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S. No.




United States

1000 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis (HQ), MN


United States

7000 Target Pkwy Brooklyn Park, MN


United States

2555 Smallman St #150 Pittsburgh, PA


United States

101 Howard St #350, San Francisco San Francisco, CA


United States

100 Mathilda Pl Sunnyvale, CA


United States

8550 S Priest Dr Tempe, AZ



No. C-2, Manyata Embassy Business Park, Outer Ring Rd, MS Ramaiah North City, Rachenahalli, Nagavara Bengaluru

Target Headquarters Executive Team

Brian Cornell

Chair and Chief Executive Officer

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John J. Mulligan

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

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Rick Gomez

Rick Gomez

Executive Vice President and Chief Food and Beverage Officer

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Name Title
Katie Boylan Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer
Brett Craig Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Michael Fiddelke Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Christina Hennington Executive Vice President and Chief Growth Officer
Melissa Kremer Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Don H. Liu Executive Vice President and Chief Legal and Risk Officer
Gretchen McCarthy Executive Vice President and Chief Supply Chain & Logistics Officer
Jill Sando Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer
Mark Schindele Executive Vice President and Chief Stores Officer
Cara Sylvester Executive Vice President and Chief Guest Experience Officer
Prat Vemana Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Product Officer
Laysha Ward Executive Vice President and Chief External Engagement Officer
Matt Zabel Executive Vice President and General Counsel

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  • Angela says:

    I visited my local Target (Peachtree City GA) twice this weekend and both times the store was in disarray. Clothing and empty hangers on the floor in the clothing section; unfolded towels in the linen section; full boxes of merchandise in the aisles with no employee in site. Also, they have started displaying items in the middle of the aisles in a fashion similar to a Walmart. I shop at Target because I HATE shopping at Walmart. Im not sure what
    is happening at this location, but I hope this comment leads you to check with the manager of this location and make sure that they get their act together.

  • Millicent Love says:

    Please, please Open a store In Merida, Mexico…you will be more than pleased you did
    Millicent Love

  • Stella says:

    Hope this will be seen by the President of Target & not just a call enter with a generic reply.
    I’m tired of shopping at Target waiting in line to pay for my items only to see people walking out of the store with arms full of merchandise – even bikes! I’m told it would be a liability to stop these people. . . REALLY! I’m going to tell all my family & friends “Target is giving away free merchandise. Just pick up what you want, even if it’s a full shopping cart of merchandise, & walk out the door! No one at the store will stop you. While these people are walking out of the store with free merchandies WE ARE PAYING THE HIGHER PRICES, I’m sure, for lost revenue! In my opinion, every customer shopping at Target is being discreminated against for having to pay for their merchandise! When is this country and corporations going to grow a pair & start prosecuting these people. Two defination of ‘liability’ 1. “the state of being responsible for something, especially by law”, 2. “a person whose presence or behavior is likely to cause embarrassment or put one at the disadvantage”. I know this is happening all over, grocery stores, etc., but I would suggest everyone start e-mailing the stores corporate offices to complain. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!

    • Anon says:

      As long as libtards are running this country and corporations the theft, violence and morals will continue slip sliding away into decay.

  • ashley scharge says:

    I wanted to make a future payment because on the day I’ll be traveling. “IMPOSSIBLE’ It took five phone calls before they did anything. Shop at Target never again. I don’t that much anyway. Target look in the mirror. You need better customer service. Its a competitive world out their. Outsourcing for the birds, I live in the United States

  • S. Camille Newton says:

    First I would like to say I was quite dismayed to to be connected to out of state customer service reps. May 9th Sat I used your online services to buy items to be picked up in your store in Dearborn Mich..located on Mercury dr and Ford rd : forgetting batteries I placed the 2nd order. The moment I was off the site there was a $15 gift certficate from Target that popped up. I entered my infomation, and Smarty Plus coupons popped up.I knew immediately it was a scam. They said it would take 6-8 weeks to verify my information. I was sent several robo emails and they had already charged my account $3, ; I sent them several emails letting them know they had no authorization to charge my account. I also let the Better Business Bureau In LA aware of the situation. The charge was under SMARTYPLUSNET.LOS ANGELAS CA. To stop the charge I would have to cancel my bank card, which at the time I chose not to do, there was a procedure to stop the company from charging anymore, however before it could take affect the following Sat they tried to charge my account $19. The cancelled the card and now a service I held in high regard won’t be used in the future. Please pass this on to Mr. Brian Cornell and the investors, because I ‘m sure the company is losing millions of dollars due to this scam. Thank-you Sincerely S. Camille Newton.

