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  • Address: 3860 S. Forest Hill Irene Rd, Ste 103, Memphis, TN 38125, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 901-654-0212
  • Fax Number: 803-772-1845
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 10,000
  • Established: 1927
  • Founder: E.L. Bruce
  • Key People: Lex Knox (CEO)

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Terminix Headquarters Executive Team



Scott Fortson

President and Chief Operating Officer

Susan Douglas

Vice President of Finance

Rion Cobb

Vice President of Human Services

About Terminix, History and Headquarters Information

E. L. Bruce owned E. L. Bruce Company which manufactured hardwood floors. In order to save the wood from termites, he founded the Bruce Terminix Research Laboratory. After making the termiticide to kill termites, he incorporated the company under the name Bruce Terminix. It has its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. By 1969, it started offering pest control as well as termite control to residential, commercial and industrial establishments. A few years later, Terminix merged with ServiceMaster Global Holdings Inc., one of the largest and most successful service companies of the country that helped it to build networks with leading companies.

Terminix is one of the largest American pest control company. It is widely spread over 47 states in the United States and 22 countries worldwide. It has a parent company called ServiceMaster Global Holdings, Inc. The company has maintained its quality work and efforts to make the best exterminators so that the customers get protection from rodents and other pests. Terminix serves around 2.8 million residential, industrial, and commercial customers and a network of 864 service centers worldwide.

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  • Nicole says:

    I called terminix because I found 2 dead bats and was afraid I had living bats in my attic. The first guy came out, didn’t even go into my attic but told me I have 20-30 live bats. He said he could hear them chirping. To me it sounding like birds. He lied and manipulated me into signing a contract for $8000!!! They came to do the insulation and that worker went into my attic. He told me I don’t have any bats and somehow the 2 dead bats I found somehow got in but couldn’t get out so died. I told him I don’t want the work done know that I know the truth. I never would of signed anything if I was told the truth in the beginning!! I have been calling to talk to someone at corporate because the area manager who I finally talked to after leaving several messages was extremely rude!!! I’ve called customer service several times and never get anyone above the manager to call me back. Then terminix showed up at my home without my knowledge,consent, authorization and damaged my home!! I need contacted by corporate about fixing the damages to my home and terminating a contract a was manipulated into signing under false statements!!!!

  • Heshi Mahinrod says:

    I am Suprise to see so many compliant about Terminix and yet nobody from head office of Terminix pay any attention to these complains. It is shameful for a company such as Terminix to received so many bad reviews and yet take no action.
    I have the similar problem with Terminix service, from management to service staff. in fact, many service team complained about their management team and their attitude toward customers complain.

  • Greg says:

    You would be better off doing the treatment yourself. This may very well be the worst company in the world. Stay away the only spray your doorways and call it good then want to charge your for traeting your whole place of business. What a joke.

  • Mrs Mcknight says:

    I’ve had this problem going on since May when I first called Terminix to come out and get rid of a rodent problem that I had in my roof they came out and told me that I needed to get one of those traps to trap him well the next day we had a bad storm the trap fell off my roof about a week later someone came out to put the trap in a different location the following day the gentleman remove the trap all together again this was back in May I’ve been trying to resolve the issue I’ve called and left messages a couple of people have responded back to me I said that I was waiting on the manager to get back with me the manager has not returned any of my calls I feel that my money was taken and I did not get anything accomplished so now before I get any lawyers or anything involved and going through the corporate to see if someone could get back with me on this matter

  • Chelsea motley says:

    Been using your service for about 7 months if not longer to get rid of the bugs that were in our new home we rented and your men haven’t gotten rid of 1 single bug. Still have roaches, still have bedbugs, still have an unholy amount of spiders and fleas. We absolutely can not stand it anymore and are just going to demand our money back so we can have a real exterminator come out to deal with this issue.

  • Dora Fortino says:

    Dora Fortino

    I called Terminex on May 7 and a technician came out to my home to inspect a rodent smell coming from underneath my vents into my home. I don’t know the name of the technician, but I do have his phone number. He came over and inspected my home and said that there was no rodent under my home due to the smell. He indicated that there was a slow water leak coming from my master bathroom, the technician said the smell was coming from the water leak.

    The technician offered a once a month inspection and spraying if I gave him $60 for the visit in cash and he would come once a month. He said he would council my monthly subscription to Terminex and he would do it on the side. I questioned the technician due to the smell, it did not smell like a small water leak. The smell was so ratchet and so intense throughout my house, it ruined clothing, bedding, my carpets, the smell got into my furniture. And the technician said no ma’am it is a water leak this is not due to a rodent.

    I was forced to hire a plumber, a restoration company (which blew he ratchet smell out) was forced to hire a handyman company to replace my master bathroom.

    Two weeks later the smell came back very intensely, therefore I was
    forced to hire an emergency plumber.
    The plumber went under my house to check if there was other leaks. The plumber notified me that there was what he thought were the eyes of a “raccoon”, when he reached Up to what he thought was a water leak the insulation, he pulled it down and there was feces, and pee that ratchet smell came tumbling down even more!!! so, when he saw the eyes of the rodent he backed out from underneath my house. He came in and he notified me that it was a rodent that was causing the smell it was clear that the feces and the pee was in bedded into my insulation.

    The terminex Inspector, technician failed to do his job.

    I was forced to hire a rodent specialist who informed me that it was actually a “possum” that made their home in my insulation.

    Had the Terminex technician inspector did his job he would have found the location where the possum was in my insulation around my air ducks.
    The rodent specialist set up a trap, along with my cameras around my house the possum has been trying to get under my house again. We have sealed up the location of where the possum was getting underneath my house.

    I was forced to hire an additional maintenance person to come in and rip out all of my insulation where the rodent made its home underneath my home.

