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Where is Terrible Herbst Oil Company Corporate office Headquarters

Terrible Herbst Oil Company Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 3440 W Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89118, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 702-889-7691

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 1,500+

  • Established: 1937

  • Founder: Jerry Herbst

  • Key People: Edward J. Herbst (CEO)

Terrible Herbst Oil Company Headquarters Location & Directions

Terrible Herbst Oil Company Headquarters Executive Team



Edward J. Herbst

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President, and Director

Timothy P. Herbst

Founder, Vice President, and Director

Troy D. Herbst

Founder, Vice President, and Director

About Terrible Herbst Oil Company, History and Headquarters Information

Terrible Herbst Oil is a gas station company based in Nevada, United States and was founded in 1959 by Jerry Herbst. His three sons Tim, Troy, Ed Herbst run the company. Terrible Herbstcompany is parented from a single Chicago, Illinois, gas station.

Herbst gaming is a casino company which is owned by Jerry Herbst 3 sons. In 1997, it opened opened fully developed casinos under the name of terribles casinos but the company went bankrupt in 2009. Jett gaming is also another subsidiary of Terrible Herbst Oil which was opened by Jerry Herbst in 2011. It was a route operator and casino company. In 2015, JETT bought the Gold Strike Hotel and Gambling Hall in Jean, Nevada from MGM Resorts Interational for $12 million.

The headquarter of the company is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Its gas stations offers car wash, including full service, exterior, self serve and oil change services. It aslo offers car wash plans and gift cards online. The company employees are trained efficiently and updated with new information regularly. 

Terrible Herbst Oil Company Headquarters Photos

Terrible Herbst Oil Company Resources

  • Andre Haines says:

    The assistant manager
    name tag said something like Courtny and it’s located at the Terribles location on Dessert Inn has one of the worse and disgusting unprofessional attitudes I have ever seen come from a woman.Her tone in how she speaks to customers and staff is very aggressive and demeaning. This is not a good image for your company or business.The rest of the staff is very friendly and helpful and informative.As for the Assistant she’s not very knowledgeable about what products are in stock or if the coffee machine works I say this to say I hope you guys hire better people with more friendly professional attitudes. Other than that Great location one of my favorite stores.

  • Fuck you says:

    I’ve never seen such bad and pathetic revues . You are a shame on this valley and I know your privage has been grandfather in.People don’t give them your patronage or you to will post your discuss and distain!!!

  • renee vulgaris says:

    employee error, turned into MY problem
    Terrible Herbst has lost my business both gas and car wash. I have been a faithful customer in Bullhead City, AZ for years. Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2022 I went to the car wash, and an untrained attendant was waving me into the “rails”, but he never even looked at my wheels, he was focused on me waving the tip out the window. He came and got the tip, waved me in, (not motioning left or right, like all other attendants have done) and I feel a bump, then another odd movement and I rolled the window down, asking what happened. He said “oh your wheel rim broke”, like no big deal. I told him I didn’t want that to happen and why didn’t he direct me. He had no clue what I meant, asked me if I didn’t want the broken piece and was going to continue. I said “no, I want the broken piece, I didn’t want my car damaged, it’s a brand new car”. The kid was flustered and he went and got “his manager”, another kid who didn’t have a clue what to do. They gave me a business card of “the manager” and took my name so I could contact them and get things made right. After contacting the “real manager….with dumb attitude” I’m writing this review and also to headquarters. All I kept hearing was the signs say we’re not responsible….I can’t see outside the car, I need a little direction! The rim piece will be $300, and I’m not happy about adding that to the price of 25 gallons of gas and a $12 car wash. Is this true for driving into a oil change place and they guide you into the pit? Lot’s of other car washes and gas stations around, I truly hope when I go to corporate level, they have more knowledge and understanding than the “manager” level. This was at TERRIBLES # 180, BULLHEAD CITY, AZ

  • Yvonne says:

    Unless they go after the ugly and rude cashier that cursed me and threw my receipt at me at store number 379 yesterday at 400 North Eastern avenue Las Vegas Nevada I will never go to other store again

  • Carol says:

    We lost a purse at your Convenience Store in Jean. The big one. We couldn’t find the lost and found. Can you please call us back with that information or help us contact that store in order to see if it is still there. We were there July 3rd at 11:00.

