means we are are owed some serious cash back. At a minimum we want the $105 since you got us on the CDW part.

  • Heather says:

    1.5 hr wait at ATL airport, WITH a reservation. This is complete unacceptable!!

  • Mike K says:

    On May 20, 2022 I rented a car from thrifty and only had the car for 3 1/2 hours a car broke down at my clients house I miss my flight had to Uber from my clients house to Oakland international airport where I miss my flight had to pay for another ticket at SFO international airport countless hours of trying to get a hold of roadside assistance customer service said they couldn’t help me all of them were recorded I could not find a local number to the thrifty store anywhere and customer service said they could not give me a number for management experience with this car company has cost me lots of money and time

    If I could get a call back or an email from management CEO

  • RT Paul says:

    I think it’s important for Thrifty to know that Hotwire is costing them bookings. Prior to last night I had never booked through Hotwire. I booked a car through Hotwire last night and immediately realized I had not adjusted pickup/drop-off times. I contacted Hotwire within 30 seconds and the first Hotwire CS response was that I’d have to cancel the booking and re-book. OK … no problem. Couldn’t cancel it. The second Hotwire CS response was “you can’t cancel … it’s final. Then …”we’ll do it this once but we can’t refund your money … we can only give you hot dollars for hot deals.” That was fine with me … I’d use the “hot dollars” right away. I thought hot deals was a figure of speech. Turns out … the “hot deal” is a car that will cost $150 more and is probably not available through Thrifty. I’m being forced to pay $150 more because I wanted to pick the car up 2 hours earlier and Thrifty just lost a booking.

    You need to end your relationship with this booking service.

  • Ian says:

    My first and last time using thrifty car rental…it was my was a nightmare for me,my kids and my family. I was stranded for hours on the highway because of a faulty vehicle I’ve gotten, THE worst customer Service I’ve ever gone through…I’ve email one of manager at jfk (Noemi Sorote) which replied to me with a message saying she will do a follow up and after that Never reply to me…
    Would someone from corporate contact me
    My rental record #526592360
    My emergency case #220092496

  • Carolyn says:

    I will NEVER rent a vehicle from Thrifty ever again. Two women at the Savannah airport desk, plus “supposedly” management lady – very rude. First of all, they had “sold out” signs up when we arrived. We had reserved the car two to three months in advance. Our pickup time was 12:00 noon, but finally got car at 2:00 pm. Said cars were coming off the truck! They did not accept my AAA car rental quote of $559.49, said it did not include airport taxes and that was not the “bottom line quote”. Never had that problem before – what AAA gave me was the price. The really big issue was they asked to see our personal insurance and then refused it as good. We did not want their insurance since our policies cover rentals. One of the rude ladies supposedly called my insurance agency to verify, and said it is not a good insurance, it’s only liability. I really doubt if she had anyone on the other end of the phone. We were not allowed to talk. All four of us had the same thing saying liability, and we all had personal car rental insurance. My insurance agent had already informed me my rental policy pays up to $100,000.00. They refused our insurance as being good, and forced us to buy their insurance of $282.98 that we did not need. We were basically informed that if we did not take their insurance, we would NOT get a rental car. With the Avis & Budget rentals right beside them with a mile-long waiting line, they basically had us in a corner with no car if we didn’t take it. In other words – “by the balls”! What a bribe! NEVER will I rent from Thrifty ever again – and they had pretty good rating when we booked. What a lie. Worst car rental company!! I have never had any issues when renting a vehicle, and the very first time with Thrifty was a nightmare. So don’t rent from them!


    I would advise against ever renting from this sham of a company. They changed my rental rate without my consent or knowledge and won’t refund the overcharge. Horrible customer service.

  • Brandon Collins says:

    Good evening Thrifty.
    I am very unhappy right now with your Orlando, FL airport location.
    I was greeted very rudely by your employee who said his name is Sam. Neither employee had on a name tag so idk if that’s his real name. But he refused to rent me a car because I didn’t need it for 2 weeks and I had no reservations. I am however a single father traveling alone to Disney with my 2 young kids and we really were in a tough spot after traveling all day.
    Sam said he couldn’t rent a car because he had none.
    I asked if there was a manager available and he went out back and left us hanging, only to come back and give me a 6 day quote of $742 for a “economy” vehicle, which is way out if my league. Sam said it was because you had “no vehicles”.
    Fast forward to right now…I go online and get multiple quotes starting at $341.
    What is going on with this funny business and why was I being lied to by Sam?

    Below was the prompt response I received from Tiana via Twitter.