    I am requesting a full refund for all the money I was forced to spend unnecessarily based on the technicians recommendation
    from Terminex

    I have all my receipts including the suffering that I endured for weeks with the ratchet smell that got into all of my furniture carpet clothing, my bedding, my bathroom carpets.

    Please give me a call this afternoon to discuss where I need to email my receipts to. Thank you

  • Jeanette Ogunyemi says:

    I guess I should have read these comments over a year ago before I signed up with this company. After giving my bank account information to what I thought was a reputable and honest company, afterward only to find out that have been charging my account monthly for services I never received. Now…. someone is using my checking account like a slot machine at a casino, two and three times a day trying to draft any amount they can skim. I can see that it is apparently useless to contact customer service, seeing that I have been lied to several times. As a courtesy, I will call/email once again before I begin other avenues. This company owes me every cent I have paid, plus all overdraft fees, including pain and suffering. Good riddance Terminix…

  • Donna says:

    How do I get hold of someone at the corporate office? I am very upset and stressed over the service and answers I have (have not) received. This needs to be resolved NOW

    • Larry R says:

      You and me both. I have had it trying to find a person at the company to talk to that has a brain.

      • Carolyn says:

        Terminix is the worst company I have ever deal with.
        I would never recommend terminix to my family or my friends. All terminix have done for me is aggravate and being rude.

        They set up appointments and they don’t show up and you sit around your house all day long waiting.
        Then you call then they ask you the same questions over and over.
        I have nothing good to say about terminix just a waste of my money.

        I have tried to get corporate and there is no place I can call. But I will be calling b&b and report bad business.

  • Patricia Long says:

    I have and still am a customer of Terminex for the past 18 years. The manager of the Salisbury, MD office Chris, is the rudest person. When I asked to speak with some else, he refused to give me a number to talk with someone else. I need to speak with someone from cooperate to get this matter straight. I have been paying for a service that does not exist with Terminex for the past eighteen years. Who do I talk too?

  • Eddie Gruben says:

    We have been clients of Terminex for 47 years in 3 different houses in 3 different cities. Swarmers have been in our current home prriodically for more than a year and we were told inially treatment was not necessary. For the last 2 weeks, we have been overwhelmed with swarmers after a partial treatment (Terminix said a complete treatment was not needed.) Currently, our “scheduled” additional treatment has been postponed for the third times. I see why Terminex has such a low rating—it must be a sign to move on to better service or real service. A contract means nothing, even for faithful clients. How does Terminex respond to very dissatisfied clients. Let’s see!!

  • David Nelson says:

    I saw a Terminex company vehicle from Pennsylvania in Pacoima. Wondering if its stolen. License plate # LLK0950. Number on the side 98169A.

  • Shawn Arnold says:

    This company took my money and did not complete the work. I have been trying to call for weeks and no one will return my calls. DO NOT USE THEM. I am going g to have to call an Atorney just to get my money and break my contract. They said they would charge me if I stop paying. Customer service is useless.

  • MP says:

    Terminix is the worst company Ever!!!!
    They don’t care about their customers all they are doing is taking people’s money. The employees don’t show up to the job instead they text you and ask you for pictures of what is going on.Then replied LOL! If they show up they don’t have enough solution for the job. I signed up for the premium packages and what I got was nothing. They are Rip offs! I have been trying to cancel this service within 24 hours of me getting this service. Spoke to more than 40 peoples. But, no managers to talk too, the workers are the one running the show that’s why they show up whenever. No one tells the truth. Retention department is a joke! The way they are running this company pretty soon they will go out of business. It is so sad that they act like that when they want you to sign up they act like they are the best but, lied once you get the service they don’t care about you. All they want is your money. Everyone has a corporate office where you can reach out to get a resolution Not, Terminix instead, CEO’s Directors, Excutive Directors hid their emails and telephone numbers from you. It is really sad that corporate people doesn’t care how their company is being run that says a lot about them. BUYER BEWARE!!!

  • D N says:

    Poor customer service. Worse company I have ever dealt with. I have had termite inspection on 11/16/2021 we were told by Robert Cisneros that drywood termites have damaged wood at foundation vent and someone would come out to inspect for repairs /treatment. this never occurred. On 6/3/2022 we were told by painters that the termites wood damage was severe so we contacted terminix again . Inspector Cliff came out and gave us a report that there was more damage and he would put that in his report . he advised us that a supervisor would come out by Tuesday of the next week. Tuesday came no one called. We called the office they told us the supervisor was out sick. We waited until Friday of the same week called again.WE called the supervisor several times and no answer nor call back. Was told by Kelly that she had given the message to the supervisor and we requested the number for the manager. We called him several times and left messages. We have not heard from anyone. No one is returning our calls. Called customer service to get a phone number for the corporate office, I was told there is no such number you have to send an email. This seems to be a rip off company . We have paid for 12 years for termite inspection and damage repairs now that we need repairs they are crickets, lack of communication. I am frustrated and very angry.

  • Jwhite says:

    This company is the WORST!!!!! If you cannot find people to work, close up shop and restructure. Do yourself a favor and do not use this company. Had 2 scheduled appointments with a NO show – nobody even called to cancel. They did CHARGE my credit card right on time tho! Customer service said somebody would be calling me back – guess what? Nobody called back. They supposedly don’t have phone numbers for those in charge. How convenient! This company should be embarrassed for how it runs. In this day and age where customer service is everything this place gets a NEGATIVE 10.

  • Melissa Lo says:

    It is unbelievable the levels of intimidation practices this company employs. They will literally send someone back to your home when you specifically request not to have service you. They will tell the service man your complaint and the person will again show up and tell you you’re going to cost him his job.
    What in the world. No manager will call you back they just send the problem back to you and make you uncomfortable in your own home. Disgusting really. Do not recommend this company ever.

