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  • Address: 6040 Dutchmans Ln, Louisville, KY 40205, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-839-7623
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 60,000
  • Established: 1993
  • Founder: W. Kent Taylor
  • Key People: W. Kent Taylor (Chairman & CEO)

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Texas Roadhouse Headquarters Executive Team



Wayne Kent Taylor

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Scott M. Colosi


Tonya Robinson

CFO & Principal Accounting Officer

About Texas Roadhouse, History and Headquarters Information

Texas Roadhouse was founded by Kent Taylor in 1993 with a purpose to make a place where everyone could visit, have a great meal and great fun for a great price. It is based in Louisville, Kentucky. The chain grew leaps and bounds in the late 1990s and successfully opened 67 restaurants by the end of 1999. Roadhouse launched it as a public corporation in 2004. Kent focussed on better in-store training, building designs, and restaurant decor for betterment and growth of the restaurant, which happened soon in 2011 with the first international location in Dubai, UAE.

Texas Roadhouse is an American chain of restaurant that specializes in steaks. They are quite popular for their Hand-Cut Steaks, Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs, Made-From-Scratch Sides, and Fresh-Baked Bread. This restaurant chain is spread over 563 locations in 49 different U.S. states and in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, the Philippines, Mexico, and Taiwan. They give free buckets of peanuts along with free yeast rolls to all the customers who visit this eating place. Currently, over 56,000 employees are working for this company to provide customers with legendary food, and service.

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  • Luise Barton says:

    What are the plans to expand in the future? Would love to see a Texas Road House in Canon City, Colorado. Just a thought Thank you

  • Caroline Ferrell says:

    On January 30,2020 We (a party of six) went to Southern Pines Texas Roadhouse and checked in at 5:50. We were told it would be a 30-45 minute wait which was within reason. So we went to the bar and waited. After an hour I went to see how much longer and was told 20-30 minutes. I noted there were several parties of 5 waiting also. Now that all of the tables are booths, that will seat 6 just as easy as 5 all of the parties of 5 were seated first. After waiting another 40 minutes I went and checked again this time it would be 10 minutes. After 15 minutes we were called to be seated. The server came and took our beverage and appetizer order of which we received in reasonable time and she took our dinner order. We got our dinner at 8:45. Server told us the kitchen was backed up. Now listen to this, with the dinning room open we can see others seated after us and their orders served before we got ours. Ridiculous. Poor Management. I order ribs and they were hard to cut because they were “cold” . I thought ribs were suppose to fall of the bone. No, not mine. I asked for the manager and waited 10 minutes before she came. I know there is more than one manager because I had spoken to one at the bar. Our group had already finished eating and she suggested another order. I said, “no, just bring me a box to put my dinner in and I will eat it a home.” Oh and by the way our server Never came back to our booth to see if everything was okay if if we needed anything else. That will be my last trip to Texas Roadhouse.

  • Ronald Fridley says:

    Last night, 8/30/2020, at approx 7 PM my brother received a phone call from a friend. Her and her daughter stopped at the Easton PA restaurant for a bite to eat. For some reason her card was denied. They would not let her give ID or anything and leave and she was travelling approximately 3 hrs from home yet. She finally reached my brother. He got on the phone with them to pay the bill with his card. They would not allow it. He then drove 1 hr and 15 minutes to pay a 33 dollar invoice. What is up with this. I can call and order take out and pay with my card. We have done it several times this year. We visit Roadhouse several times a year with the exception of the last few months, however we still get take out. This is totally unacceptable. There is no legitimate reason to deny letting him pay this invoice over the phone. It is secure and you know it. Restitution needs to be made or I will never spend another nickel in your restaurants again. I will give this a few days and then I will go on the google and yelp reviews and pass this along. again I dont know the whole story except your store demanded a major inconvenience to my brother by making him travel up there to pay. Im not really sure what would have happened if he wasnt able to do that. Again unnecessary and unacceptable policy.

