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  • Address: 3860 S. Forest Hill Irene Rd, Ste 103, Memphis, TN 38125, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 901-654-0212
  • Fax Number: 803-772-1845
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 10,000
  • Established: 1927
  • Founder: E.L. Bruce
  • Key People: Lex Knox (CEO)

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Scott Fortson

President and Chief Operating Officer

Susan Douglas

Vice President of Finance

Rion Cobb

Vice President of Human Services

About Terminix, History and Headquarters Information

E. L. Bruce owned E. L. Bruce Company which manufactured hardwood floors. In order to save the wood from termites, he founded the Bruce Terminix Research Laboratory. After making the termiticide to kill termites, he incorporated the company under the name Bruce Terminix. It has its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. By 1969, it started offering pest control as well as termite control to residential, commercial and industrial establishments. A few years later, Terminix merged with ServiceMaster Global Holdings Inc., one of the largest and most successful service companies of the country that helped it to build networks with leading companies.

Terminix is one of the largest American pest control company. It is widely spread over 47 states in the United States and 22 countries worldwide. It has a parent company called ServiceMaster Global Holdings, Inc. The company has maintained its quality work and efforts to make the best exterminators so that the customers get protection from rodents and other pests. Terminix serves around 2.8 million residential, industrial, and commercial customers and a network of 864 service centers worldwide.

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  • Helen Wright Willis says:

    I live in West Memphis, AR and I contacted Terminix regarding me moving to a new location. I told the customer service person that I’m not sure when I will be moving at the location. And I will call them back. Because I don’t want them going out and spraying for someone else. The customer service person didn’t wait on my call they schedule for the tech to come out in July and I wasn’t yet in the home. And I didn’t call back because I haven’t moved in the location yet. I asked the rep could put in the notes for the tech call me before they come out make sure I have moved. And she said yes, I received my bill and I see where they have over charge me for service I didn’t have. So I call the terminix and I spoke with the rude customer service rep today 8-30-19, regarding my address change and my bill. I explain to her the situation and she stated to me, that I received the service and tech came out and I got to pay. I feel this is wrong and the mistake was on terminix end and something should be done regarding this situation.

  • Gem Weems says:

    I live in Edgewood, Texas and at the end of June I contacted Terminex to come spray my residence for water bugs, and mosquitoes. I spoke to a representative that advised I would not be charged for the service due to it being a re-treatment.
    When the technician arrived he advised that I would be charged for the treatment and stated that he didn’t understand why I was told it would be a re-treatment. He then advised that he did not have time for treatment that day and that he would return in a few days. He returned several days later and after the treatment I paid him by check $162.38 for the amount due.
    I waited for the check to clear my bank, and two weeks later I received a notice of non-payment. I immediately contacted them and advised that I have given the technician a check but it had not been cashed. I advised them that I was waiting for the ck to clear and still had a bug problem. I was put on hold and they contacted the technician, and he advised that he still had the ck and had not cashed it yet. He then advised them that it would be cashed immediately.
    Two more weeks go by and I received another bill saying my payment was overdue. I called the office and advised them that we still had a bug problem, the ck had still not been cashed, and that I had received another statement saying that I still owed for the service and that it was overdue. They again contacted the technician and he advised he would come out and retreat even though he really shouldn’t because I had waited so long to say something about the bug problem. He then advised that he would would come treat and cash the ck that Friday. He called at the last minute and advised he was out of town and could not make it that day. He asked if it would be ok if he came out that Monday instead. I told him I understood and that it would not be a problem. I never heard from him again.
    The next week I received yet another past due statement from Terminex stating my account was overdue. Once again I called the office and asked to speak with a supervisor. I was told that I could not speak with one at that time but I could leave my info and would be contacted. Two days later I called back, and was told that my ck was not cashed because the last name on the account did not match the last name on the ck. I was again told that it would be cashed immediately.
    I have a problem with the fact that all info was verified with my new last name when the
    technician completed the service. I also have issues with the fact that he held the ck for over six weeks without cashing it and to this date it still has not been cashed. I was never notified of a possible issue with the payment other than he had not cashed the ck.
    Due to this I am considering speaking to legal council for being harassed for non payment when payment was made on the day of service but was not dealt with due to a lazy representative of Terminex. I can assure you not only will I never use this company again I will not hesitate to express my opinion when asked if I know of a reputable company for pest control. I would hope this is an isolated incident and not a direct reflection upon the entire company.