    Carol Bradford 714-330-9561

  • George Peters says:

    Wow what a beautiful store. 95 or more gas pumps. The employees were very courteous and made me feel important. I’m very impressed. I’m sending this because I just saw A terrible Herbst truck in California on my trip back from Nevada. It’s was like new and well taken care of like The station was! Great job boys!

  • Mike from Las Vegas Nevada says:

    President ordered half-staff for school shooting in Uvalde Texas that killed 19 kids and 2 teachers.

    Terrible’s HERBST’S a Las Vegas supported business decides to go against President orders for political ideology? Or is it for GUN rights?

    A local company that started with nothing that now has a huge support system by us Las Vegas locals, just lost a customer for Life for the childish ego to not follow orders for political ideology.

    Sad the Guns rule the HERBST lives.

    Good Day Las Vegas

  • Mark Upshur says:

    I’m here at terrible gas station been waiting for 10 minutes door is lock its says close from 2 to 4 am its now 11:04 pm I’m here in Las Vegas flamingo and Maryland pwy

  • Scott McGervey says:

    Bad Employee

  • Tony v. says:

    I was a wheelchair bound older customer at the lake Mead and Mohawk location in Henderson and I was approached by the store manager and told that I was not allowed to shop unless I had an escort from my nearby rehab facility. I have no restrictions been to the store numerous times and wasn’t allowed. This store manager very rude and was told in no uncertain terms they would not assist me for any reason..
    Kind of feel like I was discriminated against because of my wheelchair disability.
    Seriously considering making a complaint against this store.

  • Shirley J Stewart says:

    Your company , hires the most laziest , insignificant worker’s ever . The store’s are filthy , they lack cleaning , organizational, structural, formula . I’ve worked at two , since October . And they’re all full of bed bugs, mold, leak’s , which promotes mold . People , so lazy , they put out of order signs on every , that they could refill, such as the coke machine , creamer machine, coffee machines . Just lazy , sorry, useless, people that are hired . Including management . Your Manager’s , Asst Mgr’s are lazy as hell. Assistant Mgr who cannot get to work on time . Just stroll in, whenever he wants too . District Manager’d are lazy and laxed . You can never get in touch with them , to express my concerns and dismay . I work at #170 ..

  • Jill Irwin says:

    I do not want this post to be public as I included personal information. Please remove. Thank you Jill

  • Jill Irwin says:

    I’m a long time Terrible Herbst customer. I want to report the awful condition of your store 1040 Acoma Bl S Lake Havasu City, Az. Your store is in dire need of cleanup, pavement, trash removal, and repairs to your gas pumps. Your station is an embarrassment to our beautiful neighborhood and your company. PLEASE take better care of this location. It has been a mess for a long time. I can provide photos. Thank you, Jill Irwin jirwin4@verizon.net. My address is 2740 Indian Pipe Dr LHC Az 86406

  • Adelfa Miracle says:

    On April the 11th about 9 30-30 I was in the convenience store on Las Vegas boulevard and Warm Springs Europe it brings your lady that works to you that works there is very rude and inconsiderate there was a young man there asking how to cash the ticket that he won Ticket that he won she yelled hollered at him and all he asked her did the machine work she is not a Customer service type person I am very impartial and fair she is not to be trusted and worked for your company call me 619-672-9550 wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin Roberson says:

    To whom it may concern I am a manager of one of the casinos here in Las Vegas I’ve never encountered a lady that is the rudest I’ve ever met dealing with people as a customer service person she is the most rudest person I’ve ever met no manners attitude and shouldn’t be working dealing with customers I only asked her did the machine work that’s all I asked her and she started yelling and screaming saying it does work she didn’t never told me that the machine if you have change to cash your ticket in that I won if it has change on it it won’t work she is the most rudest person and I have five other people that says the same thing and want to write statements complaining on her attitude and her customer service this incident happened on 11th today’s day Aug at about 9:30 pm please give me a call 702 689-3625 at your earliest convenience thank you your costomer

  • sheila says:

    terribles at lake meade and hollywood : This morning i had to wait 3 hours for a slot machine to be reset I would have left but I had credits in the machine.
    But this is not about me: You have an older cashier working that still had no manager show up after repeated phone calls and there was no one to even give her a break. She started work at 6am and when I left after the mechanic showed up it was noon. She had never been given a break. Thats disgraceful. Not even a bathroom break. I promised her I would say something. It’s a busy store and she’s been working there a long time. That manager still wasn’t there.Hire more help. It’s employee not slave.

  • Tiffany bonilla says:

    I went to a corner store at 710 pm on april 28 2021 with my mother wife and son as my wife was paying for her gas and items out of no where the clerk named danette crane manager of that location 2886 neliis blvd las vegas nv 89142 accused me of stealing a pair of glasses i had just purchased earlier that afternoon and had on as i walked into that store my wife and i told her review the footage and return the glasses then she proceeds to tell my wife im the girl who comes in that store everyday making tikok videos when my wife doesnt even live in that area and we were visiting my mother who stays close plus my wife never liked or messed with tiktok. I am currently on parole stealing aint worth losing my freedom over especially a pair of glasses me and my wife have jobs we pay for everything we want and need. She kept my glasses but i can replace those and i will recieve the justice i deserve this is how situations escalate when ignorant individuals insult accuse over step boundries i await the moment she views the footage and witnesses me walk in with my glasses on how stupid and wrong she treated customers and owes an apology

  • Alan Strong says:

    Why does Terrible Herbst continue to raise coors lite beer prices every month on the 1st????it is not the brewery it is Herbst corporate!!!!! I am tired of getting nickeled and dimed to death every month!!!!!!! to hell with JETT Jerry (deceased ED, Tim, and Troy!!!!!!!! from a 50 year resident of clark county Nevada!!!!!!!! Herbst a total RIPOFF!!!!!!!!

    • Shirley J Stewart says:

      They raise the prices on everything . You must change the prices in the computer , before you post on cooler door’s . Currently , work there , not happy , they suck . Been looking for a whole different place to work with more money . They’re the lowest paid , dirtiest store’s in the state of Nevada .

  • Dr. Brown says:

    Rude employees that believe they are health experts. Since when can a convenience store clerk tell you how to properly wear a mask? Must be the degree in medical sciences it takes to be hired at a gas station. lol.

  • Ace says:


  • Marty says:

    Bought gas 4/13/20 at Terribles in Saint George Utah at exit 2 and paid 3.53 a gallon for midgrade. Gas close by is a dollar to a $1.50 a gallon cheaper. They certainly seem to know how to rip people off

  • Justin says:

    I’m contact and filing a formal complaint with the attorney general Food here in Nevada for the price gouging during the coronavirus. It’s absolutely absurd what they are doing.

  • Brian R says:

    if you ever get bad gas from them you well not get a refund from them I’m still waiting for a answer from them from 05/10/19 THANK YOU TERRIBLE HERBST for the bad gas
    at Mesquite Nv

  • Joseph Godbey says:

    The word Terrible in the corporate name of Terrible Herbst Oil corporation, stands for Ivan The Terrible,the name Augie Just Christiansen used when he was a professional Undefeated Wrestling Champion! The only Championship Wrestler in American history’that was never pinned by an opponent. also known by family and friends as A.J. original joint owner of Terrible Herbst oil carp. And Chief Judge Adjutant General of the U S Navy.He personaly handed the Emperor of Japan the treaty of Surrendered to sign!

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