  • artie Ravitz of Easton, Pa. 18042 610-428-7099 says:

    Our local Target sStores tell me that they are discontinuing sale of Mary’s Crackers…
    So I would like to ask if you can sell me 100 boxes(Approximately) at $ 3.79
    which I can pick up at the Easton, or Palmer Township, Store?
    Please advise me by emailing, susieravitz@gmail.com, or
    by phone at my # 610-428-7099…Thanks in advance. Artie

  • Michele Bailey says:

    Why are the Target stores in my area of Southern California spelled target with a lowercase t instead of Target with a capital, uppercase T? It looks ridiculous to me. I shake my head every time I see it now. What happened to using proper English?

  • Ruben Delgado says:

    Come back to Casa Grande, AZ
    This town needs you.

  • Gina McGeehan says:

    I purchased software thru Target and got the link emailed to me. It will not work with my computer and when I called the return department I was told that I cannot return it. Why???

  • Carolena Surprise Az says:

    Target is the BEST store ever so many stylish colorful items in each department it’s just so fun to go there to shop for everything and great prices buy all my clothing there no more KOHLS PENNYS MACYS for me!



  • Michelle B. says:

    A few weeks ago while shopping at the Target on 120th St. in Hawthorne, CA, I saw a mouse scamper from one aisle to another into a little space under the shelving. I assumed it was a one time occurrence since I have been shopping at Target for many years and never seen that before. My husband told me I should have told a manager, but I didn’t have time and I trusted that Target probably has a system in place to manage any pest probelms. Well, yesterday, I placed a drive up order at the same store and received the bagels that I ordered with a hole in the side and some of one of the bagels eaten (about the size a rodent make make). I was very disturbed by this and this morning brought the bagels to the store to show the manager and ask what system is in place to address pest problems. She explained that pest control would be notified and they would put traps out. She also refunded my money for the bagel and gave me a $10 Target gift card. I understand that is all she could probably do, but I also wanted to alert the Target corporate office as well. I shop at Target a lot and have been for many years, but I am very disturbed by this rodent problem and not sure if I want to continue shopping at any Target. If someone would contact me regarding this matter I would greatly appreciate it.

  • shay mcpherson says:

    I mistakenly bought a Disney gift card, instead of a target gift card, an all I wanted was my target gift card and I too got the run arounds days in a row, like no one gives a dame about my hard earned money. My advice do not use target .com cause they can careless bought your thoughts or your feelings or your money.

  • Bonnie D says:

    You need to find a different phone service to handle your appointments for covid booster shots. I couldn’t understand what she said so I just said no to all her questions. That makes for an untrue questionnaire which could compromise me getting the booster. I’m not trying to be nasty but I worked for Target for 10 years or so and I loved the company back then. Now – not so much.

  • Monica Runyon says:

    The shelves and display floors are empty in SoCal. Let’s think about some domestic suppliers to support our economy and avoid product shortfalls. Even the dairy case was empty. Had to go to another retailer to finish my shopping. Front end was jammed up because people didn’t want to self check so 2 cashiers were slammed. Wait time for check out was about 20 min or more. Many angry shoppers walking out and not coming back.

  • Mary Lou Levitan says:

    I ordered two gift cards online in early December. They were supposedly delivered on December 16th, but have not been received. When I tried to get the issue resolved, all I got was a runaround from the gift card department saying I have to buy MORE cards and get my money refunded to an account I no longer use. After spending $90 for cards I never received, they expect me to buy another $100 in gift cards? I even suggested to have the money credited to my Red Card, but that was not an option. Why? Target got their money, why won’t they give me mine back? I will be calling the corporate office to find out what can be done. Until then, I suggest people to not buy any gift cards online. They cannot be trusted to be delivered.

  • Meredith Fuller Young says:

    I am very proud of your decision to close the day of Thanksgiving. As an American I think all stores should be closed on Federal Holidays. Thank you, Meredith Young

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