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  • Address: 2455 Paces Ferry Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30339, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 770-433-8211
  • Email: public_relations@homedepot.com
  • Number of Employees: 413,000
  • Established: 1978
  • Founder: Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank Ron Brill, Pat Farrah & Kenneth Langone
  • Key People: Craig Menear, Ann-Marie Campbell

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Home Depot Headquarters Contact Info

Home Depot started their journey with a vision of providing a store to its customers for DIY home requirements. In a world where everything is digitally connected, Home Depot knows the value of solving problems of both its customers as well as its professional contractors. Home Depot is one of the largest and rapidly growing e-Commerce retail chains in the US. Home Depot team offers considerable customer support services through their mail and phone.

Home Depot Headquarter Address - You can use the below-mentioned address for sending a courier to them.

2455 Paces Ferry Rd SE, 

Atlanta, GA 30339, 

United States

Phone Number - +1 770-433-8211

Email - public_relations@homedepot.com

Website - You can visit their official website for any more information related to Home Depot. Social media users and investors can use this official website. https://www.homedepot.com/

The Home Depot Headquarters Info & Photos

The home of Home Depot headquarters is Atlanta, Georgia. It is a do-it-yourself home improvement business which sells buildings related supplies as well as some electronic equipment. Their HQ is the central hub of support provided to the Home Depot retail chain associates. Home Depot has many divisions and functional workplaces throughout the country. Home Depot has around 90 distribution channels throughout the United States.

In the year 1993, the Home Depot land was expanded to employ its ever-growing working staff. A multi-phase plan was laid out to cover a land of 43 acres on Paces Ferry Road in Vinings. The Home Depot opened 5000 support centers for its employees in the year 2005.

In 1997, as a part of another phase of its huge campus, a 21 storey tower was built for its executive staff and employee training center. This phase covered an area of 647,000 square foot.

The Home Depot Headquarters Photos 1
The Home Depot Headquarters Photos

The Home Depot Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

2455 Paces Ferry Rd SE Atlanta (HQ), GA


United States

1300 Park Center Dr Austin, TX



1 Concorde Gate #400, North York Toronto



Ricardo Margain #605 Colonia Santa Engracia San Pedro Garza García

The Home Depot Headquarters Executive Team

Craig Menear

Chairman, President, CEO

Craig Menear became part of the Home Depot team in 1997. He has been serving them for the last 20 years. Before being elected as the CEO in 2014, he had held different positions at the company. He was involved in merchandising, supply chain, marketing, production, sourcing and also store operations.

Ann-Marie Campbell

Executive Vice President

Ann Marie started her career with Home Depot as a cashier in the year 1985. She was part of the office in South Florida. She leads the 3 US operating divisions and is the boss to more than 400,000 associates. She has also held various positions like store manager, district manager, regional Vice President before being elected as the Executive Vice President of Home Depot.

Matt Carey


Matt Carey joined Home Depot in 2008. After his joining, the IT capabilities of the company reached to an advanced level. He leads the departments of IT infrastructure & software development. His role also includes executing advanced technologies in stores and on the web.



Richard McPhail

Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President

Ted Decker

Executive Vice President – Merchandising

Mark Holifield

Executive Vice President - Supply Chain & Product Development

Tim Hourigan

Executive Vice President – Human Resources

About The Home Depot


The story of Home Depot began from a coffee shop in Los Angeles in the year 1978.

Bernie Marcus & Arthur Blank were the two brains behind this journey. They started this business with the help of the investment banker Ken Langone and merchandising guru Pat Farrah.

The first two Home Depot stores opened in Atlanta in 1979. Both the stores had an area of 60,000 square feet each.

Even when the business venture had just started, it was able to gain popularity in the DIY market.

Home Depot listed itself on the New York Stock Exchange in the year 1981.

By 1997, the Home Depot sales had risen to $20 billion. This made the company the fastest growing home improvement retail chain.

Today, after serving the home improvement industry for 40 years Home Depot has become the best. Their belief is in following the motto to provide high services at low costs.


The home Depot company sells tools & construction products as well as giving additional home installation and repair services.

Home Depot company performs services like plumbing installations which are performed by independent licensed contractors.

They provide the best flooring installations which are performed by professionals & licensed contractors who go through a strict background check before being hired.

Their services also include whole house water softener installation. They provide a free in-home water test and they also recommend solutions to work on any hard water-related issues.


  • The average size of a Home Depot retail store is 105,000 square feet and the largest Home Depot retail store which is located in Union, NJ is of the size 225,000 square feet.
  • The Home Depot stores didn't have any stocks on hand when they first opened so the employees stacked empty boxes and cans in the store at places where the customers could not reach them.
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  • Kasey Gonzalez says:

    I purchased my washing machine through Home Depot in 2018. I purchased the 5-year warranty and have had numerous issues with the Warranty Department. I have had a claim opened since January 2, 2022 and the issue at hand is still not corrected. I had numerous requests for the buy out for my washer since the parts were arriving damaged or on national back order. All requests were denied. I was told last Friday that the part I need was on back order with no ETA. As of today, 11 April 2022, i am told my buy out is denied again because magically Home Depot found one part that was needed. I am still without a washing machine and this is highly unacceptable.