  • Claire May says:

    Vicksburg Ms office will not respond. They do not let me know when THEY schedule an inspection. Guy showed up at my gate Monday while I was at Dr apt. No notice ! RUDE. I need notice like they did when I first paid the fortune getting my house treated !
    Time to file with BBB

  • Doug Burns says:

    may 18th 2022, I think terminix went out of business….no answers from corp, or local office.
    dang, spent 500 on this losing company!!!

  • Susan Martin says:

    You are a long-standing corporate history with a commitment to excellent customer service. I have experienced in the past month dramatic changes in your corporate to customer interactions. I have been a customer since 2019 and current have Rodent, Mosquito, Pest and Terminate services performed at various times throughout the year for an approximate total of just under $2000. That’s a lot for any time, but especially now as the economy is rapidly changing and inflating.

    I noticed a winged termite outside in my backyard over three weeks ago. It landed on my hand. I verified it on-line and then called Terminex for an interior and exterior appointment under the “activity” portion of my service. I have had different responses each time I called to schedule. Some reps said they couldn’t schedule an appointment. Others asked for availability promising a return email or call with 24 hours that didn’t happen. Once even schedule an appointment without a call or text for an appointment outside my availability. After so many issues I asked for a Service Manager to call. None called in the last two weeks. Today I finally got an appointment.

    I have a long corporate background and 12 years in Training and Development. May I suggest that you do some new job aids, modeled after master performers, allow all reps to have access to the scheduling database, and let our Service Managers know that escalated requests should be honored.

    Thank you for your attention to this comment. Hopefully you will be able to reconcile all of these issues throughout your many employees who handle customer service.

  • Sandra Bernstein says:

    Steve Bloom is our representative and he signed us up. We have a rat problem so people came and cleaned my attic and laid down new insulation.
    Now we have more rats in the house because they did not seal up any of the entrance that the rats are using.
    Steve Bloom would not call us back and so I finally talked to someone who fixed the problem and will be sending someone.

  • Lisa says:

    AJ in Orlando office.
    Does not care about clients.
    Switch and bait!

  • L haynes says:

    A complete rip off company. They are dishonest and no morals. They have a guarantee posted right on their website if problem was not corrected they will come back at no charge and I was told their is no charge. Well they charged me and refused to refund but said next service will be no charge. Again a down right lie the next service which I knew nothing about or was not scheduled they show up sit in truck for 20 minutes a quick walk around outside in a snow storm never even came inside and charged again. Never in my life have I seen a company that is a complete rip off like this company

  • Nameless says:

    Terminix employee Blake McCall is dealing crystal meth and weed while diving around in his little truck.

  • Nameless says:

    The lexinton location has a drug dealer Blake McCall he drives around in his little truck selling crystal meth and weed

  • Christine Ballis says:

    My husband, now deceased, hired Terminix to install encapsulation of our crawl space of our home in April of 2019. He set up payments of $276.44 as auto pay through our bank.
    Since my husbands death on March 5, 2021, I have been attempting to settle all the debts he incurred.
    I talked to a customer service agent today and asked for a detailed paper document of the financing through SMAC. She informed me that the interest rate being charged is 35.9%. She informed me that $6122.44 is still owed after 3 years of payments.
    I am asking the BBB to look into this extremely high interest rate. I feel it is a gouging, and may be an illegal interest rate.
    I am 75 years old and need immediate assistance in this matter
    Loan number 19043404

    Thank you for your assistance

    Christine Ballis

  • Dolores Eggleston says:

    Poor customer service. I called on a Monday to notify that mice had slowed initially after treat, but 3 weeks later they increased activity. On that Monday, I requested service for the upcoming Friday. I was told I would receive a confirmation call to inform me what time period to expect service. When Friday came, I iniated a 2nd call to confirm arrive time. Customer service informed me that I was schedule for Thursday of the following week. I informed the rep that response was totally unacceptable. When I iniated the contract with Terminix, I was assured that I would get service within 48 hrs and service was available daily except Sundays.

  • Kenneth Buckholdt says:

    Had work done in my home in January. Contracted insulation via Terminix. There was damage to the floor of the attic. Have made no less than 4 calls concerning this. Supposedly all managers have been included on emails that call center sent out. To date, no answer or communication from anyone. Tried to all Corporate today — as usual call center folks were very pleasant. However, the phone number does not put you through to corporate. Terminix was super efficient when they took the money for the job but absolutely horrible on follow-through. In the meantime, I sit with a damaged floor (ceiling in living room) and all attic stuff still sitting out as we cannot use attic. This is a shameful way to run a business! I want the damage repaired or a valid name/address to send invoice when I have outside vendor fix the issue. Pictures were taken at the time of the installation so someone somewhere in Terminix has them.

  • Candi L Lowther says:

    I received a service back in September 2021 and when I found out I was being charged for more than I wanted I reached out to a Manger. He canceled my service and I was supposed to get a refund on the cancelation amount due to it being their fault. I finally had gotten it approved January 2022. I am still waiting for my refund as well as a single phone call back from a manager. I call every two days since January. It is now March 21,2022. How crazy is this that noone can have the courtesy to return a call and fix the problem. I am beyond furious. From Mogadore Oh

  • Jeremy says:

    I paid for all services in advance – no one ever showed up to complete the work. Several phone calls were maid, each and every time I was assured that someone would contact me, they never did. Within 30 days of signing the contact(s) I called and sent an email stating that I wanted to cancel the contracts.

  • Kathy Jolly says:

    Hey Terminix
    You are in breech of contract!!
    I have been lied too and bullied !!
    This has been the worst experience and the nightmare continues!!

    I want resolve to this and I will not go away !!
    The pictures of your sub standard work will be displayed wherever I can place or post them !!
    You have done me wrong and there will be accountability!!
    Maybe I need to place an ad in the State Newspaper, Charlotte Newspaper, and the Asheville Citizen Times etc to see who all has been victimized by you!!!


