Where is Teleflora Corporate office Headquarters

Teleflora Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 11444 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 (800) 493-5610

  • Fax Number: 310-966-3666

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1934

  • Founder: Edwin S. Douglas

  • Key People: Jeff Bennett, Debbie Listman

Teleflora Headquarters Location & Directions

Teleflora Headquarters Executive Team



Jeff Bennett


Debbie Listman

Chief Operating Officer

David Dancer

Head of Marketing and Executive Vice President

About Teleflora, History and Headquarters Information

Teleflora has been the subsidiary of the Wonderful Company since 1979 and is engaged in the business of delivering flowers and related products throughout the United States of America. The headquarters of Teleflora are situated in Los Angeles California.

They are moving their products to international markets as well and this is the best source of foreign revenue. Teleflora has the distinction of being the largest privately owned company that sends flowers in 20 different countries. It has around 3000 employees that are well managing the business operations being owned by a husband and wife.

It has tried to expand its business always and in 2013 it took a bold step to buy the most successful flower wholesaler in the online market. It helped the company to win a 2500 customer base. Teleflora is highly engaged with their customers and is keen to understand their problems to deal them in the best possible way.

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  • Dwayne Artis says:

    I placed 3 orders Wednesday May4,2022 for my wife, my mother and my mother in law for Mother’s Day. I specifically asked that the flowers be delivered Friday the sixth or Saturday the seventh. My mother-in-law received her flowers Wednesday, May 4 the same day I placed the order. Saturday, May 7 I received a phone call at 12:30 saying my order for my mother and my wife were in jeopardy of not being delivered on time due to some mishap at the floors. I spoke with a representative of Tele floral I found out later on I will speak to someone in Taipei who promised me that my mother and wife’s delivery would be made Saturday evening between 11 AM and 7 PM at 7:30 PM I called Tele floral customer service again and was told the delivery would be made Sunday Mother’s Day. As I said in church on Sunday I received a text from Tele flora stating my wife’s order had been canceled due to unforeseen problems. I called my mother who also said she never received any deliveries of flowers I’ve never had any problems with Tele floral until now. This was a disaster angry is an understatement I received recently a generic letter stating we’re so sorry about your problem and we hope you will continue to be a customer. I thought it may be warranted that I could hear from someone specific and not receive some generic letter of apology however I guess this is your way of appeasing me well I am not appeased I would like to be in contact with someone from corporate to explain the situation my number is 914-263-2266 hopefully this is not another waste of time .

  • Wilson says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I placed an order – in advance – to be delivered on Friday, May 6th.

    On Friday May 6th, YOU CANCELED MY ORDER – without any forewarning.

    And because I was not in town. Your cancelation of my order now meant that I was unable to Honor my mother on this most special of days. This is truly egregious and left me to compensate for YOUR poor customer service.

    I can only assume that you took the order out of greed, and without regard for how it would affect the consumer, you have cancelled at the last minute, while I did my due diligence in planning ahead. I have ordered flowers from you on many occasions. I promise you, this was the last time. You have lost me as a customer, which I suspect probably means little to you, but since I control where I spend my money, I will no longer spend it with you.

    Additionally, I will be reaching out to anyone I can, within and without your organization in order to voice my displeasure with the way you have handled my order.

  • Donna says:

    First off, the total amount of this order that you messed up for 3 days straight was $71.67, not $30. I expect a full refund on this. I originally placed this order on 5/1 for delivery on 5/5.
    On 5/5, when the order wasn’t received, I called and was told there was an issue with the card on file. I read the number and it went through. I was then promised delivery by 7pm. At 6:45pm I received a text saying that I must pick an alternate delivery date.
    I then called a second time and told the rep I can take delivery on 5/6, but I would need to change address and be guaranteed delivery by 2:30, due to the fact that I needed them for a party. I was a reason I was paying double what a bouquet would cost.
    On 5/6 in the morning I called a third time to confirm the time and address because I already had a bad taste with this whole ordeal. When confirming the address, they had the street address changed, but the city still reflected the city from the 5/5 delivery address. Again, I said to guarantee me the 2:30 pm time, or cancel the order. Again, it was told to me it would be there by 2:30 when I needed to leave for said party.
    On 5/6 at 2:10pm, I called a fourth time to see the status of the order. I was told they could not get a hold of the florist and could not guarantee delivery until 7pm.I told them to cancel the order. I was not happy, to say the least. I then physically went to a 1-800 flowers store and bought a beautiful bouquet with no hassle.
    On the evening of 5/6, I received an email at 7:51 pm stating that this order was delivered. (I did not see this email until this morning)
    On the morning of 5/7, I received a text stating that this delivery could not be made due to that face that the business was closed. Of course it was…it was Saturday! And I had cancelled the order Friday! I then made a fifth phone call going through this whole ordeal again. Stating that I had cancelled the order the prior day. I was told they would try to cancel the order and to leave my phone line open and they would get back to me. I have never heard anything until I saw THIS email after I complained again via your web site.
    This is absolutely disgusting customer service. At a minimum, you should keep order notes if there is an issue with an order. A customer should not have to go over and over the issue. Second, you should hire CSRs that speak and understand English. The amount of times I had to repeat myself on each of these phone calls was ridiculous. I have always ordered from Teleflora without any issues. To offer me a $30 refund on a $70 charge is insulting and wrong. I will reach out to Fingerhut and to the Better Business Bureau. You should not be able to operate like this. And after reading other reviews, it’s a wonder you’re still in business.
    Signed – A very disgruntled EX customer – Order : 2235715412