  • Sharon T. says:

    Tonight I stop to get something to eat myself and my daughter at 8PM we place a order . Catfish with side corn, loaded potato. Also salmon (8oz) loaded sweet potato ,veggie and chili and steak fried Chicken critter. While we waited for our order a customer before us came back with his order which was all wrong. So we made sure we check our order before we left. There was no corn on the first order the salmon was the (3oz)no sweet potato on the second order and no steak fried on the third order. We waited 45 minutes for order to come and then had to wait another 10 minutes for the manager to bring the rest of the order. The manager who he said his name is Taylor. Was very rude and did not offer any compensation. I had to ask for it. One of the worker that was helping the other customer was more like a manager. I wish I had gotten his name so could fired Taylor and make the other gentleman a manager. The Texas Roadhouses was Union City California.I hope that you train this manger on how to treat customer. Because this was not my fault. And I should not had been made to feel as if it was.

  • S. Konneker says:

    Three of us signed up for the VIP Club, still waiting for the free appetizer for doing so. Went to the new location in Viera, FL. The server told us if we signed up for the club, we would get a free appetizer to use next time. Told her we had done that 3 weeks ago and got an email confirming we had joined, but never received any email with the free appetizer offer. Went on the web site to contacts and sent 2 notices concerning this issue, mentioning I was going to get in touch with President and CEO but have yet to get a reply. Love the new Texas Roadhouse, but disappointed that we have not even received the courtesy of a reply from anyone.

  • Morgan Krystof says:

    On the night of July 20, 2020, My friends and I ( a group of 6) went in and got added to the wait list. We were told it would be about 5-10 minutes and it was. Great. Then we get in and order waters and appetizers. The app came out after about 20 minutes and then we ordered. The app was gone and then after another 15 minutes, 2 of my friends side salads came, those were gone. Now after waiting another HOUR all of our food came. Everything was cold. The steaks were not cooked to preference. They never asked how we wanted them done. They never asked what kind of dressing for the salads. The steaks, shrimp, fries, corn, and chicken were all cold. We talked to our waitress and she said she would get the manager and he never came we waited 20 minutes until she came back and said the most she could do was take some money off of our bills because they closed in 15 minutes. So they take $10 off of every bill and the waitress apologizes that the manager could not come due to a conference call…. We all left feeling a tad sick. The next morning we all went to work and within 20 minutes we knew something was off, We all starting vomiting and had Diarrhea. Will never be going back to the Green Bay, WI. location. 2 hours to get food and have food poisoning. We then call to talk to the manager and we get told the CEO will call us. no call in an hour so we call again and then they hand up on us. I hope the FDA comes for this location.

  • Tony Simpson says:

    Tony Simpson

    My last comment as a “Dissatisfied Customer” was sent on June 26, 2020. As of today, my issue has been resolved. I received and email from Skylar, the Manager at TXRH Tulsa, OK #138. I must say, that she took notice of my concerns, inquire about the incident and immediately took steps to resolve the issue. I don’t regret having to contact the Corporate Office – because of two things – (1) the opportunity of speaking with Skylar and (2) being able to let you know what a valuable employee you have in her. Skylar took time to listen and then resolved my problem within in a matter of minutes. The way that she addressed my issue and stating that she considered every individual making a decision to come into the establishment “should and would be treated as a Valued Customer”.

  • Marie Johnston says:

    June 30, 2020 was my daughter’s 50th B-day. Her husband had to go to work 8pm so we decided to order for take out and celebrate at their house. We ordered 7 dinners. When I got there I texted my name and spot # 2. The reply was: “Howdy! We will be right out when your order is ready. Thank you for choosing Texas Road House Port Orange!” We waited ’20 minutes’ and went in even though we were not prepared to enter due to Covid 19. The girl we first approached said we had to talk to someone else and she would be right back. When she showed up, we explained everything and showed her the phone text. (sorry, don’t remember her name). She seemed surprised and and said ‘we don’t go out in the rain’. It had drizzled for a few minutes but no one texted us to come in and get our food. We were not happy as you can imagine but we were hungry. By the time we got to my daughter’s, 5 minutes away, our dinners were slightly warm but steak and ribs would have been better hot. I am very disappointed at the service and lack of communication with us. It certainly was not our fault as we followed the instructions so they had my number. Unhappy and hungry customer, Marie Johnston

  • Tony Simpson says:

    Please find following a correspondence which occurred with one of your restaurants:

    TXRH Tulsa, OK #138

    Sat, Apr 4 at 2:47 PM

    We received your inquiry about your last visit and we wanted to let you know that we will accept the vouchers even after they are expired. We look forward to seeing you soon.