    See you in or out of court

    I am a human being
    I am woman
    I will not be stolen from
    I will not be bullied
    I will not be lied to by you again

    I wish that I never believed and trusted you in the first place

    I will not go away!!!!
    Kathy Jolly

  • Kathy Jolly says:

    Terminix has 10,000 dollars of my hard earned money but I do not have craw space repair !! Terminix is not only in breech of contract but questionable fraud as I was told that Mrs. Jolly You have an encapsulation!!!😳
    Non transparency
    Non communication

    No integrity

    Non professionalism

    No accountability
    No Trust Terminix

  • Erica says:

    These ppl are fraudulent. I signed a $13000 contract without my knowledge and haven’t been able to get in touch with anyone of importance to help me get this resolved.

  • Eugene Swallow says:

    Your service and my inability to reach ( phone has been disconnected)either my local office or the 877# is total BS. I will be sourcing another pest control service. Bottom line, your company totally sucks!

  • Sherry Wilkinson says:

    I’m having the same problem as everyone else that has made comments. No call no show for appointments, had to leave a message for branch manager ( useless) so going to cancel service and use home defense and be done with it. People beware, this company is not what is cracked up to be. Don’t be taken in by them.

  • Reid says:

    I had them come out to take care a rate proplem on rental she came out told me they were gonna seal all entrances to the house were the rats come in. Don’t worry bout it any rates come in or tare up anything in your house while we’re under contract we will take care of it. Ok l paid 15.250 for a year of service and suppose to be 80 a year after that. So two weeks latter still got rats they come out put a couple traps down. Ok l get a call 08/19/21 from renter. We still have rats there eating holes in the pipes in the kitchen sink. Show me pictures. So l cal them they said there coming out and there responsible for the damage on the sink pip. Ok no show . Then call back will be there Friday .They come put two traped down they told my renters he don’t know anything about the sink. Ok l go out there . They put steel on the front of the house on the side and test of the house theres opening were the rats are still coming in. I call them show them the pictures she tell me to get with management.So l guess l have to got thru every bodies crap. I’m not even gonna play with them lm gonna take them to small claims and get my money back

  • reh says:

    trying to get billing issue with fort worth office resolved since 7/2/2021. called 4 times including twice today. Was put on hold for a supervisor 1 hour ago and am still waiting. doesn’t look like anyone at the office really cares. would never recommend this company to anyone.

  • Frank Ciavarella says:

    This company is a big ripoff!! They do not care about their customers. I called them for service with ants. They came out and sprayed and charged me $140.00. I called them a short time later still had ants. They came out and sprayed again and charged me $48.00. I have called several times to talk to a manager because I was told a manager would have to refund my money. I was told 3 times that a manager would call me within 48 hours. I have yet to hear from any manager and I am not happy about it.

  • Jerry Kelly says:

    Biggest rip-off I’ve ever seen I’ve been trying for 13 months to get my termite problem taken care of I got $1,557 shorter I still have termites

  • William says:

    Worst customer care and service I have ever experienced

  • Melissa says:

    I have been given the run around for months after being a customer for years. I’m ready to take legal action. I paid for services that were not done right and I still have the rodents. No one has shown up or called me back. I finally got through to customer service but they hung up on me after placing me on hold for a while.

  • Sandra Middendorf says:

    NOW HUNG up on after waiting for management to get on the line!!!!!!!!!! SO Apparently they don’t care either!!! Poorly ran company!!!!

  • Sandra Middendorf says:


  • Jerry Porter says:

    Terminix was contacted to look at bugs appearing in bathrooms. Sales person came out and said they
    were termites. He also did some sort of evaluation and wound up taking advantage of my elderly father (86 yo), by getting him to perform rodent control, as well as, termites. He indicated he saw a dead a rat in the attic, however, all the workers never saw any signs of rodents or a dead rat. The sales rep also talked my father into getting the premium place for pests, which simply adds fleas and ticks to the standard plan. My parents do not even own any pets, so there was no need for the additional flea and ticket coverage. Appointment was set up and workers came out. They ‘supposedly’ sprayed foam in walls for the termites. Neither parent saw them do any such work. They went up in attic for a bit of time, not sure what for. They put screens on vents on each side of house and they laid termite pods about every 10ft all the way around the house. My sister and I began reading the contract and what all work was done, or supposedly done, and found that none of the roof work sold had been done. The contract indicated vent caps on all the plumbing vents and a new garage door seal was/would be installed. Viewing the attached, pictures, you can see, nothing was done. Two weeks after the initial visit, more bugs that normal were still being seen. My mother called the company and they told her it would be another $200 to have someone come back out and it could be more depending on that they found. At this point is where my mother got my sister and I involved. She felt they were being ‘rooked’ and needed out help in getting it worked out. A technician came out and said that the bugs were nats (see photo of bugs). He sprayed something, but not sure what. When asked about all the other work not performed, he advised he was just there to check out the bugs and spray. We would have to schedule someone else to come out for stuff.

    The Supervisor/Manager, Alicia, of the branch that came out, was contacted. Her basic response was, well what do you want me to do about it, I can’t see that any of the work was done or not done. She was very rude and unwilling to really talk about it. She finally agreed to have someone come out to look. The appointment was scheduled for May 28th between 08:00 – 12:00. I took off of work so that I could be there. By 1:20pm. There had been no call or technician. So, we went about our daily routine. Around 1:45pm, they tech called to let them know that he was running late and would be there soon. I was currently busy and they were not to come without either my sister or I being there.

    VERY POOR Customer Service, charges for work not done and a Company that will take advantage of the elderly and vulnerable.

