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The Tire Choice
  • Address: 200 Holleder Pkwy, Rochester, NY 14615, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 585 647 6400
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 143
  • Established: 2004
  • Founder: Chuck Curico

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MICHAEL BRODERICK President and Chief Executive Officer
Brian J. D’Ambrosia Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Rob Rajkowski Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Maureen E. Mulholland Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer and Secretary
MATT HENSON Chief Human Resources Officer
David Nichols Senior Vice President – Marketing and Category Management
Dan Tripoli Senior Vice President - Retail Operations
Cindy Donovan Senior Vice President - Information Technology
Brian O’Donnell Senior Vice President - Training
Wynter Allen Vice President – Senior Employment Counsel
Nick Hawryschuk Vice President - Finance
Jack Heisman Vice President - Business Development and Real Estate
Karla Hock Vice President - Risk & Safety Management
AUSTIN PHILLIPS Vice President – Business to Business
Tom Shoolbraid Vice President – National Accounts

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  • Elizabeth says:

    My Trac light and VSC light on dashboard were on and would not go off. I took my car to Tire Choice Jul 25, 2023. When I picked up my car, the lights were still on and they told me I needed to go to a dealer to get the air bag code??

    I took my car to a mechanic I trust. He said they put in the wrong part. He replaced the oxygen sensor with the correct part and charged me $120 for that part. Tire Choice had charged me $307.17 for the wrong part!

    I went back to Tire Choice and the manager, Diana told me she would give me my money back. I checked back with her on Jul 26, 2023, Aug 3, 2023, and on Aug 7, 2023. It is now Sep 7, 2023 and I still have not received a refund. Each time I asked, I was told it had to go through corporate. First I was told it would take four days for a refund, then 7 – 10 days, etc. Corporation was slow they said. It has been a month a half now. No refund.

    Most locals here in The Outer Banks know that this company is very dishonest and steals from customers. I have heard a lot other horror stories about them. I feel bad for the tourists who come here and go to Tire Choice without knowing how dishonest this company is.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I bought five year tires from this company. They put on two year tires but I paid for five. I was luck because I got four years out of my five year tires. Very dishonest company.

  • SUSAN DAVIS says:

    For the past several years, I have brought my 2012 Chevy Equinox to Tire Choice – Congress and Woolbright store. I brought my car in yesterday due to my tire monitor light coming on the dashboard. I brought the car and there was a new Service rep. He said he was filling in til they replaced Laurent and Pascal. The best Service Reps the store has ever had in my opinion. I was told to bring the car back today and he would have the part number so that I could get it from AutoZone myself. I would then bring the car back for the programming and installation of part. Well, I have to say, I walked in and the Service Rep behind the desk was very curt and rude and told me to just get the part. that’s it. Then I went back with my husband and he was told that she was closed at 5:30pm. He carefully read the sign posted on the door to make sure we weren’t going to inconvenience the technician. The sign says Mondays closed at 7pm. I understand that it is Labor Day, but then there should be a sign posted on the door stating what time you will be closing. If there is rating on her actions towards the customers, then my rating would be ‘2’. Thank you for consideration in reading this comment

  • Mike says:

    This is for the North Port Florida location. WICKED EVIL PEOPLE…Wife brought car to get tire looked at because of low air pressure. They confirmed the tire was low and needed a plug due to a nail in the tire. They took the car back and claimed to have repaired the tire only to find … More
    Photo 1 in review by Michael A Photo 2 in review by Michael A
    Photo 3 in review by Michael A
    WICKED EVIL PEOPLE…Wife brought car to get tire looked at because of low air pressure. They confirmed the tire was low and needed a plug due to a nail in the tire. They took the car back and claimed to have repaired the tire only to find out later that even after I looked at the tire and noticed it was not the exact same tire that was on the car before they even touched the car. Called them the next day and spoke to the manager and he denied the claim and confessed there are no cameras in the shop. Which explains why they do shady business and are ripping people off. People are very wicked knowing that there is a child in the back of that car and the tire they put on the car was a bad and used tire. FYI all four tires on car were brand new so they took advantage of yet another woman. People please don’t let convenience and cheap service catch your eyes and ears for you know not what they are doing in the shop with your car due to the lack of cameras to testify on your behalf. They will get you !!! Be wise and stop going there and For those who love the manager/s and staff, I will say if you love and cherish kids you would consider what this evil place did was hideous and humiliating yet to another woman and her child. Is this what you call the land of freedom ? 🤔 dignity and pride in America ? The manager is acting professional because it’s probably due to him trying his best to keep his job to stay above float because people like him are in spiritual debt. At this place “the manager is always right” NOT THE PEOPLE !!! And guys if you must send your spouse to this place because of circumstances then take pictures and videos of before and after because they can’t afford cameras in the shop. Seems like the company is also shady itself by not equipping the place with adequate security for your property and the people/customers. Pictures will show their dirty works. Picture with their replaced tire will show you a grinder seems to be used to try and cut tire around and other pictures will show the new tires that were bought couple months ago called “crosswind”

  • Guest says:

    Suffolk Va center. Is the worst ! Because of my work hours, I schedule appointments and sometimes it’s 40min to an hour before they even get started on my vehicle ! And I’m only getting tire rotation ! If you go to the one on main st. In Suffolk Va. you may want to consider packing a lunch or dinner ! The day and time are all the F#### ing same ! Keep in mine, having appointment want make a difference !

  • just crap says:

    wow, after reading the below reviews. I guess it may just be a waste of my time to even file one. Cleary this company horrible

  • Brian Outten says:

    Why am I not shocked that i call the corporate number and its not in service. Very unprofessional management at your Bradenton, FL store. I had my vehicle there for two days and i had to call to push them to get on my car. It went for a no start. Almost $1400 later and I get my car back with the AC not working because the tech didn’t recharge the system. Whats funny is the AC didn’t need to be messed with to get the Alt out to be replaced. Service manager tried telling me i brought it to them like this. But then tells me he said his tech recharged the system. Who is lying here? I didn’t even leave the lot after paying for the repairs. Called and spoke to a Cameron who is a assistant manager who was clueless. Said bring it in the next morning. Great customer service, laughable! Brought it back this morning and now this manager said bring it back tomorrow. I told the guy i am a service manager for a large fleet as my profession. Customer service shouldn’t be like this. He said he does’t do AC neither. I said but yet your a manager? What kind of crap is this. Come on guys, you can do better then this. Btw – My car still isn’t completed.

  • Paul stuart says:

    Never use this nightmare company
    We failed inspection for 2 tires
    Returned 3 weeks later and had new tires installed and told them this was for the reinspection
    They then refused to issue a passed state inspection unless we return again for a new inspection
    Fuckin bullshit

  • Joe says:

    I don’t know who I need to send this to, however, your store in Chesapeake, VA., the Edinburgh commons store just lost my business. I will never go back there. State inspection was a disaster. Had to leave my car for 3 days and then find out they made a mistake and the 800.00 price was only going to be the cost of the inspection. Then when I leave I notice a rattle that wasn’t there prior. I go back the next day at 7:30 when it opens and waited until 8:00 and not open yet. Saw an employee on his phone in the parking lot after the open time. Just a bad taste overall and I will not go back.

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