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  • Peggy Mooney for Carson Mooney says:

    Hi. Please help my husband. His Genie garage door opener control board has failed 2 times in less than a year. He is handicapped and really needs his garage door opener to work. I would like for someone to send him another control board for: model # 7055 serial # 222502150340AH. There is an incident # of 230913-001510 that should have all of the receipt/information in it.
    The last time it took over 3 months for the control board to arrive, (burning the warranty..ugh) now the 2nd control board has failed. You can contact me at: talloaks101@gmail.com.
    I will forward any and all information to my husband. He is not computer savvy, so, please contact me.

    I called 09/14/2023 and chatted with Zakiya, she gave me a phone number to call, when I called it, the wait was over one and a half hours…I am at work, I can’t be on hold for that long.

  • Mike Boemmel says:

    Yesterday at between 9:30 and noon CT, I called for technical support. A woman answered and she did not speak loud enough for me to understand her. I am 84 years old and a little hard of hearing so I asked her to speak louder and she yelled through the phone and asked me if I wanted her to scream. That immediately angered me because of her sarcastic tone so I yelled back with some foul language which I apologized for and she then asked me if I had just called her a NIGER. I yelled back again and told her that I did not use that word and that I was not a racist and did not appreciate her accusation and that I could not see what color she was through the phone. This yelling went back and forth for some 5 to 6 minutes and I finally got fed up and told her that I would report her to the corporate office. She then settled down and asked me what I needed. We spent a good hour and 20 minutes on the phone while she gave me instructions. She also told me she was a SUPERIOR EXPERT. I asked her what her name was and she told me something while caughing so I did not get her name. I could tell that was intentional. I can assume now that she was an African American and obviously a racist herself. I would think that Genie Corporation would filter out those kind of employees representing the company because now it has turned me off to doing any future business with Genie. I hope the entire conversation was recorded. Regretfully, Mike Boemmel

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