  • Kellie Murray says:

    Called for termite inspection and was given a time. 2 hours before scheduled time agent called wanting to go then, told him no as house was not accessible except by our real estate agent. After being talked to rudely I hung up and called call center and got the run around until I finally got a supervisor 9n the line. He resolved the time issue and stated our service was going to be at 6pm. 30 kindness later hot a call from branch office stating that our appt. was canceled because we declined service…. big fat lie. Do not use this company for anything

  • Larry says:

    I was scheduled for a quarterly pest control service on July 28, 2020, from Noon – 2:00 pm. This was verified on your web site for my service agreement (#: XXXX728). No one came and no one called to cancel or reschedule. I went on your web site to set up a follow up service for August 5, 2020, from 2-4 pm. (Written confirmation can be provided for this and the appointments identified below.) Again, the service appointment came and passed with no one showing up or calling to cancel or reschedule. At this time, I called an agent at 877.837.6464. After waiting for over an hour, I finally got a live person. (Boy, your repeating message was VERY IRRITATING after the first 5 minutes!!) Your agent told me he was going to text the manager in your Albuquerque office to work out a new follow up visit. No follow up call from Albuquerque; only found out about the visit when the technician (initials MK) called to confirm an appointment. The appointment was completed on time and professionally. I subsequently needed a follow up appointment for some new issues. Could not set up one on the Terminix web site so sent a message through their Customer Service messaging service. That site indicates an agent will contact me within one business day. After three business days and no contact, I went back to the web site to see if I could set up an online appointment (I had no intention of waiting another hour on the phone.). I could and scheduled one for September 5, 2020, from 9-11 am. The technician called me on September 3, 2020 at 7:48 pm to confirm appointment. SURPRISE: no one showed up and no one called to cancel or reschedule on September 5, 2020. At this point, I called the technician (initials MK) directly. He informed me that he remembered making the call to me as a reminder. HOWEVER, he did not have me on his schedule for September 5, 2020. He provided me screen shots of his schedule to show me that I was not on his calendar for today. He told me he called the “call center”. He said they had me on “a schedule” but did not know which technician. (STRANGE!) He called the other technician(s), but none said they had me on their schedule. At this point, MK, on his own, drove from Santa Fe, NM to White Rock, NM, (70-mile round trip) to service me. This was done on his own while making sure he completed all his other scheduled appointments in Santa Fe. There must be serious management or scheduling system issues or both for this to happen (several times)! KUDOS TO MK!!!! HE IS THE ONLY REASON I DID NOT GO BALLISTIC TODAY!! I HAVE BEEN WITH TERMINIX FOR OVER 17 YEARS WITH BOTH TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL SERVICES. SERVICE THROUGH JUNE 2020 HAS BEEN GOOD, AFTER THAT DOWNHILL FAST. My current contract ends this October. I would appreciate a “manager-level” response or contact before then to let me know this complaint has been reviewed AND what actions are (or have been) taken to restore their confidence with me. I retired 5 years ago as a manager in a customer-service organization for 17 years. Good customer service IS NOT rocket science, but it does take serious supervision! In the event of no follow up response, I have been looking at other companies for my pest control service (Orkin, The Bug Man, Greenway Pest Solutions, etc.). I am not willing to pay for bad service!!

  • mja says:

    I was a customer of Catseye in the Berkshires, MA for 6 years prior to them being recently acquired by Terminex. I have tried on 4 different occasions over the past week to contact a representative from Terminex to set up an appointment to address an ongoing pest problem. I have yet to get thru. I was on hold for 40+ minutes during my last unsuccessful call on 8/10, prior to the call being automatically disconnected with any service being rendered. The prompts to have a representative call me back in ~17-25 minutes did not work on two separate calls, leaving me on hold both times. Unless someone responds to me quickly via the email provided, I will seek another pest control service.

  • Dolores Bedasee says:

    WOW!!! I am so very disappointed in Terminex. I have been a loyal customer for over six years and they cancelled my due to an outstanding balance of $100. The last visit to my home, I don’t know what the technician did, because the day after his visit, the inside of my home was overrunned by large Palmetto Bugs!!!!! Roaches!!!! I did not have this problem prior to the last technicians visit. When I called to complain, I was told no one would be coming back out to my home because my account had been cancelled due to the “$100” balance. I then requested to speak to someone in the Retention Departement. The young lady apologized for the cancellation and stated that she would send the previous, reliable technician from the past to my home to exterminate the interior. She and I agreed upon a date and time, and she mentioned that the service would be of “no charge”. I felt pleased, however, I waited an entire day for the tech to come, but no call, no show. Talk about broken promises and poor service. When I called to inquire what had happened, I was told again that my account had been cancelled. I was lied to by a “reputable company”. I was and am truly disappointed as I had never received this type of treatment. During this season of pandemic, I expected more compassion and flexibility for those experiencing some financial strain, … me. I don’t know what has happened to their customer service, but based upon my last experience, I would not recommend this company to service your needs.

  • PS says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with previous former clients of Terminix. We were clients of Catseye, which was GREAT until the last 12 months or so when it was clear the company had been bought out: incompetent people making appointments (to the point at which we asked for someone else to take over our account and were told many people had made complaints about the same person, who eventually was fired, but apparently has now been rehired), never calling back, never giving advance notice to visits – despite all the notes on file – which we needed to make sure someone was home, less staff, and not caring about the errors. A few months ago we received a letter from Terminix saying “nothing will change” signed by a manager (whose name was misspelled). I have tried to get a call back from that manager for two months. To no avail. Now, one hour after my scheduled appointment, on a Friday afternoon, now that everyone in the office has left, two days after my call to confirm the appointment day and time, I’m done. Good riddance and good luck staying afloat with such poor service.