    Hi. We’re extremely sorry to hear about your experience at our Orlando Hertz Car Rental location. We do appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review and providing us with this feedback. We’re always striving to improve and as a result, we will forward this to local management for review. -Tiana

    Hi Tiana,

    What is the best email address to contact corporate? I will opt to skip local management and contact upper management.
    They NEED to be made aware first hand from myself. Thanks for understanding.
    I tried finding it but when you select “contact us” then “email” it prompts me to select options such as “before rental” “during rental”, ect.

    My name is Brandon Collins btw. I would like the corporate email for Mr. Maran Mani please

    • dennis hajek says:

      HAHA Brandon. This is such a terrible experience isn’t it? Welcome to Shifty…ooops, I mean Thrifty. They got you by the short hairs and they don’t give a crap. Welcome to the club.

  • W Joseph says:

    We reserved  a vehicle online through Priceline. They did not not have the type of car that I  reserved/paid for” (VW or similar). So they downgraded me and placed me into small compact . I told them NO that I’m not taking this type of car. The WORST customer service experience EVER, especially coming from a MANAGER ”
    SUPER rude/abnoxious very unprofessional. So I left the car and told him to keep the money. DO NOT USE THRIFTY AT PBI.

  • Travis Ziegler says:

    Getting screwed over 500 dollar deposit I will never use your company again until this matter is solved

  • Marie rizzo says:

    My husband and I made our rental reservation with wise At that time we found them to be cheaper than most car rentals. We were then informed that the rental would be with thrifty. Much to my surprise because doing my research thrifty was expensive.
    Upon arrival at the Fort Lauderdale airport, it was 7:30 in the evening on February 12, 2022. The representative was pleasant and accommodating, he even told me that he was giving me a discount, not realizing that I paid in full. Once we went to the garage where all the cars are, the young lady told me the only things were available were SUV’s.
    The representative had suggested that we take a mid size car, he was not comfortable with the smaller car I choose.
    I explained to him that it was just my husband and I, and we did not need a larger car.
    With that in mind, I never requested an upgrade, the only cars left in the garage were SUV’s as I was told, we had no choice.
    Six dayS after coming home back to New York, we are charged for an upgrade, and as I explained to several representatives, I did not request this.
    They claim, that the thrifty location is denying and I am still being charged 385.00 for this upgrade. My initial rental was 727.00, and then they want an additional amount more. That is not acceptable.
    That is bad customer service. I have in the past rented thru thrifty and never requested an upgrade, had no reason to.
    I will continue to fight this, and go thru my credit card company. They requested I try to settle thru thrifty, but they are not budging.
    I would like my credit card reimbursed or given a credit for a future rental, we go to florida often so it would be utilized.
    I was told by several customers that there is a bad reputation with customer service and now I see why.
    I was even charged twice on my credit card, one for wise cars and then thru thrifty,
    Clearly that customer rep was clueless.
    I called several times before that second charge was dropped.
    Please advise
    Thank you
    Marie Rizzo
    Rental # 387406320
    6070 71 street
    Maspeth, New York 11378

  • Craig houston says:

    Thrifty ripped me off, ruined my credit and relationship with my bank. 1 week economy car with 52k miles on it it was a piece of junk. 2300$. Yep. Worst nightmare. Who do these people work for? Evil.

  • Arion Poole says:

    Thrifty at the SFO airport has been racially profiling my husband and I they have been charging us $400 for weed smoke in the car which is never true. My husband has since made it a point to deep clean our rental cars before we return them and we still got charged on suspicion of smoking weed because the car smelled TOO CLEAN!! I am suing for racial discrimination!! Ive been too sick to deal with this and other matters but not anymore! This is absolutely unacceptable.

  • Chantelle says:

    Thrifty is a joke. We rented a car when we went to New Orleans and when we got to check out we noticed it was on empty and told the attendant he said he would mark it as empty and there was a gas station right down the road where we could fill up. We litterally made it 1.7 miles (no gas station in sight) and ran out of gas. We called the Roadside assitance number and it took them almost two hours to get to us and they realized they couldnt put fuel in the vehicle because the funnel had been removed from the car. A kind stranger gave us a ride back to thrifty and we were told this was our fault for leaving with no fuel and we would not be given another care until the old one was towed back. We had to do this at our expense. Once returned, they put us in a mini van as punishment. I WILL NEVER RENT FROM THRIFTY AGAIN.


    On January 3, 2022, I reserved and paid for an economy car. On January 4, 2022, I went in to pick up and they asked for my credit card to add a $200 hold. I returned the car on January 6, 2022. I representative took the keys, looked at my paperwork and pointed me to the bus to take me to the airport.

    I checked my bank statement on January 7th and to my surprise there were additional charges. Not only was I charged the initial $200 hold, they added an addition $100 hold. I have called my bank, who says they cant do anything until its been release or the banks automatic 30 day hold release.

    I have been contacting Thrifty and their corporate office every day and today is January 17, 2022.