  • Ela says:

    I have never dealt with a more inept company. My order was changed 5 different times with the excuse that they could not find a florist to deliver. Every day I had to call only to be advised they could not help me and change the delivery date to the next day and a promise from a “supervisor” that they would be there the next day. Needles to say, I will not be ordering from your company and will tell all not to order. I would like for someone from corporate to contact me.

  • Carol says:

    They delivered flowers to wrong address. My intended recipient never received them and they ardo not want to give me a refund? DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM😡

  • I dont usually post reviews says:

    Such a disappointment. I had stated to the clerk on the phone today “how many people who needs flowers for funerals and wedding are left without flowers?” Day 1 I paid for rush delivery before 1 pm. By 5 pm no flowers (it was notated it was a business address). Day 2 (by the way NEVER push checking on your order if you need help it just states it must be on its way)…I called at 10:30 am – “If the florist did attempt to deliver the flowers after we were closed (I was there until 6:30 pm), then they should be ready for today”. My Logic – if the florist just couldn’t deliver the “already prepared flowers” then the flowers should have been easy to put in for a priority delivery. I am still not promised they will be delivered at any time today.

    **A company who believes ** “well I can give you a refund *since you didn’t get the flowers”. Hello, yes you will give me a refund for flowers you did not deliver. And to top it off Teleflora never delivers the flowers, and all the customer has is the frustration, embarrassment and looking unprepared in front of mourners, family and friends etc.

    It is not a remedy to just not charge a customer for no services provided. I actually seen a lot of post regarding the same type of non-service of flowers. Not even an apology– just your own money back.

  • Ralph Nader says:


  • Tracy says:

    I found flowers on your site and tried to order them from a local florist. She said she had none of those flowers and described what she could make. She also said that she could not make the spray I wanted on Teleflora because it would cost more than $300. The price on TeleFlorals site was less the $200. I then placed the order through Teleflora and got exactly what the original florist described. That is a huge problem when a florist cannot make what is on the Teleflora website for the prices listed. So, they substitute however they choose, using fewer and cheaper flowers. I don’t see that this is the fault of the florists but with so much leeway, why wouldn’t they substitute with cheaper flowers for higher profits? They will never meet or exceed customer expectations that way, although most would just let it go and not take it to the extent that I have. I tried to tell Customer Service but they are just robots. I told her I called my credit card to dispute the charges but she kept saying she gave me a 40% credit and I will contact the florist and tell them you were not satisfied. That’s good, just pass the blame to the florist who could not not make the bouquet for the price on the site. I am so frustrated. I will never use this service again and I am so disgruntled that I will post it on FB and tell every single person I know to only call local florists where you want the flowers delivered. At least you know what you will get. Unless… you want cheap flowers and don’t really care about what is delivered. Then you can order from Telaflora,. I also asked customer service for the COO’s email address but she would give me no one higher up to discuss this with. Oh well, my credit card company can handle it and Telefloral won’t have the chance to turn my frown upside down and save a customer with extrodinary service.

  • Mark says:

    I ordered flowers for my Aunt’s funeral on Sunday 08.15.2021 for delivery on 08.18.2021 and paid extra for delivery before the service started. I get an email in the middle of the service telling me they can’t deliver. BTW so unprofessional, they sign their rep’s name as ‘Next Jump’? You guys are fucked up and rot in hell! Embarrassment is not the exact word to use right now! How dare you do this to people!

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