Where is Taco Bueno Corporate office Headquarters

Taco Bueno Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1605 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Farmers Branch, TX 75234, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 (800) 440-0778
  • Fax Number: 972-919-4811
  • Email: info@tacobueno.com
  • Number of Employees: 3856
  • Established: 1967
  • Founder: Bill Waugh
  • Key People: Mike Roper

Taco Bueno Headquarters Location & Directions

Taco Bueno Headquarters Executive Team



Omar Janjua

Chief Executive Officer

Tony Darden

Chief Operating Officer

Philip M. Parsons

Chief Financial Officer

Sarah Beddoe

Chief Marketing Officer

Mary Ellen Mullins

Chief People Officer

About Taco Bueno, History and Headquarters Information

Taco Bueno, a Tex-Mex chain was started by an art graduate Bill R. Waugh in 1967 in Abilene, Texas. After few years it was under Unigate’s acquisition and was a former subsidiary of CKE restaurants. In 2015, it joined hands with the mobile app Tapingo for expanding its delivery facilities. This chain of restaurants has its headquarters in Irving, Texas.

They are well known among people for showcasing fresh preparation and providing a comfortable environment which has been followed since day 1 of business. Taco Bueno restaurants are situated in different corners all around such as Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Colorado. From the beginning till now, it has expanded to 177 locations and provides catering, online ordering services, and franchising opportunities.

 Taco Bueno is owned by Sun Holdings. Currently, it has around 1,001-5,000 employees working here who are committed to prepare delicious food and creating an inviting atmosphere that leads to attract loyal customers. If you are the one who has been regularly visiting Taco Bueno, you can definitely taste the difference as they emphasize on the freshness of products, boiling pinto beans overnight so that they can be re-fried in the morning and making salsa from the beginning.

Taco Bueno Headquarters Photos

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  • guest says:

    Ok having bad service 1 time is understandable but every single time you go to a restaurant you receive bad food and or bad service is ridiculous and down right unacceptable the muskogee location taco bueno has not once not twice not three times no they have messed every single order I have made from there up if I could attach pictures i would…whole lots box no chips rice old and stale only half filled or quarter filled cups of beans and rice and bic lighter size burritos muskogee taco bueno needs to lose there license to franchise they are doing irreprable damage to the brand!!

  • WIL says:

    Does anyone care anymore the store on 91st in Tulsa Oklahoma between Memorial and Sheridan needs to be reorganized super slow all the time and customer service is out the window no friendly greeting or nothing he says what can I do for you after I heard that I pulled off and why is this restaurant the only one within a 5 mile radius or more still have the lobby closed everyone else is open just requiring a mask to enter even if its to go orders only seems very lazy to me can someone please help there was a Braums next to it for several years then the service started to be just like this Taco Bueno a little while after that it was closed and out of business is this what TB TRYING TO DO BECAUSE THEY ARE DEFINITELY HEADED IN THAT DIRECTION IF CHANGES ARE NOT MADE ASAP LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS AND IF ANYTHING CHANGES

  • Kassidy says:

    I am a huge Bueno head, but the store in Catoosa OK is really upsetting me. Not only are they super slow, every single time, but my entire order was stale and cold! I spent $17.51! I am hoping the remake doesn’t go the same way!

  • Matthew Hedglin says:

    I work at the Taco Bell on Judge Ely in Abilene Texas. My check was supposed to be here Friday I still haven’t got it yet I need my check really bad. This caused my bank account to be overdrafted the bank to charge me $150 in overdraft fees and the general manager of the store hung up on me today and told me there was a payroll problem. Another employee told me that she just did not submit my information to headquarters and that’s why I didn’t get a check these kind of people are running your restaurants.
    I need my check today electronically deposited you need to contact me. And I don’t know what I’m going to do about the overdraft fees I’ve been charged because of this.

  • Abby Hall says:

    Taco Bueno in Mablevale Plaza In Little Rock, Arkansas., Do not appreciate stale taco chips more than once. They know people are not going to drive back to the restaurant . Evening manager does not always wear gloves. Somebody in corporate needs to check on this place.

  • Pat keen says:

    At 9:30pm last night I went to the taco Bueno located in Frisco Texas 9191 rolater road Frisco Texas 75035.

