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  • Address: 2620 Elm Hill Pike,Nashville, Tennessee, 37214, USA

  • Phone Number: 1-615-425-4200

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  • Number of Employees: 106

  • Established: 2003

  • Key People: Colleen Lindholz

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Colleen Lindholz

 President & CEO

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  • Monica Lee says:

    Today my son 24 year old college student came into the Little Clinic 9000 Staples Mills Rd Richmond Va to be seen for an ear infection and was treated horribly! He was told by one of the rudest receptionist (Kim) that because he said he didn’t have insurance at the time and it was pending that he could not be seen even though he was paying out-of-pocket. He come to me and tells me that they wouldn’t see him because he didn’t have insurance. I told him that we are paying out of pocket and he said the receptionist said that didn’t matter he would not be seen today and that those were the rules and she didn’t make them. So I came into the Kroger to get clarification and she immediately became defensive and disrespectful. Hey asked her to clarify because we are paying $99 out of pocket and pending actually means currently my son doesn’t have any insurance. She said “ …he’s not a child and he could talk for himself..”. This took me aback because he is my child always and I m here to help him navigate until I am not or he has no need. I was notified that she was then say I had an attitude and she was going to call security (please please look at the store tapes). I had no attitude but ton concern for my child regardless his age. I waited for security and they never came, but Kim the receptionist left us standing and went to the back stating for more than 10 minutes while we waited. When she finally comes back up front she tells my son he would be seen now, so I don’t know what happened in the back of the office but I was happy about it. I have worked for the healthcare industry (VCU HEALTHCARE ORG) for over a decade and what I experienced today wouldn’t have fallen in deaf ears because patient care should be at the forefront of all individuals who decide to work in the healthcare filed and attitude and disrespect for any patient should not be tolerated in any healthcare environment. Small clinics like the little clinic are a necessary part of our society and I appreciate them as a single mom. But this doesn’t mean that smaller clinic should treat patients any less caring as a larger organization. I am appalled and disgusted and will never ever come to the Kroger Little Clinic again, today is a sad day and maybe Kim should reevaluate if healthcare is a career that suits her personality. Thank you kindly.

  • Unappreciated Veteran says:

    I’ve had the worst customer experience ever at the Little Clinic in the Krogers located at 800 Gleenwood Ave SE Atlanta ,Ga 30316 today. I am a Marine Corps Veteran and have been in severe pain due to service related issues with my back and knees. I was needing to do a walk in yesterday and called them at 6pm and the rude male receptionist told me they weren’t going to be able to see me today and to make an appointment for the next day online. I did so and scheduled my appointment for 1pm. I returned a missed call from them this morning and the rude receptionists asked me “what do you need” .. I told him about my situation, he put me on hold, then came back to say treat or prescribe anything at their location. I told him it’s ok, I just wanted to get seen.
    I arrived in the parking lot at 1pm and it took me a min to park and make the painful journey from the parking lot, through the store, and to the area. There was someone talking to the front desk male and Angela the nurse practitioner. By the time my turn came it was 1:11pm. He told me they cancelled my appointment because I was 10mins late. There was absolutely no one in the waiting area or being seen. He then said that he could make me another appointment for later. I asked could I just wait and if someone is late I could take the spot, and the said no because they go to lunch at 1:30. They scheduled me in for 2:30pm.

    I found somewhere to try and wait the hour and a half. The. I arrive back at 2:15. I have VA insurance, but my card was lost. So the VA told me to have them bill the Atl VA and put my info in. They refused to accept that info and said they’re not use to dealing with the VA. That I would need to pay $99 upfront to be seen. I told them that I have never experienced that rude of service and attitude from medical professionals ever. Even in the military. Their nonchalant shrug shoulder attitude, has me refusing to give them not one red cent from my pocket. Totally unprofessional and unacceptable.

  • Jennifer Martin says:

    Yes I go to the Bear Valley Little Clinic in King Soopers and I don’t think you should have a male doctor working at a little clinic and being in the room alone with women it should be all women doctors you guys need to start keeping the same employees and treating them better I’ve heard bad stories every time I make an appointment I always get the male and don’t feel comfortable in there with him being alone not happy that you guys have male doctor working there need to get rid of him and get females in there start treating your employees better and get rid of the guy that’s working there now he doesn’t wear a face mask I just don’t feel comfortable around him he’s not very nice he’s rude and mean get rid of him not happy you have the male doctor working there I don’t know his name he doesn’t wear a name badge the only time you probably wears the mask is when he’s around the other employees but when he’s in the room alone with me he doesn’t wear a mask I don’t feel comfortable around him get rid of that guy and get females put in there

  • Les Draper says:

    Its pretty sad when you have to call the corporate office for the lack of service at a local Little Clinic.
    For three weeks I have tried to talk to someone at the clinic about a prescription!!! Walmart faxed them three times in an attempt to fill a prescription for me!!! Crickets!

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