    Thank you,


    Texas Roadhouse

    11111 E. 71st St. South

    Tulsa, Ok 74133


    TXRH Tulsa, OK #138

    Sat, Apr 4 at 2:59 PM

    Thank you for your quick response….I can not account for the whereabouts of those vouchers…I just happened to run across one of them stuff amongst some papers that I removed from the glove box of my old car

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S9+, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone

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    TXRH Tulsa, OK #138

    Sat, Apr 4 at 3:20 PM

    I must apologize for the incomplete response that you received….as you may have noticed I was responding from my cell phone and I still have much to learn about it..

    Here is a photo of one of the coupons that we received……would it be possible to replace those coupons with letters bearing your signature denoting the total number of coupons per family household….
    James Simpson the value of 1 Coupon
    Steven Simpson the value of 2 Coupons
    Alfred Simpson the value of 3 Coupons

    These letters can all be mailed to my home address of
    323 Douglas Street
    Muskogee, OK 74401
    and I will pass them on to each of them..
    At this point and time, I don’t know when we will be able to return to your establishment.
    But we do look forward to trying it again.

    Tony Simpson

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S9+, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone

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    CC / BCC
    Just wanted to touch base with you regarding our earlier e-mail correspondence on April 4th. I realize that the Covid 19 Virus has reaped its share of despair and loss of lives; as well, that not too many individuals/families have stirred or have had any thoughts about venturing too far from home.

    As of today, I have not received a response to my reply to your email on April 4th. At this point, it has been well over 80 days. And, I can look at this action in one of two ways – (1) the lack of a response means that you are dealing with a heavy decision regarding the continued daily operation of your business along with the concerns for your employees or (2) you feel no ways obligated to right a wrong that was levied against a customer, in this case customers, by your employees. The service that we received during our visit to your establishment was horrid, no customer should ever be treated in this manner – rudeness by the wait staff as well as being served cold food after waiting for food for over an hour. In fact, we sat there at our tables watching new customers come in, receive their meals, eat and leave the establishment, yet we still sat there waiting for our food to be delivered.

    In all fairness, we should have not been expected to pay for meals that could not be eaten and then be given vouchers to used be on a future visit to the restaurant. I am sure that most people would just consider it as a paid lesson, and move past it. But at this point and time, I look at if from a different standpoint – the money expended for those meals was not a gift to us – we worked for it……Of course, we made a choice and passed by other eating establishments along the way just to dine in your restaurant based on glowing comments from satisfied customers. But had we known then – by what we know now, we would have either gone to another restaurant or waited until we returned home to eat at Colton’s Steakhouse.

    And do you know that every time that I think about Texas Roadhouse, I get upset all over again. I feel that my previous request was not not outlined, but now I feel that the we should be reimbursed monetarily at a rate of the value assessed to each voucher of $30.00 each.

    Tony Simpson

    I will share a copy of all correspondence with the Corporate Office to assure that no future will be subjected to the treatment that my family members experienced at the hands of one of their establishments.

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  • Mike Vranek says:

    Do not patron the Crystal Lake, IL. Store. They have no clue how to run a restaurant or what customer service means. Tonight I ordered online at 4:48pm. The app said my food would be ready at 5:55pm. I arrived at 5:56pm Chechen in an they told me to wait in parking spot 204 which I did. After waiting 20 minutes I called the restaurant. They got the manager on the phone she said she would check on order and put me on hold for 20 minutes. I finally hung up and called back To be put on hold for another 15 minutes. They never gave me an answer. To when I would get my food. I did not get my food until 7:05 an hour and 10 minutes later than the time the app said. I had ordered online about a month earlier and waited 45 minutes after the given pick up time-in the parking lot. I thought I would give them a second chance.
    I have been a customer of Texas Roadhouse for many years but I will never got to another Texas Roadhouse.

