Where is The Dump Corporate office Headquarters

The Dump Headquarters Address and  Contact

  • Address: 815 Sidney Marcus Blvd NE
    Atlanta, GA 30324
    United States
  • Phone Number: (404) 442-1900
  • Fax Number: 1-937-644-7568
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 293
  • Established: 1930
  • Founder: Strelitz Family
  • Key People: E.J. Strelitz

The Dump Headquarters Location & Directions

The Dump Headquarters Executive Team



E.J. Strelitz

President & Chief Executive Officer

About The Dump, History and Headquarters Information

The Dump is an American Furniture brand founded in 1985. The Dump is Americas no 1 off price outlet for furniture . In the early '80s, Tom Hofheimer, had the original idea to open an offsite clearance center for obsolete products at Haynes Furniture. As a team, we reopened The Dump as a true brand-name outlet store. Today virtually all of our products are purchased directly from manufacturers who need to sell surplus inventory at deep discounts to original price.

Everything arrives at America's largest off price outlet for furniture, mattresses, and oriental rugs at 30-70% off retail. The Dump reamains open only Friday - Sunday, which allows us to keep our costs down and provide the best values and products to our customers. We buy closeouts, one-of-a-kinds, overstocks, cancelled orders, showroom samples etc.

The headquarter of the company is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States. The Dump employees are passionate and have quantitative skills to serve their customers with best the best furniture in the country.

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  • Rowena Gottleib says:

    Your company name reminds people of taking a shit.

  • Steve Brusa says:

    What a joke!!! DO NOT SHOP HERE!!!!! Bought a 3 piece leather sectional with extra warranty (almost 8 grand total) one year after getting it, the leather seams started unraveling, called the store and they told me not covered after a year, so I had to call my extended warranty company, which I did. After sending in all pics, they denied it. They said I waited to long to file the claim???? Went back to the dump and explained to them what happened (because they don’t answer the phone!!) and the manager told me I’m out of luck. The warranty doesn’t cover seams!!!!! Funny, when they sold me the extended warranty everything was cover except if a dog chewed the furniture. What a joke. I still owe 5g’s on this couch and no one will help me. The only thing left for me to do is file a claim with my local news company, they have a investigative team that takes on these kind of problems…I hope. So tired of paying for something that looks like crap! STAY AWAY FTOM THIS STORE!!!!

  • Tameka Wilson says:

    I am fed up with the Dump Lombard location. They are a bunch of crooks. New bedroom set with warranty arrived damaged 11/2020 one year later still waiting on the warranty to fix it. Paid 500 for the warranty and 5k for the bedroom set. I’m sick of them. Stupid asses..

  • Amanda Rodgers says:

    Drove to Irvin, TX purchased a new sectional Nov. Of 2020. Was told they service AR so bought the extended warranty. July of 2021 called because the motor wasn’t working. They have yet come to do anything. I told them I’d drive 6 hours & bring it back want a refund. Still not getting answers. The Dump is clearly a dump of folks that work for them

  • Mrs Kautz says:

    Bought a mattress and base in Atlanta store. They delivered the wrong base. I immediately went to the store to talk to my salesman and I thought that they compensated me for the inconvenience since I had given my mattress to a friend and didn’t have a mattress in my bedroom. They would not honor the new price after the wrong product was returned. Patrick had changed the price on my sales receipt and put a new sales order number on it. When I received the call to change the price they said the price he gave me was for the base only. The feckless person I was dealing with would no even look at my paper work that I had.
    Atlanta store is filled with a bunch of liars.

  • Dani says:

    DON’T DO IT! I ordered a sectional in January 2021 with a delivery date of March 2021 sounds good right! Well every month after was some kind of excuse, it’s Covid, it’s stuck in the Suez Canal etc. Then I get a hard date for July 12th with a delivery date of July 21st–oh no…a piece didn’t come in and there’s no room on the truck anyway! But it will definitely be in the week of July 26th and you can pick it. Considering I have family coming into town, I’ll have to get a U-haul and make it from Maryland to Richmond. Then I was told oh no it’s not here yet it’s in Williamsburg Virginia you can pick it up from there. ARE YOU CRAZY? Williamsburg is 4+ hours away!!! At this point, I decided to call Headquarters…who were mostly helpful. I then got in touch with the new manager Mr. Curtis who assured me it would be in last week and did give me a credit when I picked up the sectional on this past Friday. If I hadn’t thrown my previous sectional out, I would have cancelled. PLEASE, PLEASE look around prior to purchasing from THE DUMP. I waited a total of 6 months.