  • lorraine s summy says:

    i also have had it with this company. i called in april 22, 2020 for carpenter ant infestation on my roof and in my attic. the sales rep came out on the 23 and had questions on how to write up the contract but did do it. the tech came out on the 27th and was ready to do termite treatment i told him before he did anything he needed to talk to the sales rep because i did not have termites or his termite treatment. his assessment was first to cut down half of my tree. i told him i didnt need him if that was what he wanted done. my son then walked him around the house and told him to treat for carpenter ants. he did his poof poof thing, sprayed something around and put magic crystals in the crotch of my trees and said he would be out in 10 to 12 days. 2 weeks later i had carpenter ant in my bathroom. i called again the sales rep and was told that the service mgr would get with him and the technician and they would be out. well no show and no calls. i started calling on 6-29-2020. was hung up on 3 times. put on hold for over 30 min each time and had to tell my problem for 3 times as well. i did finally get a good rep name was Be. she tried to get the service mgr but his voice mail was full. and she could not even get a manager over her department for me to talk to. she did put in and email for service mgr to call me. no call yet. today 6-30-2020 i call again. put on hold or wait for a call back in 20 min. not good. i finally get a rep, tell my story again, and she them puts me on hold for 25 min. I got Sherry in escalations, told my story again, not good, where she said she would put in an email to urbandale mgrs to call me. i ask for her direct number and was told she couldnt give it out per company policy. i ask if she would call me tomorrow to check if i did get a call. so we wait again while the carpenter ants are making a new city in my attic. this company has the worst customer service ever. if i dont get a call tomorrow i also will be call the BBB and my credit card for a full refund since they didnt provide the service per their contract.

  • Dr Victoria patryla says:

    It is important I speak to someone one in the corporate office

    Dr Patryla

    770 674 4078

  • Pat Jones says:

    Mr. Knox,
    Have been waiting and waiting for a Wood Destroying Insect Report for as long as I have been waiting on the telephone. Acct:181682

  • AL Cobb says:

    I have been a customer of Terminx for over 20 years. I have had it with the Houston/Webster Office. Today as of 6-10-20 will be my last day using this company and I will not refer anyone to be using this company as well.Tired of receiving piss poor service, set appointments not on time, no courtesy calls like hey we are running behind, no courtesy calls as requested 15 min., prior to arrival so I could put my dogs up, show up on days without a appointment, basically do what they want. Took 40 minutes today, (40) just to be able to try to get the situation resolved only to be told to leave a message to a answering machine. Had a appointment today between 11-1. Guy shows up at 2:40. No courtesy call 15 minutes prior as requested. Told him in my front yard his services was not needed and we will never be using this company again and while on the phone talking to some sales rep named LYN told her if he showed I would turn him away if he showed up. Well at 4:30 their supervisor calls back named Phillip. Says what can we do to make it right?. They only made it right only about 5 times now but claims they have new management and doesn’t see any prior complaints. Yeah right. Look at the computer and you will see my complaints with your past service. New management maybe means new computers with a fresh start?. Not buying it. Then the service tech Sean Beal sends me a text telling me he checked the eves of my home and sprayed the outside perimeter. Didn’t see any signs of fleas. I replied back you are a liar. Stopped you in my front yard. Then types back oh you wasn’t supposed to get that. Guess it was supposed to be sent to someone else. Then typed back service would be terminated and thank you for 20 years. Big Whoop. After 20 years never again.

  • Laurie saxon says:

    If someone does not contact me today. I am going to local media I don’t answer email. My phone number is 404 805 6635

  • John mcInnis says:

    Cancelling my termite service after nearly 20 years. I bought a new crawl space dehumidifier, less than 5 years ago, solely at the suggestion of Terminix. Said the unit I had was not large enough. Took them at their word. Had continuous minor issues with the new unit but was repeatedly told that my termite technician was not the same person who addressed dehumidifier issues. Fair enough, problem is that whoever that person is never contacted me, showed up to look at the problem, or even existed to my knowledge.. Not one suggestion, not one follow up ever. I would have even been more than happy to pay for a repair if needed that was not covered under warranty. No go, couldn’t or wouldn’t even give me the name of an outside vendor to call. They had absolutely no interest in this machine except for the day I paid $1400.00 for it. Zero. Recently I addressed the issue, yet again, with my technician who this time forwarded pictures of it leaking to the manager at the Little River, SC branch office. The manager, who to this day I have never spoken to, advised my technician that the machine could not be fixed, but graciously offered to sell me a new one with service for $1900. That was my one & only response ever from the branch office on the dehumidifier they sold me. I was also advised that my warranty had expired after 3 years. That is false. Pulled up my paperwork (some items are 2 years & others are 5) & talked with the folks at Therma-Star (Santa Fe) who manufactured the unit. Unlike Terminix, rather than trying to sell me another unit they were very responsive in trying to help understand & solve the problem. Provided them with pictures of the installation and was advised that the traps Terminix installed are not deep enough & usually siphon out causing air to be sucked back into the unit. That explains a lot of things as to why I’ve had this issue for so long & seems to have progressively worsened. Shockingly, they advised me that there is no way possible to determine that a unit has to be replaced by looking at the pictures. Mind you, this is the manufacturer saying that but branch office somehow made the determination that it’s trash based on pictures. On the plus side, this has enlightened me to the thought that this might very well be a case study in how any future termite issue would be handled. So perhaps this whole fiasco might very well be a blessing. Everybody makes mistakes, it’s how those mistakes are handled that separate good service from bad service. In this case I can’t honestly say I received bad service, what I received was no service. This was my experience, I make no representations, good or bad, about how another branch office might address problematic issues.

  • dave a histand says:

    am still waiting on terminix to return my call. I called on 4-29-2020 and still have not heard from Corp. I also emailed my local agent and have not heard from agent about a week ago.

  • Miguel says:

    Just wanted to comment. I had applied for a position with your company. I was to have a phone interview on April 9th at 2:30pm with someone from Human Resources named Chalotte Marks. By 2:45 had not received a phone call so I sent an email. Within 5 minutes she responded saying ” I apologize, my alert was muted, I will call you in a few minutes”. At almost 5 pm still no call so I sent another email stating ” I assume something came up. Perhaps the interview can be done at another time”. Still waiting on her response. To me that was very unprofessional and thought others should know. Extremely dissapointed especially after hearing good things about working for the company.