  • Kimberly Ellis says:

    I just got the WORST curb side service I have ever experienced. I ordered Father’s day dinner at 4:15 pm the restaurant is 10 minutes from my home. I was told 25-30 minutes perfect. My mother and I arrived at 4:45 pm was shown to our parking spot. We paid for our order. I can not find the receipt number but if I had an email address I can forward a picture of the receipt. We waited a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes. We were told by Nicki numerus excuses, from they are bagging it now, a big party bummed our order back, the manager is working on it and the owner is handling it now. I had even flag a girl down to find out the lost our order. When at 5:39 pm she came with our order ( what we thought was our order) she had comped the whole order and made it at no charge. We checked the order only to find it was missing a whole meal! Now we had to wait for it and left at 5:55 pm. When we got home half the food was cold, when normally when we call carry out from that Texas Road House our food is still hot. Plus the fact half of the loaded baked potato fixings were not in the bag.
    I am a business owner of 2 businesses, I know that service SHOULD be TOP PRIORTY! I am shocked at the fact 2 PARKING LOTS FULL OF PEOPLE CAME AND WENT BEFORE ALL OF MY ORDER WAS GIVEN TO ME! I had my mother whom had a stroke 2 years ago not understanding what the problem was while my father was calling to see where we were. I am still very mad and I am not even going to proof read this. I assure you my social media will hear of this. I have a personal Facebook and a Business Facebook. Now my parents love your restaurant and it is very accessible for them to get curb side orders. I am in disbelief over all of this. I couldn’t even enjoy my Father’s Day, with a man I don’t know how many more I will have with him. Thank you for that.

  • Janice Kline says:

    Management needs improvement at the Texas Roadhouse in Hornlake Mississippi. Each month we get a pickup order, since the COVID-19 we’ve ordered twice each time there has been an issue my 1st order wasn’t complete and today I waited 15 minutes in my car with my food for change, I called the manager at 6:54 was on hold for over 7 minutes when the female said her name I asked if she was the manager and she said yes so I proceeded to tell her about the length of time it took to get change she never said one word when I mentioned that they might need to come up with a better system of getting change for the customer’s who have a pickup order she never asked for my name she didn’t thank me for letting her know about the problem i wasn’t looking for a freebie or a discount just thought she should try and fix the problem the only thing she said was is that all…. So Thank you management I will not be eating at Texas Roadhouse for a while. Upset customer Janice Kline

  • Rick Nolly says:

    I had the worst experience Sunday at the Grand Prairie Texas location. I ordered the family special of ribs to go for Mother’s Day. I arrived earlier than the prearranged time to pick up my order. I waited for over 40 minutes watching other cars arrive after me receive their orders before I received mine. Once I received my order and arrived home to discover the ribs were completely charred to the point they were inedible. This totally ruined our Mothers Day meal. I decided to return the burnt ribs to the restaurant. Upon my return I waited another 45 minutes to speak with a Manager. Manager, Joe Martinez came to my vehicle and I explain my situation. His comments to my dissatisfaction were; “What would like me to do, redo the order or a refund”? He was not at all apologetic and did not provide another viable remedy, I requested a refund. I did give him the ribs for proof of the type of product Roadhouse allowed to slip through to paying customers. I did receive call from another Manager, John on Monday 5/11/20 who was better than Joe Martinez, but I still wanted Cooperate to be aware of this matter. I was totally disappointed and you have lost a loyal customer based on the product served and the totally lack of customer services.

    Disappointed customer in Grand Prairie

  • David Maciaszek says:

    Yesterday, for Mothers Day, my wife asked for a dinner from Texas Roadhouse in Cheektowaga NY. I went online at 12:00pm to setup a pickup time. The only time available close to dinner was 5:50pm. I choose that time and placed my online order. Once complete the time was changed till 6:20. At about 5:00 I received a message that the kitchen was running late and my order would not be ready till 7:20pm. Dinner at 7:20pm is too late to eat for me and my wife. I tried calling the restaurant but all I got was the same welcome message telling to press 3 to be connected with a “roadie”. No one came on the line and the message kept coming on over and over. Finally, frustrated, I got in my car and drove to the restaurant to CANCEL my online order. I hope that the “roadie” did cancel my order and that I will not be charged.

