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Taylor Morrison
  • Address: 4900 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 2000, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 480-344-7001

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees:  5000

  • Established: 2008

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Sheryl Palmer (President and CEO)

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Mr. C. David Cone

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Louis Steffens

Area President of East

Mr. Charlie Enochs

Regional President of East

Mr. Robert Witte

Chief Information Officer and Vice President

About Taylor Morrison, History and Headquarters Information

Taylor Morrison was founded in the year 2008. The company has been active or almost 11 years now. The company was formed when Taylor Woodrow and Morrison Homes joined forces in the year 2007. The companies continued to operate under their existing brands until 2008 when they began to operate under the new Taylor Morrison brand. In the year 2011, Taylor Morrison became a wholly-owned subsidiary of TMM Holdings Limited Partnership, which is indirectly owned by investment funds separately managed by TPG Capital, Oaktree Capital Management, as well as JH Investments. In the year 2013, the company was converted into a limited public entity. The headquarters of the company is based in 4900 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 2000. The name of the place is Scottsdale, while the name of the state is Arizona, United States. The pin code is 85251.

Taylor Morrison is an American company that focuses on the building of various types of homes in the USA. The current CEO and president of the company are Sheryl Palmer. As of the year 2014, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $2.7 billion. The current number of employees working in the company, is more than 1,800, as of the year 2017.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to obtain various types of home building services, offered by the company itself. The company builds mid-to-upscale housing as well as first-time and mid-market homes too.

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  • Steve Elder says:

    Taylor Morrison have the worst repair service project managers in the business only bought my home four months ago terrible service trying to get a repair taken care of for 4 months now. Allen and Anthony are some of the worst employees you have. I can get other home owner signatures if need, a lot of unhappy people in Canta Mia community that are very unhappy with these two.

  • Joseph Cirruzzo says:

    I hope this request to speak to someone will not go unnoticed or ignored like all my requests have been during my entire 14 month build process has & still going.

    Please have someone return my request to discuss regarding all of my issues.


  • Ruthannpineno says:

    I am getting ready to close on a Taylor Morrison home with a title company and my cash payment is being routed to an Irvine California bank is this a Taylor Morrison bank

  • Cindy Reyf says:

    A community in Naples of a home that is supposed to closed. Many problems, home is not completed. Sales person has known about problems for months and superintendent has lied about things being completed. Property has drainage problems property has been soaked wet.
    I’m a local realtor and it’s my brother who purchased this home. I have been VERY DISAPPOINTED. I would like to talk to upper management

  • Sally says:

    I need help speaking to someone in corporate as I feel I’m being bullied by builder on a massive mistake the did on my up and coming property. I can’t get pass any buddy to help. We are getting ready to close on our house and they won’t fix their mistake. I need help ASAP. Checking with the better business bureau today and news. Someone please call today 4806279421

  • JOHN GIUFFRE says:

    So here’s the scoop on this coveted 7 years in a row “Most Trusted Builder”. It is a random selection of 50,000 POTENTIAL buyers. Is that not the most deceptive award name and marketing ploy ever dreamed up? How can you trust someone just by talking to them or reading their litany of lies and propaganda about how wonderful they are and the quality homes they build?

    If they were to survey 50,000 buyers of their poorly constructed houses, I doubt you could find one or two satisfied clients. I live in one of their 55+ subdivisions with around 700 homes built or being built and I can’t find anyone that has not had a horrific experience both through construction and with the final product. Their homes have non stop problems from window gasket failures to leaking roofs to paint peeling off their kitchen cabinets and on and on.

    This award is so deceptive and I don’t know how these people live with themselves. All of their top execs are finance people and their on-site supervision are handcuffed and at the mercy of the the low bid and unqualified sub contractors they hire.

    I can’t get anyone above a superintendant to come out to my house and see the horrible workmanship. I am only talking about what’s visible and not what I found during construction that I am qualified to judge as a former builder.

    I have filled out 2 surveys for them and checked the boxes to have someone contact me and never heard from them again.

  • Michael says:

    I bought a home in sommers bend Temecula and wanted to pass along our displeasure with the customer service provided. We have been trying to get things taken care of for months with little to no progress. The workmanship is below par in many areas leaving the home owners to make numerous appointments not to mention inconvenience for us. I’ve owned numerous homes and this builder is bar far the cheapest and the worst.