  • Jannice Warr says:

    I informed Terminix I cancelled my service due to their exterminator not having any knowledge of Carpenter Ants. I was told if they knew I only wanted a onetime service it would have cost me much more. I was not informed when I first called for the service. I did ask when I first called if your company treated Carpenter Ants and was told, yes. The supervisor on the other end of the phone told me ok when I said I wanted to cancel the service. I assume it was the supervisor/ manager I was transferred to. On Sunday 8, 2019 I received a call at 11:24am from Victor Jessup (exterminator) confirming an appointment for Monday 9, 2019. I told him I had cancelled my service. He replied ok, good because he had something to do. Monday December 9, 2019 Victor Jessup arrived at my front door at 11:38am. He pushed the doorbell a few times and after no answer, he sprayed power on the lens of my Ring doorbell and walked to the back of the house. The Rind doorbell showed he was only in back of the house for less than a minute. ( I was not home because I had confirmed with him he was not coming) He walked back to the front door and at 11:40am , pushed the Ring doorbell again. When he did not get an answer he began to spray around the top of my front door. (I guest he wanted the Ring doorbell to capture him spraying the chemicals since the powder didn’t work on the lens) At 11:41m the Ring doorbell captured him leaving. He spent 3 minutes at my residents and I am being charged for his services that I cancelled. At 11:42am I have an incoming call from Terminix but I was unavailable to answer it. I called 844-517-4591 at 11:46am and waited on hold and when I finally spoke to someone and asked for a supervisor. I was told they could not transfer me to a supervisor? The person I was speaking to said her name was Joyce. She had me on the speaker and I could hear someone else with her and they were both laughing. This is unacceptable. It is clear your exterminator has no knowledge of what he is treating or what chemicals to use. unfortunately I have been unable to contact anyone at Terminix but will continue to forward this complaint.

  • jack meoff says:

    thanks for taking down my comments..!
    I posted comments about a terminix employee here in Springfield Illinois who tried to assault me in public over a simple traffic matter.
    Terminx doesn’t want anybody to see what kind of pieces of shit they are and there employees !!!

  • Teresita Briseno says:

    I asked for a refund due to your money back guarantee and it has been months and still haven’t received a dime back or any kind of response. I have spoken to a lot of respresentatives about the situation and no one has helped. I would really appreciate terminix abiding by their 100% money back guarantee if a customer is not satisfied. I am not as the problem was never taken care of and the technicians I was assigned did do much for me and were so hard to get a hold of. I would like it if someone got a hold of me and fixed this issue that I’ve been dealing with for the longest time now.

  • Amelia Powell says:

    I scheduled an online appt for Friday the 15th between 10 am and 12 pm. I received an email confirmation regarding this scheduled appt. Showing an appt date of Friday 11/15. I took the morning off to complete this service.
    Thursday evening I contacted Terminix to confirm my appt and ask a few questions about the process since no questions were asked during the initial scheduling of the appt. The representative confirmed my appt fro Friday 11/15 between 10 am and 12 pm.

    Today, Friday 11/15 at 12:15 pm I still haven’t had a service tech arrive so i check my email confirmation and confirm the appt I scheduled is for Friday 11/15. Then I log into the Terminix account I created last night in order to pay for my services, to find a contact number to call and check on teh status of the technician. To which I find a service date is now for 11/16.

    I immediately call teh customer service line and speak with a very kind woman who tells me the service sate has been changed because they do not have enough technicians to serve us today. I have NOT received an email or a phone call to let us know they were going to change the date. They just changed it.

    I have been sitting here for three hours waiting for service. I rearranged my schedule, taking the morning off, finding and PAYING for daycare for our dog who can’t be left in the house during or after the treatment for 3 hours. I have arranged for my kid to be accommodated after school incases the technician arrived at 12 and the house needs to clear for 3 hours after his service. A lot of planning went into this and even some money out of our pocket before beside the service payment.

    Normally, we understand things happen and can usually make it work, we are all just people. But, Terminex’s complete disregard for us as the paying customer and all the work that went into this on our side, is just mind-blowing. Since I had to move my work schedule around and I have met all week next week the next time I can accommodate a service call is two Fridays from now, which is the day after Thanksgiving. So now we are looking at another week entirely. This is four weeks past the initial date of scheduling. And I will have to pay another fee for pet sitting.

    The representative on the phone couldn’t even help me. She sent a message to our district office. I asked to be connected to someone to file a complaint and she said I had to wait to be contacted by the district manager.

    This is crazy.

  • Trina Atkinson says:

    Terminix is horrible and how are they still in business. I think we all should report them to the BBB. If matters are not rectified then take to small claims court. They are unprofessional and greedy.

    We have rights. No one should have to take this type of treatment.

    Not providing name because I’m doing just that contacting BBB then small claims.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Robert Cole says:

    When I signed up for service I was advised that payment date could be adjusted but they wanted to charge to my debit card. So when I called the first three times I was advised that they would change the payment date. Then after the payment was sent again the next month and the month after on the original date I am told that payment date cannot be changed. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that they were too busy due to the large call volume. I guess that last statement says everything about this company.

  • Helen Wright Willis says:

    I live in West Memphis, AR and I contacted Terminix regarding me moving to a new location. I told the customer service person that I’m not sure when I will be moving at the location. And I will call them back. Because I don’t want them going out and spraying for someone else. The customer service person didn’t wait on my call they schedule for the tech to come out in July and I wasn’t yet in the home. And I didn’t call back because I haven’t moved in the location yet. I asked the rep could put in the notes for the tech call me before they come out make sure I have moved. And she said yes, I received my bill and I see where they have over charge me for service I didn’t have. So I call the terminix and I spoke with the rude customer service rep today 8-30-19, regarding my address change and my bill. I explain to her the situation and she stated to me, that I received the service and tech came out and I got to pay. I feel this is wrong and the mistake was on terminix end and something should be done regarding this situation.