    This is totally unacceptable that I could not reach someone to cancel my order and had to drive personally to cancel it. How could the restaurant been that overwhelmed with orders? The only orders that were being taken were online orders due to the Covid-19 and there where specific times to choose for pickup.
    My wife and I enjoy the food at the Texas Roadhouse, but this was a very disappointing experience and truthfully I will not be ordering online again.

  • G Mcmillian says:

    Love Texas Roadhouse- now – with COVID heard Logan’s is not opening back up – their place in mount Juliet – 30 seconds off 1/40 and in front of large providence shopping area would be ideal location for y’all to put a place there- you need to check it out

  • Tommy Campbell says:

    Friends, Hawkins County, Tennessee (Pop. 56,000+) currently has NO steakhouse! Not good! The town of Rogersville is Tennessee’s 2nd oldest … we have heard unconfirmed reports that TR has looked at us in the past as a possible site for a new restaurant. Please take another look! We get tons of tourists through here year round, not to mention the home folks who currently have to drive 20+ miles to find a steakhouse. Come take a look … you won’t be disappointed!

  • Dorothy says:

    Dear Sir, last night we had a wonderful dinner at your Amarillo, TX location. Everything from wait staff to food was excellent! Now my concern. My husband and I always wherever we are after we sit down we find our exits. The way things are now just dumb not to. We were approximately 15 ft from the closest exit, which was also the only exit on that side. Unfortunately there is a 4-5 ft wall between us and the exit and over 100 other customers would have had to scale it to get to the door as well. If there was a fire or shooter there would be total mayhem. Not to mention if there was a fire the smoke would cover the exit. There are also no windows, so breaking and getting out that way, impossible. If a fire started it would more than likely start in the kitchen which would block two exits for sure. The layout is like a mouse in a maze. I’m just telling you God forbid something happens at any of your locations because 100’s of people’s lives will be at risk! I understand each City requires a fire inspections, but that does not take total hysteria into play. I absolutely loved the food but, because of safety I’m not sure when I will be back. I totally plan on telling friends and family to be aware. If you have not read and studied the horrible things that can happen, please read and study The Station Night Club fire in RI. 100 deaths and millions of dollars in settlements. Yes it was a nightclub, but the same thing could happen in a crowed restaurant. Crowed restaurants have ages 0-100! Not everyone is able to crawl over a wall. Hope you take this comment to heart. Thank you.

  • Michael Drake says:

    Dear Executive Team, I frequent your Restaurants in many states as I travel for business. I always get good service and good consistent food. However, to my disappointment recently in Dickson City, PA, I cannot find anyone recognizable artists on your Juke Box. There is no Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Dwight Yoakam, George Jones, Tammy Wynette. And no Willie Nelson. You even have a designated corner in your restaurants called Willie’s Corner – but you won’t carry his music on the Juke Box. I am flabbergasted. Why would you discard these pillars of Country Music? I await your response

  • Bob Wallace says:

    We need a store in Red Oak, Tx…If you will add a banquet room to the Texas RoadHouse you will see your bottom line return a high yield. You loose a lot of revenue with seating constraints. The new design will accomplish many avenues of success. Anniversaries-Birthdays-Company Events-Wedding Rehearsal Dinners-Family Reunions-Family
    Get-togethers-Holiday Events-Etc..the revenue snowballs….30 to 50 seating arrangements…now you paid for 30% of the Texas RoadHouse with removing constraints….Thank you…Bob Wallace…Red Oak, Tx. Store will bring customers from many parts of the city due to Forecasting & Planning.

  • LM says:

    My friend and I went to the Texas Roadhouse in The Colony, Texas last night. We ordered two martins and they were the worst drinks ever – 1/4 way full and watered down. Our server had not come around to check on us and we were right by the bar so I walked up to the bar and told the bartender that the drinks were unacceptable. She offered to remake them. Shortly thereafter, our server came over and said that the manager refused to have the drinks remade. I asked to speak to the manager, and he was very rude and condescending. He said that we would be charged for the drinks we didn’t like (to the tune of $8.00 each) and that we were welcome to order more but they would be made the same way and that we would have to pay for them. Needless to say, we walked out before our dinner even came – after paying almost $18.00 for about one ounce total of vodka. I have never been treated so poorly in a restaurant, especially by a manager.