  • Linda says:

    Waiting 16 months for my THIRD broken chair to be repaired, with the warranty I paid for. Found out it was covered under a warranty from The Dump. They put me off, sent two techs that apparently ordered the wrong motor, and now, have let it sit for more than a year. Stay away from this horrible place. I’m only here to get their corporate address because I’m filing a lawsuit against them.

  • Tessie Rush says:

    I ordered a dining table on line, paid a few months ago. They told me they’ll have it by mid May. I have been emailing to check a status but no response. Either we don’t have it yet or we don’t know. Ignoring an email is unacceptable and unprofessional especially since you already collected the money.

  • Haleigh says:

    Terrible! If I could, I would give it no stars. It is the worst furniture outlet store I have been to yet. I purchased two chairs from this place and one of the salespersons sold one of my chairs. They sold a chair that I bought. So then, the store only had my one chair in stock. I have been waiting now 2 months for my other chair. The managers at the dump did not take responsibility for the inconvenience of me having paid for my chairs and coming to pick them up only to find out that they sold it.

    Do not shop here! They will sell your already purchased furniture

  • Leonard Trujillo says:

    I ordered mattress set and a recliner was two recieve two pllows. Never got the pillows called and sent numerous emails to no avail. I would not shop at the Dump again.

  • dianne dawkins says:

    I got furniture from the store in Richmond, va, was told the furniture will be delivered on a Monday, took off from work and no delivery. went to the store on that Friday to see what went wrong, told the furniture was no longer in stock at the warehouse, but it was there when they took my order. They said they will ship the showroom furniture to me, now I live less than 2 miles from the store, but they said they had to send it to Wmsbg va, then ship it back to Richmond. Then was told that it will be delivered to me on the following Sunday, still no furniture. It’s been three weeks and nothing. Is this really what you are doing to your customers? This will be the last time I deal with this company, they are the worst and can’t trust anything they say when it comes to having your furniture delivered.

  • Nancy Cable says:

    If there were negative stars i would be giving this store that. The manager was rude, refused to give me his name. I returned the furniture I bought the day of delivery because the driver said he only had two pieces and he said it could only be configured one way. The way he was setting it up would not be right in my living room. I wanted a refund but the store refused. The manager wouldn’t listen. He said, “the customer is always right until he’s not.” He growled as he repeated that I wouldn’t get the entire amount of the purchase. I asked his name but he refused to tell me who he was so I recorded a video of him. He continued to rant, saying he didn’t have to give me his name and rudely told me to leave.

  • Pamela Van Zyl says:

    Having purchased furniture from your Dump location in Turnersville NJ in 2018. I have never in my life experienced more problems and issues with a furniture purchase. I have had nothing but problems and run around from your store manager and customer service as well as the company GBS that handles your claims. Never would I ever recommend your company or purchase anything from you again. Shame on all of you from the top to the bottom of your corporation. You are what gives American owned businesses a bad name.

  • Christine Economous says:

    DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! If I could give zero stars I would. The customer service for the dump is horrible. We have been calling for weeks. Kishema, Tessa, Ann, Ann, Malita, all of them. We purchased a recliner for a Christmas gift AND the extended warranty. The chair worked for one week. We had a tech out. I have his number. He told us he had seen 20 chairs with the same problem and the Dump knows about it. Said it needed a module. After a week we heard nothing. When we called and spoke to them they said they closed it because the tech said the chair was fine! NO IT IS NOT! After explaining this at least 8 times, that the tech’s information is not correct, today they told me that Malita said they are doing NOTHING. So we paid $500.00 for a chair and warranty that worked ONE WEEK! The CEO E.J. should be ashamed of his business and his staff! I simply asked today for them to send a different tech out to see this chair is NOT WORKING and they refuse. This is ridiculous. I need acceptable assistance. Christine Economous. 708-935-8294

  • Keith Simpson says:

    The Dump is a adequate name for this place. I should have known better with a name like that. It looks like we were all DUMPED on! I paid almost $5000 for a Sectional, Mattress & Rug. Keep in mind that I purchased warranties for all of these items. The Rug came loose on the seam ( stitching ). Not covered! The Sectional became loose on the backs of the furniture. ( all 7 pieces ) Not Covered! The Mattress is like a lump of coal. Hard as a rock. Again, Not Covered! I bought these items in July of 17. I’ve been told by management several times ( Lombard, IL. ) that they will handle the situation to my satisfaction. Almost 3 years later & still trying to get some resolution from MANAGEMENT! Not Satisfied! GBS Enterprises is a joke, all they do is read a script & tell you that there is no management available to speak to at the current time. Someone will call you back within 48 hrs. It’s been 3 years. Come on! My next step is the Attorney General of both Illinois & Georgia. The corporate office is in Georgia. ( Google it ). Also the local Television Networks consumer complaints division. Good Luck to you all because with this company, you’re going to need it.

  • Jennifer Jackson says:

    Buyers Beware: In my experience (and several others according to BBB and their website) their customer service/warranty is horrific. Purchased a sectional from this company in June, in July I reported issues with the purchase that has still been unresolved to date. I mean have you ever been in situation, where your customer service rep couldn’t produce a tracking number for a part for over a month (that she said she would but never did), how about 4 months?! To date, my responses received has been I will work with management and get back to you! Please feel free to read my BBB complaint as well as a host of other issues. Save yourselves the headache dont be like me #couchlessfortheholidays

  • John D Longest says:

    he Dump Sucks. I a recliner and and a area rug on September the 9, 2019. I had to wait until October 23 for delivery. I waited penitently. On the delivery date I moved all the furniture out of the room waited all day. No one showed up or called. I called the Dump and they said oops we forgot. Now they saying that it will be another month before they can deliver. They just don’t care. Now it will be almost two months before my purchase is delivered. The Dump does not care about you once the have your money.

  • John D Longest says:

    The Dump Sucks. I furniture and a area rug on September the 9, 2019. I had to wait until October 23 for delivery. I waited penitently. On the delivery date I moved all the furniture out of the room waited all day. No one showed up or called. I called the Dump and they said oops we forgot. Now they saying that it will be another month before they can deliver. They just don’t care. Now it will be almost two months before my purchase is delivered.

  • Martha Ouellet says:

    I called the Dump with the item # and was told ‘ oh yes we have 10 mattresses but only as an in-store special so I drove 70 miles one way and when I got there the salesman said that he thought I was referring to a different mattress . All and all I was lied to from the get go including the mattress I ended up buying . I found it it was sold ‘ as is ‘ with no warranty and was never told that before I made the purchase.
    A very deceitful sales pitch to say the least . Sales men Randy and Mr. Bochenek ( Lombard ) are professional liars . I would never buy anything at the Dump in person again .

  • Billy Thorman says:

    Your company lied to us, regarding the Every Elite Elite Customer/Free Rug Giveaway.

    We arrived, the sale person said all rugs were gone.

    Nowhere on the flier did say, while supply last. The salesperson, said it was on the flier but couldn’t find it. It does say, “Come Early.” However, that is not a legal, while supply lasts disclaimer. The salesman said, he had a 1000 rugs and gave them all away.

    Nowhere on the flier does it say, there’s only a 1000 rugs available.

    I am cutting my Dump credit card into pieces and will mail it to you, with hopes you’ll realize how much those who thought of and executed this promotion have damaged your buisness.

    Having given away 74 cars, 5 homes a Winnebago and hundred of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, I can honestly say, this no way to run a promotion.

  • Gwen Melvin says:

    They are very aggressive sales people. Had two people gang up on me and convince me that this mattress would be the best for me saying how it conformed to my body. Unfortunatly I wake up with pain every night. At 72 I have enough pain and it really is hard on top of that to have more and cannot get a good nights sleep. I hope that whatever commission or bonus they earned helps them sleep at night. Stressed over and over how I didn’t want a hard bed. The model was comfortable, this sure isn’t. I wanted to have one I could try for a period of time, but they just keep pushing. I just wanted you to be aware of the suffering their aggressiveness has caused.

  • Dwight Hicks says:

    Your location in Irving Texas has left a vile stain on how customer service is handled, be it that it was my first time at your company just know it will be the last and I will let social media know how unprofessional my experience was, If your commercial tells one story about your company just know it’s all a lie.

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