  • Nadine Monge says:

    I rented a car at Thrify in Puerto Rico at San Juan Airport where they accused me of a car accident and charged my credit card $475 fraudulently.
    I am a single mother of a child with disability. I took very good care of the car and did not hit ANYTHING. This Thrifty runs a scam operation. I demand my money back. The reviews tell of it all. Like I told them, I will not be abused or taken advantage of. I will go to media or wherever I can.

  • Jose Bonilla says:

    Thrifty Insurance Dispute
    On December 16,2021 I rented a car from Thrifty at the Philadelphia airport. Once at the counter after a long wait to be pick up at the airport to be taken to their lot and waited to get my car at the counter I was never asked to decline the insurance neither was shown a detail of the charges. Carol their representative asked me to sign the little square signature pad, she placed the document inside the sleeve. I was given the jacket with the car space number, then I proceeded to take my car and leave the premises.

    Next day once I open my email and saw the charges, I called the customer service number and after a long wait (see attached call record). I told their representative that their mistake was going to force me to make a trip to the airport to fix the error causing me to lose about ½ day of my vacation. He told me that there was no need for that because he told me that he was going to make a note on my record that I was declining the insurance and that when I return the car at the airport there were going to be able to fix it. (lie #1)

    On December 27th I got to the airport and talk again with Carol, I explained to her what happened. She told me that they were not able to adjust the charges. She told me that I needed to contact their billing department to request the adjustment. (lie #2). I proceeded to leave.
    On December 28th I called their billing department and with the “excused” that I had signed for it they were not going to be able to adjust the charges. I requested to speak with a supervisor 3 times, after being placed on hold for three times, their representative told me that she will have to have someone call me within 24 to 48 hours. After I sensed that this was going to be the 3rd lie; I asked her to read me my telephone number. She provided with a different number that I have never owned.

    This company has multiple departments and their staff provides different explanations for the same problem. I have made every effort in good faith to get this resolve. It is extremely frustrating when you have a company that doesn’t act the same way to respect their customers.

    • LP3 says:

      Yes I had a similar problem with the gas fuel option, it seems like the front desk people are very dishonest and customer service will not return your money all they ever say is you checked the box

    • Tom says:

      At SRQ, I specifically asked to decline the insurance, but also was presented with several small screens to initial and sign. I only found out after returning the vehicle they effectively doubled my rate by adding LDW. All sorts of attempts to contact them voice, complain via social media, and e-mail them were either met with vague assurances it was being escalated with no timely follow-up, outright denying to remove the charges, or no reply at all to website initiated communications. This pattern should be illegal and I have contacted the Florida Attorney General to lodge a complaint.

      • Ruben says:

        We are having the sane experience, we never signed the lDW either, please let me know if are able to resolve this. Thank you

  • Eslam Fayek says:

    rented the car Nissan Sunny R-8 74929(web site booking) on Saturday 27th November from Yassmall branch 10:00 pm with agreement number YASS13251 and dropped the car off as per my reservation in Dubai international airport 1st of December 7:30 pm.
    I was surprised that I was charged 189 AED on 2nd of December and 189 AED today 3rd of December, then
    Received call from Yassmall branch asking when should I drop off the car off? I told him I already dropped off the car two days ago an send him email that I dropped off the car on time.
    The employee charged me two days from the hold payment before even calling me.
    When he checked now with Dubai branch he told me we will refund but next Monday as today is holiday.

    So how did he charge the two days then ??
    Why didn’t he call me before charging me?
    Why didn’t he revise the contract to know that drop off in Dubai and contact them before charging me?
    Why didn’t he revise his email to receive my reply?

    Until now 16 December I didn’t receive my money back although they informed me they processed the refund.

    I am so disappointed from This experience as this unprofessional way of contacting the customers.

  • John Weymouth says:

    Rented car in FT MYER Airport. Quoted $221.0 They upgraded me for a 20 dollar difference that turned out to be a $64 add on to the $41.00 per day rate. Final bill was over 1,000 for a 4 day rental. No number to speak with anyone at Terminal Rental Facility or Corporate office.

  • Westley dunham says:

    Hello, I have multiple complaints about my rental with dollar rental but I guess the only one that holds any weight is the fact that it took me 5 hours to pick up my rental at Boston Logan Airport & the only compensation your company can authorize me is a $50 coupon for my next rental. This unacceptable!

    I make $100 an hour & I lost $500 of my time waiting on the incompetence of your company. I spent close to $2000 on my rental when all said & done.

    RR 129387241 is my rental agreement.

    Please tell me that you can issue me a refund that atleast covers the amount of money I lost waiting for your company to bring the car that I had reserved almost 2 months in advance to me.

    I’m in customer service & if I was to give a $50 coupon to an irate customer for their next purchase we wouldn’t be in business much longer.

    I will await your response.

    Westley Dunham.

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