  • Gem Weems says:

    I live in Edgewood, Texas and at the end of June I contacted Terminex to come spray my residence for water bugs, and mosquitoes. I spoke to a representative that advised I would not be charged for the service due to it being a re-treatment.
    When the technician arrived he advised that I would be charged for the treatment and stated that he didn’t understand why I was told it would be a re-treatment. He then advised that he did not have time for treatment that day and that he would return in a few days. He returned several days later and after the treatment I paid him by check $162.38 for the amount due.
    I waited for the check to clear my bank, and two weeks later I received a notice of non-payment. I immediately contacted them and advised that I have given the technician a check but it had not been cashed. I advised them that I was waiting for the ck to clear and still had a bug problem. I was put on hold and they contacted the technician, and he advised that he still had the ck and had not cashed it yet. He then advised them that it would be cashed immediately.
    Two more weeks go by and I received another bill saying my payment was overdue. I called the office and advised them that we still had a bug problem, the ck had still not been cashed, and that I had received another statement saying that I still owed for the service and that it was overdue. They again contacted the technician and he advised he would come out and retreat even though he really shouldn’t because I had waited so long to say something about the bug problem. He then advised that he would would come treat and cash the ck that Friday. He called at the last minute and advised he was out of town and could not make it that day. He asked if it would be ok if he came out that Monday instead. I told him I understood and that it would not be a problem. I never heard from him again.
    The next week I received yet another past due statement from Terminex stating my account was overdue. Once again I called the office and asked to speak with a supervisor. I was told that I could not speak with one at that time but I could leave my info and would be contacted. Two days later I called back, and was told that my ck was not cashed because the last name on the account did not match the last name on the ck. I was again told that it would be cashed immediately.
    I have a problem with the fact that all info was verified with my new last name when the
    technician completed the service. I also have issues with the fact that he held the ck for over six weeks without cashing it and to this date it still has not been cashed. I was never notified of a possible issue with the payment other than he had not cashed the ck.
    Due to this I am considering speaking to legal council for being harassed for non payment when payment was made on the day of service but was not dealt with due to a lazy representative of Terminex. I can assure you not only will I never use this company again I will not hesitate to express my opinion when asked if I know of a reputable company for pest control. I would hope this is an isolated incident and not a direct reflection upon the entire company.

  • Janet Grous says:

    I hired Terminix for exclusion services as I also had them for termite and inside pest control. They showed up not even knowing what to do for this service that they had quoted and had to return. They damaged my home, never completed the work, never returned my calls, and are now billing me for service they didn’t even complete. They even told me they had done the work which was an outright lie. I am retired and am home every day. I had to hire someone else to repair what they did and after months of talking to them, the manager finally called and apologized for the whole situation and he agreed to clear out my account. It’s been 5 months dealing with this and nothing has been done. Not to mention emails telling me when my pest control was scheduled. No one showed up and they claimed they never sent the emails! I have terminated all service with them. Worst company I have ever dealt with. Looks like legal proceedings are going to be the next step.

  • B. Petersen says:

    The work Terminix does at my house for the last few years has been very good for the most part. They call ahead to tell me when they are coming for service. They come on time and do a very thorough job! No complaints.

  • R. Johnson says:

    Made an appointment for a termite inspection out of the San Jose CA. office, which ended with a no show. Terminix came up with an excuse, rescheduled, only to have a second NO SHOW. A complete failure on all levels. Great job Terminix. Someone else will now get the business, and you get what you deserve, bad PR.

  • Denise Alvarez says:

    Changes appointment without notifying you it’s been changed and doesn’t even seem to care, has happened twice in 6 months. Won’t give out information to speak to anyone at corporate, sad day when there is no one to complain to about your service but the office responsible. If corporate is reading this, please have someone call me.

  • Ronnie jones says:

    Not sure about the bug control yet as im only in week 2 on treatment.i dont like billing secretary who after talking about bill oked the amount we discussed billed the 139.00 then 2 days later the part was supposed to be billed next month shows up for the 11.82 suppose to been on the next month gets billed first one i called hung up after telling me in a heated lecture about how she couldnt change it. So i called back next one seemed nice said in 24 hours they would get the notice to fix it.so call back monday an she informed me almost like she was mad i called that it may take 3 to 5 days to put the money back so now along with the 11.82 thats not there il be charged 34 for the overdraft protection for an amount that was discussed previously to the service i dont think its right i should pay for a service charge for a secretaries mistake.

  • Josephine Castillo says:

    Last year I used over the counter ant and spider products that worked brilliantly I just hated doing the actual work myself. Which lead to my decsuon of doing the same thing I do when it comes to keeping my house and yard picture perfect which is to hire somebody. I did a googled search and Terminix was the 1st company to appear in the results. So I called Terminix, gave them my credit card information, and scheduled my 1st fumigation. However, hiring
    Terminix was the absolute worst service I have EVER paid for. UponTerminix first visit to my home, to complete the initial spray, their field guy informed us that the 1st initial Terminex spray would be for the inside our home which was geared to flush out of the house any spider or ant issues we may have been experiencing. I thought to myself Great! So, the inside of the house got sprayed. On the same day this same Termenix field guy, said the next time they come out they would be to spraying the outside of our home which would then seal the perimeter of the house keeping the spiders and ants out preventing them from returning. I remember saying, sounds perfect!

    Well, no one ever came back to spray the outside of my home and every week I was seeing more spiders or ants inside the house. I was calling Terminix once a week telling them the same thing over and over again that what they were using was not working and they had not sprayed the outside of the house yet. I might as well been talking with myself because my words were not heard and each return the Terminxat field guys would come out every other week spraying the same area of the which resulted in vary little change to the sitings inside my new home.

    Needless to say, I finaly chose with Terminix buting my $183.00 to better use searching for an exterminator that renders results.

    • bob mitchell says:

      im going through the same things they want payment for services which were never completed
      worst services ever

  • >