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  • Address: 2444 Preston Rd, Plano, TX 75093, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 972-612-8422
  • Fax Number: 972-307-2822
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 5,000
  • Established: 1965
  • Founder: Alan Stillman and Daniel R. Scoggin
  • Key People: Aslam Khan (CEO)

TGI Fridays Headquarters Location & Directions

TGI Fridays Headquarters Executive Team



Giovanna Koning

Chief Financial Officer

Karen Forrester

Chief Executive Officer of Fridays UK and Senior Vice President of Fridays UK

Richard L. Richardson

President of USA and Chief Operating Officer of USA

About TGI Fridays, History and Headquarters Information

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  • Nancy Vande Vrede says:

    We were out of our town and decided to go to the TGIF in Mishawaka, IN. It was about 8:00 and the restaurant was only mildly busy. I told our waitress that I was not that hungry and was just going to pick some things off the “sides.” She said “o.k.” and took my order for soup, macaroni/cheese (very good) and coleslaw. My husband ordered a sandwich. When check came, instead of being charged $3.99 for the soup we were charged $6.10. When I showed her she said if my husband had ordered it as a “side” to his sandwich it would have been the lower price, but since I ordered it, it was $6.10. I told her that she should have told us that when I ordered as then I might have ordered something else and the soup as a side or she should have told my husband to order it so it would have been considered a side, which is stupid because we were together and she knew it. So why didn’t she just to that? It doesn’t say anywhere on the menu that: “If more than 2 sides are ordered the soup will be full price” or “If soup is ordered without a full priced meal, it will be full price.” Then we had to argue with her about it and a manager had to be called–all over a less than $3 difference. The manager went into this full blown lecture about people who try to piece together their meal to get it cheaper (which was not what we were doing). Anyway–it was a bit embarrassing/deceptive/weird and ridiculous. We left not feeling very good about our experience. Not sure we will ever go back to this TGIF or any other because of this.

  • Kris McCain says:

    TGI Friday Corporate Office, I wanted to express my disappointment on my last visit to my local TGI Friday. We had finished our meal and decided to get dessert only to be told corporate had decided to no longer have Vanilla Bean cheesecake on the menu. What?????? Do you people not realize that is the best dessert you offer and the main reason some people visit your restaurant. Bad move on your part! Your new Doughnut cheesecake does not look good or even sound good. Very disappointed. Over the years we have seen this amazing dessert change, it used to be you received a large piece of cheesecake, just plain; which by the way was actually better. The larger piece was perfect to share with a friend to finish off a great meal. In recent years the piece of cheesecake was cut much smaller and drizzled with chocolate sauce; it was good as well but we were paying the same price for a smaller piece and as I said earlier I preferred plain rather than drizzled with chocolate. I hope you will rethink this poor decision. I don’t understand why restaurants decide to take away their signature item; the item that people think of when they think of that restaurant. The vanilla bean cheesecake was your best menu item. I do enjoy your food, but I will not think about eating at your restaurant as often now since our favorite dessert is gone. Sad! Change is good, and bringing out new items on a menu is good but you don’t need to remove the item that is your signature dessert. Rethink and bring it back! Make your customers happy again. Sincerely,
    Disappointed Customer

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