  • Jose leal says:

    I bought a kitchen cabinet at Home Depot located 8815 N Florida Ave Tampa Fl. 33604. This order came wrong and I made a claim at this store and they did not help me. I went to several stores asking for help and they did not help me to solve my problem. At the Home Depot store located at 1712 N. Dale Mabry Tampa Fl 33607 the manager Pedro was the one who helped me try to solve the problem. After solving so many problems the cabinets cannot be crown molded. It is not fair that I pay for a new kitchen cabinet and they bring me a kitchen cabinet in poor condition and with the wrong measurements. I am losing the work of the installation and I want my money and that they pay me for the work too.
    The number is Order# H0279-429420. My phone number is 8138026059 and if you want to contact me I prefer someone Spanish because my English is fluent.

    Thank you and have a great day.

  • Daniel Mauldin says:

    Spent $324 on wood products at Home Depot, Longview Tx, and they’re refused to apply my Military Discount! Needless to say, I will be going back to Lowes, where they DO APPRECIATE us Military, rather than just “sort of”!

  • Carol S says:

    Among other services, I paid to have the removal and installation of Home Depot flooring. After long installation dates, they came out and removed most of the existing flooring and when they realized three parts of a room floor needed to be leveled, they left and advised they are NOT licensed to do the leveling. I had to get a contractor to do that which is almost impossible. They are months out. What horrible service! They left my house in a mess with splinters from the open plywood and nails not removed. I have two big dogs that I have had to pick splinters from their paws and one for me. If I had know upfront that your installer did not do all the work, I would have hired my own subcontractor. Why doesn’t Home Depot have the foresight to hire contractors that are FULLY licensed. I am a partial owner of a construction company in CA. We would never hire a sub to install floors for our clients if they only did a partial job and were not licensed to do the whole job. This is day 6 already and splinters galore and actually a safety hazard. I would advise anyone not to use Home Depot’s installation services unless you know they can do the complete job and not only part of it. Ask to see the installer’s license and make sure Home Depot/installer have workers compensation and general liability insurance. My neighbor had Lowe’s do their installation. They were faster and did a great job. I should have listened to them.

  • Sarah Vladimery says:

    Home Depot on sunset Blvd Hollywood Ca. Has done a Great job this pass month hiring Great Employees. I’m impressed on this store has changed. When you walk in you feel the team work and love from the employees. And that feeling as a customer feels awesome. I really think they deserve a recognition. 2022 They made an awesome change. I’m a happy customer and I am spreading out the word to family members and friends to shop at sunset blvd Home Depot.

  • Eddie says:

    Don’t apply for the Home Depot credit card, it’s a trick

  • Eddie says:

    Corporate phone 770-433-8211 does not work. Home Depot credit card promotion not valid, they’ll only give you half and change the rules whenever they want.

  • Eric Ritter says:

    I purchased a Kitchen Aid dishwasher, November 2018, with an additional 3 year protection Plan at Marina Del Rey store. The 3 year protection plan was represented to me as providing coverage after the expiration of the manufacturer’s one year warranty. I am attempting to make a claim for service on a slow draining problem. Now I am told that the protection plan took effect at time of purchase and I am out of warranty. I believe the protection plan was mis-represented at time of purchase. I would never have purchased a plan which was redundant with the manufacturer’s warranty, had I known the coverage limits. This is a sad case of mis-representation of the protection plan by Home Depot. At a minimum Home Depot should honor my request for a service claim, and that Home Depot staff be trained appropriately.

  • Angela says:

    Ordered all new windows for my home in April 2021 with expected delivery date of 7/1/2021. They sent incorrect windows and no screens. They installed one window with foam. They called to let me know the corrected windows would be coming in October (didn’t happen). They came in December (8 mos. later) and were again, INCORRECT AND missing screens. To date-still waiting on corrected windows. Go somewhere else for windows!!

  • Kathy Arrazola says:

    How do you contact someone at corporate office about your order delivery since Nov 27,2021?

  • Joyce Pickens says:

    Dissatisfied with Home Depot delivery service.Bridgeton,Mo.

  • Julie says:

    Order # H3855-153644 – $1,472.04 Store # 3855

    I have been saving for a washer/dryer for over one year. I chose Home Depot because it’s the only credit card that I have. I was going to place the cost on my Home Depot credit card since it was 12 months same as cash. When I went to pay I was told it expired because I haven’t charged anything in one year. I was pressed for time so just chose to pay the entire amount. Charles is the gentleman that helped me with the purchase of my washer/dryer and he was very helpful and delightful! The delivery will be 11/29/21 between the hours of 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. and Home Depot will call 30 minutes prior to delivery! Yay! I can go to work that day, leave when home depot calls and get home in plenty of time for my washer/dryer!


