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Tastykake Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 4300 S 26th St, Philadelphia, PA 19112, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 215-221-8500

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: info@tastykake.com

  • Number of Employees: 1000

  • Established: 1914

  • Founder: Philip J. Baur and Herbert T. Morris

  • Key People: Charlie Pizzi

Tastykake Headquarters Location & Directions

Tastykake Headquarters Executive Team



Paul D. Ridder

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer and Senior Vice President

Autumn R. Bayles

Senior Vice President of Strategic Operations

Laurence Weilheimer

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

About Tastykake, History and Headquarters Information

Tastykake is a line of snack foods which are manufactured by Tasty Baking Company. Its headquarter is in the Philadelphia Naval Business Center which is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its parent organization is Flowers Food.
The Tasty Baking Company was founded in 1914 and has over 1000 employees. It is the one which changed the world of snack cakes, when the founder, Philip J. Baur, Boston, and Salesman Herbert T. Morris began the operation of Tastykake in Philadelphia. It was the wife of Herbert T. Morris who came up with the name Tastykake after pinching the baked cake and finding it to be tasty.
Its subsidiaries are TBC Financial services inc, Tasty Baking Oxford, Inc, Tastykake Investments Co. It serves in the Northeastern United States of America and Mid Atlantic. Even though it started out as a Philadelphia operation, they have expanded to include their distribution in the entire East coast and most of the places which are below the Mason Dixon Line.

Tastykake Headquarters Photos

  • Denise says:

    I just bought cinnamon mini donuts from Wawa expires 11/28/2022 they are stale 😢😢. Why ?

  • Steven Thomas says:

    I’m contacting tastykake to say that I purchased a family pack of Butterscotch krimpets and they were not up to par. I was buying tastykakes since they were 17ct and now they are $2.29 a piece,so I know that the original ingredients has changed drastically to something less tasteful than now. Tastykakes were addictive with the original ingredients, but it has not been that way in many years now. Anybody who has eaten as many different kinds as I have can tell the difference immediately. It is not that way anymore. Please, think about bringing back the original ingredients that once made this brand one of a kind. I had an assortment of Tastykakes shipped to me to Germany as a soldier in the Army at the age of 19, I’m now 57, so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the taste of these kakes.

  • Bobby says:

    Have called in a number of times about the items I have bought since I was a kid (67 yrs old) There seems to be no Quality Control for the products being pushed on to customers. Example Strawberry Pie one strawberry and the icing look like a bird dropping not covering the whole pie like the photo on the box. This shows me no QC being performed and the cost of one pie $1.99 come on now. In the times we live in really no problem to pay more but the product has to be at least what it is advertised sloppy work and they just don’t care. Recall when the pies were 13 cents.

  • Jim Forrest says:

    Is there a store at the corporate headquarters on S. 26th Street?

  • John McGinley says:

    Why does your recent commercial refer to a melted milkshake as a “miskake”? I thought the milkshake was “malted” not “melted”. Advise please.

  • Anita Kennedy says:

    I wish with everything I love that tasty cake would bring back the original oatmeal raisin bar. My husband and I still remember how delicious they were and it’s been about 30 years ago. I miss the delicious taste of the original. I would pay $100 just to have one more!

  • Kimberly L. says:

    I went to the store to get a Koffee Kake and noticed there were hardly any crumb toppings on the cake. It was just a cake, not a Koffee Kake. A week later I purchased a box of Koffee Kakes from the supermarket hoping it would be a better product boxed. Again, hardly any crumb topping on the cakes. Please stop diluting the product and make it back to an actual Koffee Kake!

  • Angel Carapucci says:

    Gm I’m not complaining. I just wanted to know if y’all discontinued the thin oatmeal bar? Please tell me did ya’ll?

  • Angel Carapucci says:

    Good morning. I was a little girl eatting the oatmeal bar. Now Im 48 and live in Raleigh. Did ya’ll discontinued the oatmeal bar. Not the cookies.It was a square and thin like oatmeal bar.

  • Laura J Cox says:

    I bought 4 boxes of koffee cake junior’s for a friend of mine in NC to take her on vacation because she can’t get them there & when we opened the 1st box, there was 3, not 4 like the box says. Love Tastycakes but that is just not right.

  • John Oplinger says:

    gee from what i’m reading in the comments tastkake doesn’t care, another top excecutive running it into the ground and than getting multi million pay off is it closes it doors

  • John Oplinger says:

    I guess you don’t eat your product(butterscotch krimpets) cause most of the time they are stale dryed out or the packaging isn’t sealed. There is know quality control. Sometime the icing isn’t even on the cake .I have been eating your product for over 50 years and it has gone done hill fast. Not going to last if this is the product your going to put out for consumers is a real shame. And don’t send me a coupon I’d rather YOU fix the problem.

    • Lisa C Mohollen says:

      I agree! I have bought several boxes over the past months each hoping it was just a fluke and nevertheless my feelings are exactly the same as yours! People such as myself and family now have finally gave up craving and desiring our favorite Tastykake in turn just won’t buy them anymore for the fear of the disappointment once again. I also believe Taste testing should be done and not settle for passable but fully delicious… Especially from older folks who have the best experience with the original taste.

  • Dennis epling says:

    When will you make the limit addition chocolate pie again that’s the best pie you make should make it all the time

  • Sanford A Friedlander says:

    What is the best way to store Tastycake cupcakes. I just bought 4 cartons of cup cakes and I know I cannot eat them in just a week or so. Should I store them in a refrigerator or a freezer until I eat them.

  • Matt says:

    Still waiting on Debbie, wonder if she still works there.

  • Matt says:

    How many days will go by before Debbie calls me.

  • Matt says:

    Another day gone by and still no call from Debbie, perhaps I should buy a box of those cream filled cakes and send them to Entenmann’s corporate and ask them to start producing them, I bet I get a faster response.

  • Matt says:

    I bought two boxes of cream filled tastykakes and they smelled and tasted like a chemical. I called to complain all they did was send me two coupons didn’t even want the product back to see what was causing it. So, I decided to send them to corporate, I got a phone call back from a Debbie but I was away and she was going on vacation, but said she would check her messages, I guess she forgot how. I called her at least 4 times she has yet to call me back going on 4 weeks. I now know what to do the next time is to send the product directly to the FDA and let them handle it.

    • Route Owner says:

      Matt, did you ever receive any answers? I am a Tastykake route distributor (own my route) I had multiple stores return CF Koffee cakes to me with this complaint. I in turn contacted my district manager with info. He picked up the cakes & that was the last I heard. As a distributor we went months with extreme limited product, not just the Koffee. We were NEVER given any answers to what problem was, just told “a bakery issue”. I personally feel they were fined/threatened with shut down?? Something MAJOR had to have happened but all was kept hush hush. Actually we’re still getting product cuts with no explanation for . Thanks for your time.

  • pat says:

    I grew up eating tastykakes. I lived at 28th and Allegheny when your plant was on Hunting Park Ave. I had family members that worked at your plant. I must say with regret that I am very dissatisfied of the guality of the kakes now. Every purchase the kakes get smaller and smaller and the prices get higher and higher.

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