    My order was for $50 and some change went through drive-through I gave the lady my credit card and I saw the guy making my tacos with his bare hands no gloves no mask using his bare hands I took a look at the other employees no one had on gloves no one was wearing a mask I couldn’t believe my eyes I asked the lady to give me my money back because I saw the guy making the tacos with his naked hands and she says oh those tacos are going to be for the Uber I can’t believe that she thought it was okay to serve anyone those tacos they cannot be trusted. After I asked for my money back then they all try to put on gloves I wonder how many people have they served before I came to that location. That is absolutely disgusting it’s almost like trying to kill people when you know there’s a deadly virus. Also so many people have lost their lives. I will never I repeat never go to another taco Bueno for the rest of my life I warned everyone don’t eat there.

    • Brenda says:

      Everyone I know loves T.B, but the wrong orders, rotten tomatoes & other b.s isn’t worth the trip – let alone having to eat an incomplete meal.

  • Rodney Ballard says:

    Your store 3120 is a pig pen went in yesterday about 4pm not busy and some skinny white guy with tattos and a hairy some what face is a very poor case of waiting on people.My wife ask him to leave somthing off her taco and he said can”t do that Well before they always did.When he took our order he was playing on his phone texting I assume then walk out behind the counter sit with some fat girl and another girl come over and sits with them.Went to the Salsa bar and the thing was dirty and no sauce or salsa just onions and peppers. That was at one time a great place to eat. Igot our food and when we got home the crap was cold .You need a new crew in there What happened to the old crew Or are you hiring trash.I wasted 22.77 dollars on a sorry meal my ticket 487 on 12/7/19. The store only 3 min. from my house Taco Bell beats the day lights out of that store.

  • Sherry Stevens says:

    The store in Sapulpa Ok. on south main street is TERRIBLE, AWFUL, SLOW AND VERY RUDE!!!!! We were there about 2 weeks ago and my husband walked in and no one came to the front counter and then someone finally YELLED out it is going to be about 25 min. so he left. No personal contact with customer is very RUDE!! We gave them another chance on Thurs. Oct. 31st. He walked in with no one in the restaurant or drive-thru except him. The guy came to front counter and took his order and said it was his first day (that’s ok) but it took about 20 minutes to get our order (remember no one else in store or in drive thru.) and we asked for NO SOUR CREAM. When he got home with our order the 2 tostada’s had sour cream on them. I tried to call the store and it rang and rang for probably 30 times or longer and then finally got a busy signal. I hung up and called back again with the same results. I tried to call another store in Tulsa, Ok. to get corporate # to complain and they did not answer their phone either. I tried again 2 days later on Nov. 2nd. and got the same results. THIS IS STUPID!!!!!!!! We will not ever eat at TACO BEUNO again. Taco Bell is just about a 1/2 mile from your really bad run business.

  • Linda Brown says:

    Last night August 25th my family and I experienced the worst time ever at your restaurant.
    Our daughter had been asking us for the longest to go try Taco Bueno’s Chicken Mucho Nachos, so last night we decided to take our family to Taco Bueno store # 8051 in Dallas Texas.
    We arrived and placed our order at 9:08 pm, we waited and we waited (patiently mind you). After about 20 minutes (9:28 pm) seeing patrons who placed their orders after us come and go, my husband went up to check on our order. The waitress assured him that our order was in the making and gave us all complimentary drinks. We waited another 20 minutes (9:48 pm), this time I decided to go up to the register and asked about our order and when the waitress asked about an order for Miss Brown, it was discovered that our order had been somehow overlooked on the computer board. At 9:51 our money was refunded. Don’t know if the workers at this location needs a little more training on how to read a computer board or if the manager needs to be more hands on but to wait 43 minutes at a fast food restaurant is ridiculous (this really needs to be addressed).

  • Susan Mestas says:

    On 1/18/19 I purchased Wholotta box (12 tacos) Party Taco. I was sure disappointed with my order, My taco shells weren’t even have full. The service at store#3053 here in Oklahoma City, OK. is really bad. I don’t know if I will going back. They have really gotten cheap with their food. I feel that the only thing I got was the taco shell.

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