    • Cindy Reyf says:

      I’m having the same problem in Fl. I’m a realtor and wouldn’t refer anyone to this company. Poor service

  • Robert A says:

    We are purchasing a home in Laveen, Arizona from Taylor Morrison. From day one, every person we have communicated with has been great. Jason Lorenze is our sales agent and he needs a raise. He is a diamond, 10 carat at lease! We close escrow on September 24th and will be sending some pizza’s over to Wendy at Taylor Morrison Home Loans for her help along with her manager. They both worked with us to obtain a finance package that worked. We look forward to moving in. Taylor Morrison has given us excellent service and we strongly recommend purchasing a home from them.

    Bob and Maria A

  • John & Sabrya Castro says:

    I am writting this comment in hopes of someone in corporate hearing me out and returning my deposit. My husband and I are both Veterans and were going to use our VA loan to purchase our first home together for our family. We were interested in the Azalea in Sawgrass Bay Clermont, Fl. We sat with our sales representative, Kevin Salvatella on November 8th and was convinced going with Taylor Morrison was going to be a blessing. After going over any upgrades and all disclosures, he then called John Tillman, a loan officer for Taylor Morrison, and John did a hard pull and gave us our pre approval with the conditions that we had to raise our credit from 589 to a 620 which was Taylor Morrison minimum requirement to be able to process our loan. We were told we had to supply a $2,500 check to him to hold our lot that we chose and was given a sold sticker. Even though we did NOT have that money in our account, Kevin Salvatella told us to just write him the check anyways and it would take back office a few days to actually run it, he said he’d try to hold them off for a week or two at most so we could get the money into the account, and that even if it bounced we’d then have a bit more time to secure a cashiers check for Taylor Morrison. We sold everything we had in excitement and for 6 months now my family of 8 (6 children) have been sleeping on air mattresses and the floor. By the end of November we were called because the check we gave was written incorrectly so we had to issue a new check which we did immediately. Once February 2020 came John Tillman ran our credit for the second time for our actual application and our credit was now at 615. He then introduced us to Miguel Montalvo which was our client coordinator. Miguel spoke to us that day to introduce himself and let us know what the process would be for underwritting including keeping us informed which he said was his priority. After that we only heard from Miguel when a week or two went by and we decided to reach out to him for statuses. We met him via email Feb 11th 2020, and every time we submitted another bank statement he would respond telling us we didnt need to do this until 60 days prior to closing. We gave Taylor Morrison homes every single item they needed the day they needed it never leaving room for error on our end. Even Kevin our initial sales rep was cc in our emails and went on to remind Miguel our home was closing sooner then the 60 days Miguel kept mentioning. Never did we receive a change in guidelines due to Covid-19 prior to guidelines actually changing. 2 months later we get a call from John Tillman stating per Covid 19 Taylor Morrison Homes changed their minimum credit score guidelines and the 620 we finally reached wouldn’t cut it, that we now needed a 640. He asked to run our credit now a third time to see what we had even though we told him we were at a 620 now. He said if that’s the case we can put you with one of our preferred lenders that take a 600 and if they cant take us we can get into the ARO program to help us get to where we need to be which was that 640. We decided to request our denial letter from Taylor Morrison and our deposit back due to TM changed guidelines denying us. John Tillman eventually told us we weren’t denied but our application was suspended and we needed to provide consent to run our credit again. An application only gets suspended due to more documents being needed. Then last week we get served with a letter from Taylor Morrison stating we have not complied with information you guys requested to include evidence of having monies for closing and other documents. It stated we had 10 days from the date of the letter (which took 2 days to get to us) to provide evidence of this or whichever lender we decided to go with. This letter made no sense at all because the only thing John Tillman said we needed was to provide a third credit pull. And every time we gave more documents to our loan consultant Miguel he said it was too soon and didn’t need it. SO THAT IS A LIE AND YOU’RE ONLY DOING THIS TO KEEP OUR MONEY. WE HAVE PROOF WE PROVIDED EVERYTHING REPEATEDLY. THIS ISN’T RIGHT!! My husband and I DO NOT understand why this happened because we waited 2 months in underwritting alone, even after Taylor Morrison had EVERYTHING they requested from us since day 1 of our application. Why did it take so long to approve our application? We were told it would take 7-10 days and Taylor Morrison did not honor that time frame. Even if it took 30-45 days that time frame wasn’t honored either. Now you guys want to run my credit a third time for a preferred lender that is NOT promising to approve us and want to put us in a program as well. We have paid off all our debt and sold all we had to get to a 620 which you said was what we needed. You had us sign all these documents before applying, showed us our home and our land and promised us things you couldn’t deliver. You even told us to write a bounced check so you could get your money regardless of how we got it. I am seeking an attorney to fight this because none of it is okay. How dare Taylor Morrison Homes be okay with taking from a family with 6 children at this time where our country is in critical condition. Shame on you TM!!! I will not stop until I get my money back because you know we didn’t do anything wrong.