  • Jim Sipprell says:

    First: As a veteran I truly appreciate the recognition and consideration extended to us now on 2 occasions here in Morristown, TN.
    Second: The manner in which your managing partner Ken Story took care of an issue I had is commendable. As a retired business officer I know talent and capability when I see it. The quality of those he has hired reflects well on him and speaks volumes about the judgement of the TRH senior mgt. building a team. You(Mr. Colosi) are very fortunate.

  • Darin Fiola says:

    I have been going to Texas Roadhouse since they moved to the Charlotte, NC area. You are the go to choice for family outings and a guaranteed great meal, I have never had a bad experience while dining there and if I did have a small issue, it was always taken care of to perfect satisfaction. I have commuted from the Indian Land, SC area to the South Blvd. location in Charlotte or the Mathews, NC location for years now, but with the growing Indian Land, SC area, you apparently have a very large following in this area. Our social media sites explode with locals and the surrounding area’s all the way into Waxhaw, NC stating they would love to see a new location in the Indian Land area. When you have customers that suggest a location in the 29707 zip code, from so many surrounding area’s, I would think it would be a great new prospective area to build a new location. Especially when you have Sun City at Carolina Lakes(Retirement Community) with over 3700 homes and all the other several thousand homes in the area. We are one of, if not the fastest growing zip code in SC, as a real estate appraiser and home builder, I would hope you take this area into strong consideration for your next new location. Thank you for the consideration in advance and keep up the great work!

    Darin Fiola

  • Marde Martin says:

    To whom this may concern: you’re place of establishment was chosen not only for the food but for the atmosphere. I was at your establishment on May 21,2019 located at 710 W. Washington Center Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46825, phone number 260- 416-0919. Upon my arrival I was informed the guest of honor called an hour before and spoke with someone to reserve a table for a party of 14. The Guest of honor thought the person on the phone was very rude not helpful and most definitely not customer service friendly. When I arrived to have dinner with my Guest of Honor and friends it was 5:45 p.m. ( reservation was made for 6:00 p.m.) we were told we could not be seated until everyone arrived. Well, it is now 6:45 p.m. all parties have arrived, during the time we are all sitting in the lobby, no one never came out to inform us we were not forgotten and they are working on our table. However, at 7:00 p.m. the guest of honor went to ask how much longer, they stated one of the tables you need they just seated a couple so it will be another 30 minute wait. We were told they would give the party of 14 two appetizers, the party asked could they include drinks ( soda, pop) they stated, n ( yes, this was a manager ). We waited until 7:20, remind you no one still came to let us know we were not forgotten.

    Some decide to leave others due to the Guest of Honor wanted to stay to show our respect and to celebrate her birthday. We ALL felt we were ignored , and definitely not welcomed. I have eaten at your establishment for years and never felt nor treated with such inconsideration and rudeness. What happened to customer service? No one should have to wait over an hour in a half to be seated and definitely not treated with insensitive customer service. I felt what a shame the establishment felt no remorse nor tried to accommodate the party, with this being said your establishment lost respect and 14 paid customers. We left, your establishment and was able to be treated by another establishment who treated customers with respect and appreciation, with no less than 5 minute wait for a party of 14.

    I was embarrassed for my friend and for your place of establishment. I would not recommend nor do I feel welcome back at your place of establishment. Since that night I thought about the waitress who lost out/deprived of her or his tip due to your staff. I must say Texas Road house on Washington Center Road, gave horrible and disgrace customer service. I am still hurt by the treatment we were given. Customer service should be a comment by all staff of an establishment not a choice when hard working people come to an establishment to enjoy a nice dinner or fellowship with friends. Not sure if anything will be acknowledged concerning my horrible treatment , I feel better expressing my experience to your establishment . My name is Marde Martin 260-615-8196. email – mwims66@gmail.com

    After reading this please forward to the correct person who cares about Texas Road House and stand by great customer service. Thank you..

  • Debbie Ruhman says:

    Last Sunday my husband and I went to your Holmdel NJ location, My husband had shorts on and when he slid in the booth he cut his leg on the wood that was broken up. We told the manager, hopefully it gets fixed before someone else gets hurt.

  • >