    11/29/21 – The BIG day! 9:48 a.m. — A driver from a delivery service calls me and says, we are 30 minutes away from delivering your washer/dryer. What?? I told him that it wasn’t supposed to be delivered until the window of 12:00 pm – 4:00 p.m. today. He said they had a lot of cancellations and wanted to deliver within 30 minutes. I took the hours of 12:00 – 4:00 off from work. I said I can’t be there in 30 minutes Wait??!! Why am I receiving a call from the delivery driver (3rd party) about my delivery time? The delivery driver then asks what time do you want it delivered? I said between the hours of 12:00 – 4:00, like I was told. I thought this was odd and contacted the Home Depot where I purchased my washer/dryer, store # 3855 — 3775 Presidential Drive Fairborn, OH 45324. I was told that delivery was declined and they cannot deliver at all today! Long Story is that I was put in touch with a “resolution team” and they thought that this problem of MINE was worth 20% off. Money is very tight for me, so I agreed that I would take the 20% off ($250) for this complication. I was told I will be called the next day (11/30/21) to be “fit in” the already scheduled, “schedule” probably later in the day between 3:00 – 7:00 p.m.

    11/30/21 – I have a busy day. I have a doctor appt. scheduled at 9:30 a.m. and my washer/dryer will be delivered when they can fit me in. Yesterday they predicted between 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
    11/30/21 9:09 a.m. — I receive a call from Steve, store manager, at Home Depot. He said the washer/dryer will be delivered within one hour. I have a doctor appointment at 9:30 a.m., but I do not want to miss the delivery of my washer/dryer that I desperately need. I cancelled my doctor appt. and decided to leave work, rush home and wait for my washer/dryer. 10:30 a.m. – the washer/dryer arrive. The gentlemen ask me to look at the washer/dryer because they are both deeply scratched all over. I look in the truck and everything was in a box, except my washer/dryer??!! They’ve been riding around in a truck without a box for two days! Of course, they have scratches….. I called the store where I purchased and they said they could put me in touch with Samsung and they’ll handle it.

    WHAT???????!!!!!!!!!!! Why Samsung? It’s not THEIR problem! I asked to speak with Brandon Beach, the GM over store # 3855, but of course he’s out of the office and not available by his cell phone until tomorrow, 12/1/21. I have a 48 hour window to make a decision of keeping a product that I really like, or standing by what I think is right and taking my business away from Home Depot, who have very, very poor customer service.

    Wait!! I wonder which 48 hour window I’m dealing with?!

    **The original delivery date of 11/29/21, that never happened because it wasn’t convenient for the driver??? Home Depot should of fixed this yesterday, I know they could of, but didn’t want to be bothered.
    ** OR today, 11/30/21 when I received deeply scratched products that have been shaken around in a van for 2 days with no protection?????????

    CAN SOMEONE JUST MAKE THIS RIGHT??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gerard M says:

    I paid for window installation since November 2020 and the job was supposed to be no longer than 6 – 8 weeks. To date I’m still getting the run around by the installation manager Jacob McMurray. It appears after getting my $12564.70 I don’t matter anymore. I’m unable to do any more work on my house because of this delay. Job #11022525.

  • Barbara D says:

    I understand why Amazon is running Home Depot out of business… your customer service leaves A LOT to be desired. It is such a hassle and stressful dealing with Home Depot from the moment I decided to “give Home Depot” a chance again and buy products from you. I cannot believe we -the consumer- had to deal with you for decades before Amazon showed up and placed the client’s needs first. I ordered $2,500 from you, you never delivered one of the items: A $599 generator, and you do not even want to file a claim to find it! This is INSANE!

  • Christopher Simmons says:

    I was called a faggot by the store manager of store #0662 located in Stockton, CA

  • Mary Gabaldon says:

    I’m having issues, with a Samsung Refrigerator recently purchased. At this point, the new one has not been delivered, but I hope there will be no more further complications. However, on a good note. I would appreciate it if, someone from, Corporate Office, would please, give some, type of recognition to two Managers, of the Home Depot store. Whom. Have been assisting me in this matter. Oli and Wade, Home Depot at 2820 Coors, Blvd NW, Albuquerque NM 87120 (505) 833/9990. It would be kind, that I could possible hear back from, someone in your Office, of them being recognized for their dedication, to helping me with this issue. The problem appears to be with the service of repairs, now we hope, pick up date and delivery, of the new one will not be such a difficult situation. Thank you I’m advance

  • Chrissy prance says:

    But the phone number to call me please is 727-495-1649 this is Chrissy Prince thank you

  • Chrissy prance says:

    Please I need a manager to call me I am at my with end I can’t do this no more nobody has been helping me everybody is giving me the runaround they will not connect me with corporate management speak to somebody neither my number associated with the thing is 727-992-5312 please can you call me back at your convenience

  • Ali hosseinzadeh says:

    I ordered window measurement for my patio door at your store on 43900 Ice House Terrace, in Fremont, ca on Saturday 8/7/21.
    Someone came over and completed the measurement on Tuesday. But since Tuesday I have been calling the store at least 4 times a day. I even gone to store at least once a day to place the order for my patio door, but each time they tell me person responsible to take the order is not here. Today I went to store and spoke with the store manager Jeff Valencia, he promised that he will have some help me to get the door ordered, he asked a lady name America to help me, after 2 hours waiting she said she is not able to order the door. I tried to call the manger again but he is not returning my calls, even though he gave me his card and said call him if there is an issue.
    So, now don’t know what to do, I have sent an email to district manager Scott Kubiak but no respond either.
    Please tell me what the next step should be?

  • Jeannie Ridolphi says:

    I have just purchased home materials and flowers for my garden. Your associate, Dennis, in Memphis TN, Poplar store, was the nicest, well informed and courteous person I have encountered at this location. I don’t know if anyone will read this but I just had to tell. Your website is hard to navigate. Jeannie Ridolphi

  • Earnumbandsweating says:

    We have spent THOUSANDS of $ at HD. We now have a delivery for a Frig scheduled in a few days. Noticed on the receipt our old phone number was listed as a contact number for the delivery. Have been on the phone waiting for over an hour and half trying to get thru to a person to give them the correct phone number! Have called 7 different numbers to try to get thru. This is a DISGRACE! One would think that HD would prioritize customers waiting for a delivery of such expensive items. Huge FAIL Home Depot! Yes, if someone ever picks up this line a negative survey will be sent.

  • rosemarie J mccauley says:

    On 3/3/20 I had a GE Washer and Dryer set delivered to my home. Washer did not work and a new GE Washer was delivered on 3/9/20 and again did not work properly (vibration so fierce you could hear the banging outside my town home). Salesperson (Rufus) was rude even though it was me who has been inconvenienced. I’m a 70 year old and feel Home Depot has really been unfair. Since the charge of $1,088 I want a refund in order to purchase another brand. Through the 15 years I have been in NC I have always trusted Home Depot. Why would a sales person send me another Washer that does not work and make unfair assumptions since I have used a Washer all of my adult life and know when a Washer is not working properly. The vibrations and noise are so alarming it would not take an expert to realize these washers were broke. Please make sure a refund is credited to my credit card per Home Depot’s return policy.

  • Wendel fortner says:

    Yes my name is wendel fortner me and my wife were redoing our kitchen so we started shopping at your hammond LA store my wife went off looking at range and Refrigerators when one of your employees started verbally assaulting her about her figure( how her husband wasn’t doing sexual things right to her) after I confronted your employee about this he gets angry and walks off talking under his breath racist comments (you white people always trying to start s*** etc when I asked him to repeat himself my wife grabbed my arm and pulled me out the store I have never in my life been treated this way in such a rude disrespect aspect in my life we where so disrespected I was embarrassed walking out the door in this case your employee cost home depot around 20 to 30k in retail sales not sure if me are my family members will ever shop at a home depot again it’s sad one person can have such a negative impact on a business as large as home depot
    Thanks for your time
    Wendel Fortner

  • Ronald Ross says:

    can you provide the email address for Craig Menear

  • kenneth andrews says:

    i purchased several appliances from home depot located at gate way mall in brooklyn new york and one of the appliances was a disherwasher that has not worked as per design and has been repaired more than twice. I tried call the gate wall location on Friday January11at about10,30am. after being on hold for 15 minutes some one hung the phone up and after calling back i encountered the same problem.the dish washer i purchased is a LG, Ldt5665st at this point i believe this item should be replaced with a more reliable product

  • Maria De Menchen says:

    Hello, My name is Maria De Menchen, approximately 2 months ago I apply for Customer Service position, or Sales Associate, and Never received any communication, but I have been noticing that the store that I pick ,still have the *WE ARE HIRING * board outside the store. I just want to know if the store still need assistance or is an error the sign outside the store. I live in Las Vegas at Desert In and South Durango zip code 89117

  • Dylah Madej says:

    Your support of Donald Trump just stopped me from ever walking in your store again. What he stands for, and how he has divided our country is appalling. Therefore your support of him is how I see you as a human being. I hope you lose a lot of customers.

  • Theresa Comeiro says:

    Shameful that the owner of Home Depot has decided to donate to Donald Trump!!
    This country is divided enough. We will no longer visit your stores!!!

  • >