  • Patricia Magill says:

    Taylor Morrison gave us a a 48hr window to buy the last home in the community. About to complete the paperwork but made a comment about the scraggy, messy debris of wooded thicket at side of property.
    Was told they had NO intention of clearing it – preferring the ‘wild beauty’ look. Even the sales manager for the site said it was a ‘weeded mess and rather unsightly’. We didn’t buy, but are curious for information and advice only please [no feedback from TM direct]. Plans to purchase this TM home in The Falls, Weddington fell through because they said they were leaving the shrubs, and thicket bushes abutting/adjoining the driveway, electric box and through our plot-line [‘natural beauty’ aspect and HOA common area]. We can never touch it because it’s now ours, and even though the community manager selling us the home declared it ‘weeds’ and ‘that section definitely looks bad’ – they declined to clear a definitive area to ensure the weeded debris doesn’t grow into and over any proposed fence. From a construction purpose leaving no clearance also permits zero safe human access for fence maintenance or enjoyment of common area [walking around or though]. Oddly enough they did clear another good portion to the rear of the property line removing beautiful trees and shrubs with little thought for ‘beauty and conservation’ then. Is it normal to leave no clearance access to the SIDE of a new construction home leading into the HOA common areas and tree area at all? Having weeds and thicket debris growing into the homes yard doesn’t seem normal and reasonable from an access and maintenance viewpoint? Is it standard to eave the ‘weeds and bad look’ [sales manager opinion too] to the immediate side of a driveway? Would never wish to buy a new build home, believing the weeds and thicket abutting the immediate property line wouldn’t be cleared prior to move-in, only to discover it was being left like a jungle with no safe and clear access the other side of your fence at all. Trees I understand – trees are lovely. Overgrown dense thicket of weeds and bushes though? Surely that would develop into a huge maintenance [and costly] issue for the HOA and homeowner in the years to come. Maybe that’s how new construction homes are developed these days – the ‘natural weeded thicket’ look overtaking your driveway and side yard area rather than a suitable clearance between the driveway and side of home before it reaches the HOA treed, grassed common area. We didn’t buy the home because of this, but moving forward it would be good to know company policy and development guidelines for home perimeter. All advice would be welcomed. CLEARLY Taylor Morrison didn’t want to sell the last house in a community – even during COVID19.

  • Jeff Cazes says:

    We live in the Eastmark Community. We have been more than understanding with the construction noise for more than a year. However, the non-stop Mexican music is getting old, especially on a Saturday afternoon, and we politely asked for the drywall ladies to lower the volume. We went a second time, this time we were told that we should close our doors and that there will be neighbors anyway… really… well… I trust that the people at 10456 E Tarragon Ave whom will be able to afford this house (unlike you, drywall loudmouth lady) will have more class than you. Note that no representative seemed to care either when I asked them to intervene or to reach out to a supervisor. This is where I learned that no supervisors are overseeing the work. In this day and age, construction workers couldn’t care less about the quality of their work, we sure did and it was a mistake, quality control, guys, quality control… and class.

  • Henry Zacharias says:

    My name is Henry Zacharias and my wife ( Patricia Isom) and I purchased a home in the Esplanade of Tampa. Our address is 8554 Grand Alberato Road, Tampa, FL 33647.
    The reason I am contacting this office is because I have several matters I want tp draw to the attention of corporate headquarters:

    1. We are seeing cracks ( 5 so far) in the stucco on both sides of the house and that need to be repaired as quickly as possible. It is my understanding the cause of the cracks is the “house is settling” and while I appreciate this fact; we spent $369,194.00 to purchase the house and repairs such as what we are experiencing require attention of local staff. Other residents in the community experienced the same issues and they have been repaired .
    The above condition was discussed the local construction office of Taylor Morrison and to date we have not had any action.
    2. The second item is as follows: 8554 Grand Alberato Road and 8552 Grand Alberato Road were experiencing swamp like conditions between the two residences for approximately 2 years and it took 3 attempts before the matter was mostly resolved, but not completely this past February. The item that has not been completed is a sleeve drain for the HVAC unit. This matter was also raised and discussed with the local Taylor Morrison ofice without a satisfactory result. The resident in 8552 had his HVAC sleeve drain installed but not ours.

    I would be grateful for corporate attention to the above issues.

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