  • Janet Grous says:

    I hired Terminix for exclusion services as I also had them for termite and inside pest control. They showed up not even knowing what to do for this service that they had quoted and had to return. They damaged my home, never completed the work, never returned my calls, and are now billing me for service they didn’t even complete. They even told me they had done the work which was an outright lie. I am retired and am home every day. I had to hire someone else to repair what they did and after months of talking to them, the manager finally called and apologized for the whole situation and he agreed to clear out my account. It’s been 5 months dealing with this and nothing has been done. Not to mention emails telling me when my pest control was scheduled. No one showed up and they claimed they never sent the emails! I have terminated all service with them. Worst company I have ever dealt with. Looks like legal proceedings are going to be the next step.

  • B. Petersen says:

    The work Terminix does at my house for the last few years has been very good for the most part. They call ahead to tell me when they are coming for service. They come on time and do a very thorough job! No complaints.

  • R. Johnson says:

    Made an appointment for a termite inspection out of the San Jose CA. office, which ended with a no show. Terminix came up with an excuse, rescheduled, only to have a second NO SHOW. A complete failure on all levels. Great job Terminix. Someone else will now get the business, and you get what you deserve, bad PR.

  • Denise Alvarez says:

    Changes appointment without notifying you it’s been changed and doesn’t even seem to care, has happened twice in 6 months. Won’t give out information to speak to anyone at corporate, sad day when there is no one to complain to about your service but the office responsible. If corporate is reading this, please have someone call me.

  • Ronnie jones says:

    Not sure about the bug control yet as im only in week 2 on treatment.i dont like billing secretary who after talking about bill oked the amount we discussed billed the 139.00 then 2 days later the part was supposed to be billed next month shows up for the 11.82 suppose to been on the next month gets billed first one i called hung up after telling me in a heated lecture about how she couldnt change it. So i called back next one seemed nice said in 24 hours they would get the notice to fix it.so call back monday an she informed me almost like she was mad i called that it may take 3 to 5 days to put the money back so now along with the 11.82 thats not there il be charged 34 for the overdraft protection for an amount that was discussed previously to the service i dont think its right i should pay for a service charge for a secretaries mistake.

  • Josephine Castillo says:

    Last year I used over the counter ant and spider products that worked brilliantly I just hated doing the actual work myself. Which lead to my decsuon of doing the same thing I do when it comes to keeping my house and yard picture perfect which is to hire somebody. I did a googled search and Terminix was the 1st company to appear in the results. So I called Terminix, gave them my credit card information, and scheduled my 1st fumigation. However, hiring
    Terminix was the absolute worst service I have EVER paid for. UponTerminix first visit to my home, to complete the initial spray, their field guy informed us that the 1st initial Terminex spray would be for the inside our home which was geared to flush out of the house any spider or ant issues we may have been experiencing. I thought to myself Great! So, the inside of the house got sprayed. On the same day this same Termenix field guy, said the next time they come out they would be to spraying the outside of our home which would then seal the perimeter of the house keeping the spiders and ants out preventing them from returning. I remember saying, sounds perfect!

    Well, no one ever came back to spray the outside of my home and every week I was seeing more spiders or ants inside the house. I was calling Terminix once a week telling them the same thing over and over again that what they were using was not working and they had not sprayed the outside of the house yet. I might as well been talking with myself because my words were not heard and each return the Terminxat field guys would come out every other week spraying the same area of the which resulted in vary little change to the sitings inside my new home.

    Needless to say, I finaly chose with Terminix buting my $183.00 to better use searching for an exterminator that renders results.

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